So Much Travel!

The first thing to look forward to is ALLLL the travel ahead! Helloooo, 2019. What do you have booked so far? Maybe our paths will cross someday at a bar with swings as bar seats in Mexico or having a crazy amount of whiskey at a pub in Ireland (planned for September 2020) or sipping on some limoncello in neighboring beach chairs on the Amalfi Coast. You just never know! I love meeting people from all over the world. Here is what is happening in 2019. Want to join in on the fun? More the merrier!

January – Walt Disney World – Orlando, Florida

I will be participating in my first half marathon at the Happiest Place on Earth with my good friend, Nelly, running it with me and our two chEARleaders, Sandra and Kim. I am letting Kim lead the itinerary as I have never been and she can show this Certified Disney Travel Agent all I need to tell my guests. The one thing I wanted to do was dine at Be Our Guest, but we missed out on getting reservations. Oh, I also want to meet Thor. We met Captain America at Disneyland in November 2018 and I fell in love.

Disneyland – November 2018
February – Fiji 

This will be my first FAM (familiarization) trip through an organization. I usually plan all my travel as research and book meetings and tours to do a good job exploring the area and being able to report back to my travel clients. As a Wedding and Event Planner, booking their honeymoon to Fiji would be fantastic! Come February, I will be able to speak on the location from first-hand experiences.

Maui Sunset – October 2018
March – Melbourne, Australia & New Zealand

Last year, the first training I went after was the Princess Cruises certification course. It was fun to say I was attending the Princess Academy. With my completion, I was given a free cruise to again be able to speak on the product well from first-hand experiences. I chose the longest length and was able to bring a guest. My roommate is one lucky girl. I found us non-stop, round-trip and affordable flights to Melbourne. We will explore that town for a day before embarking on our Golden Princess cruise ship for a 13-day voyage. Upon our arrival back in Melbourne, we will have a spa day (exact location TBD) before getting on a long flight home. This will be the perfect way to Come Back New. My friend, Catherine, and I went to the Coronado Hotel and Spa in San Diego, California after our Holland America cruise to the Mexican Riviera. It was perfect.

MSS Oosterdam – San Diego, December 2017

Coronado Hotel & Spa – January 2018
July – Las Vegas, Nevada

2018 was a year. I wasn’t able to join my roommate for some shenanigans last month, so this trip is a make up session. Plus, it’ll be for Independence Day Weekend for this independent girl and though I’ve been to Vegas several times, some crazy fun is much needed.

Tao Beach – September 2017
Meeting new friends at a neighboring table from New York – Tao Beach – September 2017
October – Maui, Hawai’i

I am planning on returning to Maui to report back from the Hawai’i Food and Wine Festival as I have in the past two years. See posts HERE. I also still have my #GoalBy40 endeavor to own property on that gorgeous island. I heard that they are in need of good and reliable wedding planners. Attending these events have definitely helped me network and get some great experience, not to mention chow down on some delicious food by talented chefs. I love to eat! See just how much at @werehungrytoo as well.

Portugal, Italy and…
Wherever the wind takes me, I will go. I had tentative plans of going to Portugal but not sure I’ll be able to fit that in with a new full-time job at a start up starting this week. My Navy cousin will also be stationed in Napoli, Italia so I would love to go visit there. The cutie I met while I was in Barcelona, Spain in February 2018 lives there. Maybe I’ll let him take me out to dinner. A trip to San Diego is also an option to meet my sister there for a work-related getaway. I need to meet my two new beautiful nieces in Colorado and Nashville, Tennessee. And a friend is an professional ref. I might meet up with him in some odd part of the states to support him. We shall see!

I am extremely excited to be able to travel so much and see more of the world. I’ll be One Busy Bee loving my life and welcoming to new adventures, new friends S(see example of that silly twosome below) and a crazy amount of stories to post here. Thanks for reading! I hope this inspires you to book some travel. Let this Travel Agent help you! Contact me.

Dancing aboard the MSS Oosterdam by Holland America – December 2017

Complimentary tickets to one of my favorite places in San Francisco – the Cal Academy of Sciences 

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Paris, France and Moulin Rouge for my birthday – September 2017

Jake the Horse made me have some feelings. Charleston, South Carolina – August 2018