OBB Weekly – 4/2/19

Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

The OBB Weekly has returned! I spent majority of March disconnected aboard the Golden Princess in the South Pacific. WiFi was iffy in Melbourne, Australia and at ports in New Zealand. I welcomed the new experience of not needing to check my phone and being interested in what’s happening on social media and being in the moment. With it being a new month and new season, what is presently happening?


Well, the current US President wants his wall. There goes the avocados! AZ Central, a part of USA Today Network, says it should close the border on trade and travel too. This opinion piece says they should so we Americans can see what a day is like without Mexicans. Tavo from Cabo, running a trivia session on the cruise ship recently asked what is the biggest export out of Mexico. He joked that it wasn’t people. I guessed avocados. It was automobiles. Shocked and recalling the name brand of vehicles I saw on the road in Cabo, I don’t recall seeing them in America. But it’s true. The other thing is that Americans travel to Mexico. “Billions worth in tourism” apparently. I was one of them. I have been to Cabo San Lucas twice and am going again in June. Right, Mr. Trump? Will I be let back into the country if I go?

Tavo fr Cabo, Princess Cruises

My plan on going back to Cabo San Lucas is to take advantage of a week long stay my good friend, Nikki, and I earned via a timeshare presentation. We signed up at the Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival and met up in Napa last summer for this presentation. For nearly three hours of our time, we said no to their offering and walked away with a voucher. During this time in Cabo, she and I are going for business. She start ACT Language Schools and I will be her Travel Agent. Our plan is to put together tours where you can learn a language while being immersed into the culture. With my previous experience in Cabo and the dates lined up, we are headed down for research, yoga and meetings to plan our offerings. Stay tuned for that!

SF Segway Tour with ACT Language Schools

Planning on going to Mexico soon?
Tell me a good story of a Mexican in your life.


Part of plan for Cabo and possibly tours to other Spanish-speaking locations is to have you gain authentic and positive impacting it’s workers and the community. Concierges and Travel Agents can aid in that. I booked my honeymoon couple to visit an elephant sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand. It was the ONLY thing they wanted to do that was scheduled on their honeymoon so I had to deliver. And what a beautiful thing to experience. They have been saved from performing and abuse in these sanctuaries. And Dumbo just happens to be the #1 movie right now. Other places where you can see elephants would be the Melbourne Zoo where they have successfully bred four Asian elephants in hopes to fight extinction. Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom has African elephants and partners and supports conservation organizations. I was able to see both. Thailand, someday.

Melbourne Zoo, Australia
Elephant at the Melbourne Zoo trying to break up that wood block
Elephants at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

If there was an endangered animal you would save in particular, which would it be?
Would you stop using a product or a service if a high level executive of the company was photographed for shooting an endangered species?


“Royce.” I had no idea that Prince Royce and Emeraude Toubia of the show Shadowhunters were even dating! Now they’re married post a ‘ultra private ceremony in the heart of Mexico. Funny how Mexico keeps coming up. They must be important to us Americans. I love his music and would love to see him live. And I only started watching Shadowhunters because I know a gal that is also on the show. Congratulations, to Mr. & Mrs. Royce! I was excited when my Bride last year was thinking of getting married in Oaxaca, but San Francisco worked out well too.

Name your favorite Prince Royce song.
What is your favorite thing about the character, Isabelle, on Shadowhunters?


Chef Traci des Jardines’ passion is moving her to Mexican food. “Jardiniere, a Pioneer in High End Dining and Design, Will Close” – The New York Times, March 25, 2019. Jardiniere has been open in San Francisco for 21 years ago in Hayes Valley. It has become a destination for theater guests before a performance. My first experience was just that. We sat at the bar before seeing my first opera, The Barber of Seville, and had dessert after we dined at Absinthe. Women History Month has ended but if you can dine at this popular, woman-owned restaurant before they close their doors on April 27th, please do.

Have you dined at Jardiniere?
Do you have any favorite female chefs?


Another woman that has made history is our former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. I have completed “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” book while on the cruise ship. At the Melbourne Airport, I decided to add the weight of my Michael Kors bag and purchase Becoming and The Honey Factory, Inside the Ingenious World of Bees by Jurgen Tautz and Diedrich Steen. I was never really a reader. Even in 2016, I made a goal to read more, starting with the stack of magazines that were stacked high on my nightstand. Now three years later, I am revisiting that goal. For Lent, I was going to do something good for myself for 40 days. I was going to read for at least 30 minutes a day. I will put the phone down, not think about work or what I needed to do and get lost in a book for a few minutes. It would give my brain a change of pace and be able to escape. I can honestly say I have not read every day since the beginning of Lent, but I have made up my time. You need to keep yourself accountable and have that integrity. I am actually excited to read these books and have decided to read The Alchemist next. My inspirational friend, Nikki, who will be joining me in Cabo is currently reading that in her Book Club class for her business. It sounds like it would be right up my alley and my desire to travel. LIKE her Facebook page and tune into #SpanishSaturday to hear parts of the book in Spanish. I can honestly say that I can understand what she’s saying during these videos. It’s great practice if you are interested in learning a new language.

Currently reading
ACT Language Schools at Ferrari Carano Winery in Sonoma County, California during the Winter Wineland event by Wine Road.

What books do you recommend?
Do you have a favorite author?

Taverna – Palo Alto, CA

You have 10 minutes.” A harmless threat to leaving the office and facing traffic of the Dumbarton Bridge to the East Bay. I would leave if he wasn’t done ‘seeing what kind of trouble’ two other coworkers were getting themselves into. Before I could pack my Burberry, he finished in record time and we were off down the street to Taverna.

I have only seen this restaurant on my walks around town to get my daily steps in and those rare times I went to what my friend calls “Whole Paycheck”, aka Whole Foods. Ivan said Taverna was a bit higher priced but one of the top restaurants in Palo Alto. Wanting a unique glass of wine, I voted Greek. Having been to Greece a couple of times and a former write up on Orexi in San Francisco, I thought it’d be nice to change things up a bit. The owners are also associated with Kokkari in San Francisco, a popular restaurant I often tried to get my hotel guests a reservation. Book yours ahead of time.

Not terribly hungry, we were looking for something light to go with our red wine, a Xinomavro. The two items that caught my eye was the tzatziki and the octopus. They are common dishes and thankfully Ivan’s favorites as well. Sometimes, it’s easy with this guy. Both dishes were ordered. Two glasses were enjoyed, bread and butter arrived and friendly faces greeted my new boss who used to work for me. My, how the tables have turned.

A mound of firm yogurt and olive oil with grilled, seasoned pita bread appeared at our section of the bar top. It looks like a lot of dairy for four pieces of pita. I agreed to the extra slices of cucumber as a side to help finish it off. The side of bread also played a part.

Before the tzatziki was finished, the long grilled octopus tentacle appeared with a squash mash, capers, sausage, sauteed greens and a sort of chutney. I recalled the huge order of octopus I had placed in front of me while in Thira, Greece. It was the first time I couldn’t finish my octopus! This time, it was a perfect size to share between the two of us. It was perfectly cooked and the citrus flavor to the veggies added acidity to the dish.

The restaurant of maybe 40 seats was buzzing for a Thursday night. Apparently, it’s common and have successfully made it past their one year with expansion plans next door. People were waiting just inside the door to be sat. Unfortunately, it was not quite warm enough that evening to sit outside at the tables lining the sidewalk. We came at just the right time. With that, we chatted with our bar neighbor, a local and friend of the owners. We shared laughs, the ‘what do you do?’ exchange and he convinced the restaurant to give us a taste of the wine he was having. It was a fruit bomb of a Cabernet Sauvignon. Quite a difference from our Xinomavro, which was easily drinkable. Perhaps it was a better pairing with his burger.

Not intending on having more to eat, I couldn’t turn down checking out the dessert menu. Before having a thorough look, Marlena highly recommended the bougatsa. Ivan described it was a baklava with custard. It was made with phyllo dough, custard, pistachios and ice cream. And it was warm. Not bad, but now I want a baklava.

It made me miss Greece and needing to go back to visit Mykonos. I love the white buildings, blue doors, the islands. Taverna also has a blue door and is a white building. The inside has clean walls, an darker blue-green accent wall, subtle Greek type on their white curtains, colorful but a bit muted and imperfectly shaped vases above the windows and very comfortable furniture. The staff is friendly, obviously appreciative of their best customers and the service was timely and well-organized. I’m sure we’ll be back.

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OBB Weekly – 3-5-19

Two months down for 2019. How would you say your year is going for you so far? February was full of travel for me. March, I’m headed back down. Down under, that is. Have you been? What are you down for? What downs have you come up from?  Like a basketball, you’re bound to come up.

Almost a year after I completed the Princess Academy with Princess Cruises, I have selected my graduation gift: a free 13-day cruise from Melbourne, Australia and around New Zealand. My roommate is pretty excited. We both haven’t been down under. We will be flying direct on Qantas, thank goodness. We will spend at least one full day in Melbourne on both ends of the trip. She wants to hold a koala (still working on that). I want to go to their rooftop bars and eat at their nice restaurants. I am glad we both agreed to a spa day before we head back in time for our return flight to San Francisco. Then again, my roommate is down for anything.
We have ran across the below articles on what to do in Melbourne. If you have any recommendations, please do share! Follow via the links at the bottom of this post to see what I’m seeing as it’s happening! Our hashtag: #KimNBernGoDown (Under).
If you know me, I’m always down for a Los Lonely Boys concert. I have been a fan of theirs for 13 years. I just went to my 73rd concert. Of course, I was down front. My friends and I that travel with to see these shows have a saying, “There’s no place like front row.”  If you haven’t seen them live, please check them out when they come to your town or see my videos on YouTube. There are plenty.

Met this beautiful gal thru an LLB concert and it’s nice to keep in touch with her thru the years.

Front row, Baby.

As a Concierge, I was happy to get my hotel guests tickets to basketball and baseball games and concerts as down close to the front as possible. We have partnerships with companies that can get you down front or pretty close. Just be aware that there may be a service fee and you will most likely be paying a premium. I recommend planning ahead and getting tickets as soon as they are released. 
The early reservation of your private event venue is just like securing tickets. Expect to pay immediately with a down payment to lock in your date, time and location. The cost varies based on the venue. The same is true for vendors like caterers, DJs and photographers. If you need assistance, I can recommend vendors as your Event Planner. Some venues you will love to put down a deposit for are at the below locations.
The Cape, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Inn at Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz, California

Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, California

Pacific Star Winery, Fort Bragg, California

Let’s be real here. I gained almost four pounds after a week of traveling in New York and only able to get one so-so workout in. I put down a lot of delicious food. “You can eat!” is a common comment lately. But hey, it makes my tastebuds happy. I would really regret not having that New York Strip at Danny Meyer’s Union Square Cafe and get hit by a taxi as I left the restaurant. I am not promoting you to be obese. I am promoting enjoying the moment and balance. Understand there’s a cost associated. I have been back a week and knocked down two of those four pounds. It’s work but damn that steak was tasty. 

Other dishes put down in front of me were from
Russ & Daughters, New York City – Pickeled veggies. The best pickeled tomatoes I have ever had. Mouth is watering now.

Russ & Daughters, New York City – Pickeled fish

One Dine, New York City – 100 floors up and this is their branzino.

My second set of tots and caviar in NYC. Union Square Cafe. First time having this was at Please Don’t Tell.

Bacon from Tavern on the Green, New York City
Failure is a part of life. But so are successes, no matter how small. I still have two pounds to go to be pre-New York weight. A bigger failure is not being back down to 18% body fat by this cruise on Sunday. I am no where close to that. I get it. I failed in reaching that goal, but I’m chasing it. This Event Planner may always be on time but there are some things I will be late to party for. The point is, don’t give up. Refocus. Continue the work.
One thing I feel I can be proud of is my roommate reaching her goal weight before this cruise. I invite her to early morning workout sessions, I aim for her really ‘sexy’ gym face and we did two yoga videos this weekend instead of one. As mentioned, she’s down for anything. This weekend, she also discovered that she and I are the same size jeans now! She was ecstatic. Hard work pays off. She rewarded herself with new bikinis! Thanks, Seafolly. We’ll be rockin’ your products on our vacation and with a little more confidence.
Keep at it!

“Are you sisters? You  have the same smile.” – Captain America. Swooon.

Style Sunday: My First Burberry

My new pretties! This was my first Burberry experience and I bought three pieces. My Hawaiian Airlines credit card loves me. I purchased these beauties at the SoHo store in New York City last week. I was looking for the Stella & Dot Design Studio on Spring Street and decided to pop in. I had an ex that loved Burberry so I wanted to touch and feel what all the fuss is about. I totally get it, Bro.


I walked in in my Makers Mark beanie, The North Face jacket and my yellow Michael Kors backpack. Don’t I paint the picture of a girl with money to spend and knows fashion? I walked in and got smiles from the two ladies at the front of the store waiting for buying customers to greet. No ‘Welcome.’ Was this about to be The Pretty Woman scene waiting to happen? I walked a bit further into the store and was smiled at by an Asian sales person busy with another customer.


Browse. Browse. Browse. I came across the sunglasses display. I liked the ex’s new Pradas I basically took over during our stay in Monterey. I’ve had my Pradas for 12 years and they are a little beat up. I tried on a few. I found one like his. I also found a fun red pair that would be great with my Fenty Beauty and Kat Von D red lipstain.

The tall gorgeousness with long dark hair, Fatima, approached me. I asked how much they were. Doable. I said I would take both of them. With no intentions of spending more, I said I would browse. She escorted me upstairs to see what else they had to offer. Fatima showed me the Burberry way. I found my way to an area near the front of the store.


And then I found this amazing “B” print (because, y’know 🐝 #onebusybee). The print was on smaller pieces like a crossbody, wallet, phone case, etc. The crossbody was more than I was willing to spend for something not as functional. Fatima showed me my next purse. Go big or go home.


It was nice to clear the shelves and call this beauty mine. It’s new and from the latest fashion show. New York Fashion Week took place earlier that month. All of my handbags that are worth anything are special to me. I don’t buy bags just to have them. I am not a collector. My bee Gucci and red alligator skin Georgio Armani I purchased in Milan were exclusives too. I don’t like having things everybody else has had at the time. 


Can you tell I’m happy with my purchase? And damnit, I deserve it!  I continued my shopping spree with matching Tiffany & Co. apple earrings from the iconic store on 5th Ave  This ‘bappletree’ needed it. The sales person loved that the apple was tattooed on me. That was my first tattoo. OK! No more shopping! I want that house in Maui!


Are you a Burberry fan?

Do you love shopping in SoHo New York?

If you have designer handbags, do you use them everyday or save for special events?

HFWF18 – Chef Stephen Pyles

That Southern Hospitality is real! And you’ll feel it the instant your eyes meet Chef Stephen Pyles from Dallas, a fifth generation Texan. I have a love for Texas. My dog is named Bevo after the Texas Longhorns and my favorite band is from San Angelo, Texas, the Los Lonely Boys. I just returned from visiting five cities in the South. I fell in love with Charleston. And you’ll feel warm and welcomed when you sit across the table from Chef Pyles if you have the chance. I can still vividly remember his smile.

Comfortable with sitting across from this talented chef on Media Day at the Hawai’i Food and Wine Festival on Maui, we get to it. This is a man that has a weakness for travel. Inside I scream, “Me too!” Fellow Chef Wolfgang Puck also encouraged him, he says. Chef Pyles has opened 22 restaurants in five cities and has a new partnership with Delta Hotels by Marriott. His partnership with Benchmark Hospitality also has him running a culinary program. Benchmark works with a Woodside Hotel Group location, Dream Inn, in Santa Cruz, California, where I will be touring next month as well as the Menlo Grill in Menlo Park, California. I visit my Cugino aka cousin that works there every so often. I will be asking if his program has rolled out to the West Coast.

When asked if Chef would consider opening a restaurant in San Francisco, he was confident in his answer. He stated that San Francisco is a mecca, has a bit of everything but it’s so expensive. As a former San Francisco restaurant co-owner, we discussed just how expensive it is – rent, labor, insurance and more! Goodness. Unfortunately, the Founding Father of Southern Texas Cuisine will not be coming to the City by the Bay. I guess I need to plan a trip to Dallas. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Texas.

Just as Texas is big, as some chefs carry salt (and chili flakes), famous chefs tend to give back. The entire HFWF is a program of the non-profit Hawaii Ag and Culinary Alliance. Chef Pyles is in the board of Goodwill Industries and The Art Institute. Funny, as The Art Institute in San Francisco seems to own the most property here. I wonder if he could get a deal on space here with that relationship. I can wish. The lease itself and dining at his restaurant, Flora, also benefits the Arts District. It’s a win-win for sure. It was recently named one of the top 20 restaurants in Dallas by Conde Nast Traveler.

With so much success and sitting pretty on top, I asked my usual question as to if there were any women in the industry we should be on the look out for to possibly follow in his footsteps of growth and accolades. As a man that Julia Child ‘scared the hell out of’ when Chef met her in France, this Chef of the Year (2006, Esquire Magazine) says the name Misti Norris. Chef Norris was named the 2016 Chef of the Year by Eater. She left Texas to stage in New York. She returned and opened Petra and the Beast in Dallas. Lauren S. of Columbus, Ohio on Yelp says “The chef, Misti Norris, is truly creative and a master of her craft.” It’s great that women from across the nation are supporting lady chefs. We need that. And thank you, Chef Pyles for spreading the word all the way in Maui and to me here in San Francisco. This 49ers fan hopes to visit both, Flora and Petra and the Beast, on my first trip to Dallas.

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The Charles Dickens Christmas Fair – San Francisco, California

“We’re watching Mickey’s A Christmas Carol,” says a friend while being a good daddy. This Disney Certified Travel Agent hasn’t seen it, but I have been to the Charles Dickens Christmas Fair. Tickets were given to myself and colleagues thanks to a vendor of ours. The tickets were only good for the first two weekends so I made a point to make it happen during the long holiday weekend.

Do you like fish and chips?” This was the response to asking the gent that took my $12 cash to park my car at the Cow Palace of what to expect at this fair. Beyond stuffed from eating Filipino food nearby at Goldilocks, I rubbed my tummy knowing there wasn’t any room. Hey, men like women with a healthy appetite. Right? I didn’t think this would be the reason to come to this fair but he did add that if I did want to experience their fish and chips, I should go early. This is because as the day goes on, the pieces get smaller and smaller.  We did see a mom carry a tray full and they didn’t look good. 

Thinking we were early, one parking lot was already full and there were folks directing us to park as if were planes at the airport. Folks in the dressed to the nines in period costumes, top hats, feathers in their bonnets, big cloaks and cinched waists. The closest I could get to dressing up was wearing my long black, floor-length DKNY coat and to the knee Cole Haan black boots. 

Walking across the pedestrian bridge, we thought the entrance would be right under the words that said “COW PALACE.” Nope. Before moving on, we posed for a picture with the name behind us. “Say ‘Mooooo.” Kim took direction well and I should have kept the photo. I laughed all the way to the entrance.

To the right, along that building, down the ramp and to the left was the entrance. Past the ticket booth, I noticed these tickets were $30 per adult. Was it going to be worth it? Obviously this fair happens every year and there were already tons of folks there. We shall see.

Our tickets were scanned and were handed an old newspaper of events. With small print! Oh, goodness. This seems a bit intense. In the middle of the paper was a map. It was massive with shows, stores, places to eat and drink! Can you guess where our first stop was? Yes, the bar.

In the line, we observed the bartenders in their costumes and the way they communicated. They had English accents, were polite and incredibly expressive. It was going to be fun talking to all the workers here. You can’t help but smile. Given that it was a Saturday morning, we were thinking a mimosa. But the pour was the same amount of Mumm as a shot in a cocktail then filled with orange juice out of a gun. We decided to go with the red wine once I knew the white wine was a Chardonnay. I couldn’t imagine the Chard they would serve would be anything I liked. The bartender put two plastic cups in front of us and they were the size of shot glasses used for party. Can you imagine the look on my face? I paid the man $6 for our shots of red wine and tipped him $2. I know he has no control over the pour amounts. We definitely were not going to go for seconds.

The area was a bit dim, like you’re walking the streets of an English town filled the street lamps, trees and stores from hats and dresses, jewelry, places to eat and drink and even a kids’ area. One of the first stores we went into was inviting guests to send a telegram. You fill out a form, they write it out and they walk the streets looking for this person. If Kim, my roommate, wasn’t the only one with me, it’d be fun to have someone call their names throughout the venue. 

You could get old school black and white photos done, your profile drawn (including your dog’s via a picture) and even get your hair braided. It’d be great to have my hair braided but I’m sure it would cost $65. I sent a Snap (@bappletree) to my Hairstylist and friend, Justina. If she ever wanted to play with my hair, it’d be fun to get an intricate hairstyle done for the day.

For couples getting married and are Game of Thrones fans, this would be a great gift for them.

I personally enjoyed the hat stores/booths. I would have bought one but I didn’t need to spend $85.

We went down each row once and decided to head home. It was an experience and if I was in more of a festive mood I would probably enjoy it more. But go see it for yourself! The fair runs now thru December 23rd from 10 AM – 7  PM at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

God bless, Everyone!

Jurassic Mermaid

Now a Disney Certified Travel Agent and a big fan of The Little Mermaid, I had to go to the SF Symphony‘s performance of my favorite Disney film. It was a fun night with my roommate and friend getting a little dressed up and enjoying the live music.

Necklace & clutch by Stella & Dot, shoes by Paris Hilton

Also a fan of Jurassic Park and dinosaurs in general, I HAD to get tickets for another symphony performance. I loved the Lost World movie that was released earlier this year and I even play with my nephew’s Blue toy during brunch. Yes, I play with my food. I’m the fun Auntie.

Buddy’s Bites & Brew via my Instagram account @WereHungryToo

Sadly, I have to sell these Jurassic Park tickets forFriday, November 2nd, 2018 starting at 8 PM. I have three tickets and they are currently going for $95 per ticket. A few weeks ago, they were being sold for $90 each. I would like $70 each for a total of $210.00. Please contact me if you would like them. It’s a good time!

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Orlando Bound for Lolo – Week 1

So, I’m committed. I signed up for my first half marathon (Team in Training – Orlando Bound for Lolo). I will create monthly posts to outline my progress, my workouts and struggles.  So here it goes!

SUNDAY – I signed up. Did my research. Ask my friend and TNT alumni how it worked and recruited my friend do consider doing it with me. Success! I had already packed my gym bag and brought it work thinking I would repeat and actually succeed in running eight miles back and forth from the Argonaut Hotel to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. I did not. I forgot I had dinner plans with my Bride and she was running late, so I got at least 4 miles in.

It was a windy day and I was not looking forward to running against the wind again. Plus I was still sore from the workouts from the weekend. But I now had to do it! I have been telling coworkers that I signed up so I am making sure I don’t disappoint. Though sore and not a great time, I surpassed my revised goal of doing a 5K with pains in my shins and did four miles. So there you go! I was happy for the wind now as it helped cool me down, but not after a dinner at the bar at Scoma’s.

Just realized the last time I ran, I also wear this Los Lonely Boys shirt. Zipper up by Puma. Earrings by Stella & Dot.
Grilled salmon and fennel.

Steps: 15,676
Miles: 7.8
Calories Burned: 2,098
Minutes of Activity: 81

MONDAY – Meatless Monday, that is. I didn’t have a chance to work out but I did my usual walk to and from work from the Embarcadero Bart station. I had a surprise guest show up at work and I decided to accept their invitation to dinner in Chinatown (Great Eastern Restaurant). I usually meet up with my Instafriend and avoid the commuters going home. I invited her to my friend’s bar, Bar 587, but she didn’t get back to me in time. It was a successful Meatless Monday. I really wanted that chicken on the Hong Kong style noodles and order the Shrimp Sandwich from The Blue Mermaid. But I kept myself under control.

Kale and romaine caesar salad
What a lovely surprise from Cincinnati, Ohio.  They came to the Argonaut Hotel to say hello!
Iced latte from Caffe Trieste as I was too early for dinner.
Duck, duck, chicken.

Steps: 12,723
Miles: 5.23
Calories Burned: 1,853
Minutes of Activity: 59

TUESDAY – Worked out at home, had one of the best salads I’ve had in a long while at The Bear & Monarch at the new Loews Hotel, had a meeting and walked to work from downtown San Francisco. For dinner, I carbed up at Cioppino’s for dinner and bought some socks from the sock store at Fisherman’s Wharf to go with my TNT cause. I bought ones that were purple with pineapples because I love Hawaii and work in hospitality and Minnie Mouse ones. Then I walked to Bart. That night I also received some cool leggings and a sweet note from my cousin in Minnesota. Check out the bees!

Steps: 14,437
Miles: 6.28
Calories Burned: 1,933
Minutes of Activity: 78

WEDNESDAY – Rocked my new socks, wore another Los Lonely Boys top and my Celebrity Cruises zipper up for my run. I ran 5 miles before work. One more mile than I did on Sunday. I had a salmon and warm brussels sprout salad at the new Toy Soldier restaurant with a friend. Then made my walk to work.

Steps: 23,077
Miles: 11.17
Calories Burned: 2,364
Minutes of Activity: 138

THURSDAY – Worked out at home and took it kind of easy but had my steps in with my walk to work.

Steps: 11,005
Miles: 4.98
Calories Burned: 1,871
Minutes of Activity: 41

FRIDAY – My day off. Worked out at home and had planned a spa day at Silverado Resort and Spa with my first Lomi Lomi massage. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it. This was definitely a cheat day with five or six bottles of wine.

Steps: 6,013
Miles: 2.39
Calories Burned: 1,738
Minutes of Activity: 8

SATURDAY – A long day going to San Francisco, Yosemite, back to San Francisco and home and having to work at 8 AM the next day. It was beautiful out there and we got in maybe almost a 2-mile hike. The amount of free time definitely wasn’t enough.

Steps: 13,432
Miles: 5.36
Calories Burned: 1,953
Minutes of Activity: 63

SUNDAY – Exhausted, had a hard time getting to work because of Bay to Breakers, had to work a full 8-hour shift but I managed to get 6 miles in with a 10.5-minute mile being my best.

Steps: 19,562
Miles: 10.14
Calories Burned: 2,280
Minutes of Activity: 88

More to come! Thanks for reading!

20% Off Engravable Gifts

Now thru May 14th, get engravables from Stella & Dot for 20% off. A perfect gift for the graduate, wedding season, Mother’s Day if ordered by May 5th and more. I have one that says #ONEBUSYBEE, which is self-explanatory. What would yours say?

Shop at HERE or this Trunk Show where 10% of net sales will go to their 3-day breast cancer walk fundraising goal. Book a trunk show with me and earn $100s in free jewelry and apparel and more.

‘More’ you say? Indeed. Stella & Dot has Trunk Show Exclusive Offers which are monthly selections that can be purchased at 50% off if the trunk show guest spends $50 or more. That means more the Hostess earns in free jewelry, accessories and apparel. Yes, accessories too, as seen on Rachael Ray magazine. Need some sunnies?

Can you believe this clothing is by Stella & Dot?

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**** April Daily Challenge (Catch-up) ****
Day 21

It’s Gonna Be May

I’m sure you’ve seen it. If you have a friend named May, the *Nsync memes are overtaking your Facebook and Instagram feed, right? Tomorrow ends the month of April and I was 10 posts behind the daily blog post challenge. For this Monday Motivation post, I will keep going until I reach that 30 count. Better late than never!

May is turning out to be a busy month. Not surprising for this One Busy Bee. I finally have a set schedule for my part time job as a Concierge at the Argonaut Hotel at Fisherman’s Wharf. I really do like the job, what I’m doing, the hotel and staff, and how the time spent here contributes to my experience in the travel and tourism industry, all the while continuing in the hospitality industry as well. Working only about 30 hours a week, it will finally allow me to schedule workouts, get in some sort of sleeping pattern and work on my business as a Travel Agent. There is so much to do!

So far since I received the month’s work schedule a couple of days ago, I have managed to schedule quite a bit. I am going wine tasting twice, doing an advanced segway tour (see Segway Virgin No More), have a bridal shower, a wedding and do a Yosemite tour. Again, every tour that I do adds to my experience and allows me to speak on the products better to the hotel guests. It’s not a bad gig.

The wine tasting will continue my search to go to all 4,000 California wineries (Log). I have quite a bit of ways to go!

One of my Brides is having her bridal shower. She just got back from Miami for her bachelorette party.  We went together for a mutual friend’s bachelorette party five years ago. It was such a great time. This Bride will be getting married in San Francisco, so no major traveling for me.

The wedding I will be attending will be in Selma, California. Have you been? I’m not sure I have. I met this friend thru a mutual friend and they actually met via Craigslist. I have definitely made friends via social media but never have responded to a personal ad on Craigslist. That friend is now a bridesmaid. Interesting, isn’t it? I am looking to be an attendee of a wedding as opposed to running around working the event. It’ll be a nice change.

I also plan on completing my Princess Academy for Princess cruises. The plan is use to my miles to go to Sydney next year for my international trip but perhaps I might be on my free Princess cruise as a graduation present. I wonder where they’ll send me!

The goal is still send my donker to Maui and buy property. With that, I need to get rid of some weight and just all the stuff I don’t ever see or use. I really need to get on selling things on LetGo and Poshmark (use code ONEBUSYBEEBLOG). I don’t need stuff. I want experiences.

Not only is it going to be May, it’s going to be busy. Nope. Not surprised.

**** April Daily Challenge ****
Day 20