OBB Weekly – 2-4-20

The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

Happy Travel Tuesday! One month down in 2020 and there’s a lot of time to make things happen this year. Who has travel plans? Will you be attending any weddings? What upcoming restaurant opening are you looking forward to? And what motivates you? Whatever you have planned, I hope these weekly posts inspire you!


January had me exploring my own state of California. You can find new, great things to explore in your backyard. Yes, many people save for an extravagant and long vacation. A less expensive and maybe a 2-3 hour drive to a new but close location can serve the same purpose: getting out of town!

Niner Wine Estates in Paso Robles. Perfect for this Faithful.

Paso Robles was a New Year’s Eve getaway with the roommate. Then, I was lucky enough to crash her room at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay. What a treat that was! Heaven knows I can’t afford that room on my own. Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to not blink when hitting that reservation button. If you have an opportunity like this, take it! My roommate was barely in the room as she was busy with her company meetings. I made my office in the hotel room.

What are spots near you that you love or would love to go to?

The dream. The goal. – The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay


Well, congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs. They beat my San Francisco 49ers 31-20 on Super Bowl Sunday this past weekend. I honestly can remember the last time I watched the Super Bowl. The planning and event production of the half time show is always impressive in such a short time period. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira put on quite a performance. I have always been a fan of JLo and am listening to her songs now while drafting this.

Having a love for live music, the ballet and other performing arts, I have always considered learning and understanding what goes into the production of a performance like this. Perhaps one day.

Have you had experience with this large of an event?
What was it like?
Did/do you love it?


As much I love trying a new restaurant and a creative cocktail, I am also enjoying cooking. My friend gave me a cookbook from The Slanted Door quite a few years ago when I helped open my restaurant in San Francisco. I made my first meal: Shaking Beef with coconut rice! And it was amazing. A Bordeaux wine definitely added to it.

I enjoyed the sauce so much, I made my Meatless Monday dinner with cabbage and a stuffed pepper. “Well, this is a way for me to eat cabbage!” says the roommate.

Do you participate in Meatless Mondays?
What is your favorite meal to make for MMs?
Is there a cookbook you swear by?


As mentioned, I am on the stationary bike drafting this post. JLo’s performance may have played a part in getting up early this morning and getting a workout in before another busy day. She’s 50 and looks amazing. Talk about goals! Thanks for the motivation, JLo.

I did finally have an improved weigh-in on Saturday. Weigh-in usually takes place on Sundays but I didn’t know where I was going to be and I was happy to report I haven’t been this light in four months. I still have a lot of work to do and to keep it off but it will take some time.

My dear friend, Brittany, invited me download the FitOn app. When this One Busy Bee just can’t make it to the gym, it’s nice to have workouts at my fingertips. They have challenges like completing 10 workouts in one month. I need to get started. I am pretty bummed that bodybuilding.com aren’t running their 250K Challenges. They really helped me go after it. And it was fun to do it with friends.

Gym ready wearing my Myrtle Beach tank

Good luck on your February fitness goals!

How are your 2020 resolutions going?
If you have a fitness goal, what is it?

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Saturday Dinner: Lumpia

Can’t make it to a Filipino restaurant? I hear you. I’m sorry if you don’t have one in your area. Three days of being sick, my roommate and I cancelled our holiday party at the house. Wine was pulled to be served, beer was donated by a dear friend, the house was decorated and lumpia was planned to be served. Ingredients sat in my fridge waiting to be used. Feeling a bit better to be productive, music played on my iPhone and preparations begun.

I recruited my roommate, Kim, to help me roll. She says she hasn’t done so in several years but she did a good job.

I fried them up, had a bottle of chili sauce for her and a vinegar mixture for me: vinegar, soy sauce, garlic salt and pepper.

The lumpia wasn’t as tasty as I have made in before. Some pieces can be eaten by itself and not requiring dips or sauces. This was lacking. The pork was missing the seasoning the recipe called, perhaps that was it. Nonetheless, I will try again.

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Thanksgiving Brie Bites

This One Busy Bee is usually asked to bring a dessert to Thanksgiving at my Lola’s house in Martinez, California. In the past, I have made an Oreo Pie, Banana Split Pie and even a failed churro cheesecake. This year, with very little time to rest due to the recent travels, I went with an easy recipe I found on Pinterest. Brandie of The Country Cook posted her Cranberry Brie Bites recipe. Thankfully my family enjoyed it. I used the walnuts I received when I was a wine club member with Clif Family Winery. They came in handy.

Clif, Ocean Spray, Pillsbury & Joan of Arc
Sur La Table apron, Tiffany‘s jewelry

Comment below if you have tried the recipe yourself or how you may have modified it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Before tuning into the Mother of Dragons’ fire gracing my Samsung television tonight, I spent the day with my best friend and my niece and nephew. I cooked lunch for her and the kids and went out for some ice cream after watching a few movies at the house. Christy works for the community and has these two kids. As I just purchased a car, I couldn’t spoil her as I normally do. She named me “The Best Boyfriend Ever.” When you treat someone the way their boyfriend should, it’s just fitting. Plus, she deserves it. She works really hard.

I made roasted chicken with a brown sugar bourbon seasoning, sauteed tomatoes and spinach and added the potato au gratin I made on Friday. Arya wanted to help cook too! She helped me make the Kraft Alphabet Mac n Cheese. What fun.

Teaching her how to measure water and doing math at the same time.
We should have our own YouTube channel. I’ll need a full make-up crew please!
Unable to reach the second shelf, even in Minnie Mouse heels.

Christy liked her meal and Arya and Nate enjoyed the M&C. What more could you ask for?

Chef Arya
Gamer and Tostitos-eatin’ Nate

After the adults caught up on each others’ lives while the kids watched a few animated films and built forts in the living room, we needed dessert. Thanks to Yelp, we went to Milk & Cookie Bar at the Castro Valley Public Market. It’s nice to see cool spots like this open up in the East Bay. And it’s cheaper than Cold Stone.

Had to send this to my roommate, Kim. She’s a S’mores freak!
All different!
Black Unicorn (cake batter) ice cream in a glazed donut, rainbow sprinkles and my favorite cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Mint ice cream and jelly beans
Milkshakes so thick you can’t use a straw

It’s always good to spend time with my Little Loves and this girl. Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard-working mothers out there, to those that have to play both mother and father and to those fathers taking care of their baby’s momma.

Good times at the water park in Fremont, California. The dessert did not help to get bikini ready.

Roommate Anniversary in Wine Country

Oh, Man, what a year. From our first trial trip to Los Angeles County with Bevo, my late Boston Terrier to down under in Melbourne, Australia and 15-days straight of each other on the Golden Princess, my roommate and I remain among the living. We haven’t killed each other yet. We actually have had a lot of laughs and she’s made many appearances on this blog, in case you haven’t noticed. On her first official day home, I walked into the house and Snap’d as I entered the door. “This is Kim! Everyone’s going to know Kim.” She waves to the camera. I’m glad she’s not camera shy. We celebrated many laughs by having more laughs in wine country that is the Napa Valley.

As a Blogger and in the food and wine, media and travel industry, I typically get the industry discount of complimentary tastings. Kim has grown accustomed to that. I have spoiled her and now she could never go wine tasting with anyone else. As I have goal of hitting as many California wineries as possible, I warned her that I was going to plan our Roommate Anniversary with visiting wineries where appointments are necessary and we may not get a discount. She OK’d the itinerary. On the schedule was Hyde, Saintsbury and Etude. All are wineries located in the Carneros region and was mentioned in my Napa Valley Wine Expert Certification course. All were wineries I have never been to.

It was a long weekend in terms of activity. A sexy male friend came over and made me dinner Friday night and we stayed up until 4 AM. Don’t you love it when a man feeds you? This foodie does! A slight hangover remained throughout Kim’s Susan G. Koman Bowl-a-Thon fundraiser in Fremont and a bit thru a Nobody’s Perfekt fundraiser at Cleophus Quealy Brewery in San Leandro. A nap afterwards turned out to be bed time to get ready for more drinking the next day.

Homemade carpaccio by J
Team Frame Supporters – guess who came up with the name?

We hit the road at 9 AM because it gets busy heading up to Napa thru American Canyon. Our first appointment was at 11 AM at Hyde. We arrived, drove thru the open gates to the property and the doors were locked. We waited in the car until it was closer to 11 AM. Maybe they don’t open the doors unless they have appointments. We tried the doors again when it was time. Still locked. We went back to the car to stay warm. I checked my email and realized I never send in my credit card to create the reservation. Doh! I can plan the heck out of a wedding or launch products anywhere in the country or plan a detailed travel itinerary, but when it comes to my personal life, I don’t put in the same effort. Are you the same? Oh well. Hyde will not be added to my winery log this time.

Back in the car, I thought I would wing it and run into a winery we can visit. Most we came across needed reservations. We passed Saintsbury and kept going. That was going to be stop number two. I have been to Bouchaine and ended back up at what was Liana Estates, then L.E. and now Calmere Estate Winery. I love this place. I have been there twice before. Once on a rainy birthday visit with my good friend, Nikki, and the other time via a tour I sold with my #Instafriend. Both, good times.

We walked up the barrel with a host and they asked if we had reservations. Again, reminded that I failed in making reservations! They squeezed us in with an appointment in two minutes. Technically, the space requires them and apparently it depends on the region. Oh, Carneros, why do you make it so difficult? We were given freedom to sit where we wished. I picked the love seat on the patio closest to the view and in the sun a bit. It was a bit breezy and the sun kissed our skin.

We enjoyed our time, chatted, talked things out that were on my mind, etc. Our host and I geeked over wine, beer, whisky, food and the whole industry. He ran restaurants and was burnt out. Pouring wine at a winery was a nice change of pace but like me, he also missed the rush. He asked if I would ever want to open a restaurant again. My answer remains the same, “Only if it was in Hawaii.” Of course, travel talk came about and I gave him my card.

We were having such a good time that I had to call our next winery to let them know we were going to be on our way shortly. Thankfully, they understoood. We said our goodbyes but not before we took three bottles with us. We went over to Saintsbury.

It was another outdoor tasting area under large trees and near low fences protecting gardens surrounding the circular tables equipped with menus and bread sticks. If you have the group size to sit at the 6-top closest to the vines under an orange umbrella, you’d be in luck. Friendly service, beautiful grounds and of course, non-stop conversation. We left without bottles and headed off to the next stop, Etude.

Etude was very close by and the wind started to pick up. There is plenty of parking and you get to the main entrance of the tasting room walking along the lawn and thru the outdoor patio. Inside, the counter is to your left and many high top tables for three or four are scattered around under high ceilings. The brightness of the room is not as nice as the natural light that we were enjoying but it was clean and modern. A private tasting room is also available in the back. By this time, we were feeling pretty good and getting silly. Michael, our pourer, was handling it all very well.

Getting hungry, we decided to make reservations at Charlie Palmer’s Steak downtown Napa. Parking was easy to find and the restaurant was pretty quiet for a Sunday night. Was it because everyone is having Game of Thrones viewing parties for the premiere? Warriors playoffs? I had a salad, an 8-ounce filet mignon and the potato gratin. My appetite has not recovered from the liquor-filled weekend. I didn’t put my steak away like I know I could. Kim even at more than I did!

Then we headed home. I relaxed to the premiere of the last season of Game of Thrones and called it a night. Kim and I are next headed off to Seattle and Las Vegas. Stay tuned for that.

Let me help you plan your wine country itinerary, along with hotels, possibly the Wine Train experience and more.

OBB Weekly – 4/9/19

One quarter of the year has already passed and time is flying by. Spring break and prom is happening around this time, taxes are due and my almost 13-year-old nephew doesn’t want to hunt for eggs this year. It is a reminder that there is no time like the present. Carpe diem. Don’t let opportunities pass you by. Let’s talk about some ways to do just that.


You have plans to go to Las Vegas and need someone that also loves your dog to stay over and house sit. Thankfully my Bevo was a lover and super easy to watch so I had a few folks I was able to call. I am now returning the favor. If you love dogs and can house sit for people, do it if you can. It is always nice to have people you can trust to take good care of your home and your fur baby. You will never know where it will take you.

Bevo went everywhere I could take him like 21st Amendment in San Leandro, CA.

I have house sat and dog/cat sat for friends in Brentwood, Palo Alto, Emeryville, Sonoma and Santa Cruz in California. I am completely open to traveling abroad! Hint. Hint. You can’t go wrong with wine country and a beach town, right?

Don’t own a dog but love dogs? I have been a Wag Walker. It’s an Uber like dog-walking service. You can set up the range of areas you can serve and you can also dog sit overnight. I have done a couple of those. Dog sitting for new puppies while the owners have to work is also easy money. This can at least build your list of experience with dogs. For me, I have a 5-star rating, 84 reviews and have Wag walked over 100 miles. (Use code Bernadette9307 to get $50 in Wag credits.) With this experience, I’m sure friends and colleagues will think of you when they need someone reliable to stay at their beach house when they are off to Hawaii for a long weekend.


In my experience as a Concierge, you need to take advantage of the opportunities tour operators, wineries and attractions offer to experience their products. They put on events, networking functions, tastings and offer free trials so you can speak on it from a personal level to your clients. Popular tours all around the world are walking food tours. I have done one in Charleston, Sourth Carolina with my nephew. Along the lines of that are cooking classes.

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit on the food tour. My second one on this short trip in Charleston, South Carolina.

From my dear friend’s Mexico City solo trip, Julia took a cooking class. I almost spontaneously booked my trip to go with her but couldn’t get the time off. I then booked a cooking class while in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in November 2018 because her experience was so amazing. I booked with Cookin’ Cabo (juanmoretacooking on Instagram). I was a solo attendee as Julia couldn’t make the trip after all with me. I couldn’t not go so I took advantage of the opportunity of making new friends and learning new dishes. Now, with this knowledge, I am hoping to bring you a special and unique experience. Stay tuned!

Cookin’ over open heat on a gas stove in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


The Knot released the 2019 wedding trends we wedding planners should be aware of. One we love is that there’s an increase in couples hiring wedding planners. Thank you! Another trend is that couples are breaking the traditional rules. Ninety percent of couples don’t care about having a bride and groom side. Less and less couples are holding their ceremonies in religious institutions. I like to tell my couple that there are no real rules to their wedding. It’s never happened before! Couples want to bring in their own personality to the event and make it fun. And they should! After all, when would they be able to host this type of event at this level together again? It’s now or never.


There is a lot of exotic food in the world to try. There are also interesting ways to save lives by going meatless. I have been participating in #MeatlessMondays for almost a year. There was one day earlier this week that I accidentally ate a piece of beef jerky from my coworker’s desk after my stomach growling. I failed in that one day but continued the rest of the day meatless and continued it on the day after just to make up for the day. With my participation, it has opened my eyes to alternatives.

At Coconuts in Palo Alto, I have had the grilled tofu platter while the rest of my coworkers had the jerk chicken. At the SFO airport, I enjoyed a big bowl of the Avocado and Citrus Salad from Gott’s Roadside while my roommate had the fish tacos. On the Golden Princess, I opted for the futomaki rolls as a starter. The header photo above is a brunch dish from Tavern on the Green in New York City. There are always vegetarian options available. Simple cooking at home options could include pasta with sauce or butter and parmesan cheese, quesadillas with jalepenos, a cucumber salad or broiled strips of bell peppers with lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper. It’s very simple and less weight sitting in your stomach when you’ve eaten too much. Try Meatless Monday. It can be done!

Yes, we ordered wine with it as well to kick off our vacation.


Ever since the Hellyer 10K just over a week ago, I have been itching to book another run. There’s a cool run available on the peninsula at a private airport where you can do a race on the runway. I have never heard of that being done before. I have gotten dirty twice with Warrior Dash so I’m not interested in bathing with a garden hose. I have done a half marathon at Walt Disney World. I am thinking of doing a run at Disneyland Paris for my birthday and joining my roommate on the 60-mile Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego in November. But raising $1,600 was stressful. What would you do?

About to go for run along the beach outside the JW Marriott, Los Cabos.

My goal is to travel for my runs. I might register for the Napa Women’s Run in March 2020 and I already told Nelly, my running partner, that we’d do the Giants triple event starting during spring training in Arizona. I have been wanting to do a run in Hawaii. Even on early morning runs, it gets so warm! I usually want to jump in the ocean immediately after the run. I am clearly undecided on what I want to commit to this year but at least I want to continue running, ideally for a good cause.

May 17, 2019
Foam Glow 5K – San Jose
September 2019
Teal Run once they announce the event – South Bay
October 12, 2019
Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Silicon Valley
January 11, 2020
RunDisney 10K – Walt Disney World

OBB Weekly – 12-11-18

Versus a newsletter, I would prefer the content to live on the internet that can easily be referred to at a later date and look back at when needed. One of my most popular posts is from years ago! This will be a weekly post highlighting picks of the week in all that is One Busy Bee Enterprises LLCTravel, Concierge and Event Planning. I hope you come back and click on the links for more information and it inspires you to book travel (with me!) and plan an event, again, with me.

With basically two weeks until Christmas, let’s get festive!

As a Certified Travel Agent and no family of my own, I took off on a Holland America cruise to the Mexican Riviera after the visits with family were done. Folks tend to escape the cold and take advantage of their children having a school break and head for warmer weather. It was great to sit by the pool on the Oosterdam and get in the water in Puerto Vallarta. Let me help you plan a getaway!

Do you escape during the winter months and holidays?

A common gift that is given to us Concierges from vendors are cookies and wine. I am in the middle of the studying for my Napa Valley Wine Certification test and have an abundance of wine at home that I need to have a party so you can help me drink it! One of my favorite experiences recently was getting on the Napa Valley Wine Train. I had no idea the food was going to be so good, the service was great and it was a nice, gentle ride. NOT like Bart. It is also a Noble House Hotels entity, the same parent company of the Argonaut Hotel, where I am a Concierge at. Contact me to book your wine train experience with me with lunch, dinner and/or visiting 1,2 or 3 wineries. They also have special events such as Santa Train, New Year’s Eve events and tequila pairing dinners.

Does the Wine Train sound like a fun experience to do during the holidays?

Event Planning
Look up ‘holiday engagements’ on Twitter and you’ll get a mix of feelings on the topic. You will at least know one person that has gotten engaged or announced they are having a baby during the holidays. If it’s not you, be happy for them. My holiday engagement and marriage came to an end. But you might be invited to an epic party! For those planning for holiday nuptials, you may be competing with companies’ holiday parties. However, if you find a great venue like Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside, California, they may be already decorated for the holidays which may be less cost accrued for decor of your own. Contact me to help you plan your event!

How many couples do you know that got engaged this holiday season?

Foodie, Owner of the Instagram account ‘werehungrytoo‘, former San Francisco restaurant Co-Owner and experience in the food and beverage industry for almost two decades (gasp!), I like food. And the holidays makes plenty of it available. I had two Thanksgiving dinners last month and the menus being released for Christmas dinners from San Francisco restaurants look delicious.

Which dish are you most looking forward to enjoying this holiday season?

Deep fried turkey by my Cugino.
Octopus Salad at the Cocina Del Mar at the Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Cookin’ Cabo cooking class in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Where to Eat Christmas Dinner in San Francisco – Time Out (12/6/18)Come get a 10% off coupon from me as a Concierge


They say that if you aren’t working on your goals for the upcoming year, you’re already behind. And I’m one of them, and I know I’m not alone! Though I have already started promoting myself to get my calendar booked with weddings, I have a lot of work to do to reach a goal to be fully booked in 2019. I have quadrupled the weddings I have worked in 2018 from the year before and would like to do the same for the upcoming year, and travel a lot. Quarter 1 is filled with going to Orlando, Florida for my first half marathon at Walt Disney World, a familiarization trip to Fiji with Pleasant Holidays and Journese and my graduation cruise from Princess Cruises from Melbourne, Australia to New Zealand. But there are plenty of weekends left for weddings for this One Busy Bee

What are your goals for the new year? 

Happy Holidays from this One Busy Bee!

HFWF18 – Keiki in the Kitchen

No kids for me but do have a furbaby, Bevo. This year’s Hawaii Food & Wine Festival got the kids aka keiki involved and I think my nieces and nephews would have had a good time at this event. Hell, even I did. Located at Whaler’s Village center in Ka’anapali, tables and booths were set up with activities for kids including making leis, art projects, meet and greet with the chefs and meeting Nerdy Nummies YouTube star Rosanna Pansino. There were two sessions of her instructing kids on how to make unicorn cupcakes.

As for myself, my Bevo turned 10-years-old just before the HFWF and I decided to make him his own doggie cookies. I found an easy recipe online consisting of peanut butter, oats and bananas. All I needed was a cookie cutter. Like this One Busy Bee usually does, I got on my Amazon Prime account and looked for something cute. I found a packet of four cookie cutters including a Frenchie/Boston Terrier cutter. It was perfect! I had no idea I was going to be meeting the woman on the packaging.

After I took a photo with Pastry Chef Michelle Karr-Ueokaand Chef Bill Peet, I got in line to meet Rosanna. It was adorable to watch her with a four-some of young girls that loved her. She granted getting on their SnapChat and even took one using theirs. I pulled up the photo of the cookies I was so proud of making for my Bevo Love and showed her. She loved it! Therefore, my iPhone and Bevo is in our photo.

I thought this event was such a good idea because inspiration in children can come from when they’re young. Though my dreams of a ballerina never panned out, it’s great to see my own nephew interested in food and baking. For his 12th birthday this year and now living in North Carolina, I sent him a bunch of products like special pans, oils and other ingredients from Sur La Table and he baked his own birthday cake. When we went to Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Savannah in August, I took him to Michelin star restaurants and on a walking food tour because he has an interest in it like I do. We passed a culinary school while in Savannah and thought I should probably start saving to send him to school. Perhaps he may fall in love with other professions but I am pleased he has a great hobby now and he’s learning. Kudos to the HFWF and Rosanna for holding event to build passions and inspire.

Cheesecake by my nephew. I don’t even like cheesecake but this was good!

Save the date for the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival 2019
October 5 – October 27

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More Than OK Poke + Lumpia

You can actually cook, which is pretty rare (for women he’s met),” says a 29-year-old self-taught cook. Some helpful criticism on my cordon bleu, spinach salad with strawberries and my Chopped-like dessert. Before this dinner, which was payment of a debt of losing a geography bet, I can’t remember the last time I cooked. He is pretty good looking so I thought I’d do a bit more than my usual go to of a chicken in a lemon mint sauce and sauteed vegetables, I went with a 3-course meal. Go big or go home, right? I don’t do anything half ass.  

My current roommate turned me onto Plated, a meal delivery service that would send you all the ingredients you may need and the recipe with clear step-by-step instructions. Majority of the meals are delicious. Want to try it out? Let me send you a free box. Emailme!
My latest success was making poke myself. This same guapo brought me back a little poke recipe book from his first trip to Hawai’i and I decided to take a stab at it. This time I got in the kitchen as a thank you to my roommate for doing so much for Bevo, my Boston Terrier, and I. For instance, I was considering taking a spontaneous trip to Mexico City with my Instafriend for July 4th weekend and asked if she would watch Bevo and I’d knock off X amount of money from her rent. She said she would do it for FREE! Que?!? Just her generosity and helping me make sure Bevo is loved and taken out to go potty in my absence, she earns it. She deserves it.

I went to the Pacific Island Market in Hayward with intentions of pick up ingredients for lumpia, which I did. But I also picked up ingredients to make poke, adobo setaw, pot stickers and cocktails. And all that for $60.

I started making the poke. I did have to look at a YouTubevideo on how to cut up the ahi. When in to doubt, search YouTube! As i was making it and taste testing, I got more and more excited about how it was turning out that some dances moves were made in the kitchen. Kim, my roommate, was working from home that afternoon so she got to watch all of my excitement and giddiness.

After some fluffing of the ahi, I had to take my photos of the finished product. “Can I eat now?” asks Kim. She enjoyed it and so did I! I was really proud of myself and had a good time making it.

SnapChat: bappletree

Then, I moved onto making lumpia. “How has the Filipino (in the house) never made lumpia but the white girl has?” Kim asks another valid question. To be honest, this lumpia was also as repayment for me consuming the leftovers she brought home from her July 4th festivities. I couldn’t stop eating them! The chopping of the ingredients and mixing and folding took a labor of love. However, 50 shanghai lumpias were rolled and some were frozen for my best friend. They were tasty! I had them with soy sauce and vinegar and garlic, Kim had them with a mild red sweet and sour sauce.

Love lumpia?
I willing to make you 50 pieces for a $35 donation to my Team in Trainingfundraising goal (http://bit.ly/OrlandoBoundforLolo). Contact me! Must pick up in Hayward.
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Who has time to go to look through recipes, make a list of things you need, go to the grocery store, dodge unattended children, stand in line to pay for items that just might go bad in your fridge? My neighbor uses Plated and sent me a free box to try the service.

I signed up, selected how many servings and how often I wanted to receive the shipment and also selected what dishes I wanted to cook and eat. It has been amazing! In the few months I have been using it, I have cooked 18 recipes and used 243 ingredients – some I’ve never used before. I’ve never cooked bok choy, chicken larb or flounder, or personally used ghee, sumac or gochujang before. In a Bon Appetit magazine, a Chef stated that recipes are more like guidelines. You can modify as necessary and to your preference. I definitely do.

The cost is around $55 per box for a total of four servings. Not bad when this girl usually spends $50 in one decent meal. Plated exposes me to new recipes, ingredients, helps me improve my cooking and it’s fun. My roommate gets to taste everything so he’s lucky to be in the house. If I don’t like what I make, he’s usually down to finish it off.

I highly recommend Plated. I have never used any other meal prep subscription box however I would be open to it to write a comparative blog post. Which do you recommend?

With the more Plated boxes I receive, the more free boxes I can gift. If you’d like to receive a box, please comment below and I will reach out.

Side note – I browsed their careers page and it appears they have job openings in Union City, California, the next down over. Interesting. Way to go, East Bay!

Happy cooking!

Tomato & Brie Tart

Zucchini Tomato Pizza

Steak Gyro

Butter Chicken

Chicken Bulgogi