Waterfalls Furniture

Have you ever seen a piece of art that took you to another place? One of my best friends introduced me to one of his good friends that made custom furniture. I browsed the Next Bevel website and immediately fell in love with the Acacia Waterfall End Table and Rapids Table. It took me to the waterfalls at Hanalei in Hawaii and to a cross-country road trip seeing the beautiful Colorado River for the first time. I just had to have them. Now they’re mine and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Now full time back at home and leaving my Pandemic Partner, I am home with a desire to clean, organize and minimize my possessions. It has been years since I moved back to the condo after my divorce and I don’t need to settle on my belongings because they were free. I decided to upgrade several things.

My China dining set from Williams Sonoma and knife set from Global Cutlery have arrived. I also love Boll & Branch sheets but their ‘plush’ floor mats and towers weren’t so plush. I also organized the kitchen drawers and spice cabinets, got rid of items in my garage and even donated a lot of clothes. I feel like I’m finally getting this adulting thing down. And now this beautiful piece, the Waterfall End Table, is in my living room!

It is made of acacia wood and handmade by Gabe of Next Bevel in the East Bay. The Rapids Table is made of walnut and will be modified to made into a dining table. The other piece is custom and I cannot wait to share it with you in February/March. I look forward to enjoying these one of a kind pieces for many years to come and handing it down to someone else who will appreciate it as much as I do.

Please visit, follow and support local, small business, Next Bevel. He is also on Instagram and Facebook. His shop and showroom is located in El Cerrito, California. Tell Gabe I sent ya!

Also visit Zola in Palo Alto to enjoy his work over dinner and delicious cocktails.

Labor Day Bike Ride

Labor Day is a three-day weekend in the United States and many folks were traveling. This Travel Agent stayed local and caught up on some work.

Show me what you’re doing right now!” – my Sunshine in Atlanta. Of course, I was working this Labor Day weekend in bed and with football playing.

To switch up my morning workout routine a bit and take advantage of the cool weather, I decided to take my Specialized bike out. According to Runkeeper, it has almost been a year since! I attempted to hit the shoreline but didn’t make it. Not this time! I made it a goal to reach that shoreline. I pumped air in my tires, tracked my time and miles via the Runkeeper app and loaded my backpack with water. Then I was off!

I live in a part of Hayward, California where there are a lot of busy streets. I did my best to stay off of them and appreciated the ‘Bike Route’ signs. It is still a bit nerve-wracking when a car drives close to you because there are several cars parked along the road and no bike lane. But, I was safe and definitely had my helmet on. Be sure to obey all street signs and get out of cars’ way as quickly as possible. With the many terrible drivers I encounter as a driver myself, it is dangerous out there.

Dear Hayward and neighboring towns, please add more designated bike lanes. Thank you!

I crossed through Hayward and into San Lorenzo. I rode over overpasses and stopped at a couple of parks. One was the Via Toledo Park. On this same route a year ago, it was still being built. It looks really nice.

Crossing Hesperian Boulevard, I eventually found my way to Del Rey Park. It was near a school and had two playground areas. Visiting these parks reminded me that I, and my travel clients, should take the time out to play and book that trip! Let me know how I can help.

I eventually made it to the shoreline. Thank goodness. My bottom was starting to hurt. I explored a bit, crossed a bridge, rode thru a residential neighborhood and started my way back home. Be prepared to see other cyclists, runners, walkers, dogs and even folks fishing. The San Francisco skyline was hidden by cloud cover but on a clear day, you could see that beautiful view. You could see the San Mateo Bridge no problem.

This was a 12.75-mile bike ride to and from the Hayward Regional Shoreline from downtown. I was happy to be able to explore via a bike, decrease my carbon footprint, help the planet and do something active.

Get out and see your town via a bike!

See my TikTok video as well – username: bappletree or scan the code to the right!

Teal Run 2021 – Mini Golf Fundraiser

Yes, another fundraiser. I am currently fundraising for two non-profits at the same time. I am fundraising for my second Walk to End Alzheimer‘s in San Francisco in November, and I will be participating virtually in my third Teal Run (eh, more like a walk) on September 26th in Southern California. Last year, we hiked in Aptos, California.

Kim and I haven’t had a Roommate Day in awhile. I have been terribly busy with multiple jobs and am incredibly thankful travel has picked up! I proposed we have one this past Friday with mini golf and sushi. She was game. She missed the mini Women’s Wednesday event last month.

Of course, being competitive, I thought we’d make it more interesting with a wager. Via video and social media, we asked friends to vote as to who would win. If you didn’t vote correctly, you owed $5 to the winners page.

Goorin hat, earrings by Stella & Dot

How did it go? Some friends guested correctly, most voted as a tie. How generous.

It was fun! The course isn’t perfect but its imperfections made us laugh. Kim’s ball got stuck in one of the structures and my ball sat at the end of a pipe.

She had to dig her pipe out from a river twice and I got an unexpected hole in one after a bounce. I’ll take it!

Determined to continue.

I won by four strokes.

Please sponsor me at Tinyurl.com/BMTeal2021 You can find Kim’s page but clicking on the link under My Team. For a fun vid on TikTok, check this out!

Smoke was in the air.

Stay tuned for more Roommate Day fundraising ideas!

Island Prep

*UPDATE* On July 8, 2021, the state of “Hawaii to Waive Testing Requirements for Fully Vaccinated U.S. Travelers Starting Next Month” – Travel & Leisure, June 25, 2021

Things are definitely different after a challenging year. You can’t jump on a plane to the gorgeous islands of Hawaii with ease nowadays. From documentation preparation, Covid testing and limited to inability of booking an Uber at any given moment, I would recommend giving yourself more time to be well-prepared.

The Southwest flight to New Orleans the week before did not require special documentation in order to enter their state. The state of Hawaii had many requirements. If you were not able to get pre-screened, prepare to wait in a very long line and a delay in jumping into that gorgeous ocean water. Upon my arrival, I thought the line was for Starbucks. People are nuts for their coffee. But no, the line went at least five gates. The worst part was that I only saw one person handling all these incoming travelers at the time I walked by with my pink bracelet showing I was pre-screened.

The first thing you need to do is set up a Safe Travels profile. There, you will need to provide your travel details. At the time we were traveling, we wanted to avoid the 10-day quarantine requirement if you were not pre-screened. Our stay was only 7 days so it would have been pointless to go at all if you had to quarantine for 10 days.

Three days before your flight, you need to have a Covid test done. Before that, you should make an appointment at an approved provider. The list of providers is also on the Safe Travels website. I was able to make a reservation the day before thru Walgreens. Thankfully there are plenty of locations so if appointments are full at your desired location, you have options.

My appointment confirmation email had clear instructions. I was able to pull up to their drive thru where you can pick up prescriptions. You are to have your ID and appointment confirmation ready to be shown thru the window of your car. You had to wait for instructions to lower your window. The pharmacist tech verbally gave you instructions and the test kit for you to open. You will have to self-administer the test by swabbing your nostrils for at least 10 seconds each with the same swab. You then insert the swab into the liquid in the tube provided. Break the excess stick so you can secure the lid of the tube with the swab in it. You throw it back in the bag you were handed and give it to the Technician. A test number is given to you along with a website where you an obtain your results. I received mine in 36 hours.

Be sure to download and print the results. Upload the results to the Safe Travels website and a barcode should be issued soon after. It is recommended that you download the barcode to your phone but also print a copy. As recommended, I printed a copy of my hotel accommodations and my return flight details.

If you do not have a reliable printer at home like me, I had a challenge of getting these documents printed. I attempted to go to one of my jobs to use their printer but realized they changed a lock on me. I then had to go to Kinko’s to print these documents. With this said, try to be prepared with plenty of time to spare in case things don’t go as planned.

Ready with my documents in a manila folder, it was securely placed in my Coach bag for easy retrieval. I was ready when I checked in for my departing flight at the Oakland Airport. Couples in front of me clearly did not read the instructions very well.

All packed, I then had to make sure I was able to get to the airport for my 8 AM flight. Long-term and off-site parking was completely booked. Sadly, it was too early for some of my friends to take me. Those that did offer me a ride, I didn’t bother asking them as they weren’t close to me. I don’t like to inconvenience people. I decided to park for a $17.50/day in the long-term lot at the airport.

I had reserved an Uber a couple of days before for an early pick up, but when 6:30 AM rolled around, the app said there were no drivers available. The weekend before, the ladies arrived at Oakland Airport from New Orleans at about 9 PM. Quotes for Ubers was $90 to go 10 minutes away. Even when we opted in to pay it, we couldn’t get a confirmation. I had no idea how we were going to get home if our friend didn’t change her plans and drive us home 10 minutes out of her way. We didn’t even see taxis around.

Had an Uber been around, I would have saved 75% of my long-term parking cost. I hope things improve in this regard or get more friends close by willing to help me out. East Bay friends, where are you?!

#WomenWednesday – 6/16 in Honolulu

Given I had a few cancellations from my last Women Wednesday for Tay Ho Restaurant in Oakland, California the week before, I was really hoping I can gather some local ladies for an event while I was on Oahu. I have to say, it was quite a success.

I first had to select the venue. I Googled woman-owned businesses. I found Hana Koa Brewing Company in Honolulu. I checked out their website and their Instagram. Yup, Chrissie Piney, the Beer Goddess herself was featured on a post for her birthday. With that, the venue was selected. I made a reservation for 6 at 5:30 pm thru Opentable. I messaged the account and the marketer gave Chrissie’s email to inquire if she can stop by the table of ladies and say hello! She responded saying it was a cool idea and that she was going to be around! Awesome!!!

I started reaching out to my network on the islands to see if they could connect me with some local ladies. I had a few referrals but the ones that responded couldn’t make it. My friend, Gwen, who does sales for an event rentals company on the islands was able to make it! I started to ‘stalk’ some locals on Instagram. By that, I mean I scoped out their profile to see if they were legit locals, not just visiting. I also could see that they were professionals, not every picture was a selfie and their personality came thru a bit through their posts. Attendees didn’t necessarily need to have thousands of followers but it does help when they are open to new friends, enjoy food and beverages and likes to share their lives. I found many and invited them but two committed almost immediately and I appreciated it.

I was going to Oahu with my 21-year-old niece. Upon our arrival and cruising down Ala Moana in our rented Chevrolet Impala, I let her know of my Women Wednesday events and that I was doing this event. She did not have to join me but she decided to! She didn’t even like beer.

After going down the street the brewery was on, we almost missed it. It does have a small parking lot and I am glad we found parking. Parking could be challenging in Honolulu. We walked in and our table was ready for us. It was high top for six and in the corner with a view of the whole spot. You can see the extra large chalkboard of their beers on tap to the left, socially distanced tables in the center, the bar top, the brewery and stairs going to an upper level. I was pretty happy.

We didn’t hesitate and started with the Dole Whip mimosas.

The first lady to arrive was Shannon. She is a landscape photographer and also works at Koko Head Cafe, which the other locals in attendance enthusiastically vouched how good it was. Shannon prefers tequila over beer so she ordered a cocktail to go with her lettuce wraps.

I asked Shay, our Server, if Chrissie wasn’t busy to please come say hello to the table. A brunette in a green maxi dress and jean jacket with a beer in hand approached our table. It was Chrissie. We discovered that is also from the East Bay and her husband, Josh, went to University of the Pacific in Stockton. We Californians thought that was really cool.

Next, Kat, arrived. She said she could only stay for a bit but wanted to say hello. She doesn’t drink alcohol but she did find something she liked by the end of the night. Kat is originally from China but recently moved to Oahu from New York City in January. Her boyfriend isn’t as social so she welcomed an opportunity to meet new people.

Gwen arrived and the party was goin’. I am glad she was able to pull away from work as it has beens super busy for her. There wasn’t a single awkward moment of silence with this group. Josh, the Head Brewer, also joined us for a bit.

The food ordered looked good! My niece had the adult mac n cheese and it was tasty. Along with the Killin’ Me Smalls Imperial Stout, I ordered their chocolate mousse dessert. I had my niece take a bite of the dessert and chase it with a sip of the beer. She liked it! The beer was made in partnership with Purve Donuts and it was perfectly done. See post soon on the donut shop.

I ordered a flight consisting of the guava and vanilla milkshake IPA called Dream Machine Guava, the West Coast IPA called Feelin’ So Good and lastly the Saison called Shine A Light that supported Helping End the Backlog initiative. It is to help end the backlog of untested rape kits in the US and to bring justice victims of sexual assault. I can definitely get behind that. I am happy to support Chrissie and Hana Koa in their efforts in making a change in this world. Please consider supporting companies that give back.

After we were mostly done, Josh was happy to give us a tour. Before that started, I found the gear for sale and I picked up two pink Hana Koa tank tops and stickers for my niece and I to rock. I also added a 4 pack of the Killin’ Me Smalls to my bill. My roommate and PP/Favorite Person would like to try it! We then grabbed the beers we had left and met up with Josh in the brewing area.

I have done several winery, distillery and brewery tours but I was excited to see the smiles on these ladies getting access to a work area and see what is done behind the scenes. Josh definitely loved talking shop and we all ate it up! “What does this machine do? What about your water? How many people work back here?”

Of course, we had to get some great photos! Thanks to Kat for her great shots. She has five cameras on her Samsung. It is definitely better than my camera on my iPhoneX.

Photo by Kat

Before we parted ways, Chrissie let us taste the Ghost Ride the Drip, an ube hard seltzer. The Pinays of the group were impressed and several cans were purchased.

Photo by Kat

Hugs were exchanged all around, Instagram profiles were followed and so many IG story mentions were posted. I was so happy how it all turned out. I took Kat home so she didn’t have to rent a bike, we also hiked Makapu’u and met my friend, Michael, two days later. The next day, we went to Koko Head Cafe to see Shannon and see what all the rave was all about.

Thank you, Chrissie and Josh, for spending so much time with us and the special tour. It was definitely not expected. I never expect more than maybe a reTweet or re-share or comment from the establishment so this visit was truly special! I am so grateful for the experience and the ability to share it with these amazing ladies. I wish you all the success! The sticker is on my Earthwell water canteen and my niece and I wore the tanks during our hike. Oh, the many, many pictures that were taken!

I hope to grow these events to be more than just six people and it is obviously welcomed outside my own neck of the woods. Please contact me should you know a woman-owned business that would like to have a ‘Women Wednesday, a One Busy Bee Enterprises LLC event’ at their establishment.

Upcoming events:

June 23, 2021 – Posh Pisco Party at my house in Hayward, California serving pisco cocktails and offering my retired Stella & Dot and Poshmark pieces at a deep discount.

June 30, 2021 – Beer for Boobs Fundraiser at Shadow Puppet Brewery in Livermore, California. 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, Win a $50 Disney and/or a $50 Stella & Dot gift card in the raffle.

July 7, 2021 – Tay Ho Restaurant in Oakland, California. Woman-owned Vietnamese restaurant.

July 14, 2021 – Skipping due to a personal obligation.

July 21, 2021 – TBD

July 28, 2021 – Pa’ina Lounge & Restaurant, San Francisco

More to come!

#1UpTransformationChallenge – Week 6

Work has not slowed down and this was another busy and stressful week. My body skipped my period and I have a couple of new stress hives. I really need to get a handle on this stress. I do not want another stress episode to occur like back in November. It was not fun. I hope going back to the gym and blocking off time to NOT work will help. So, here’s Week 6 of the 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge.


Mondays are usually my busiest days. I thankfully didn’t have to be on-site at 8 AM but I did have to download a new Sales Rep and supervise on-site in Pleasanton. My responsibilities continue to evolve.

Breakfast consisted of overnight oats. A snack was a hard boiled egg and I made red chard two different ways, plus a potato Baloni. Delicious. Total calories: 1,001

No workout. I was tired. I didn’t sleep well the night before.


My Pandemic Partner loves pastries. He especially likes the pastries from Frog Hollow Farms. Lately, I have been telling him to not get me a blueberry pastry. I think this week he forgot and I consumed it. It’s pretty tasty. Lunch was an orange, snacks were Banana plantain chips and I made chicken tacos with chicken marinated in Sol Food‘s Pique. Oh, that stuff is sooo good! Total calories: 1122

Workouts were on FitOn where the Cardio Sculpt Pilates with Cassey Ho were pretty tough on the legs. Incredible arms with Breann was good too.

Work had me checking out a build in progress. Let me know if you need a patio cover or sunroom!


Another long day meant too tired to workout. Breakfast was 2 eggs over easy, Sconehenge English Muffin, a 1Up Nutrition protein ball on the road, Nick the Greek gyro bowl over rice and just a hardboiled egg for dinner. Total calories: 1,083.

No workout. It was a long day.


Annoying day. I had to leave the house in a rush so I couldn’t eat at the house. I had to stop for something quick and went to a McDonald’s and had an Egg McMuffin, hash brown and orange juice. This particular San Carlos location didn’t have their stuff in order. I was handed a soda instead and I pulled away with paying for an extra hash brown but didn’t get it. I thought about going back to get it but I guess I didn’t need the extra calories and I had to get to a meeting. FINE! Oh, that damn stress.

The site visit was unique with needs for two sunroom on two different levels. Thankfully I had my boss on-site as well but this was a unique project I’ll have to manage. Late in returning back to the house, I still haven’t had lunch. At 3PM, I thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes and Nutella my Pandemic Partner made. They are so good! Later that evening, we had avocado toast. Total calories: 1,273.

Can you guess? I didn’t work out. I was too tired.


On Friday mornings, I have the house to myself. I decided to workout for a little over an hour. I had an orange, cheese and crackers, shrimp, and my favorite, shrimp pasta in a white wine, lemon and garlic sauce. PP doesn’t like too much sauce so he made it without the slurpy mess. But oh, it was good! I made a cucumber salad as well.

I earned the pasta because I then did another 50-minute workout in the evening.


I had the remaining cucumber salad from the night before for breakfast. Lunch was leftover shrimp pasta. I made another cucumber salad for dinner, plus a protein ball. Total calories: 1,126.

I re-started my membership at 24 Hour Fitness. I should be fully vaccinated soon and I will feel better about going to the gym. I opted in for the national membership so I can go to any facility. I hope to make it to Hawaii later this year.

With the membership, I had access to videos on the Go24 app. I have seen ads for Les Mills and I played one. Of course it was a little blonde European girl leading. The sound was a bit off and it didn’t really motivate you. They showed you what to do but not talk about your form and reminders to pull your belly button in and so forth. I wasn’t a fan. I ended up just doing my own thing if I didn’t like what they were doing. I then followed that video with a FitOn with Bree, Quick Arms. I think I was also still tired from the four workout videos from yesterday.


The usual Sunday started with a trip to the farmers market. We started the day pretty late so we were already hungry when we arrived at the market. One of us mentioned tapas and we agreed to go to Teleferic Barcelona. With a reservation on OpenTable, I’ll take 100 points. This was the second time we dined here during the pandemic and it is delicious! And filling. It was also Pi Day, so PP bought himself a cherry pie. I’m not a fan so it was all his!

I worked out with two FitOn videos while the cauliflower and onions roasted in the oven. I also made another batch of protein balls. It was a tasty day.

Onto week 7.

#1UpTransformationChallenge – Week 5

It has been a challenging challenge. Continuing to feel defeated, tired and stressed out with work, it is definitely not helping. I clocked in 40+ for one of my part time jobs. I’m One Busy Bee, indeed. I am continuing to log my food and working out but this was a bad week. I just have to remember that I am trying to do something good for myself and not compare my progress (or lack of) to other people’s fitness journeys. So, here’s Week 5 of the 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge.


Monday was a full day out traveling the Bay Area for work. Breakfast was the best English Muffins by Sconehenge out of Berkeley, California. We pick these up at Whole Foods. Lunch was at Lazy Dog in Newark, California. It has been awhile since I’ve been and they had a few things for me for Meatless Monday. I opted in for their grilled cheese and cucumbers salad. It was heavy but oh so tasty. An afternoon snack was a smoothie. Dinner was roasted cauliflower. Total calories: 1,891

Workouts were thru FitOn with the Total Body Meltdown and the Back Blaster.


This was our day this week to San Francisco to pick up Tartine bread, get dumplings from Dumpling Time and of course some yumminess from The Butcher Shop. Dinner was pancakes with Nutella and strawberries from the farmers market. Be sure to get the organic ones! They taste sooo much better! Here are additional reasons to go organic. The day’s total calories – 1,097

I honestly can’t remember what I did for a workout that day but I was on the mat doing something! That should count, right?


With having to a site visit in Danville, I headed back to the house for weigh-in and a breakfast 1Up Nutrition protein shake with strawberries and a slice of Tartine toast. Lunch was another 1Up Nutrition protein shake before heading out to a meeting. Dinner was a lox sandwich with egg bagels from Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels and taste of the 2021 Dark Ray from Firestone Walker. Like the protein shake, it tastes better strawberries. Total calories – 1,014.

Thanks to Izzy’s for re-sharing my picture on Instagram!

I don’t think I worked out that day.


Thursday was quite carb filled with another lox sandwich with an Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagel bagel, a potato Bolani for lunch, with a his and her salad, homemade dressing and garlic bread made by my Pandemic Partner. Calories – 1,132

Workouts were with FitOn with Lower Body Blaster with Danielle and Super Sculpted Abs with Katie. It felt good.


I may been logging into MyFitnessPal for 50 days straight but this Friday was busy and after a long week of work, I was ready for this week to end. I didn’t even have breakfast. I had cheese and crackers for lunch and allowed myself to do something other than work to make a lot of chimichurri. We had grilled pork chops from The Butcher Shop and I was excited for a good meal. I also got another taste of a Firestone Walker beer, the 2021 Parabola. Tasty! Calories – 1,018

Friday is movie night but I worked straight through it til 11:30 PM, plus dealing with a work emergency. Good times.


Saturday was productive. I had the house to myself for the most of the day and got my taxes filed and updated my budgets. Breakfast was eggs and toast. Lunch was a salad and dinner was a hard boiled egg, cheese and crackers, a Sconehenge English Muffin and a cup of 1Up Nutrition protein and water. I also made some protein balls with honey from the farmers market. Calories – 1,000

Again, I opted out of a workout and stayed in and watched Coming 2 America. I have to say that Eddie Murphy did a great job. Sequels are usually never good and Coming to America would be hard to top. But it was done. If laughing as hard as I did counted as an ab workout, that would be awesome!


Breakfast was an OK crab omelette from Joanie’s on California Ave at the farmers market. It’s the second brunch in a row where my food was not served hot. Thankfully the coffee was. A snack was just a protein ball. Dinner was spaghetti with basil pesto from Bolani Foods and bacon and beer sausage from The Butcher Shop. Delicious! Calories – 1,000

My workout for the day was cleaning the house. Two hours of work and MyFitnessPal only says I burned 288 calories. But damn, does that vent look clean!

Onto Week 6.

Inauguration Day 2021

A Facebook memory from 2013 popped up on my timeline. We were at Hooters at Tanforan Mall for a 49ers game. It was a game that determined whether we were headed to the Super Bowl. It was a lot of fun and made me miss being able to socialize like that. The whole place cheered and celebrated our win! I reposted it wishing we could celebrate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris just like that.

I set my alarm to make sure I watched this moment in history live. Sitting in bed and watching it on my phone thanks to Hulu, it gave me chills and a few tears were shed when Kamala Harris took her oath. It gave me hope and made me so happy to see the first woman, a woman of color, a woman of Asian descent and a woman from not only the Bay Area, but from the East bay to make history as the new Vice President of the United States.

I also love that Biden is pledging to be the President for all Americans. Not to divide but to unite. He’s a man with experience in the Oval Office and has an amazing friend for support, former President Barack Obama.

I look forward to what positive changes this administration will bring.

Shout out to Lady Gaga for her amazing performance, for JLo making the inauguration ceremony bilingual and Garth Brooks, a country boy rockin’ his jeans. What captivated me was Amanda Gorman’s reading of a poem. She was strong, moving and a leader for today’s youth. WOW. She blew me away.

Good luck to President Joe Biden and Madam Vice President!

Hayward on Two Wheels

With my gym membership cancelled due to the pandemic, I, like many people, need to find ways to stay active. I dusted off my Specialized bike. I bought an air pump, a new lock and a way to mount my phone to the handle bar. I bought these all at Cyclepath in downtown Hayward. As a matter of fact, I believe my boyfriend at the time bought our bikes there too.

Now equipped and motivated to log some miles for the 35 miles I committed to for the Making Strides challenge in October, I hit the road twice in Hayward. The first time was for 11 miles. The second ride was for 9.3 miles.

I took some photos along the way.

Underneath the BART tracks. From my condo, I can hear the trains going by.

The iconic water tower in a townhome development with great parks can be seen in every direction. I used to walk a big white dog in this neighborhood.

Crossing Interstate 880 called for a shot of the freeway thru the fence. Where was everyone going? I remember at the beginning of sheltering in place how the roads were deserted. It was nice. It gave Mother Earth a break.

And on my way back to the house, I stopped by to check out the farmers market. I go to the one in Palo Alto but I will make it a point to support these local vendors when it’s time to come back home to Hayward.

Though not pictured, the development near my condo on Foothill and City Center is happening. A lot of progress has been made and I wonder what kind of retail shops will be conveniently located for us. A great ramen spot and local, small businesses would be great.

Neault Electric Recommendation

When you can’t travel, you’re stuck looking at your home and all the things that can and should be done in terms of home improvement. A much needed upgrade was needed in my condo. My roommate alerted me that the ceiling fan in the living room stopped working. I have done some troubleshooting of my own with my bedroom ceiling fan and attempted to do the same up on my Little Giant ladder. No puedo. It wasn’t something I could do. It’s 2020. It was time to get rid of the chains from the ceiling fan to the wall and down to an outlet.

My roommate recommended Neault Electric. Kevin was an acquaintance of hers. I reached out, had him come by to give me an estimate and I was sold. I had one other call to another electrician for a quote but our schedules didn’t align.

I searched for two ceiling fans, one for a sloped ceiling and a chandelier for my dining room. I sent the specs to Kevin via text to get his opinion on their dimension and if there were other features I should consider. He provided feedback and I placed my order on Amazon. Lamps Plus, Home Depot and Lowe’s were options but Amazon had the best prices. I gave him the latest date all pieces should arrive and an appointment for install was set a week later.

I texted to confirm their arrival the night before. A response to re-confirm their ETA was appreciated. They helped out with laying out protected sheets as I just had new carpet installed a year ago. The three items installed took about five hours for Kevin and his assistant, Noah, to install. They were both friendly and didn’t need anything from me so I could take phone calls and attend virtual meetings while they worked.

Boxes and old fans and chandeliers were removed and recycled. The work areas were left clean. I would recommend Neault Electric for your jobs. With goals of owning another property in the next year or so, I hope to be able to call on Kevin for other jobs as needed. Do please tell them you found them thru my blog!

Facebook: Neault Electric
Kevin Neaualt: 510-299-0669

And for fun, it’s electric! Bonus points if you can do this dance.