Good! Stay Home.

Safeway – Hayward, California

My father is pleased that his very social daughter has been ordered to stay home. Secondly, he is pleased that I do not have any symptoms. I have been traveling for four weeks straight before arriving home almost 10 days ago. He was concerned that I was in New York City and that I tend to go to bars and what not. Yes, Father, I do enjoy a bar or two. I am happy to stay home. So is he.

Gramercy Tavern – New York City

The Bay Area is on Day 3 of its lock down to help prevent the spread of the corona virus. From photos, the streets of San Francisco are bare except for an occasional runner, which is fine to do. The highways leave long, tempting strips to go see what my 2019 Honda Civic Si can do. Be careful, the CHP (California Highway Patrol) is out and about. So are the meter maids in Palo Alto. Not everyone is locked up at home.

Work continues. Conference calls, video calls, emails, orders, inquiries and Slack messages continue to come in. A request to let the team know the status or availability via Slack was made. I had a little fun with it. You have to and I welcome the humor.

Besides the many blog posts of what you can do with yourself during this three-week lock down, there are posts on how to network and be social too! I love the “Show Your Pantry” post my cousin did on Facebook. It is now up to 33 comments in two hours.

I don’t have a pantry in my condo so I am not a good candidate to raid should your supplies run low. Thanks for playing tho.

Japan is also having virtual happy hours. Just waiting for my invite.

Post FitOn workouts. No gym needed!

In the mean time, I am looking to grow my social media numbers and #KeepingBusinessMoving. Thanks to Duckhorn Vineyards for the social media love!

Sending you a shaka from the Bay Area!

In all seriousness, I hope you are taking the necessary precautions to keep yourself healthy and those you interact with healthy. You may not show symptoms now, but you may later. It is best to keep your distance to prevent spreading the virus. We will get thru this, together. Just not right now.

How are you still being social during this time of social distancing?

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OBB Weekly – 3-17-20

My view from home – Hayward, CA – 3/16/20

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As my roommate would say, ‘Happy Beer Day.” Unfortunately, the world has been greatly affected by the coronavirus outbreak and I draft this from the comfort of a bed in a quarantined county in the Bay Area. We are on lockdown. Many bloggers are posting lists of what you could with your time at home. Here, I will try to keep your spirits high and something to look forward to. The world has gone thru worse times and as long as we take the precautions, we will get through this. And when we do, we can get back to traveling the world, be social at events, dine out and go back to the gym!


A year ago today, I was aboard a cruise ship and had a day in wine country in New Zealand. Today, I am still dressed for the holiday but not in wine country. I do not think I am alone here with the wineries shut down as well. With hopes of being able to travel in September, an itinerary for Ireland and Scotland is in progress. Thanks to Google and Pinterest and a dose of Amazon Prime playing Irish documentaries, I am gaining a lot of information regarding these new regions to me. As I enjoyed working on New Business in advertising, learning new things is enticing to me.

I failed at being a Shenanigator today. But these roommates like to dress up!
Princess Cruises – New Zealand – March 17, 2019

Have you been to Ireland or Scotland?
Do you have any tips or blog posts on your travels there?


Did you know that Hobbiton has event space? Lord of the Rings fans would love it.

One day, when we have overcome and are able to have gatherings of 10 or more people, think of the events you will be able to attend! Tickets for multiple concerts have been purchased with hopes it won’t be cancelled. And an Airbnb cabin has been reserved for a family reunion in South Lake Tahoe in August. A friend’s family wedding has been postponed as well. Companies have been doing well in reacting well to the cancellations so far. It will help when it is time for them to be rescheduled. If these companies treat you fairly, please do re-book with them when the time comes.

Filipino parties are always more than 10 people. – Salinas, CA

What is the first event you are looking forward to participating in once the ban is lifted?
What events online are you participating in?


With many friends in the hospitality industry, I see so many posts of concern. Workers rely on tips, on being busy, turn those tables. With mandatory closures and offers for drive-thru, pick up or take out available, the sales is something, but it won’t be enough. Dining out is an experience.

My most recent meal out was at Fey in Menlo Park, a great Chinese restaurant. With no fear and a welcoming smile, we enjoyed the dinner as usual. Before that, I was in Lousiville and enjoyed a steak Le Moo. Dining at the bar came with great conversations with the bartender, Erin, and the barback, Andrew.

Le Moo, Lousiville, KY

Above: flame-broiled prime sirloin, bourbon-sauteed mushrooms, skillet-fried mashed potatoes, sauteed asparagus, bourbon-veal glace; prepared medium.

If you are stocked with Top Ramen and cereal for days, consider ordering out once a week. It may mean the difference of closing up shop for a local small business. Please see any of my #WereHungryToo posts on places I recommend. Use the search box to the right if you are searching by city.

What are your favorite local eateries?
Do you know you’re a regular?


As much as I love dining out, I love to work out. With the Bay Area Lockdown, I am more than happy to stay at home and work out using the FitOn app. They have monthly challenges to do X amount of workouts in a month. They have just launched the WFH Challenge of doing 15 workouts by April 30th. The app is free and even has celebrities to work out with like Gabrielle Union. Watch out, though. She talks a lot during the work out. She is saying things that we are all thinking so it’s a bit humorous but it could be distracting to some. The pilates videos with Cassie Ho is always a challenge for me. No weights needed. Try it out! Just because you’re stranded at home is no excuse to not work out.

How are you staying active during this time?
What online fitness stars do you follow?

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OBB’s List – Seattle – May 2019

The Market Theater Gum Wall

Two friends and I went to Seattle for Cinco de Mayo weekend last year, thanks to an Alaska Airlines sale. While on a 2020 United flight back to the San Francisco Bay Area from Louisville, Kentucky, I found this list recapping our mini vacation. Did your favorite spots in Seattle make our list?

Fave Meal
Rocket Taco

Fave Cocktail
⁃ Ruby Red Margarita at Anejo Restaurant & Tequila Bar – Nikki
⁃ Barrel Aged cocktail at The Smith Tower – Me

Fave Beer
⁃ Dry Apple Cider – Nikki
Pike XXXXX, an Extra Stout – Kim
⁃ 9.9% barrel aged barley wine – Me

Best Hotel Max Feature
⁃ Free beer – Kim
⁃ Morning coffee & beer – Nikki
⁃ Location – Me

Best Part of the Underground Tour
⁃ Tour guide – Nikki
⁃ Comparison pictures/location reference – Kim
⁃ Skylights – Me

Street level

Most Memorable Seattle ppl
⁃ Adam – He called cocktail napkins ‘drink pillows’ at The Smith Tower bar – Kim
⁃ Sergio – Nikki
⁃ David at Pike Brewing Co – Me

Best Coffee
Anchorhead – Kim & I
⁃ Hotel – Nikki

Memorable Moment
⁃ fish over our head (See videos – Day 1, Day 2)

I am a Travel Agent. I would be happy to help you plan your next trip to Seattle, Washington. Contact me!

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For My Little Slugger

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the baseball fan in your life, consider a personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bat. The idea came to me during my long-term stay in Louisville. Many days with rain, snow, wind and chill was worth it just to get the video and photos from my best friend of my nephew opening up his gift.

Nate has played in a few seasons of baseball and it was about to start up again but due to the coronavirus, the season has been cancelled. I look forward to watching him play when I get back to the Bay Area and we can live our lives as normal. The kids are growing up so fast!

The museum offered kid and adult size bats. Since this was a bat for display, I got him one for adults. I am sure he has grown another inch or two since I have been home. I just love his reaction.

I am so happy he loved his gift. I watched the video of him opening it while at The Met in New York City. On the opposite of the country, I am glad I can still make him smile.

Get a personalized bat of your own with your favorite baseball team’s logo and a name. If you need assistance with planning a trip to Louisville and Bourbon County, please do not hesitate to reach out. See my other blog post on the museum.

Let’s go, Giants!

#MondayMotivation – 60 Items to Fight Breast Cancer

My thoughtful roommate has decided to do TWO Susan G. Koman 60-mile walks this year. According to breast, over 42,000 women will die due to breast cancer in 2020 alone. Though her mother passed to ovarian cancer, she continues the fight against cancer, as there are so many kinds! She did the same event last year and the year before. Imagine walking 60 miles over three days. I was in New York City this weekend and only walked a total of 19.5 miles over three days! She will walk a total of 120 miles in Dallas and San Diego to fight breast cancer within two weeks. I want to help her fundraise! Can you help?

My goal is to sell 60 pieces of Stella & Dot jewelry, purses, accessories or Ever beauty products by her events in November. A percentage of your purchase will go towards her fundraising goal. Come back to this post to see my progress!

As of 3/9/10, 0 pieces have been sold. Will you be the first one?

Shop and support at

Promotions: Earn Dot Dollars for every $50 you spend thru tomorrow 3/10 and get exclusive discounts for shopping Kim’s special link above.

By shopping her link and spending $50 or more, you get access to these items at 50% off while supplies last. Offerings change every month.

Please tag a jewelry, purse and fashion lovers and friends below to spread the word. Thank you!

Kim and Bevo at 21st Amendment in San Leandro, CA.


NYC Bound!

It has almost been a month since I have been home. What was to be a 2-day trip, turned into a 10-day and now a month. I am always up to traveling but now a spontaneous trip to New York to visit a client allows me to visit New York City, one of my favorite cities in the world. I’m a happy girl.

If you are following my blog or my social media accounts, I have spent most of my recent travel time in Louisville, Kentucky. Thank you to the Springhill Suites for taking good care of me there.

As I write this, I am leaving Albany and am on my second ever Amtrak train ride to New York City. My first ride was in February 2019 and there was a lot more snow on the ground. My Uber driver this morning stated they have had a mild winter. I am enjoying the scenery and my feet up with my seat reclined.

I do not have any confirmed plans and am not sure which friends I will get to see this weekend. My sommelier friend and former employee of mine, Thom, is again bouncing around and not in New York til May. He is enjoying the warmth Florida has to offer. My friends, Nick and Carrie, will probably hit up a karaoke bar. That was fun last time. Nick even has his photo up on the wall! Mariana, I met while on my first cruise in the Mediterranean in 2012. She’s a Domenican beauty. I befriended my Burburry sales rep, Fatima, and while on that same trip, a lady from London popped her Burburry cherry on the same day! I love meeting people on my travels. I look forward to exploring more of New York. Your recommendations are appreciated!

Safe travels, Everyone!

OBB Weekly – 3-3-20

Hello, March and Happy Super Tuesday! Right now, as I look out the window of my hotel room from my desk in Louisville, Kentucky, the sun is shining, I have a roof over my head and my family is safe from the tornado that hit Nashville, Tennessee this morning. The death toll is currently up to 22 and the videos and photos of damages is devastating. The coronavirus is spreading, friends on flights show empty seats next to them and large companies like Facebook are cancelling events to take the necessary precautions and avoid travel. Be thankful for another day on this beautiful earth but also always be prepared!


My heart is with you Nashville! As a country music lover and having family there, I can say that I love Nashville. It is a great place to visit. From the honky tonks, historical venues like the Ryman Auditorium and all the Tennessee Whiskey you can drink, there is a lot to see and do. Music will pour out of every window walking down Broadway. Roof top bars aplenty. Country music with a dash of family is always a good combo. Stay strong, Nashville! Learn how you can donate HERE.


Emergencies can strike at any time. Plan to be prepared today! With the coronavirus being a news story everyday, shelves are bare of hand sanitizer and the Surgeon General urging people to stop buying face masks, the time is now to check and/or start your emergency kit. The CDC has provided a checklist for families HERE.

I have an emergency kit at home in a closet and in the trunk of my car. When I get back to California, it will definitely be updated.


Water in Kentucky makes the bourbon. The water alone is definitely one of the freshest, cleanest water I have ever tasted. As part of the tasting and tour at Michter’s distillery, we had Kentucky water. Delicious. The beignets made at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana are best eaten there because of the water. And of course, it’s fresh. If you haven’t tried a box of the mix at home, unfortunately it won’t taste the same. The water makes a difference. In the kit mentioned above, the CDC states you should have a 3-day supply of water and non-perishable food. Get your water on! HERE are 9 smart products to help you drink more water.



The coronavirus has effected the market. Forbes just released an article on what to do with your portfolio. They ‘Don’t panic!’ We have been thru this before with SARS, swine flu and ebola. We will bounce back. If anything, live like you were dying. Thanks, Tim McGraw. And when things don’t go your way, such as you made a bad investment or you got shot down for a date, that was a risk. It was probably scary but you were brave enough to do it. Live a little. Don’t panic. Everything will be OK.

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Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum

Louisville and Kentucky is commonly associated with whiskey and bourbon. For sports lovers, it is where Major League Baseball bats are made. Family-owned since the late 1800s, Hillerich & Bradsby have been making bats for professional athletes and fans. The museum has 35-minute tours often starting at $16. Tour the front of the museum while you wait for your tour. Take as many photos as you would like in this area as photography and videos are not allowed inside the factory.

See all things baseball with statues, historic photos and a display of bats used by your favorite players. You also have the opportunity to hold and pose with actual Louisville Sluggers used during games. The listing of available bats said Willie McCovey’s bat was available but when it was my turn to step up to the plate, his bat was retired from the exhibit due to wear and tear. In its place was Puerto Rico’s own, Orlando Cepeda’s, bat. As a Bay Area native in Louisville, I didn’t complain.

Every baseball fan knows Babe Ruth. A bat and signed documents are on display including one that states “All of my records have been made with Louisville Sluggers.” You can even see the dents in the bat!

During the tour, you will learn about the forests where the trees are grown for the bats, how they’re selected, processed and made. They are carved via a machine, sanded, polished, engraved, painted, stamped and packaged. Right now, they are making bats for the upcoming spring season.

The tour will end with an opportunity to ask questions. You will also be given a mini bat. You can explore the gift shop or hit the batting cages. I decided to take a photo on top of the limestone glove that was carved by a member of the Hillerich family.

This is a must stop for baseball fans. I have specially ordered gifts for my nephew who is currently playing baseball and a gift for my Cugino, who works closely with the San Francisco Giants. Get custom made gifts on-site if you are willing to throw it in your luggage. And I just discovered that they will have event space available soon. Smart move.

What is your team?
Would Louisville be on your list of places to stop now if it wasn’t already?

Family Time in South Lake Tahoe

We’re booked!

Santana Row, San Jose, California

Two years ago, my family was ready for a beachy area and a cabin for the family reunion. I scoped out accommodations to rent and a place on the water for a fun day together in the sun with BBQing, games and of course, a few drinks. Then, fires swep through Northern California and the family decided to cancel the reunion in case of fires spreading to Truckee, California. The air quality was been so bad. Unfortunately, the cancellation only gave us 50% of the payment returned. We are now keeping our fingers crossed we are in the clear this year.

Carksbad, California
Discovery Bay, California

I have been planning our family reunions every other year since 2004, rotating locations to spread out the travel inconvenience between the family. It started in Pacheco, California, just up the street from my house, then to Monterey and then Southern California. My generation of cousins remember the aunts, our mothers, pulling us all together when we were kids at our Lola’s house (grandmother in Tagalog.) Now that time has passed since the family got together as a group in some time, I decided to start it. It is nice not having to wait for a wedding or sadly, a funeral, to get together. It is on the same weekend every other year to plan accordingly. The proposal for a reunion in the Philippines didn’t get the reaction I wanted. Maybe another year!

Vacaville, California

Good times. We are looking forward to more!

Where would you like your family reunion to be?

92%+ in Blog Hits

Woodford Reserve Distillery – Versailles, Kentucky

Happy March! I have just completed calculating stats for February and this blog has reached 92% more hits over January. I am thankful for the support, hits and organizations like the Louisville Restaurant Week and Proof on Main account.

Re-share by Proof on Main – Louisville, Kentucky

Thanks again!

And correction from an anonymous viewer, the term is views, not “hits.” Thanks!