WereHungryToo: Homemade Street Corn

In an attempt to eat better and cook more in between my travels, I picked up some veggies and protein at Safeway today. With chicken thighs and Tupperware to meal prep in my Disney princesses reusable bag (Disney certified Travel Agent, by the way), I also picked up a pack of seven ears of corn for $5. I love corn. I usually don’t need anything on it. But today, I wanted to know how hard it was to make street corn.

For convenience, Pinterest is a fast and easy way to find the answer – with pictures! Forgive me, Pinner, I didn’t save your post but your posting was incredibly helpful. I didn’t have everything stocked at home that the recipe called for so I made some modifications. Here’s what I did, cooking for one.

3 ears of corn
2 tbsp of mayo
Half a lime
Feta crumbles
Chili powder
Garlic salt

Start boiling a pot of water for your corn
Clean corn
Place corn in boiling hot water
In a small bowl, mix mayo, lime juice, chili powder and garlic salt. Mind you, I eye-balled some measurements. Taste then modify to your liking.
The corn is done when the yellow color is more intense and the kernels are plumper.
Remove the corn from the pot. Use a strainer if necessary to remove excess water before plating.
Place cobs on your plate
Drizzle with mayo and lime mixture
Top with feta crumbles
Sprinkle with paprika


See the video on TikTok too! ‘bappletree’ Guess the musical artist I used. It’ll be easy.

This is the street corn from Calistoga Inn Restaurant & Brewery from last weekend. I think mine is better. 😘

#1UpTransformationChallenge – Week 6

Work has not slowed down and this was another busy and stressful week. My body skipped my period and I have a couple of new stress hives. I really need to get a handle on this stress. I do not want another stress episode to occur like back in November. It was not fun. I hope going back to the gym and blocking off time to NOT work will help. So, here’s Week 6 of the 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge.


Mondays are usually my busiest days. I thankfully didn’t have to be on-site at 8 AM but I did have to download a new Sales Rep and supervise on-site in Pleasanton. My responsibilities continue to evolve.

Breakfast consisted of overnight oats. A snack was a hard boiled egg and I made red chard two different ways, plus a potato Baloni. Delicious. Total calories: 1,001

No workout. I was tired. I didn’t sleep well the night before.


My Pandemic Partner loves pastries. He especially likes the pastries from Frog Hollow Farms. Lately, I have been telling him to not get me a blueberry pastry. I think this week he forgot and I consumed it. It’s pretty tasty. Lunch was an orange, snacks were Banana plantain chips and I made chicken tacos with chicken marinated in Sol Food‘s Pique. Oh, that stuff is sooo good! Total calories: 1122

Workouts were on FitOn where the Cardio Sculpt Pilates with Cassey Ho were pretty tough on the legs. Incredible arms with Breann was good too.

Work had me checking out a build in progress. Let me know if you need a patio cover or sunroom!


Another long day meant too tired to workout. Breakfast was 2 eggs over easy, Sconehenge English Muffin, a 1Up Nutrition protein ball on the road, Nick the Greek gyro bowl over rice and just a hardboiled egg for dinner. Total calories: 1,083.

No workout. It was a long day.


Annoying day. I had to leave the house in a rush so I couldn’t eat at the house. I had to stop for something quick and went to a McDonald’s and had an Egg McMuffin, hash brown and orange juice. This particular San Carlos location didn’t have their stuff in order. I was handed a soda instead and I pulled away with paying for an extra hash brown but didn’t get it. I thought about going back to get it but I guess I didn’t need the extra calories and I had to get to a meeting. FINE! Oh, that damn stress.

The site visit was unique with needs for two sunroom on two different levels. Thankfully I had my boss on-site as well but this was a unique project I’ll have to manage. Late in returning back to the house, I still haven’t had lunch. At 3PM, I thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes and Nutella my Pandemic Partner made. They are so good! Later that evening, we had avocado toast. Total calories: 1,273.

Can you guess? I didn’t work out. I was too tired.


On Friday mornings, I have the house to myself. I decided to workout for a little over an hour. I had an orange, cheese and crackers, shrimp, and my favorite, shrimp pasta in a white wine, lemon and garlic sauce. PP doesn’t like too much sauce so he made it without the slurpy mess. But oh, it was good! I made a cucumber salad as well.

I earned the pasta because I then did another 50-minute workout in the evening.


I had the remaining cucumber salad from the night before for breakfast. Lunch was leftover shrimp pasta. I made another cucumber salad for dinner, plus a protein ball. Total calories: 1,126.

I re-started my membership at 24 Hour Fitness. I should be fully vaccinated soon and I will feel better about going to the gym. I opted in for the national membership so I can go to any facility. I hope to make it to Hawaii later this year.

With the membership, I had access to videos on the Go24 app. I have seen ads for Les Mills and I played one. Of course it was a little blonde European girl leading. The sound was a bit off and it didn’t really motivate you. They showed you what to do but not talk about your form and reminders to pull your belly button in and so forth. I wasn’t a fan. I ended up just doing my own thing if I didn’t like what they were doing. I then followed that video with a FitOn with Bree, Quick Arms. I think I was also still tired from the four workout videos from yesterday.


The usual Sunday started with a trip to the farmers market. We started the day pretty late so we were already hungry when we arrived at the market. One of us mentioned tapas and we agreed to go to Teleferic Barcelona. With a reservation on OpenTable, I’ll take 100 points. This was the second time we dined here during the pandemic and it is delicious! And filling. It was also Pi Day, so PP bought himself a cherry pie. I’m not a fan so it was all his!

I worked out with two FitOn videos while the cauliflower and onions roasted in the oven. I also made another batch of protein balls. It was a tasty day.

Onto week 7.

#1UpTransformationChallenge – Week 4

Another week in, another week to start. Week 4 of this challenge and again, no crazy changes. I feel stronger and weight is going up but BF % is the same. Bring on the muscle but need to get rid of this extra fat. I am using the 1Up Nutrition protein and BCAAs but burners haven’t been good for me. My heartrate increases and I feel a bit out of control. I don’t like it so I won’t continue with those supplements. I will just try to eat better and continue with my workouts. I need to increase my cardio so you’ll see what I added back in this week.


It was a busy day driving around and working til sunset. I got home and worked out with an Easy Seated Yoga sesh with Vytas on FitOn, plus some ab moves. My roommate reminded me that the body needs to rest. We ended up watching Palmer with Justin Timberlake and Alisha Wainwright while I painted my toenails. They came out terribly. I need a pedicure so bad.

Besides treating myself to a movie, I was treated with a surprise One Busy Bee mask by Lea’s Ideas. It was a thank you gift for the donation for my nephew back when I encouraged him to do 20 pushups.

Food tracking was off so no calorie count to report.


This was my weigh-in day. As mentioned, I’m not making progress as much as I’d like. I had intentions of going to the market after work last night but left my wallet at home. I had nothing really to eat in the house besides eggs and Spam. High in sodium, I know, but I didn’t have anything else to eat.

Another site visit and headed back to Menlo Park. Three FitOn videos incorporating more cardio with Tabata Strong, Agility Blitz and Core Barre.

Post-workout was some 1Up protein in water and homemade chicken tacos. Calorie count for the day: 1,256.


Eating lighter with a total of 982 calories, I had a hard boiled egg for breakfast, an orange, cheese, crackers and soppresata and some white rice for dinner with dried mango for snacks.

To switch up the workouts a bit, I invited my roommate to come rollerblade with me after she got off work. She’s sooo much better at it than I am. It has been a couple of months since her spill down the hill but that was her ONLY fall. Thankfully I didn’t fall this time around but it was good to get out there. We didn’t skate as long as she has a bit of a back injury so we just skated for about half an hour. Looking to do a bit more, I did an abs video with Kenta on FitOn when I got back to the house.


Haven’t had Tartine in awhile, my Pandemic Partner is doing a fine job of putting a whole loaf of bread away himself. He loves his carbs! But don’t we all? I had a slice of toast that morning with some butter. It was delicious. Lunch was Armadillo Willy’s with their BBQ chicken breast, and yes, the tator tots. Oh man, so good. Diner was a salad while he had a whole pizza from Delfina. I did have a bit of the pizza because the Diavola pizza is so damn good. My calorie count for the day was 1,200.

Instead of FitOn, I took a walk and enjoyed the sunshine. While I was out, I did go to Dick’s Sporting Goods looking for weights. They were out of the ones I needed but I did get some ankle weights to make some core moves more challenging. I also bought new socks as I actually went rollerblading without socks on because the skates were too small and my socks were too thick. Annnd, I also bought some yoga mat cleaning spray. It was time to clean our yoga mats.

I made another stop at Target as I recalled seeing some hand weights were stocked. There were some 10s so I threw those in the card. We only have 5s and 15s at PP’s house and when he’s using the 15s, I have to use the 5s. I can lift heavier than that so these were mainly for me. Let’s hope they make a difference.


Friday was for breaking in the new weights! We did The Gun Show with Kenta, Quick Arms with Bree and Hard Core with Caroline on FitOn. It was good! I did a little extra moves with the ankle weights and kept them on while cooking to add something to each step. Let’s hope it helps make a difference!

Breakfast was 1Up protein pancakes and dinner was halibut, broccoli and white rice. I did have rose wine by Conundrum and it made me fall asleep during The Dig. Saturday morning came with a headache as well. This pandemic has definitely changed this girl’s tolerance. I used to co-own a bar for goodness sake! Drinking also makes you make bad decisions. I didn’t need those extra cheese and crackers but I had some and they were tasty! The last time I drank was two weeks ago in Napa. Let’s see if I can hold out three weeks before my next drink. I think I can as I don’t like the way it makes me feel afterwards. Such a shame. Total calorie count: 1,541


Pancakes again, this time by PP and no protein powder. He doesn’t like the way it tastes. He makes good pancakes. Lunch was a bite or two of leftover salad. And dinner was halibut leftovers. Total calories: 2,007

And the last pic was at the Old Forester distillery. I was in Louisville, Kentucky for six weeks this time last year. It was my Sober Saturday picture and when I wasn’t such a lightweight!


I actually took a rest day on Sunday. After the farmers market, I walked while waiting for PP to make it back to the car. Seventy-one calories down is better than none! For brunch, we walked a bit more to a cafe that is known for their sandwiches. I should’ve gotten a sandwich but I wanted eggs. The smoked salmon scramble would have been better if it were warm. Lunch was an orange and I had made dinner reservations for my Cugino and I at Timber & Salt in downtown Redwood City. It was the nicest plated meal I have had since my birthday in September. Total calories: 1,096.

Now onto Week 5!

Below Deck – Season 1

Having watched a few episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean and a way to get some travel education while we cannot travel right now, I decided to start the original Below Deck series with season 1. As someone who gets seasick, I know I could never be one of these yachties. This season takes place in the Caribbean in 2013 on the yacht Honor worth $20 million.

I haven’t been to the region in quite a few years but hope to get back soon, maybe on a Disney Cruise Line. I have recently booked a repeat customer for a 10-day cruise on Celebrity Cruises for August 2021. I am excited for this family to enjoy the Caribbean, preferably less stressful than this young cast.

Though it’s been several years since it has first aired, here are my thoughts on the season 1.

The Boat

Before my years at a real estate law firm, I interviewed with a San Francisco law firm with superyachts. This would have been my closest experience to being on a yacht or working with one. It would have been great to experience a yacht like The Honor even while docked. It looks amazing. Of course the living area for the guests is gorgeous and spacious, but the quarters for the staff are tight and confined. My first cruise was on the Celebrity Reflection for 14 days in the Mediterranean. It was an inside cabin with two twin beds. I’m sure the guests’ smallest room is way bigger than the staffs’ cabin below deck.


Captain Lee seems like a hard ass. His brief appearance on the reunion episode clearly shows that he wasn’t adored or missed since the end of the season. It’s tough being the boss and being in charge of a mobile $20 million yacht plus all those on board. With the amount of pressure, I would probably be a bit high-strung as well. In comparison to Captain Sandy on Below Deck Med, I think she was able to connect a bit better with the crew. It makes all the difference.


There are a lot of issues that come up, otherwise this wouldn’t have a show, right? Not to focus on romantic relationships on board, other topics for discussion include drinking and boss-employee relationships.

Drinking on the job is a big no-no for me…unless you work for the entertainment and restaurant world like I have. A lot of these reality shows provide a lot of liquor to get cast members intoxicated in front of the camera to entertain viewers like us. Kat, a Stewardess, got plenty drunk off charter. And let’s be real, on charter as well. Most of us have had a bit too much too drink at one point in time. During the reunion show, it is nice to see that Kat has reflected on her experience and is making healthier decisions for herself. Good for her! I wish anyone on the same path a lot of success.

The power struggle between Adrienne, the Chief Stew, and Sam, the other Stewardess is frustrating. As much as I love Sam’s name, the lack of respect and constant smirk would get under my skin as well. Clearly, customer service is not for Sam. It is challenging when someone like Adrienne needs a good worker but can’t get the results after attempts of finding a solution. I think Adrienne just wanted to do a good job but I do agree she could have lead by example more. Perhaps pick up a rag too, take the time for training and re-training (which they say they didn’t have time to do), etc. I am not sure if it’s the show and timing, but perhaps the show was creating these limitations to prevent things being done correctly and creating these unnecessary struggles.

My favorite crewmember remains to be Chef Ben Robinson. He’s just a cool cat and makes funny comments. I have dealt with many Chefs in my day. There are ones that seems to hate their life and strive to make everyone else around him miserable. Then there are those that are sweet and sane and kind, but like anyone else, has a breaking point.

Side note, one episode did start a craving for pancakes. Thanks, Chef Ben. I have been enjoying 1Up Nutrition protein pancakes once or twice a week now.


I don’t think I can work, eat, party and sleep with the same people for weeks on end. It makes sense why this show makes good television. People are placed in unique living situations and filmed almost every minute. During the pandemic, I am finding that I have become a bit anti-social. I have grown accustomed to my space, the quiet and doing things on my own, when I want or with my favorite person. I think the person I would be able to live with from the show would be Ben. What about you?


Oh, people. They can be absolutely terrible, can’t they? We have all heard about the Karens and the Kens of the world during this pandemic. If you’re rich, poor, middle-class, there are terrible people everywhere. The charter guests are rich. They can spend $200,000 for a week-long charter on the Honor. They get 5-star, customized meals 24-7 and they can treat the crew with very little respect. One charter guest this season sexually harassed the ladies in front of his own female guests. They bring drugs aboard. And they just want the sun and the moon at the snap of their fingers. Working in the service world myself, I feel for this crew. But it is the job you selected so you have to roll with the punches.

One couple did get married on the Honor. As a Wedding Planner/Event Planner, I found this episode fun. I would ask Adrienne to step aside and let me do my thing.


The area was great. Most of the season was shot on board. Below Deck Med showed a lot of the Mediterranean. I was hoping to see more than just the dock and local restaurants. I didn’t learn much about the Caribbean during this season.


Again, well done to Chef Ben. Everything he plated looked delicious. At the end of the season, it stated he was taking an vegan education course. I am sure he has green juice recipes a hundred miles long. I was hoping they would have showcased more local, unique food offerings from the local stalls. Maybe some conch, guava berries or local fish. But, this isn’t the Food Network.


As mentioned, you have to have a lot of money to charter a yacht like the Honor. Unfortunately, I am not in that tax bracket. But wouldn’t it be nice to have? A big part of the show is when the tip from the guests is distributed to the crew. Three-hundred dollars a day on top of your salary is not a bad gig. If you can deal with the sea sickness, the demands, WANT to learn and can respect your superiors, check out how to get casted!

I am about to start Season 2 and I have no idea what I’m in for.

Are you a fan of the show?
Who’s your favorite crew member from this season and why?

#1UpTransformationChallenge – Pre-Week 1

I am now up for another fitness challenge. My birthday challenge between my roommate and I didn’t go so well but I am hoping this 8-week challenge with 1Up Nutrition will be better. I have my friend, Lana, and new co-worker, Diana, doing it with me. My roommate and I work out when I’m home and my Pandemic Partner (PP) and I get our sweat on when I’m with him thanks to FitOn. It’s more fun with friends. This is how the week before the challenge went.


Oooh, those Before photos are hard to keep and post. Thankfully I only posted it on my private account on 1Up. You had to have the personalized check-in card in each photo – one from the front, back and side. Thanks to my handy light ring, I didn’t need to prop phone on top of boxes on top of a stool or anything. That part was easy. Looking at the pics were hard to look at but hopefully in eight weeks, there will be a significant change.

With a full day of work and my roommate’s rest day, I worked out alone. I had to wait to work out until after my interview with a potential Bride and Groom for a June 2022 wedding. I am also an Event Planner/Wedding Coordinator. I did FitOn‘s Low Impact Cardio Crush, Savage Sweat and Quick Core plus additional moves with heavy weights. At my PP’s house, I have bands, 5 and 15-lb weights. I need heavier weights. I’ll just have to do more reps.

Food on this Meatless Monday was a 5-cheese ravioli and tomato basil sauce with parmesan cheese. The serving from Santa Cruz Pasta Company was enough for lunch and an early dinner. I skipped breakfast. After I showered, I had a handful of assorted nuts. I just had water to drink and had about 4-5 mugs full.

Surprisingly, I was able to fall asleep at my normal time after such a late workout. I thought it was going to keep me energized but maybe I exhausted myself.


I woke up to meal prep for the day. I made an egg scramble with Ancient Harvest quinoa, corn and parmesan cheese. It was great! I added some dried onion to add some crunch as well. One cup of quinoa was enough for three meals. As a snack, I had a few pieces of Solely’s Dried Mango. Some packages are delicious with fruit soft and others are hard and hurt to eat. This particular bag is a hard one so perhaps it’s a good thing. Less calories to consume…and burn. I also split a bag of white cheddar Cousin Willie’s popcorn my father sent me for Christmas. It’s a nice treat.

The day was busy with work so it was a lot of sitting. Workouts consisted of FitOn‘s Total Body Toner with Christine Bullock and Ultimate Core with Breann Mitchell. Christine had me breaking out my sliders. They make moves quite challenging. I NEVER use the sliders but I do own a set. And Bree exposed me to a new move I haven’t done before. So very good workouts and of course, had some laughs with my roommate.

I am also back on MyFitnessPal tracking my food. I have also just completed logging 20 meals to be entered to win a $250 Sprouts gift card and one $250 Visa gift card. Seeing that I spend $400/month on groceries, I would gladly take this gift card. As a Visa stockholder, I’ll take that as well! With 48,000 participants and 10 winners and it was free to do, it would a good prize.

Typical grocery purchases include what is needed for my overnight oats recipe that I found on Pinterest. It’s old fashioned oats, honey, milk, sliced bananas and blackberries or strawberries. Mix them all together and let it sit overnight in the fridge. I top it with granola to add some texture. Breakfast will be already be ready to eat in the morning. This helps my biggest craving – bread and butter. And this bread is from Tartine in San Francisco. Sooo good.


Hump day was busy but I had to get a workout in. Workouts with Bree on FitOn were good. I did the Cardio Core and the Cardio Chisel Camp videos. On top of that, I added deadlifts to curls to shoulder presses, single leg deadlifts, dumbbell swings, close grip chest presses and lower ab moves.

Dinner was delicious and healthy. Teriyaki marinated salmon baked in the Pampered Chef air fryer. Bok choy was sauteed with a Volcano Spice from Aloha Spice Company that I bought while in Kauai. Very good! Check out the video on TikTok making this meal. (bappletree)


We had a break in the rain so my new coworker and I got a few steps in after a site visit. We were out for 30 minutes and covered 1.3 miles. She also joined in on this challenge looking to make some changes.

I can’t remember why I didn’t work out during my normal time but dinner was made early. I roasted some cauliflower and air fried some parmesan crusted zucchini spears. Not bad. Cauliflower is a normal thing to buy nowadays from the farmers market. It’s tasty!

Then more FitOn videos to get me sweatin’. I did Kenta’s Ab Assassin, Quick HIIT Booty with some bands and EMOM Express with Danielle. Very good videos.

Fabletics top. Let me send you a referral code!


Friday was a busy day out and about for work. Breakfast was a slice of Tartine toast with butter (I know!) and a scramble made with leftover salmon and topped with Wise Goat Organics sauerkraut. Sooo good!

I only had a latte for lunch and worked out a bit earlier than usual because I was getting hungry. But first, I did the Total Body Yoga Flow and the Serious Six Pack videos on FitOn. I love that I get to switch it up with these videos. I’m just missing heavy weights at my Pandemic Partner’s house. At home, I have 20 and 30-lb dumbbells, my sliders and Bosu ball.

I had marinated chicken breasts in soy sauce and vinegar. I threw those in the air fryer to bake and made a salad. Logging in my meals and workouts on MyFitnessPal has me under my calorie goal and I like the range of weight I’d be at once I submit for the day. That’d be ideal.


To take advantage of the dry sidewalks, I convinced my Pandemic Partner to go for a walk and pick up some lunch downtown. We had a 3-mile walk and enjoyed a bahn mi sandwich from Pho Bahn Mi on University Avenue in Palo Alto. I almost ordered spring rolls as well but I decided not to. Though healthy, I also have to watch portion control. The sandwich was probably the heaviest thing I’ve eaten all week.

Then it was time to work out. I did a 40-minute circuit with Bree and FitOn called the Full Body Burn. It was a good one!


No rest day yet for this One Busy Bee. Sunday was the normal routine and then some. We had to go to the farmers market, Whole Foods plus two other errands. The sun was out and it felt so good to soak in the rays on the park bench. Someone arrived from their own shopping from the market with a bag of fresh out of the oven, egg Izzy’s Bagels. I haven’t had breakfast yet that day and I was hungry. Without too much hesitation, I took a bite out of a heavenly, warm bagel. I offered PP half of it. He took it. When my half was gone, I went for another bagel as long as he took the other half. I tried but did not succeed in passing on consuming these. Bread is my weakness. Bread and butter? I don’t stand a chance!

Annnd, PP also got me a blueberry pastry from Frog Hollow. They didn’t have pastries the last two times so I didn’t think to remind him NOT to get me one. But I ate it. It’s one of many things we do together is eat our Sunday pastry together. And it’s soooo tasty!

The plan was to make dinner after my monthly family Zoom call took place and I worked out. We are a family that loves food. We’re not the healthiest group but we do know good food. All the talk of cake and fried chicken made me so hungry. I took my family into the kitchen and continued our chat as I prepared dinner.

Chicken breasts were being marinated in an IPA by Bare Bottle Brew Co in San Francisco. My buddy is the Head Brewer there so please support my friend, John! The chicken was thrown into the air fryer and shredded. Taco tortillas were thrown on the pan to warm up, lettuce and cabbage were chopped up, Greek yogurt was mixed with Frank’s Red Hot, paprika and cayenne pepper, lime wedges were prepared and Whole Foods’ pico was on the table. These tacos were delicious!

Letting the food settle, I had to do something. As we watched Your Honor, we did Cassey Ho’s Workday Arm Sculpt. If you need a weightless arm routine that you can do anywhere, do this. It’s a killer! Her Core Crusher video is one of our favorites too. PP loves it, as in he knows what’s coming and is always reluctant to do it at first with me.

Soooo, that’s pre-challenge prep. Not bad! I think I can keep it up. However, this weekend I planned two weekends in February to celebrate birthdays. One is a weekend in wine country with massages, wine tasting and Italian food. I will definitely be working out while we’re out. Then the following weekend is my best friend’s birthday. We’re going ziplining and will be enjoying the coast in a cute town called Jenner. They all know I am doing this challenge and need to work out and eat healthy. It’s always nice to have that support.

And now onto Week 1 of the challenge! #becomebetter

WereHungryToo: December Eats at Home

A lot of meals are cooked at home. As of recent, I have been trying new recipe, thanks to Pinterest. Since dealing and healing from my ulcer last month, I have been trying to eat healthy and incorporate a lot of vegetables. But boy does this household love meat! Especially meat from from The Butcher Shop on Division Street in San Francisco. Here are some meals we’ve enjoyed this month and during a pandemic.

Baby Bok Choy Two Different Ways

I haven’t really cooked box choy before but enjoy it when it happens to appear on the table at a Chinese restaurant. They say it can lower the risk of developing lung, prostate, and colon cancer. One batch of bok choy was oven roasted and the other batch is sautéed. Both were seasoned with salt and pepper. Super simple, right? Add some brown rice topped with some rice seasoning and it’s a meal.

Pork Chops and Brussels

Oh man, these were so good. Simply seasoned from The Butcher Shop and again, just salt, pepper and olive oil on the brussels. We threw the brussels on the grill as well. Brussels are a great source of fiber, decreases inflammation and reduces risk of cancer. Healthy and tasty! You can’t go wrong.

Teriyaki Salmon

Attempting to eat more fish, I got some salmon steaks from Whole Foods. I marinated them in teriyaki sauce most of the day and threw them in the oven. They were served with brown rice. Salmon is a good source of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and can help weight control. Ahem, 2021 Goals!

Steak and Carrots

An enormous piece of meat was picked up at Whole Foods. Steak is so good. It was another day to grill. Carrots also went on the fire. Can you guess what was on them? Yup, salt, pepper and olive oil. So easy, so tasty.

Going Meatless!

As you can see from the above, we do love our veggies. I love making salads and salad dressings, French fries in the air fryer and penne pasta and sauce from the Santa Cruz Pasta Factory. The tomato basil sauce is the best!

Saffron Sauce and Halibut

A new recipe with a saffron, halibut, green beans and brown rice. It was delicious! Besides a cooking class on making paella, I haven’t personally used saffron. “Saffron has long been the world’s most costly spice by weight” and we have a huge tin full. I look forward to cooking more with this expensive spice. The sauce turned out really good and the fish was enough for two meals.

NACH-YO Dinner

I have been craving Mexican food. Tacos specifically. The best tacos I have ever had were made from fresh tortillas and eaten right after we were done ziplining in Mazatlan, Mexico. Fresh, fluffy and delicious. I made nachos for the second time this pandemic. The tortilla chips were made with soy, meat seasoning came out of a red packet, spicy pico de gallo from Whole Foods and instead of sour cream, I used the Garlic Yogurt from Bolani. This pic received many comments from SnapChat. People love their nachos!

I hope this encourages you get in the kitchen or put on a jacket to go grill in the cold. Please follow me on social media if you’re foodie!
TikTok – bappletree

With so much salt talk, here’s the Salt Tower at the Tower of London.

WereHungryToo: This Weekend – 12/11/20

Spending a lot of time at home means a lot more cooking. On Sundays, we go grocery shopping for the week. We definitely do our part in supporting local restaurants but if we have the food at home, we shouldn’t let it go to waste. Here is what we had this weekend.

Friday night, we had brown rice, sauteed kale and cabbage. After dinner, I was able to pick up my book, The Cider House Rules, and champagne. Then, the classic Robin Hood with popcorn with butter and salt.

I didn’t sleep very well the night before and I wasn’t very hungry during the day. But come dinner time, our friend came over and we had pork chops again from The Butcher Shop in San Francisco, sautéed broccolini and grilled onions from the farmers market, mini cakes, panna cotta and red wine from Zola in Palo Alto. Delicious. Great company. Thankfully our friend was tired as well and didn’t stay too long after dinner. He went home and I crawled back into bed with my book.

On Sunday morning, it was time to go grocery shopping in the rain. I finally got to meet Mary, Owner of Wise Goat Organics. We also have a mutual friend so it’s nice to chat it up a bit. I picked up more Garden Gut Tonic and the Chicken and Rice soup and Vegan Mushroom. The mushroom soup will be perfect for Meatless Monday tomorrow. The new Zombie Runner location is also open so go get your $6 coffee!

Tonight, I’ll be making halibut with a saffron sauce with rice after the 49ers game and working out.

Have a great rest of the weekend! Eat well!

The Pampered Chef Air Fryer is Great!

With spending more time at home thanks to the pandemic, I was looking for new kitchen gadgets. To save money, I signed up for my first Pampered Chef party. I was surprised I actually earned some rewards! I got an air fryer for a steal, plus measuring spoons, a nice cutting board, an herb stripper for all the chimichurri I have been making and a chopper.

If you have been following this blog or my other social media platforms, I have been craving fried chicken since my trip to the South in 2018. Today, I made chicken wings with the air fryer after a successful trial run making garlic fries. It was simple to use and the food does come out crisp. I was hesitant at first but even my Pandemic Partner approved. Hesitant he’d let me keep it at his house with his limited counter space, I received the desired response to my question, “Can we keep it?” as if it were a puppy.

After a workout on FitOn, I was excited to making non-fried French fries. I sliced up some potatoes, added olive oil, salt and oil. As it was cooking for 20 or so minutes, I easily chopped up garlic with the Pampered Chef chopper. I pulled out my cheese grater and the block of parmesan cheese to top off the fries. For dipping, I squeezed some Whole Foods organic ketchup into a bowl and threw in dashes of Tabasco. It turned out great! I might do it again for Meatless Monday.

Chicken wings were picked up and we were going to have them while we watched some football. It was simple to make with salt, pepper, oil and baking power to make them crispy. They say that this mixture could be refrigerated overnight to make them extra crispy. I will do that next time. I also melted butter in bowl and added Frank’s Red Hot. The wings came out crispy and it didn’t need the extra sauce, maybe just add the Frank’s to the wings before they go in the air fryer. Another thing to try next time will be to rotate the chicken, not just the racks in the air fryer, to get them to crisp on both sides. Regardless, they were tasty and clean up is rather easy. Just don’t let things harden.

If you want an air fryer of your own, tell Tricia I sent ya!
Also see my videos using the air fryer on TikTok and Instagram.

Happy cooking!

Have you tried using an air fryer?
What do you think?
Worth the counter space?

For fun, some cooking music from a French Canadian singer, the one and only, Celine Dion.

Earth Day 2020

Headed to Alamere Falls

Staying home, this One Busy Bee will be doing my part in not driving my car, continuing to recycle, continue participating in Meatless Mondays and promote saving the bees! It it Earth Day’s 50th anniversary and I remember participating in events back in the day in grade school. I am also happy to see Google’s interactive bee homepage. Very cute.

I have a bee tattooed on my back, I have all sorts of jewelry, socks, hand bags and more. I want these bee and honey bear printed bees wax wraps too to decrease using plastic wrap. I am currently reading The Honey Factory. I am learning so much! Get educated on the importance of bees.

Engraved necklace by Stella & Dot
Socks from my cousin.

Sadly, we have been noticing a few bees not flying but walking along on the ground. I need to do a better job at doing more. I have the blackest thumb but could try to have a plant or two. HERE are 21 flowers bees love. I love mint! I can make sure I buy more organic products.

I really love The Honeybee Conservancy’s idea of having a bee bath. Provide a pool of fresh water with pebbles for them to rest on and drink.

And you can always donate. I have just donated to The Honeybee Conservancy. Join me!

I also love seeing bee artwork from my travels.

Melbourne, Australia
Agave & Rye – Louisville, Kentucky
Muhammad Ali Center – Louisville, Kentucky

And for you beer lovers, get your Earth Day Untappd badge and don’t forget to recycle those cans and bottles!

What are you doing on this Earth Day?

The Honeybee Conservancy
NorCal Bees Rescue – GoFundMe
UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab

Quarantine Eating – Dining In – 1

I have a 2020 goal of getting my photos on my phone down to 8,000. It is currently at 15,000! I need to post more photos on what I am consuming and share them with you because some are TASTY! I slow down my WereHungryToo Instagram page because I want to make sure a blog post is up as well to support it! So, let’s dig in, shall we?


I usually have a protein smoothie after I hit the gym. Given that there is no gym to go to now and my protein powder is at the main home (been quarantining with my favorite person), I have no protein smoothies. However, on a visit to pick up more gear from my home, I picked up my Magic Bullet blender. It’s fantastic! And it costs about $30 – $40. I believe I picked mine up from Macy’s. It came with a recipe book to make other things besides smoothies but I haven’t adventured there yet. My favorite is a vanilla protein powder, frozen mango and milk. That’s it. It’s my reward after a workout. Nowadays, I have a multi-berry frozen bag from Safeway, add spinach if we have some, extra fruit for some freshness and milk. Ta-dah! Delicious. He likes it too. Then again, he’ll eat almost anything.


Especially on Meatless Mondays, we consume a lot of veggies. Just this week we had roasted chard from his mother’s garden topped with lemon juice and feta cheese from Achadinha Cheese Company that we picked up at the farmer’s market. I have also done chard two different ways in one meal. The leaves would be sauteed, and the stems would be roasted. I also love having a big bowl of cucumber salad. If you want more roasted veggies, I have done honeyed or balsamic brussel sprouts or broccolini with red pepper flakes, parmesan cheese and topped with chopped walnuts. I love veggies, don’t you?

I had to throw in this pic of garlic sausage we accompanied the chard. It was great! Pick it up at Whole Foods.


For breakfast, an egg bagel from Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels with regular cream cheese, lox, capers, red onion and a slice of tomato is one of my favorite sandwiches in the world.

The other sandwich I love are BLTs. My mouth just watered as I typed that. Crispy bacon, greens, tomato slices, lite mayo and old style mustard between slices of country loaf bread from Tartine is absolutely to die for! YUM!


This has been made twice since Shelter In Place began. Gary at the seafood counter at Whole Foods knows me now. I have used monkfish and shrimp and then a sole and shrimp. The first came out better and though the sole made the ceviche a bit more fishy, I believe it was the lack of the jalepenos and juice that were missing. I fixed that. Also, the limes I had the second time around were all dried up. Quite unfortunate. But, nonetheless, it was eaten up.


Pasta is an easy thing to whip up for Meatless Monday. I have picked up some frozen raviolis at the farmers market and they were tasty. I had the butternut squash one and lobster ravioli. Both good. Nothing beats having a fresh bowl of pasta from a restaurant though. I did attempt at making carbonara on a Meatless Monday but it was definitely missing some flavor. I had egg yolks left over from making Brutti Ma Buoni cookies per someone’s request. I couldn’t let food go to waste!


I have posted Nutella cookies already, but I have since made chocolate chip cookies and the ‘ugly italian cookies’ as well. Someone says I should stop making cookies because he’ll keep eating them. Better you than me! LOL! The italian cookies were a labor of love, that’s for sure. We didn’t have an electric mixer or even a whisk. I took two forks and whisked those egg whites fluffy! It was definitely a work out!


I cook majority of the time but when he cooks, it’s a manly steak. As a matter of fact, a tenderloin sits in the fridge right now. He has made steaks on the stove for us and partners them with delicious roasted carrots with salt and pepper, olive oil and a little bit of balsamic. He has also roasted green garlic but I’m not a big fan. Garlic in general, yes. Green garlic, not really. The steaks, I am definitely a fan!

I am sure more posts like this will appear. I will post one specifically on food we have picked up to go! We have support local small businesses. I hope you’re doing the same and being safe at the same time.

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