‘Choices’ is Gooood!

My Little Loves (aka niece and nephew) were out of school and I planned a weekend full of fun. Besides a lot of pool time at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Downtown Sacramento, Tia Bernie had to spoil them with a lot more! With Jan’s help from Choices Ice Cream & Smoothie, they enjoyed some complimentary designer milkshakes and a delicious smoothie. It was so good, they couldn’t stop talking about it all weekend.

From the hotel, we walked down to Old Sacramento in some pretty warm weather. We even had to take a break in the shade because it was too hot for the little ones. We were definitely working for these treats. We eventually made it to Jan’s which is located across the street from the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sac.

From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with the much-welcomed AC and Jan’s bright smile. I introduced the crew to her and we scoped out the menu. They have smoothie bowls, smoothies, designer shakes, cones and sundae, and floats! The kids already knew what they wanted. The day before, I showed them a photo of their Birthday Cake Milkshake ($14.50) on Instagram and the decision was made that very instant. It contained a cake on the side but the milkshake itself was 4 scoops of their ice cream and sprinkles of their choice, milk, whipped cream and as many toppings as they desired.

Jan invited Nate and Arya to go behind the counter and help with their milkshakes. They washed their hands and put on some latex gloves. It could get messy! Jan walked them thru the steps of decorating the cup, how to scoop ice cream, how to blend the milkshake and more. They got a front row seat to her expertly stacking this dairy tower.

Now seated at the tall counter, they were patient as we took these photos. They loved their 24-ounce milkshake. I was pretty impressed by the damage done by a seven and nine-year-old. Of course, Christy and I tried their milkshakes and it was definitely delicious.

Assuming there was going to be leftovers, I opted in for the 24-ounce strawberry acai smoothie ($8.99) to try more of Jan’s offerings. It was made with acai, bananas, strawberry and nut milk. It was very refreshing. See my Instagram reel on @werehungrytoo for my initial reaction.

While the kids were occupied with their milkshake and I was trying not to sneak in more bites, Jan was at it again making Christy’s Strawberry Shortcake Designer Shake ($14.70). It had white icing, crushed vanilla wafers, strawberry shortcake popsicle, strawberry drizzle, whipped creamed, scoops of strawberry ice cream and milk. And the actual shortcake. It looked amazing.

Before we dove into this piece of art, we had to get a photo with the designer. The kids were all smiles and we had to do it quick before it dripped on her floor. The photo turned out great and the milkshake, was eye-roll deserving. It was so good.

The kids were tapping out. The next thing for us to do was to sign the wall! We all loved Choices. Can you tell the kids loved Jan? Jan was so great with them. She invited them to get involved, asked them questions, made them laugh and hugs were given all around. We had such a great time! They even want to come up from the Bay Area to visit for their birthdays! It looks like we will definitely be back.

Be sure to check out Choices Ice Cream and Smoothie and follow them on social media. It is owned by a lovely black woman and it just opened in May. Please continue to support small business.

See my videos on TikTok ‘bappletree’ and on Instagram and Twitter.

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