It’s only July and One Busy Bee Enterprises LLC is having its BEST year in sales since I began in 2018. Hawaii is definitely my specialty.

Thank you to my repeat clients for your continued trust and support. Thank you to my new clients for giving me the opportunity of allowing me to provide you a service you don’t get but pay for when you book direct. 😉😉 And thank you to friends and family that have sent me referrals, liked and shared my posts. I have a little something headed your way to show you my appreciation!

I am already excited to see what 2022 will look like for my business.

“Oh, the places you will go.”

‘Choices’ is Gooood!

My Little Loves (aka niece and nephew) were out of school and I planned a weekend full of fun. Besides a lot of pool time at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Downtown Sacramento, Tia Bernie had to spoil them with a lot more! With Jan’s help from Choices Ice Cream & Smoothie, they enjoyed some complimentary designer milkshakes and a delicious smoothie. It was so good, they couldn’t stop talking about it all weekend.

From the hotel, we walked down to Old Sacramento in some pretty warm weather. We even had to take a break in the shade because it was too hot for the little ones. We were definitely working for these treats. We eventually made it to Jan’s which is located across the street from the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sac.

From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with the much-welcomed AC and Jan’s bright smile. I introduced the crew to her and we scoped out the menu. They have smoothie bowls, smoothies, designer shakes, cones and sundae, and floats! The kids already knew what they wanted. The day before, I showed them a photo of their Birthday Cake Milkshake ($14.50) on Instagram and the decision was made that very instant. It contained a cake on the side but the milkshake itself was 4 scoops of their ice cream and sprinkles of their choice, milk, whipped cream and as many toppings as they desired.

Jan invited Nate and Arya to go behind the counter and help with their milkshakes. They washed their hands and put on some latex gloves. It could get messy! Jan walked them thru the steps of decorating the cup, how to scoop ice cream, how to blend the milkshake and more. They got a front row seat to her expertly stacking this dairy tower.

Now seated at the tall counter, they were patient as we took these photos. They loved their 24-ounce milkshake. I was pretty impressed by the damage done by a seven and nine-year-old. Of course, Christy and I tried their milkshakes and it was definitely delicious.

Assuming there was going to be leftovers, I opted in for the 24-ounce strawberry acai smoothie ($8.99) to try more of Jan’s offerings. It was made with acai, bananas, strawberry and nut milk. It was very refreshing. See my Instagram reel on @werehungrytoo for my initial reaction.

While the kids were occupied with their milkshake and I was trying not to sneak in more bites, Jan was at it again making Christy’s Strawberry Shortcake Designer Shake ($14.70). It had white icing, crushed vanilla wafers, strawberry shortcake popsicle, strawberry drizzle, whipped creamed, scoops of strawberry ice cream and milk. And the actual shortcake. It looked amazing.

Before we dove into this piece of art, we had to get a photo with the designer. The kids were all smiles and we had to do it quick before it dripped on her floor. The photo turned out great and the milkshake, was eye-roll deserving. It was so good.

The kids were tapping out. The next thing for us to do was to sign the wall! We all loved Choices. Can you tell the kids loved Jan? Jan was so great with them. She invited them to get involved, asked them questions, made them laugh and hugs were given all around. We had such a great time! They even want to come up from the Bay Area to visit for their birthdays! It looks like we will definitely be back.

Be sure to check out Choices Ice Cream and Smoothie and follow them on social media. It is owned by a lovely black woman and it just opened in May. Please continue to support small business.

See my videos on TikTok ‘bappletree’ and on Instagram and Twitter.

Poker, Pizza & Pajamas Fundraiser


Ladies & Gentlemen! For a good cause, break out your funniest or sexiest pajamas/bedtime wear for a night of poker and pizza. Don’t be a boob and miss out! Hang out, play Bra Pong, get perky and ante up! Help my roommate, Kim, fundraise for her third Susan G. Koman walk.

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 18th!
5:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Hayward, California

The jist:

MENU – Italian menu w/meatballs donated by Nelson’s Catering and selected beer by Del Cielo Brewing Company. Plus, a grappa punch and Aperol spritzes.

Game is 5 Card Stud. Your donation of $30 will give you $40 worth of chips. Ante is $5. Dealer rotates around table. Top 2 players of the night gets brewery outing with Kim or a pack of her favorite beers.

Raffle prizes of over $500 include a 6-pack of wine from Venge Vineyards in Calistoga, a bottle of French Rose from Doc’s Wine Shop in Hayward, and sexy items from Pure Romance rep, Caroline. More to come! Tickets are 1 for $5, or 3 for $10 Must be present to win.

Event is private and for friends and family, but offerings are public. So let’s be friends! Find me on social!

ISO of additional food/donations and raffle prizes. If you’d like to donate, please contact me.
Photos taken by me. I loved how they turned out!

July Giveaway! Disney Ears from Aulani.

I visited the Aulani, a Disney Hawaii Resort & Spa, in June for the second time. Your Disney certified and Hawaii ravel Agent would love to book you and your family there! For those that collect ears, I picked up an extra pair of these beauties to giveaway! Aren’t they nice?

How to enter:

1. Follow OneBusyBeeEnt on Facebook
2. Earn one entry for every Facebook friend tagged in that day’s post.
3. Earn one entry for every shared post.

Good luck and mahalo!


United States residents only. Last day to enter is July 31, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST. Winner will be drawn at random and notified via my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/OneBusyBeeEnt during the first week of August. Winner must be following OneBusyBeeEnt at the time entries are made and at the time of drawing to win. Retail value of ears is $30 US. OBB to cover shipping. Valid address, email and phone number will be requested of winner to ensure delivery. Questions: bernadette@onebusybeeent.com

Oahu 2021 – Day 1 – Airports, Hertz & Sushi

Seven days on the island of Oahu was not part of my travel plans this year. After a year of no air travel, I was hesitant to book the flight to New Orleans for my roommate’s birthday in April. I wasn’t ready to be in an enclosed area with a bunch of strangers. But, there’s nothing like good flight deals for under $400. More on that trip soon!

This trip to Oahu came as a surprise when my niece’s traveling partner fell thru.

Do you mind going with your auntie?

I shyly asked my 21-year-old niece thru Facebook messenger. I had assisted her with booking this trip and I knew I could show her a good time. I have never traveled one-on-one with her before, but I was down for the experience. I think I am pretty fun. It’s been amazing to see her grow up.

She obviously let me crash her vacation. I had booked my outbound flight using my Hawaiian Airlines miles and booked a seat on her Southwest flight for her return, which is where I am writing this now.

My flight was easy. I love flying Hawaiian. It’s comfortable, the food is decent, and you usually get a rum cocktail as we near our destination. Unfortunately, the egg sandwich was OK and we didn’t get that Koloa Rum cocktail. We did get a Honolulu Cookie though. But the best thing about the flight is that they give you power! Sadly, Southwest does not give you the juice! I did not bring compatible headphones, just my Apple Airpods, so I was not able to watch a free movie. I did play their travel trivia game for a bit though. That was good educational training for this Travel Agent.

Upon arrival, it was a long trek to the baggage claim. As mentioned in my Island Prep post, be sure you get pre-screened. It will get you to enjoying the beach faster! But as of July 8th, all you need to do is upload your vaccination card. If you aren’t vaccinated, you will still need to get pre-screened.

The baggage claim carousel number for your flight mentioned during your flight may change. Be sure to listen to the overhead speakers for these announcements. Mine changed but if you recognize some of the travelers that were on your flight, it may confirm you are in the correct area. Reviewing the screens for your flight number will also be helpful.

I am mostly a patient flyer. I am not someone that waits close to the perimeter of the baggage claim carousel waiting for my bag to pass by. You are just standing in the way of other travelers from getting their bag. At a distance, I propped by Coach bag on the shelf of a pay phone and leant up against it. I kept my eye out for a large, red Samsonite luggage to make its way along the conveyer belt. The glittery beige Coach luggage tag also makes it easy to spot.

With the luggage in hand, I made my way to get transferred over to the car rental area via a shuttle. People were all in a rush to crowd the shuttle door to hop on. I usually do not. With Covid, I will wait for the next one. Thankfully, this shuttle didn’t board an excessive amount of people. I appreciated that.

Arriving at the car rental counters, each of them had very long lines. My heavy bag was taken off the shuttle and the driver helped me down. I handed him a tip. He looked surprised and gave me a happy ‘Mahalo.’ I don’t think people are tipping enough nowadays. I know everyone is going thru hard times, but every service industry is hurting. If you can tip, please do. Even a dollar goes a long way.

I looked at the Hertz line and was thinking this was going to be a pain. Then I realized that the Hertz Gold Members line was empty. I made my way to the front of the line, gave only my name to the next available customer service rep and my car keys were handed to me. I didn’t have to give them my license or credit card. I did ask if they had any upgrades for members or Travel Agents but was told that my car was automatically upgraded. I was in and out in a jiffy. I told the lady I walked by that it is extremely worth becoming a member! It doesn’t cost anything!

I made my way to the car assigned to me and it was a big black Chevy Impala. The top of the trunk came to my chest! Then again, I am 5’1”. I opened the trunk to add my massive luggage to it and I was shocked to see how large the space was. I joked that I could put more than a few bodies, I mean pieces of luggage, in there. It was enormous. The inside was leather, all black and very spacious. Upgraded, indeed! Thanks, Hertz!

Before I pulled it off the lot, I did my usual video recording going all around the car noting dents, scratches, etc. You do not want to be held responsible for pre-existing damage. Hold onto that video until at least a month has passed.

I had some time to kill before my niece arrived. I did some work in the car with my laptop, then I remembered that she is allergic to seafood. I haven’t had sushi in awhile and looked for someplace nearby. Ninja Sushi came up and it wasn’t too far. It is located in a private parking lot, and you had to have your ticket validated with a purchase in order to stay there for two hours or less. It was warm in the sun so I ordered and ate inside.

I ordered a salmon roll, salmon nigiri and a bottled water. I also ordered her and I a Spam masubi. I figured she would be hungry after a long flight. The rolls were decent but they didn’t have ponzu sauce, which is normally what I use instead of soy sauce. No big deal. The service staff was friendly, and they quickly cleaned each table after the patrons left.

I positioned the car to where the sun wasn’t beating down on the driver’s side. I rolled the windows down, welcomed the island breeze, listened to music and played on my phone. I was waiting for her to say she had landed. She eventually did but needed to charge her phone so that we could communicate without interruption when I pick her up at the correct terminal and door. I highly recommend purchasing a portable battery for instances like these. A charged phone is so important. Regardless, it all worked out. I had my niece in the car scarfing down a Spam masubi and we were about to start our adventurous week on Oahu.

Stay tuned for more!

Jewelry by Stella & Dot (all retired pieces), hat by Steve Madden, top by Abercrombie & Fitch.

Island Prep

*UPDATE* On July 8, 2021, the state of “Hawaii to Waive Testing Requirements for Fully Vaccinated U.S. Travelers Starting Next Month” – Travel & Leisure, June 25, 2021

Things are definitely different after a challenging year. You can’t jump on a plane to the gorgeous islands of Hawaii with ease nowadays. From documentation preparation, Covid testing and limited to inability of booking an Uber at any given moment, I would recommend giving yourself more time to be well-prepared.

The Southwest flight to New Orleans the week before did not require special documentation in order to enter their state. The state of Hawaii had many requirements. If you were not able to get pre-screened, prepare to wait in a very long line and a delay in jumping into that gorgeous ocean water. Upon my arrival, I thought the line was for Starbucks. People are nuts for their coffee. But no, the line went at least five gates. The worst part was that I only saw one person handling all these incoming travelers at the time I walked by with my pink bracelet showing I was pre-screened.

The first thing you need to do is set up a Safe Travels profile. There, you will need to provide your travel details. At the time we were traveling, we wanted to avoid the 10-day quarantine requirement if you were not pre-screened. Our stay was only 7 days so it would have been pointless to go at all if you had to quarantine for 10 days.

Three days before your flight, you need to have a Covid test done. Before that, you should make an appointment at an approved provider. The list of providers is also on the Safe Travels website. I was able to make a reservation the day before thru Walgreens. Thankfully there are plenty of locations so if appointments are full at your desired location, you have options.

My appointment confirmation email had clear instructions. I was able to pull up to their drive thru where you can pick up prescriptions. You are to have your ID and appointment confirmation ready to be shown thru the window of your car. You had to wait for instructions to lower your window. The pharmacist tech verbally gave you instructions and the test kit for you to open. You will have to self-administer the test by swabbing your nostrils for at least 10 seconds each with the same swab. You then insert the swab into the liquid in the tube provided. Break the excess stick so you can secure the lid of the tube with the swab in it. You throw it back in the bag you were handed and give it to the Technician. A test number is given to you along with a website where you an obtain your results. I received mine in 36 hours.

Be sure to download and print the results. Upload the results to the Safe Travels website and a barcode should be issued soon after. It is recommended that you download the barcode to your phone but also print a copy. As recommended, I printed a copy of my hotel accommodations and my return flight details.

If you do not have a reliable printer at home like me, I had a challenge of getting these documents printed. I attempted to go to one of my jobs to use their printer but realized they changed a lock on me. I then had to go to Kinko’s to print these documents. With this said, try to be prepared with plenty of time to spare in case things don’t go as planned.

Ready with my documents in a manila folder, it was securely placed in my Coach bag for easy retrieval. I was ready when I checked in for my departing flight at the Oakland Airport. Couples in front of me clearly did not read the instructions very well.

All packed, I then had to make sure I was able to get to the airport for my 8 AM flight. Long-term and off-site parking was completely booked. Sadly, it was too early for some of my friends to take me. Those that did offer me a ride, I didn’t bother asking them as they weren’t close to me. I don’t like to inconvenience people. I decided to park for a $17.50/day in the long-term lot at the airport.

I had reserved an Uber a couple of days before for an early pick up, but when 6:30 AM rolled around, the app said there were no drivers available. The weekend before, the ladies arrived at Oakland Airport from New Orleans at about 9 PM. Quotes for Ubers was $90 to go 10 minutes away. Even when we opted in to pay it, we couldn’t get a confirmation. I had no idea how we were going to get home if our friend didn’t change her plans and drive us home 10 minutes out of her way. We didn’t even see taxis around.

Had an Uber been around, I would have saved 75% of my long-term parking cost. I hope things improve in this regard or get more friends close by willing to help me out. East Bay friends, where are you?!

#WomenWednesday – 6/16 in Honolulu

Given I had a few cancellations from my last Women Wednesday for Tay Ho Restaurant in Oakland, California the week before, I was really hoping I can gather some local ladies for an event while I was on Oahu. I have to say, it was quite a success.

I first had to select the venue. I Googled woman-owned businesses. I found Hana Koa Brewing Company in Honolulu. I checked out their website and their Instagram. Yup, Chrissie Piney, the Beer Goddess herself was featured on a post for her birthday. With that, the venue was selected. I made a reservation for 6 at 5:30 pm thru Opentable. I messaged the account and the marketer gave Chrissie’s email to inquire if she can stop by the table of ladies and say hello! She responded saying it was a cool idea and that she was going to be around! Awesome!!!

I started reaching out to my network on the islands to see if they could connect me with some local ladies. I had a few referrals but the ones that responded couldn’t make it. My friend, Gwen, who does sales for an event rentals company on the islands was able to make it! I started to ‘stalk’ some locals on Instagram. By that, I mean I scoped out their profile to see if they were legit locals, not just visiting. I also could see that they were professionals, not every picture was a selfie and their personality came thru a bit through their posts. Attendees didn’t necessarily need to have thousands of followers but it does help when they are open to new friends, enjoy food and beverages and likes to share their lives. I found many and invited them but two committed almost immediately and I appreciated it.

I was going to Oahu with my 21-year-old niece. Upon our arrival and cruising down Ala Moana in our rented Chevrolet Impala, I let her know of my Women Wednesday events and that I was doing this event. She did not have to join me but she decided to! She didn’t even like beer.

After going down the street the brewery was on, we almost missed it. It does have a small parking lot and I am glad we found parking. Parking could be challenging in Honolulu. We walked in and our table was ready for us. It was high top for six and in the corner with a view of the whole spot. You can see the extra large chalkboard of their beers on tap to the left, socially distanced tables in the center, the bar top, the brewery and stairs going to an upper level. I was pretty happy.

We didn’t hesitate and started with the Dole Whip mimosas.

The first lady to arrive was Shannon. She is a landscape photographer and also works at Koko Head Cafe, which the other locals in attendance enthusiastically vouched how good it was. Shannon prefers tequila over beer so she ordered a cocktail to go with her lettuce wraps.

I asked Shay, our Server, if Chrissie wasn’t busy to please come say hello to the table. A brunette in a green maxi dress and jean jacket with a beer in hand approached our table. It was Chrissie. We discovered that is also from the East Bay and her husband, Josh, went to University of the Pacific in Stockton. We Californians thought that was really cool.

Next, Kat, arrived. She said she could only stay for a bit but wanted to say hello. She doesn’t drink alcohol but she did find something she liked by the end of the night. Kat is originally from China but recently moved to Oahu from New York City in January. Her boyfriend isn’t as social so she welcomed an opportunity to meet new people.

Gwen arrived and the party was goin’. I am glad she was able to pull away from work as it has beens super busy for her. There wasn’t a single awkward moment of silence with this group. Josh, the Head Brewer, also joined us for a bit.

The food ordered looked good! My niece had the adult mac n cheese and it was tasty. Along with the Killin’ Me Smalls Imperial Stout, I ordered their chocolate mousse dessert. I had my niece take a bite of the dessert and chase it with a sip of the beer. She liked it! The beer was made in partnership with Purve Donuts and it was perfectly done. See post soon on the donut shop.

I ordered a flight consisting of the guava and vanilla milkshake IPA called Dream Machine Guava, the West Coast IPA called Feelin’ So Good and lastly the Saison called Shine A Light that supported Helping End the Backlog initiative. It is to help end the backlog of untested rape kits in the US and to bring justice victims of sexual assault. I can definitely get behind that. I am happy to support Chrissie and Hana Koa in their efforts in making a change in this world. Please consider supporting companies that give back.

After we were mostly done, Josh was happy to give us a tour. Before that started, I found the gear for sale and I picked up two pink Hana Koa tank tops and stickers for my niece and I to rock. I also added a 4 pack of the Killin’ Me Smalls to my bill. My roommate and PP/Favorite Person would like to try it! We then grabbed the beers we had left and met up with Josh in the brewing area.

I have done several winery, distillery and brewery tours but I was excited to see the smiles on these ladies getting access to a work area and see what is done behind the scenes. Josh definitely loved talking shop and we all ate it up! “What does this machine do? What about your water? How many people work back here?”

Of course, we had to get some great photos! Thanks to Kat for her great shots. She has five cameras on her Samsung. It is definitely better than my camera on my iPhoneX.

Photo by Kat

Before we parted ways, Chrissie let us taste the Ghost Ride the Drip, an ube hard seltzer. The Pinays of the group were impressed and several cans were purchased.

Photo by Kat

Hugs were exchanged all around, Instagram profiles were followed and so many IG story mentions were posted. I was so happy how it all turned out. I took Kat home so she didn’t have to rent a bike, we also hiked Makapu’u and met my friend, Michael, two days later. The next day, we went to Koko Head Cafe to see Shannon and see what all the rave was all about.

Thank you, Chrissie and Josh, for spending so much time with us and the special tour. It was definitely not expected. I never expect more than maybe a reTweet or re-share or comment from the establishment so this visit was truly special! I am so grateful for the experience and the ability to share it with these amazing ladies. I wish you all the success! The sticker is on my Earthwell water canteen and my niece and I wore the tanks during our hike. Oh, the many, many pictures that were taken!

I hope to grow these events to be more than just six people and it is obviously welcomed outside my own neck of the woods. Please contact me should you know a woman-owned business that would like to have a ‘Women Wednesday, a One Busy Bee Enterprises LLC event’ at their establishment.

Upcoming events:

June 23, 2021 – Posh Pisco Party at my house in Hayward, California serving pisco cocktails and offering my retired Stella & Dot and Poshmark pieces at a deep discount.

June 30, 2021 – Beer for Boobs Fundraiser at Shadow Puppet Brewery in Livermore, California. 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, Win a $50 Disney and/or a $50 Stella & Dot gift card in the raffle.

July 7, 2021 – Tay Ho Restaurant in Oakland, California. Woman-owned Vietnamese restaurant.

July 14, 2021 – Skipping due to a personal obligation.

July 21, 2021 – TBD

July 28, 2021 – Pa’ina Lounge & Restaurant, San Francisco

More to come!

May 2021 Wine Tasting – Day 1

A third trip to Napa Valley this year was planned for the weekend before Memorial Day. This time the group consisted of one of my best friends, aka my Pandemic Partner (PP), and our friend, Walter, who works in the restaurant industry. Girls’ trips are common for me and it was a welcomed change to show my fellow wine lover friends how I do wine country. It was their first time going with me and definitely not the last.

My PP had this idea about wine tasting – that you’ll never get to try the good stuff. Well, we definitely did and our group can tell what will just get better with time. He also likes Old World wine and merlots. He has been wine tasting in California before and he was expecting big cabs all day long. I am happy to say he was pleasantly surprised. Walter was just happy to come along and is a little less fussy.

I booked an affordable hotel room for us to share. We stayed at the Springhill Suites in Napa. This Marriott Certified Travel Agent had to keep racking up my points! Given my long, 6-week stay in Louisville at the same hotel, I knew it was going to be spacious. With the hotel booked, I planned our wine tasting itinerary.

I always recommend having a good breakfast and book wine tasting appointments at 1 and 3 pm. Always save a favorite winery til the end of day so you can relax and enjoy the grounds until they ask you to leave or have to make your dinner reservation. No one likes to rush from place to place.

Before our first stop, we had to get some food. I decided we go to the Oxbow and see what we can find. Options are good and they offered plenty. We definitely needed coffee though. While Walter got coffee, I ordered us two pizzas and a salad. We love Delfina Pizzeria in Palo Alto so I’m sorry pizza joints, you have competition. The food was great and the boys were pleased. Walter said he never thought of having pizza before wine tasting and decided it was a good idea. Your stomach has a nice, carb filled lining to receive the alcohol.

When you go to the Oxbow on a weekend, prepare yourself for a busy parking lot and allow yourself enough time to use the restroom and leave in time to make your wine tasting appointment. As an Event Planner, tardiness is a pet peeve of mine and as your Travel Agent, I will always pad your itinerary.

Our first winery was Tres Sabores. I have known Julie Johnson, the owner, winemaker and Co-Founder of Frog’s Leap for a few years. It was nice to return to the winery after so many years. I believe the first time I went was in maybe 2013. The boys really enjoyed the grounds and of course, the wine. If you’re a dog lover like PP and I, be sure to say hello to the three pups on site. The lovely welcome note and private table close to the vines made it really special.

Walter is from Ecuador and when Julie mentioned Quito and the logo being from a bowl of Ecuadorian artwork, it was an instant connection. It sounds like we need to go to Ecuador, Walter! Bottles were purchased and hugs were given upon our departure. I am glad the boys enjoyed themselves.

Next was Venge. I met Kenny at Ghost Block Winery the previous trip to Napa. He told the girls and I about Venge. I haven’t heard of it so I had to go! The ride along the Silverado Trail is also preferred over the main highway.

Venge was closed off behind a gate. With a click of the button on the intercom, Kenny buzzed us in. The tasting room felt more like a welcoming and comfortable home with a wraparound balcony overlooking the vines in Calistoga. It was very modern. Our hightop table was perfect. I let my guy pals face the vineyards so they can enjoy the view. I come up to wine country often so it’s likely I’ll be back before they would be.

The wines were a mix but all delicious. Kenny took very good care of us and it was nice to have him relax after we invited him to join us at our table. The service didn’t need to be so formal. More bottles were purchased.

We were ready to eat. A favorite spot of mine that has outdoor seating is Goose & Gander. I have been here a few times and it has always been good. We were sat outside on a gorgeous day and ordered what seemed like everything on the menu plus a bottle of wine not from California. We had the octopus, chicken and the pig ears to name a few. If you continue to read my blog, know I have developed a pig ears obsession. And these were tasty. We also had dessert. It was a good day.

My friend from another winery was hanging out with coworkers around the corner and invited us to stop by after dinner. It was a dive bar with plenty of room to dance and dollar bills covering the high ceiling. We had a couple of shots, danced, met new winery folks and experienced Napa Valley nightlife. But we were ready to head out. The car singing boy band tunes will be a memory I will never forget.

We continued heading south to our hotel and called it a night. We still had Day 2 of wine tasting to go at Heitz Cellars and Caymus. Stay tuned for more!

Happy #BeingYouDay!

Happy #BeingYouDay! Today is the day to do something for you, to showcase who you are unapologetically. I think this should be done everyday but if you need someone to do it with you, let’s do it!

This One Busy Bee works out, works non-stop, wines and dines herself and travels every chance she can get. Join me, support me or watch me but stay out of my way of me doing me. 😘

I am currently at the gym on a stationary bike writing this as I am on Week 3 of this season’s 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge. I worked until 10 pm last night and have more to do today. And yes, it is the eve before another trip to Napa with some of my favorite guys this time.

Now that the world is opening up a bit, it’s time to get back to me at my full potential! You should too! Book that trip (with me!), eat that dessert, sign up for your first half marathon and live life! Do it for you, your own mental health and happiness.

Good luck! Comment below as to what you have decided to do for yourself today. You deserve to smile.

#WomenWednesday – 5/19 in Livermore, California

A great #WomenWednesday at Aviation Rooftop Bar & Kitchen with these ladies! There wasn’t a dull moment over 2.5 hours discussing careers, the importance of our health, family and fur-babies, travel, plus dating and lots of laughs. And yes, I had to share the Latinas in Aviation book while at Aviation! It was just fitting. Thanks for being our beautiful model, Karla!

I was happy to meet Amanda and glad each one of the ladies met two new other awesome gals. At the end of night, hugs were given all around (take that, Covid!) and it seems like we’ll do it all again on June 30th for the Beer for Boobs event at Shadow Puppet Brewing in Livermore. Event is open to all!

Karla and Amanda might also join Kim and Becci on their Susan G Koman walk in San Diego this November. I absolutely love seeing the transfer of information and the inspiration and motivation that begins at these events. I hope they do participate!

Cocktails were unique and food was great. The Aviation cocktail (the lavender one) was gin based and had to take a pic with the book. My cocktail was the New York Sour that was vodka based and red wine float. Pretty interesting.

We had the coconut shrimp, goat cheese with apples and crostini, and the totnachos! You can’t go wrong with tator tots! It takes me back to grade school.

I had the Fried Chicken Sandwich with a side salad instead of fries. It’s all about balance, right? My friend, Karla, also shared my love for fried chicken. She had the Fried Chicken Salad and it looked good! My salad was delicious and I finished that before the sandwich. Not trying to over eat, I just had half of a filet and the tomato. My Pandemic Partner enjoyed the other half when I got back to the house in Menlo Park. “Ooooh, spicy.” It had some spice, yes. Search for ‘fried chicken’ on my blog using the search feature to the right and check out my other fried chicken posts. So crunchy. So good.

It was a bit too windy to enjoy the rooftop bar and view, but maybe next time! Thanks to Kari for taking good care of us! Too bad Theresa, the owner, wasn’t around but she liked the idea of the event via Instagram. It would have been great to have met another female business owner. We are happy to support!

Next event is at China Live in San Francisco on 5/26 at 6 pm. All seats are taken but connect with me to get on the waitlist if you’d like to come in case we have a cancellation like last night. It happens but please do try to commit to making the event to ensure a full table.

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