East Bay Bites

Bites, as in a good way, as in bites of food. As I scroll through my cell phone of 10,000+ photos on my phone, I am seeing majority of the photos are of food. I have enough to share some bites in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. I hope this post helps put the East Bay on the map, entices San Francisco residents to make the trip across the Bay Bridge worthwhile and maybe to California in general. Enjoy!

Located in Downtown Hayward, my first experience with this shop located next to The Turf Club and Domino’s Pizza, was for mini cupcakes to be brought to a party. I was in awe by what they had and sadly I didn’t get to enjoy any of the mini cupcakes. Recently, my roommate has brought me cupcakes from there on two occasions. I tagged her in an Instagram post and she surprised me with limited edition Chicken and Waffles cupcakes. I have been craving fried chicken since my trip to the South in August 2018.

Another time, my roommate bought two cupcakes in addition to a set she was going to bring to her staff. One was made with champagne and the other one was a margarita cupcake. I preferred the pink champagne. What girl wouldn’t?

This is the spot for my roommate and I when we want poke. I have also signed up for their rewards program so I get free drinks and discounts when I come in. Today, I got a lilikoi drink for free. I don’t mind the text message offerings as they’re not sent very often. Located in San Leandro next to a 24 Hour Fitness, you order at the counter, customize your bowl and be on your way. I have had their bowls several times but recently ordered their sushiritto and it was something you can customize in terms of their sauces, not its contents. It was also strange that they added avocado to the sushiritto but told Kim and other guests that they had no avocado for their bowls. That’s a strange. But, the bowl is still very good and is quite filling.

SOLA has made an appearance on my blog quite a few times. It is one of my favorite places to go for a beer and to sit outside. My roommate and I have been several times, have brought Bevo, met other locals and enjoyed their beer. On our most recent trip, I enjoyed a flight of beer, we shared the pretzel balls, Kim had the fish tacos and I had the chicken fried sandwich. Keyword: fried chicken. Sadly, I didn’t keep the photo of the sandwich but the beer options are great and the pretzel balls and sauce were hard, but good. They are only available on the weekends so we were finally able to try them. Come to watch the Warriors game or visit for fundraising event, such as one they had for Nobody’s Perfekt Dogs.

In Walnut Creek, this is a great spot to go on a nice day. Sit inside or on the deck and see all that happens downtown. Order delicious cocktails, Spanish wine or tapas. On our way back from Napa, we avoided the rush hour traffic and stopped here to take a break. Brussel sprouts, a kale salad and cocktails were a must. If you’re like my buddy, Stan, you can request your cocktail without all the fluff. Be sure to check out their happy hour menu as well.

In Martinez and after a 10K run on Mare Island, beer and BBQ is needed. With my running buddy and BBQ caterer, Nelly, we were ready to eat. I had a platter of ribs and the many sides including pimento cheese and crostinis, cole slaw and mac n cheese of course! If you ran before lunch, you will definitely be replenishing all the calories you’ve burned and more. Sit inside, watch TV or dine out to their patio. Apparently there is another location you can get your hands sticky at in Pleasant Hill, the next city over.

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Skyline Chili > Lawrenceburger

I have already had two coffees from Dunkin’ Donuts in my 36-hour stay here in Indiana/Kentucky. The donuts, I don’t really care for. Stan’s Donuts in Chicago or your good ol’ Krispy Kreme, that’s more my jam. Just don’t put jam or jelly in my donut. Another discovery in the food offerings in this part of the world is that Skyline Chili is better than Lawrenceburger.

Skyline Chili was recommended by my Uber driver early yesterday morning. The spaghetti on the bottom reminds me Jollibee. I just don’t do it. Today I did because when in Rome, or in Lawrenceburg. I ordered via the drive-thru and they stayed true to the fast food expectation. The bag containing a container of spaghetti and chili was in the bag, along with a container of chopped white onions and a bag shredded cheese. The nice young lady also mentioned she added some hot sauce in there for me. I told her she was the best.

First impressions were questionable. I added the cheese and onions and had my first bite. It was hot and not bad. I added a packet of hot sauce and it made it better.

For lunch, we picked up burgers and fries at Lawrenceburger. The floor was greasy and the mat just inside the door definitely needs a thorough wash or be completely replaced. My Michael Kors flats were sinking into them.

I ordered a Lawrenceburger with bacon and blue cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. It was only $6.95. For $3 more, get sweet potato waffle fries. While waiting, the small restaurant and bar was a bit. As the smoke filled the room, I turned around to discover the grill was in the same room. Well, I knew what I was going to be smelling like to the residents I was going to come across at the long-term facility: dinner!

Unfortunately, this thick patty’d burger was not appetizing. There wasn’t any flavor to the meat and the bun just soaked up all the grease. The sweet potato fries were also not very crispy or salted. I took one bite of the burger, took off the bun and tried to eat the meat and nuked bacon but I couldn’t. I barely ate the fries, which helps me out in the end anyways. Friendly staff so it’s definitely not their fault. I’m sure my coworker tipped well for our to go orders. Do keep in mind that they do not have avocados or gluten free buns. Watch out for us Californians wanting these things.

Sorry, Whiskey City, it just wasn’t a good day in food options. Will try again tomorrow.

A Long Day 1

Taking a red eye flight from San Francisco to Cincinnati would normally be my time to get knocked out and sleep. I even slept on the hour-long flight from Oakland to Las Vegas earlier this month without a problem. This time, it was different. Having a lot on this One Busy Bee‘s mind plus a combination of the lady next to me elbowing me periodically, the lady behind me pushing my seat and a baby crying in front of me led me to not get the greatest of sleep. It was going to be a long day. Thanks, United, for making it an easy flight with no delays. Other coworkers weren’t so lucky.

Landing early at 4:50 AM East Coast time, I collected my bag at CVG in Kentucky and called for my Uber to our AirBNB in Petersburg, Indiana. How appropriate that the theme song from Orange is the New Black was playing as I retrieved my luggage.

James, my Uber driver, was informative and recommended going downtown for breweries and the one thing to get to eat here is their chili. I have relayed these ideas to my coworkers and it might become a reality. On this drive, James accidentally missed my exit and we went across the Tanners Creek Bridge and I saw the multiple stacks of the Tanners Creek Power Plant lit up with the dawn approaching in the background. I needed the powers of these two sources combined to get me thru the day ahead.

Eventually making it to our cute AirBNB, I was greeted by two coworkers in the kitchen. I was directed to a large bedroom with a king-sized bed and a separate room with a twin bed as my sleeping quarters for the next four nights. I freshened up a bit and was out the door with the ladies in less than 10 minutes. It was 6:15 AM.

We arrived at our new customer’s site and got straight to work. We provide a cloud-based service and product for long-term facilities. We were here to make sure Day 1 goes well and set the facility up for success. So far, it has been a really good experience with this company with 100+ sites. I have only been on one other deployment in Albany, New York in February. There it was snowing and cold. Here, it is hot and humid.

The day logged in only 7,400 steps and I am currently in second place for my Workweek Hustle Fitbit Challenge with friends. Arriving at 2 AM California time, the 10.5 hour workday on-site didn’t even allow me to hit my daily step goal of 10,000. It was mostly sitting around and tending to what I needed to on demand. It’s an office day off-site in Indiana.

After some successes, we were ready to get ‘breakfast’ at 4 PM. We have eaten chips and beef jerky I picked from Starbucks at the airport and cheese and salami from a Walmart run a coworker did in the middle of the day. We stopped at Valle Escondido Mexican Grill. I returned from the restroom and they were taking drink orders. Apparently, I was the only one that wanted a margarita. Granted! Along with a triple meat fajita plate. Delicious.

An errand was made for last minute things needed for our stay and I declared I was going to take a shower and go to sleep. Looking out the window from my bedroom, I spotted a Kentucky-resident driving with their baby hanging out the driver’s window. I am pretty sure I was delirious by this point but the camera doesn’t lie. It was definitely time for bed. It was 7 PM. I successfully got 10 hours of sleep with waking up at 5 AM on Day 2 to do it all again.

Please comment with any tips to do in Lawrenceburg, Indiana or Petersburg, Kentucky. Lawrenceburg used to be nicknamed “Whiskey City.” You know I love that!

Vegas Pools

It warm here in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, but not as warm as Las Vegas! It would be nice to go back to Tao Beach and the GoPool at the Flamingo for some sun, pool time, music and bottle service. I have experienced the pool at The Hard Rock Hotel where my Los Lonely Boys performed. Club XS and their Nightswim events. For a more relaxing day, I have hung at the pool at Caesars and The Palms after a spa treatment.

I go back to Vegas every so often and occasionally consider moving there for the experience. It has everything I do – Events, Food and Beverage and Tourism. It wouldn’t be hard to find a job and what a fun Blogger and Travel Agent project would that be?!? I’m open to it.

Here’s some fun shots. The girls and I had a great time. Contact me to help you plan your Vegas itinerary.

OBB Weekly – 7-16-19

Flight at Sons of Liberty Alehouse (SOLA)- San Leandro, CA

This weekly post was to get blog posts up and summarize changes over the week. They can be planned changes or they can spring up at any moment. This past week has been full of these modifications and all for the better. Another week has passed and I appreciate all the unknowns it has brought.


Stopped mid-step as I was walking out of the room, “I’m what?” I was planning travel for a coworker and was told I should attend as well. They went back and forth whether or not I would go over the last two weeks. Now it’s confirmed. Majority of those going will be gone for 10 days to Lawrenceburg, Indiana and Englewood, Ohio with us staying across the river from Lawrenceburg in Kentucky. There are three states I haven’t been in! This is definitely an opportunity I am okay with. I look forward to exploring what I can and we might even go to Lexington, Kentucky. Can you say whiskey?!?! Stay tuned on social media for updates.

Whiskey cocktail at ME Cab0 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – June 2019


This past week, Stella & Dot held its annual sales conference called Hoopla. I have been to two of these conferences, one in San Francisco and the other in Las Vegas. Announced via social media, a new incentive for a 6-day trip to Lake Como, Italy for two is available! I have yet to earn one of these trips. I would love to! With that said, I am looking for trunk show hostesses to earn free jewelry. This trunk show can be in person or via online. All you need to start earning rewards is to have at least $300 in sales and four unique orders. Adding Stylists to my team doing this as well will also help me get to Lake Como. The best time to sign up is now!

Please sign up HERE.

Please shop at Kim’s 3-Day Trunk Show Fundraiser where a percentage of net sales goes her fundraising goal.


It’s been an interesting journey in trying to save money and stop spending as much as I normally do on food. I love to eat! Lately, it has been eating salads for lunch, meal prepping chicken and having cereal and other cheap processed or frozen foods just to save money. The cost of going out to lunch or dinner could be at least $20. With going grocery shopping, I can eat a meal for a quarter of the cost. This week, that changed.

I was able to enjoy pork adobo sliders and popcorn and cocktails from The Treasury SF, French cuisine at the new One65 restaurant at Union Square San Francisco and a sweetheart of a cutie brought me sweets. Did I mention cocktails too from Bar 587? It’s been a nice change.

Duck breast from One65


With traveling, I have to keep with my gym efforts. I am no where near my 2019 body fat percentage goal and I need to make some progress. In addition to being a 24 Hour Fitness member, I am now a Planet Fitness member as well. For $22/month, I have access to all their gyms nationwide, extra amenities like massage chairs and tanning (not needed for this Filipina) and bringing a guest for free. While in Ohio and Indiana these next couple of weeks, there wasn’t a 24 Hour Fitness located within a reasonable distance. If there was, I would have extended my current membership instead of just one location. Work out clothes are packed and I have recruited a coworker to go with me while we’re out and about. It does cost me more but I couldn’t just run all week long. It would be really bad on my knees, although I still need to train for my RunDisney half marathon in Paris in a couple of months. I hope this motivates you to keep moving while on your travels.

Let’s connect!

Fitness & Travel

For the next three weeks, this One Busy Bee will Be Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, possibly Toronto, Canada and definitely London. I have just returned from Las Vegas for Independence Day Weekend and honestly haven’t gotten back to my normal gym routine. I have gained 1.5 pounds since my last weigh-in two weeks ago. I need to lose that and make some progress while traveling. It can be done!

Samsonite, Kelty & Michael Kors. And I like blue.

Traveling with coworkers means we will be staying at AirBNBs. They do not have a gym like hotels do. I do not have a 24 Hour Fitness plan that includes all gyms nationwide, plus where I’m going, there isn’t one conveniently located. There are Planet Fitness facilities. The cost for all gyms is $20 per month plus one-time fee of $30. I just might do that since I can cancel anytime. The black card membership also allows you to bring a guest. Maybe a coworker will tag along. Sadly, 24 Hour Fitness locations aren’t open 24 hours. Sorry, Hayward Jackson Street location, had to call you out.

Snap: bappletree – Tank top by Shredz

The half marathon training is going. I just completed another 10K at Mare Island with my running buddy, Nelly. I’ll get the half marathon done at Disneyland Paris. It just won’t be pretty. With the pains in my knees and hips, this will most likely be last half. Then again, I’ve said that before.

Cali Muscle tank – Nelly!
Stretch it out!
We needed this beer

If you’re a traveler like me, you can get a workout in while on the road. Get those steps in, bring a jump rope and bands and knee braces for a run. What do you pack when you travel?

Follow on my personal social media accounts for more fitness posts. You know I’ll be doing yoga poses too! Which reminds me, stretching is a must, especially when traveling.

Instagram @bappletree
Twitter @bappletree

Todos Santos, Mexico – June 2019

Friday Night in Vegas

When your less than 48-hour weekend in Vegas is pretty much packed, you land, drop off your gear at your hotel and head out!

We pre-gamed a bit at home with a homemade chocolate cocktail with Ketal One vodka, Amaz-in Chocolate Cream Liquor from Granada, and milk. A friend was driving us to the airport so no need to be sober!

While at the Oakland International Airport, we stopped at Vino Volo and rang up a bill of wine flights, an additional glass of wine, a cheese and charcuterie plate, salmon crostinis, deviled eggs and a prosciutto sandwich. With weeks of trying to save money, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Eggo waffles and homemade salads, I was enjoying eating more refined items. It even caused us to have our names called over the speaker system at the airport. The doors were already closed. Oh, dear.

As the Travel Agent, I was leading the pack. This was only Nikki’s second time to Vegas and Kim has been here several times like me but we’ve never been together. I of course would ask for their preferences but it was nice that they trusted my judgment. We went to Sushi Samba at the Palazzo Hotel across the street.

Did the real thing in Venice.

Passed the spot where you purchase and board your gondola and the large LOVE artwork, find yourself at Sushi Samba. It is delicious. Parched from our journey and what seemed like a long walk along the waterways of Venice, Italy, we sucked down the waters placed in front of us. Our server sold us on a sake cocktail and we ordered three. Mine was gone in two seconds. It was tasty and refreshing – exactly what I needed. I was also tempted by their Japanese whisky offerings.

Moving on and needing to walk after a delicious meal, we walked thru and out of The Venetian Hotel. We stopped at the Carnival Court where I have had a lot of fun at in the past by myself. This time with two more girls, the band was pretty terrible and the bar tricks were fun. For the experience, I gave the girls cash to get a shot poured into their mouth from the bartender standing on the bar top with some sort of cocktail in the bottle. It was pineapple based and not a lot of liquor. You pay for the experience.

Leaving the smoke and kind of an older crowd behind, we went to check out the piano bar at Harrah’s just next door. Dueling piano bars have kinda been a Roommate kind of thing for us. Our first trip to Los Angeles in February 2018, we went to the one at Universal City and had a great time. Our next one was for Kim’s Reverse Bachelorette Party at Foley’s in San Francisco. That was another great time. On our trip up to Seattle with Nikki for Cinco de Mayo Weekend, it was pretty terrible. The guys just didn’t sound good. One guy was funny and the other was disturbing as a goofy guy trying to be ‘hard.’ I did not enjoy myself. Then in Vegas, you’d think entertainment would be a bit better, right? This was also a disappointment. They just didn’t sound good at all. I know playing the piano is a requirement, but singing capabilities should also be one. We left. Sadly it was so bad I didn’t take a picture of the spot. Sorry. Not sorry.

Continuing down The Strip on a warm Friday night, we found ourselves at Paris. Nikki and I will be heading there for my birthday weekend and my second RunDisney half marathon. This time it will be at Disneyland Paris. Nikki and I had to take a photo near the Vegas Eiffel Tower.

Just before entering the Paris Hotel, we could hear music coming from the Chateau Nightclub above. It’s an outdoor nightclub. Unfortunately, I have never been. We did find the Le Caberet Bar and the good music drew us in. I scoped the area for a table for us to sit at and it was all taken up. We stood near the entrance and a young Latino guy approached. He asked if we wanted a drink. I asked if he worked here. Clearly he didn’t with a drink in his hand but he seemed so hospitable. I chatted with him and the girls danced while we got our complimentary drinks from Danny. He was in Vegas for his cousin’s 21st birthday. The cousin was no where to be found. We continued chatting and rejoined the girls with our glasses of bubbles. We eventually began to dance as the Status Band was great! We eventually made friends with other dancers and they were on the younger side, all Latino. Muy bueno! Just coming back from Mexico, it was nice to be around la gente again. We danced, drank, danced and took photos.

Shots from Danny
“Let’s take a photo,” she said.

Oh, I thought he was with you?” The best part of traveling is meeting new people. Danny was not mine. Walter, from Honduras, was not mine. He wasn’t theirs either! We all just gravitated towards each other. It was a fun night, sending 26-year-old Danny reluctantly home with his cousins saying “Yes, I’ll text you tomorrow!” as I shoved him towards his family.

We said our goodbyes, exchanged Instagram accounts and invitations were extended to come up to San Francisco Bay Area. Good times.

Our walk home included a stop at McDonald’s. It was approaching 4 AM and sadly they were switching the menu to breakfast. No Big Mac for me. Instead, I ordered an Egg McMuffin, with an extra hash brown and a yogurt parfait. The parfait came in handy Sunday morning when I was starving. Thank goodness for Treasure Island’s mini fridge. And shockingly, Nikki has never had breakfast from McDonald’s. Then again, she rarely eats fast food. Good for her!

And that concludes our Friday night in Las Vegas. It was a good weekend.

Let me book your trip to Vegas and we’ll avoid the not-so-good spots.
One Busy Bee Enterprises LLC

OBB Weekly – 7-9-19

Another epic week, another epic trip to Las Vegas. I always tell myself that I have been to Vegas several times, I don’t really need to go back. I want to see the rest of the world. However, every time I go, it is always a great time. July 4th weekend was no different. With so many options of places to stay, eat and play, some things are consistently good. Let me show you some of Sin City and let me help you book your next trip.


I enjoy Southwest Airlines. They are consistently good and it is a very easy flight from the San Francisco Bay Area to McCarren International Airport. LAS is located so close to the strip that a quick shuttle or Uber (Get $2 off your first 3 rides with my link) from the terminal to your desired hotel is cheap and easy.

The girls and I stayed at the Treasure Island Hotel. When I was last in Vegas in 2017, we stayed here as well. The rooms are consistent and the location is convenient. As an Expedia VIP, I was granted late check out. However, as I didn’t need it, I was able to exchange it for a complimentary bottle of champagne. Let me book you on the same deals you see on Expedia and I can possibly get you extra perks. Do keep in mind that you have options of a non-refundable price or with cancellation deadlines to take advantage of these rates. Plans change so do keep that in mind.

The Venetian and Tao Beach is literally right across the street. If you are interested in a pool party, this is the best place to go for its convenience and one of the lowest minimums for a day bed that comes with an umbrella. The new KAOS at the Palms had a minimum of $1,000. Regardless, trust me, the money adds and up but it’s a good time. Let me connect you with my contact there for a day bed and he hooked me up with complimentary drinks for one hour for my party of three.

One thing all girls must do on a Girls’ Trip to Vegas is see Magic Mike Live. I tell ya, it’ll change your life! I have seen Thunder From Down Under twice and it’s also fun but I enjoy the dancing much better at Magic Mike. And who doesn’t love all these men channeling the newly single Mr. Channing Tatum? I was lucky to have been pulled on on stage and received maybe three lap dances from some well-built men. My hands were full during this show. The host, Jordan, said she picked me as a thank you for chatting with her when we sat down and I noticed she was alone. How very cool. We ladies shouldn’t be in competition with each other for men’s attention. They might be willing to share the love.


Speaking of love, I loved all of the events we attended. The two pool parties were great even though we missed seeing Sisqo at the Flamingo Go Pool before we had to leave and catch a flight. The shows and even the performance and new friends we made at the Caberet Bar at the Paris Hotel on our first night was great. Every hotel will have a chapel. The Flamingo has a gazebo outside. The chapel at the Mandalay Bay is a bit more modern. Do contact me should you need assistance with a destination wedding. A party is never hard to find in Vegas.


For this foodie and #OneBusyBee, I had to revisit Sushi Samba at The Palazzo Hotel. My friend, Courtney, and I went there by ourselves one day in 2016 as the other girls slept. We had a blast eating all the delicious Japanese, Puruvian and Brazilian food and enjoying Japanese whisky, my favorite. With so much change in the restaurant world, I am pleased to know they were still around. Kim and Nikki enjoyed our meal.

One thing I definitely wanted to do was have a nice meal by a Celebrity Chef. Gordon Ramsey had Hell’s Kitchen at Caesar’s and we walked by Carlo’s Bake Shop in The Palazzo. I opted in for Giada’s at The Cromwell Hotel. The restaurant was very nice and with views of a main intersection with the Bellagio Hotel kitty corner and Caesar’s across the street. We were sat at a large booth and were served by the very friendly and professional, Billy. The girls and I didn’t have too big of an appetite so we skipped on the multi-course brunch option but we all go the the salmon cake benedict. I added an arugula salad for $6 on the side and it was delicious. The salmon cake was thick and flavorful and the poached egg was cooked perfectly. The sauce looked like melted cheese with a dark orange color but oh, man, was it good. The coffee was strong and gave us the caffeine we needed. With a check in on Yelp, I was given a splash of prosecco. Billy said I couldn’t drink alone and brought out two more glasses. What a very nice gesture. If I could have taken a full-size of that salad home with me, I would have. Well done, Giada. Highly recommended! I can’t wait to go back and try more items on the menu, including the dim sum-like dessert trays they have available at dinner.


As I sat in the single sofa chair near the window on the 15th floor of our hotel room at the Treasure Island Hotel, I looked out onto the strip wondering if I could make the move and if it would make sense financially. I have played around with the idea of moving somewhere for a year while fulfilling my need to travel and really immerse myself in the area. I was at first thinking that it would be San Diego as I would need to be near the water. I looked at Austin, Texas, Charleston, South Carolina and even Seattle, Washington. However, Las Vegas has it all for me – event planning, hospitality, the warm but sometimes cold weather and an endless amount to blog about. It is truly a destination for so many different kind travelers – party-goers, bachelorette/bachelor parties, golfing, relaxation, foodies and even plenty to do for children. My goal is currently to do as much as I can to reach that Goal by 40 of owning property in Maui. I did want to have that property come September 2020, but technically I can still achieve that goal by September 21, 2021. For the past month, I have added on a second job as a Bartender to my world as #OneBusyBee. Unless I get a raise at my day job, I will probably stick with it until I make some headway. In the mean time, I very much appreciate your visits here to my blog and other social media, referrals of your travel clients and your Stella & Dot sales. Yes, I’m still a Stylist. 🙂

OBB Weekly – 7-2-19

The lobby at the Palazzo Hotel – Las Vegas, Nevada

This will have to be a quick one because this One Busy Bee is, well, busy. I have Vegas this weekend, fun events scheduled there, eating at one famous chef’s restaurant and am motivated to take a break and enjoy myself. Working seven days a week and trying to build a business on top of that has taken a toll a bit. And yet, I’m here for another OBB Weekly. Enjoy!


In preparation of my week-long trip to London next month, I had to spend some money. Wanting to save on luggage fees and attempt to be a minimalist, I made my first Kelty backpack purchase. After research online and visiting Outdoor World Sporting Goods while I was in Santa Cruz to touch and feel the product, I purchased the Kelty 44. It had several compartments, way to collapse it and condense your possessions. I am looking forward to testing it out in this weekend’s quick trip to Las Vegas, even though Southwest Airlines is awesome with their two free bags policy. I successfully traveled very light on a recent trip to Seattle, Washington. I know it can be done.

Enjoyed these vouchers thanks to Southwest on my way to Walt Disney World – January 2019

Are you a light traveler?
What are your tips?


Remember Sisqo? He sang on The Thong Song and is the lead singer of the band Dru Hill. Well, we will be attending a pool party in Las Vegas as the Flamingo Pool where he will be making an appearance. Dru Hill is also touring. I had no idea. The bathing suit will be packed and we’ll have a good time this holiday weekend. Another stop at Tao Beach during the day will also take place. DJ Justin Incredible will spinning. Vegas always has something going on.

Which is your favorite pool in Las Vegas?
Which has the best pool parties?


On this trip to Vegas, we only have time for one dinner reservation, and it will be at Giada’s for brunch. Giada De Laurantiis is a celebrity chef with nine award-winning cookbooks, TV shows, traveler and even children’s book author. Not only do I love Italy and italian food, I love visiting restaurants by famous chefs. Not only is she beautifully stunning at 48, (may I please look amazing as her when I’m that age!), she seems like a great person. She gives back to the community by highlighting a product in her store and donates a portion to its sales for the month to a particular non-profit. This month, a set of measuring spoons benefits Save Place for Youth. Shop HERE. Stay tuned here and on WereHungryToo on Instagram for photos.

So many talented chefs – Hawai’i Food & Wine Festival – Maui, October 2018

Which celebrity chef do you most admire?
Do you make purchases based on it benefiting a non-profit?


Sadly, my hits have dropped and I feel June has been crazy busy. I haven’t been promoting my posts as much but moreso creating content and using the photos and videos I have on my phone. I need to get those numbers back up. Since February, it has been a roller coaster in terms of statistics. A good month, then a not-so-good month. With 20 new posts in June, I definitely had something to talk about. Apparently I didn’t do that enough. It is now July and I need to step it up.

Thank you to those that have visited and continue to support me. I like seeing the numbers and appreciate it!

Are you a Blogger?
What are your struggles?

La Copa Bar – Todos Santos, Mexico

North of Cabo San Lucas, find yourself in a cute town called Todos Santos. It is the home of a Hotel California, art galleries and workshops and the historic The Todos Santos Inn. In the Inn, find La Copa Bar with a beautifully made dark, wooden bar, tall bar stools and deep armchairs. Under the mirror in between two flat-screen televisions, bottle are lined. Also in a line, find jars of infusions. A concoction was the perfect way end to a tour of this beautiful property.

The cocktails matched perfectly and as a bartender myself, a former Co-Owner of a San Francisco restaurant and twenty years in hospitality, these were memorable creations. The time and love it took to create these cocktails, plus the presentation and smoke (Yes, smoke!) was fantastic. I sadly cannot remember the name of our talented bartender but I cannot wait to go back to try more and share this experience and craft with many more.

Oveja Negra – $160 pesos
White tequila, lime juice, agave syrup, coc0nut water, cucumber and mint

Aventurera – $150 pesos
Vodka infused with ginger and cardamom, lime juice and ginger soda

Chachita – $160 pesos
Mezcal infused with tamarind, grapefruit syrup, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, smoke with rosemary

Which would you try?

Stay tuned for more on Todos Santos and how and when we’ll be going back. Follow us for more information – ACT Language Schools & One Busy Bee Enterprises LLC.