Bellisima Nashville

It has been six years since I have been to Nashville. On a day I was not scheduled to be at a customer site, I drove from West Chester Township, Ohio, to just outside Nashville to Nolensville, Tennessee. My niece, Isabella, is 18 -months and I have not had the chance to meet her yet. Bella was worth the drive.

Traffic? Am I in the Bay Area?

Driving thru their neighborhood, it looked as if they lived on a movie set. Before that, drive thru Brentwood, Tennessee and the Governor’s Club and try to focus on the road while your jaw on the floor. The houses are mansions with grand staircases leading to an even magnificent double set of doors. I arrived and was able to catch a glimpse of my beautiful niece before she went down for the evening. She was beautiful. Half Filipina, half Southern Belle.

I kept the cousins up a bit to catch up. They are both doing very well, able to work from home and they seem very happy. It’s a wonderful situation for my niece to grow up in. My cousin works for a large automobile company. His wife, my new cousin, had many successes in a male-dominated industry and now turned-entrepreneur. She’s brilliant. Of course, my cousin is too. I am always impressed, motivated and happy to hear when other women are doing great things with their lives AND being a wonderful mother.

After a couple of glasses of Cakebread red wine, I headed up to the beautiful guest room with my own full bath and worked. This time, this One Busy Bee got to enjoy two snuggly cocker spanials to join me. Peanut and Charlie, made me miss being a Puppy Momma. It will be one year since Bevo passed on December 18th.

“Puppies & Spreadsheets” – my next company – saving pups by the numbers (pending trademark😉).

The following morning, I slept in. I needed it. I was able to spend some time with Bella after i grabbed the family some lunch from Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint. It was tasty! When Chef Nick Tramonto follows their Instagram, it has to be good. And it was!

Oh, Bella. What a fun, cute, smart, talkative and all-around good girl. Besides the waves, another favorite sound in the world is a baby’s laugh. She’s got a good one with a darling smile to match. I loved hearing it echo thru their beautiful home. She warmed up to me pretty quickly with just plopping down on my lap. She of course loved my phone and the SnapChat (bappletree) filters were too funny. She cleans up after herself, puts her toys away, laughs, speaks and is a very fast walker.

I loved to see the Manzano family growing. Lolo’s blood runs thru her veins. Lolo never got to hold her but as I wear Lolo’s wedding ring. Maybe in some way he did. If the cycle continues, the Manzanos are due for another little girl. Who’s it going to be??? Is it in the cards for me? There’s nothing like instantly falling in love with the idea again when a baby is in your arms. Everyone I have met during this trip think I am in my twenties. When they are told that I will be 40 next year, some say it’s not too late and to consider it. Kind of need a partner to consider that partnership with me first.

Pure happiness. “These conference calls are more bearable with my niece on my lap. Adding that to my requests from the company.” “We can’t steal a child for you to sit with, B” “Steal? Borrow!” “I mean… that’s not much of a kidnapping defense.” That’s why he’s my lawyer. What would I do without him?
Definitely related.

I said my goodbyes to my family with hopes to visit again soon. Before heading up to Lousiville, Kentucky, I stopped off at Downtown Nashville for a bite to eat. I absolutely love the music pouring out of every window of every honky tonk as you walk down Broadway. I remember being the only Asian girl at these spots knowing every word to the country songs musicians were playing. What a fun town. My goal was to head to Jason Aldean’s Kitchen & Rooftop Bar but it was dead at about 1:30 PM. Kid Rock’s Big Honky Tonk and Rock n Roll Steakhouse was busy, Florida Georgia Line had a place but this Elvis lover stopped off at the Sun Diner, a Sun Records themed restaurant. I had the donut breakfast sandwich with pork belly. I had to. And it was worth every calorie.

Of all the cities I have visited during this trip, Nashville brought beauty to my world. Thank you, Bella.

Time Flies

When you are traveling at least once a month, have a full time job and a weekend job, plus your Travel Agent and Event Planning business, you sacrifice some thing such as family time. As long as those family members do not take it personally and support your ambitions, all is good. I am lucky enough to have that.

I unfortunately missed my nephew’s birthday but was able to watch him play a little Fortnite on a recent visit. We took some selfies with this new 8-year-old. I told him I would learn to play the game and we can play remotely. Maybe we can be Twitch friends! Unfortunately, my AT&T internet connection isn’t fast enough.

Thanks to the flexibility of my day job, I was able to leave work early and make it to Arya’s 6th birthday get together at the house. I picked up a backpack that is a bit big for her but she could use it for over-nighters at my house. It was by Betsey Johnson and had a pup that looked like my late Bevo. She loved him so much that she had dreams about him after he passed. Nate, her brother, also included a picture of him in a recent project for school. I love how Bevo’s memory stays alive after nine months. I miss him everyday. I am sure they do too.

While on my #OBBRoadTrip, I was able to see my dear friend, Brittany, and a friend I haven’t seen in maybe 20 years in Lindon, Utah. Then I got to meet my new niece, Makenna, in Littleton, Colorado. It was good to see my cousins. They both have had new adventures that started recently. I wish them luck! If you need a realtor in the area, let me know! I’ll put you in touch!

Bowles Cafe, Littleton, Colorado

I’m thankful for my time with my family. Be sure to make some time for yours!
Check out my video from the entire trip HERE!

Let me plan your cross-country trip!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Before tuning into the Mother of Dragons’ fire gracing my Samsung television tonight, I spent the day with my best friend and my niece and nephew. I cooked lunch for her and the kids and went out for some ice cream after watching a few movies at the house. Christy works for the community and has these two kids. As I just purchased a car, I couldn’t spoil her as I normally do. She named me “The Best Boyfriend Ever.” When you treat someone the way their boyfriend should, it’s just fitting. Plus, she deserves it. She works really hard.

I made roasted chicken with a brown sugar bourbon seasoning, sauteed tomatoes and spinach and added the potato au gratin I made on Friday. Arya wanted to help cook too! She helped me make the Kraft Alphabet Mac n Cheese. What fun.

Teaching her how to measure water and doing math at the same time.
We should have our own YouTube channel. I’ll need a full make-up crew please!
Unable to reach the second shelf, even in Minnie Mouse heels.

Christy liked her meal and Arya and Nate enjoyed the M&C. What more could you ask for?

Chef Arya
Gamer and Tostitos-eatin’ Nate

After the adults caught up on each others’ lives while the kids watched a few animated films and built forts in the living room, we needed dessert. Thanks to Yelp, we went to Milk & Cookie Bar at the Castro Valley Public Market. It’s nice to see cool spots like this open up in the East Bay. And it’s cheaper than Cold Stone.

Had to send this to my roommate, Kim. She’s a S’mores freak!
All different!
Black Unicorn (cake batter) ice cream in a glazed donut, rainbow sprinkles and my favorite cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Mint ice cream and jelly beans
Milkshakes so thick you can’t use a straw

It’s always good to spend time with my Little Loves and this girl. Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard-working mothers out there, to those that have to play both mother and father and to those fathers taking care of their baby’s momma.

Good times at the water park in Fremont, California. The dessert did not help to get bikini ready.

Mother’s Day 2017

Being a mother is just not in the cards for me and I have recently come to grips with that. As a product of divorce and my lovely dating track record, I do not wish having an innocent go thru what I went thru if I have anything to do with it.  I’m OK with being a puppy momma to Bevo and an aunt to my several nieces and nephews.

Yesterday, I met up with our former Pastry Chef, Michelle, at her baby’s first birthday party in San Bruno. It was a windy day and I had to stand in the sun. It was nice to catch up and know that she’ll be A-OK after DW. Gabe is her first baby. He’s a cutie and is smiling a lot more.

Then I spent time with my best friend and my niece and nephew. I treated her to a quick beauty session at the mall and a ‘fancy’ dinner at The Habit. We sang Moana songs in the car and had some Snapchat fun. Christy works so hard, is a good mom and does basically everything for the kids. I tried to do what I can to make sure she knows she’s loved on Mother’s Day, even though we did it one day before.

Spontaneously, I ended up a the Grand Opening of Dirty Bird in Hayward thanks to a text received by my Cousin Leslie. She was there because our friend Peter knows one of the samba dancers they were having. I had no idea the Dirty Bird was there. I always saw when I drove down Mission but never went. It’s a pretty cool spot. I’ll have to try their food some time. They had a fried chicken sandwich and empanadas. I was super full from The Habit so I just stuck with water.

My Cousin Leslie has three children with the youngest being 8 months old. I haven’t met Logan yet. But soon! She’s going to school, working full time and definitely has her hands full.

Today, on actual Mother’s Day,  I took my Lola to church and then went to A’trio at the Marriott in Walnut Creek. The experience was pretty terrible with the busser setting the table throwing a spoon in front of Lola and roughly putting down semi-clean coffee mugs top-side down on the table. Servers were yelling across the dining room floor at each other. Our Server, Mimi, was nice but I had a 12:30 PM reservation and they pulled the buffet at that time. Thank goodness we arrived early to get some food. We were offered the lunch menu but no offer to have whatever we wanted at a discount or comped price. Why would they offer a 12:30 PM reservation on Opentable if the food wasn’t going to be offered. They also charged a 20% service charge for three people. I can’t say I’ll ever take important women like my Lola and my sister there ever again. The topping on the cake was that I asked for a special events packet from the front desk. They told me they didn’t have any and that I should come back tomorrow. As an Event Planner and part owner of a Restaurant, how hard is it to have this information readily available? It’s kind of mind blowing how awful that experience was at a popular, international hotel chain.

Nonetheless, I was there to spend time with my family. My sister will be moving to North Carolina soon so holidays like this will be few and far between.

Wearing the Odeon Pendant Necklace ($128) by Stella & Dot

These are Wonder Women in my eyes. They are all different, have different responsibilities and challenges but they have chosen to take their role as a mother, own it and do what they can for their children. Cheers to you!

Davis, Ca – Good Friends, a Monsieur & Ice Cream

Davis is a cute college town just before you hit California’s capital of Sacramento. One of my best friends, Matron of Honor and friend from middle school has moved back this 100-year-old town. I haven’t seen Tara, her husband or my niece in over a year. Life happens but it’s so wonderful to have remained friends these 24 years. When I put it that way, that’s a very long time.

Tara offered to come down my way or meet half way but I haven’t seen their new house and I know it’s more difficult to move around with a child. I made the drive up there and remembered how I used to spontaneously drive up to her house from Pacheco, CA when I was having a bad day, that one Halloween clubbing downtown and even coming out there for my first country bar when I was dating my Marine. Good times. I was happy to make the drive to make more memories with her.

I found their new house and it was a different side of town than where they usually are. Streets were quiet, parks were aplenty and it was warm, as Davis often gets. Tara came to meet me at my car and it was so good to see her. I stepped in their home and found that my baby niece Emma is nothing but a baby! She was tall, formed perfect sentences and had style! I was shown around the house and found that a crib has been replaced by an actual big girl bed, her Belle princess gown was hanging nearby for a transformation at any moment and that Emma is now the owner of her mother’s Stella & Dot jewelry frame for her own possessions. Style.

We sat at the dining table to catch up for a bit. Gizmo, their shih tzu, has gotten much older but still a fan of Bernie! He let me pick him up and he got some love and attention from me. We chatted about the crazy costs of homes in the area, their schedule and them trying for Baby #2. Emma declares she wants a baby sister so there are more girls in the house than boys. Majority rules, doesn’t it? While we caught up, Emma was drawing me a picture. When she was finished, she came around the table to show me. We had curls in her hair. I was in a grey dress, she was in pink. Quite accurate. We were having a picnic, a butterfly made an appearance and a shooting star was above us. I will treasure it forever.

We then decided on food. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to see how much Davis has changed. I suggested we sit outside and I remember a spot where we would sit next to a fire pit and talk, pre-mommy time. Bistro 33 was still in business. Despite their service, the food was still good, according to Tara. Emma got ready after some contemplation on what to wear and we were in the car headed for brunch.

By choice, Emma held my hand all the way to the restaurant. Oh, the little things that just make me love this little girl more and more. We sat outside under an umbrella but were sat without a whole set of menus. We had to ask someone’s waiter for some assistance. Ah, Tara, I see what you’re saying. Shocker, I was the only one drinking. I had the Lime in De Coconut with Hendrick’s Gin, orgeat syrup, fresh lime juice, coconut water and Coco Lopez. Kenny, Tara’s husband, said that there isn’t much alcohol in their drinks. He was right. They know this town inside and out. The drink wasn’t bad. It was refreshing on a warm day.

I had the Croque Monsieur with smoked ham, Swiss cheese, sourdough bread, requested over medium eggs on top and a side salad. My darling niece that was sitting next to me was coloring her sheet and ordered the pancakes with bacon on the side. What a wonderful idea. I did too!

Oh, there was so much to fill each other in on! Travel, work, next steps and a new boyfriend for me. Job, moving, Emma and the plans to expand their family for her. My goodness. We are living completely different lives and different paths but that doesn’t make it hard at all to remain as good of friends over these many years.

I ate my entire salad, one half of the croque entirely but just the insides on the other half. My bacon was gone and when Emma was finished her with her pancakes, Auntie Bernie finished them. I can’t remember the last time I had pancakes. And so worth not eating the bread to make room for pancakes!

Emma was the one to make the decision on where to head to next. Were we going to get ice cream at Baskin Robbins or Sweet and Shavery that serves Italian ice, frozen custard and crepes. Emma chose ice cream. The girls headed that way as Kenny checked out a record store where they gave additional discounts on sales made on Sundays. Tara gifted him a record player and he has been collecting records since! How very cool.

Baskin Robbins has their 31 flavors, cakes, cake pies, frozen beverages and more. Emma went for a sprinkled sugar cone with a purple and pink flavor, which went perfectly with her outfit, Cotton Candy. But like the bacon, I followed in her footsteps and got the same cone with their Icing on the Cake flavor. I was hoping it was like Cold Stone Creamery‘s Cake Batter ice cream. It was definitely different. We sat outside, chatted about making plans to go to the SF and Oakland Zoo with Christy, my Maid of Honor, and the kids, how they were going to stay low key this year and basically prepare for being pregnant. I enjoyed how Emma continued to be sweet and loving with me as we at our similar ice cream cones side-by-side.

Emma was ready to go home but I wasn’t ready to head back too early. We ended up watching Moana with freshly popped pop corn. I love Hawaii and they pointed out that this was one of the first Disney films where the Princess didn’t have a love interest. Well done, Disney.

When the movie was over, Emma asked if we could watch a Barbie movie next. The adults laughed a little and I had to tell Emma I had to head home but that I would love to see her again soon. She understood. I said my goodbyes to Gizmo and they walked me out to my car where several hugs were exchanged. I do hope another year doesn’t pass before we see each other again.

Home, I went.

Memorial Day Weekend 2016 – SFMOMA Reopened

The original plan was to go to the De Young Museum with Mackenzie to visit the Oscar De La Renta exhibition. It was an idea after a discussion with her about her ambitions and triggered me starting the #BernsFitnessChallenge on June 1st.  I haven’t been to the De Young Museum in years and this was a perfect reason to go.

While waiting for Ji-Young to come down before we headed over to the Golden Gate Park, and while I awaited for a response to an unresponsive Close5 buyer to confirm the morning’s exchange, I looked up the De Young Museum on Twitter. Their latest post was recommending getting tickets for the exhibit this Memorial Day Weekend. I didn’t think that it would be a challenge to get it in. It certainly wasn’t the Cal State Fair. General admission tickets were sold out except for ones at 5 PM. The exhibit closed at 6:15 PM. At that point, an hour and fifteen minutes wasn’t worth the $25 admission ticket. The VIP tickets were also sold out. Well…

As the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) just reopened after their renovation, I suggested we go there instead. Two other ladies were joining us and they were in!

I parked on 3rd Street next to the new Spin Table Tennis Social Club. My friend, Tiffany Dickson, is the Events Manager there. We worked together at City Beach in Fremont, CA many years ago. She actually gave me a sneak peek before it opened. See another post soon. Spin was definitely open and the speaker wall behind the bar that wasn’t installed when I first visited was finished and it looked really good. Tiffany wasn’t there but I’m sure I’ll be back to support her soon.

SFMOMA was just a block away. The Chevy’s at the corner of 3rd and Harrison turned into a Fago de Chao restaurant. The XYZ Bar turned into Truce in the gorgeous W Hotel. Then you’ll find yourself at the entrance of the SFMOMA.

Walk in and you’ll have the larger gift shop to your left, along with a coat check area and apparently there is a restaurant on that level but I didn’t see it. We climbed the stairs to the second level to buy tickets and wait for the other two ladies to arrive. Beware of the $25 per person ticket. Pick up a map because you will need it. If you are waiting for friends to join you, it’s best to buy their tickets as well so you can enter the museum at the same time. We had a 20-minute wait before we could go in.

I should state that I only studied art in school and cannot intelligently speak on any of the pieces seen below but I can still appreciate someone’s vision and hard work. I may not understand what the artists’ intentions are but like music, the scents from various flowers or the feel of objects in a mystery bag from the outside, it triggers different feelings, memories and preferences, even as simple as whether or not they like it. I certainly do not visit museums often and this was a way to see my friends and be exposed to and surrounded by creativity. And yes, there’s humor as well. I was not the only one saying, “I don’t get it.”

During this wait, be sure check out the ladies’ restroom. I am not sure if the men’s are designed the same way but I took one look, one selfie and walked out. It seemed like this was a bathroom for a club and orgies were occurring nearby.
There is a line to take the elevator up to the second of the seven floors or you can take the stairs. With Ji-Young being pregnant and due in three weeks, she was totally fine with taking the stairs. It must’ve been all that time doing cross-fit. And there are a lot of them. Outside you’ll see the living wall, sculptures and if you’re lucky LIVE models like this one. Only the beautiful may apply.
The biggest mobile I’ve ever seen. I then decided I would make Baby Alexander his own mobile.

Sightglass coffee anyone? I was tempted to get the Bernie’s Best Organic Apple Cider but I was also interested in a latte and a snack. I opted in for the quiche.

“Is it supposed to be cold?” I have never had one that was cold before. Regardless, I was hungry. I ate every bit of it.

A milk drop. The Queen Bee sees a crown. I posted this on Dylan’s Facebook wall. This was his style. He was happy that I let him know that it reopened. He’s been wanting to go.

This was taken in San Francisco. I worked on the Chevron business for four years during college at Young & Rubicam.

“This is KC’s brain.” Love the guy but he’s all over the place.

Funny that a Korean was standing by Korean-made piece of art. That’s my nephew, Alexander, in there!

My kind of style. Black and white. Just like my closet.

‘Bappletree’ next to an apple. Only a few know me deep down to my core. I guess if you’re reading this blog, you see bits and pieces of it. By far my favorite piece in the whole joint.

Express top, new White House Black Market jeans, Cole Haan shoes and purse, and Stella & Dot jewelry.

Only one of the most gorgeous men that ever lived: Elvis. By Andy Warhol. 


The bridge where you can see straight to the bottom.

White House Black Market jeans and Cole Haan shoes.

Up close I couldn’t see the figure of a man. Ji-Young actually pointed it out from this distance.

I really liked the texture of this.

This was kind of creepy.


Visit SFMOMA at 151 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Have you been?

Bernadette & the City Beaches

It has been 10 years since I started working at the now-closed City Beach in Fremont, California. I always say that 26 was my favorite year. I made so many new and long-lasting relationships, I had many successes there and the memories seem to never fade.

I was working at my first food service job at The Bridges Golf Course when I met the owner of City Beach at the bar., Michael. He was a soft spoken man and asked me to come meet his Bar Manager, Ramalah. When possible opportunities present themselves, see what they’re all about. I met with Ram, the Restaurant Manager. He didn’t seem too happy with his job or perhaps that was his personality of showing little emotion. I do remember him saying something along the lines of, ‘well, I guess you’ve already been hired.’ I then started as a Bartender. Ram left City Beach shortly after I came on and told me that I would do well there and that ‘a smile goes a long way.’ I hope he’s doing well.
City Beach was a lot of fun. The staff had a great time and we had regulars that were awesome. A stuffy, older gentleman came in one night to observe the restaurant and how we worked. He just stood at the end of the bar watching with a sour look on his face. He was being considered as Ram’s replacement. He just didn’t come back one day.
Then Kristian, my current business partner, came in and took charge. He was fun, wanted to improve the restaurant and we became friends. The restaurant was improving. He eventually gave me the opportunity to be the Bar Manager. Though a certified bartender, I still had a lot to learn. I was ordering liquor and doing inventory for the first time and managing my bar and creating cocktails. I have definitely made my mistakes but I learned from them and I attempted to fix them. One mistake was being convinced to buy an obscene amount of cases of 10 Cane Rum because we were going to get a good price, promotional support, etc. At the end, we were just giving it away. 
I also started accumulating email addresses for our monthly newsletters, tried to really turn it into a sports bar with scoreboards, sports facts and trivia. Kristian started having UFC pay-per-views there. We would have 300 people there and charging $20 per person. It was quite successful. I was in charge of marketing that, including getting up on a ladder and changing the letters of the sign in the parking lot.
Besides work, I met my Best Friend, who I still feel is the love of my life and of course Kristian, that now has given me my 6,200 square-foot baby, DW.
It’s a funny story of how I met my Best Friend, Christy. I was hiring servers and I was chatting with someone on the deck where the bocce ball courts were when I saw that my next interview appointment had arrived and was waiting just inside the open doors. I asked whoever I was speaking with to direct Julia to me. I obviously hired her and she would have her friends come in. Then is when I met Christy and Dylan and all their mutual friends. They are originally from Union City and are long-time friends.
One night, they were all there and Julia asked if we were hiring. I needed a server. Christy was there and I said I would talk to her that night. We were both intoxicated and I interviewed her. I then hired her. She was a great server.

Dylan was part of that crew. I think the first time I saw him was when he had some spikey hair. He eventually shaved his head. I don’t date my customers so I didn’t give it a second thought.

I began to hang out more with Julia and Christy and I got to know their friends better including Dylan, Dustin, his girlfriend, Kenny, Alvin etc. So many good times. Dylan got hired to be our doorman during the UFC PPV events. That was totally Krisitian’s idea! Dylan and I eventually began seeing eachother, moved in together and broke up, twice. Besides the death of my grandfather, he’s the only man that has broken my heart. But today we remain friends. I invite him to all of my parties, I go to his birthday dinner every year and yes, spend time with his current girlfriend and sometimes we go grab a beer to catch up. He’s my photographer and have even got damn near naked in his studio for a photo shoot with his current girlfriend there helping out. See! We’re adults! Nothing to worry about. It’s funny that I’m good friends with two of his ex-girlfriends. Dylan’s wonderful. I do wish I could find me another Dylan someday. I wish him nothing but love, success and happiness.

Julia and I always had a love-hate friendship. I feel this is because we have similar strong personalities. Let’s face it, I can be a bitch and two bitches are going to butt heads. If we were boyfriend-girlfriends, we broke up and got together at least three times. We currently are not friends and I’m not interested in doing that back and forth again. I don’t have the energy for it. She is now a mother and living in the town where I was going to live out the domestic dream – being a wife and mom. Good for her! I wish her nothing but happiness as I wouldn’t have gained so many wonderful people in my life had I not hired her.

Christy. Man, I love that girl. She’s my rock. She has always been there for me, she was the first one I called when Dylan broke up with me, the one that wants to beat up anyone that hurts me, the one that I can trust with absolutely anything and everything. Not to mention, she has given me my beautiful nephew, Nate, and niece, Arya. There isn’t anything in the world I wouldn’t do for her. She deserves everything and more.

Brittany. My favorite Mormon. I didn’t hire her. I remember one of our first conversations was about her fiancé and about a house in Phoenix, I believe. I love that girl. She and I would have the best time anywhere we went. I would be crying and my stomach would hurt from laughing so hard. She is now in Utah with her husband and taking care of my first Mormon niece, Thea. I have to schedule a time to go meet her.

MelaGirls. Angelica went by Mela when we met. I remember she came and sat next to me during a meeting at City Beach and that was our first real conversation. After that, we became good friends. She’s a strong girl, has grown a lot and is now working with animals and has sights set on being an entrepreneur. She recently sent me a pic of a birthday card I sent her years ago and I like to write so every inch of the inside was filled up.  She said it made her cry. Every thing I said back then, I mean today. We may not be as close but if there’s anything that she would need, I would do all that I could.

Shoe!!! Christine Zapata was her name so we called her Shoe. I interviewed her and helped her with learning how to bartend and we had a blast. She is now a chiropractor, married and living in Seattle. She also was a Raider fan turned  Seahawks fan but that’s none of my business.  Especially as a Niner fan. I’ve been up to visit her a couple of times and we even had a girls’ trip up to Vancouver, Canada. So many inside jokes, laughs and good times. I am so proud of her.

Dustin, D-Man but I just call him D. He didn’t work with me, just a guy part of the Christy and Dylan group as they all lived and grew up in the same park. Such a nice guy, a calm demeanor and has always had ambition. I respected that. He is now married to Devlyn, they have a baby girl, Haylee, and are now living in Colorado Springs. I’d say I would come up and visit but the elevation kicked my ass when I was there for my cousin’s graduation. Whoo!

Then Ms. Sarah is about become Mrs. Ruiz. She had her bridal shower at DW and one of the City Beaches came too, Kayleen. I hired Sarah after we met at a Starbucks and am so glad we kept in touch. She is now working in the legal field and they just purchased a home. Good for them!

Why do we call ourselves The City Beaches? We used to go to this place in Fremont called The Mojo Lounge. There would be live bands and one night I believe we all got together for someone’s birthday. The guy on the mic called “Bernadette and The City Beaches” to come up to the stage to sing happy birthday. And it just stuck.

Before City Beach closed, there was a reunion and I saw several people that aren’t listed above but may be friends with on Facebook. Apparently it is being turned into a Bocce di Beppo. I love bocce! My Cugino and I got into it and are both really competitive with it while we on the Celebrity cruise ship, the Reflection while in Europe.

It’s amazing how one decision can turn into something awesome. I love having these people part of my life and knowing them thru the past 10 years of their lives. Thanks, City Beach, for the memories and those not yet made.

My New Niece, Thea.

Thea was born the morning of April 6th, 2016 in Utah. One of my best friends, Brittany, is now a new mommy with hubby, Derrick. Isn’t she perfect?

Brit and I met basically 10 years ago a when we both worked at City Beach in Fremont, CA. She and I have the best time together and we’ve been thru a lot. I was the one she stayed with when she moved out of her parent’s house and a bridesmaid at her wedding. Now she’s a mommy!
I have to book my trip to Utah to meet my new niece.
This is #15 of 30 daily blog posts as recommended by a fellow blogger. Color U Bold says her views have tripled over a month due to posting everyday as step 1.  I am attempting to create more content. Thanks for following this journey.

Win an Engraved Necklace fr Stella & Dot

Win an engraved necklace from Stella & Dot by telling your love story! I want to hear about it too! Follow the instructions below but also mention me on Instagram (@bappletree) so I can read it too. Winner to be announced on Nov. 17th.
As I am currently single, my love story is meeting my newest niece, Arya, who recently turned one-year-old. Born on September 10, 2013, I first held her just hours after she was born and I was overwhelmed with emotion. She was undeniably perfect, her mother, my best friend, was fearless in the process of bringing her into this crazy world, but maybe it was a combination of maybe also feeling that fear that I will never have that moment with my own child. Nonetheless, I am in love with my nieces and nephews.
Below are photos of when I first held her, at her first birthday party and how she just makes me smile.

If I win, I’d like to gift the necklace to  a well-deserving mother to read: 9-10-14 & “AAS” as a monogram on the other one.

Time Flies

It certainly does. My niece, Jennalynn, graduated from the eigth grade last night. WITH straight A’s again, I should add. Below is a picture of her graduating kindergarten. I was there for that too. It is just amazing at how quickly time flies by. There is 9 years worth of memories, lessons and growth in between those photos, for both of us! I couldn’t be more proud of her. She has drive, the motivation and the strength to keep going and does it well. Congratulations, Sweetheart! Why she didn’t want to sit on my lap last night, I’m not sure! Joking!

Here are her proud aunties. Alda, a very good friend of Jennifer’s, my sister, Melyssa, Jennifer’s sister Jocelyn, Jennalynn and myself.  “The ladies that have been by my side when I was pregnant with Jennalynn until now.” – Jennifer. We’ll always be there for you.

I had a dream that my Brittany just found out that she was pregnant. She’s in Utah now with her husband. I texted her that I had that dream and asked if she had something to tell me. Inquiring minds want to know. Sometimes my dreams are spot on!
She wasn’t but she said “I can’t wait for you to be an auntie to my little ones. I love you, you know. You mean so much to me. I’m so blessed to have your sweet spirit in my life.” She knows I’m a really good Auntie and was told I was great with kids last weekend when I met Baby Haylee for the first time at her first birthday party.  But for Brit to say that, it really is a reminder that no matter how far you are away from the ones you love most, you’re still in their heart and are thought of. Let’s hope that stays true forever and ever.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t accompany my sister and her family to taking my nephew, Brent, to Legoland for his birthday. Next time, Baby.

I AM a good auntie. I will even keep them save on my motorcycle. 

Happiness is being an auntie.