Teal Run 2021 – Mini Golf Fundraiser

Yes, another fundraiser. I am currently fundraising for two non-profits at the same time. I am fundraising for my second Walk to End Alzheimer‘s in San Francisco in November, and I will be participating virtually in my third Teal Run (eh, more like a walk) on September 26th in Southern California. Last year, we hiked in Aptos, California.

Kim and I haven’t had a Roommate Day in awhile. I have been terribly busy with multiple jobs and am incredibly thankful travel has picked up! I proposed we have one this past Friday with mini golf and sushi. She was game. She missed the mini Women’s Wednesday event last month.

Of course, being competitive, I thought we’d make it more interesting with a wager. Via video and social media, we asked friends to vote as to who would win. If you didn’t vote correctly, you owed $5 to the winners page.

Goorin hat, earrings by Stella & Dot

How did it go? Some friends guested correctly, most voted as a tie. How generous.

It was fun! The course isn’t perfect but its imperfections made us laugh. Kim’s ball got stuck in one of the structures and my ball sat at the end of a pipe.

She had to dig her pipe out from a river twice and I got an unexpected hole in one after a bounce. I’ll take it!

Determined to continue.

I won by four strokes.

Please sponsor me at Tinyurl.com/BMTeal2021 You can find Kim’s page but clicking on the link under My Team. For a fun vid on TikTok, check this out!

Smoke was in the air.

Stay tuned for more Roommate Day fundraising ideas!

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