East Bay Bites – November 2019

As a resident of the East Bay, Hayward to be exact, I have a lot of photos on my phone that are from local spots. I see that one establishment in particular from the July posting of East Bay Bites will reappear in this post as well. Congratulations! You have a regular! You know what they say, right? It more expensive to gain a new customer than a repeat customer. I hope they continue to keep me happy.

San Leandro

Yes, I am a repeat customer. This is our go to spot for beer nearby. It has an outdoor area, the pretzel balls that my roommate enjoys with the beer cheese is only available on a few days of the week and it’s a good spot. We have had brought friends here as well as had nice convos with other patrons. During a Warriors game, good luck finding a spot!

We recently stopped by on a random Saturday night when I got off work early from Stonebrae, my then bartending job. My roommate, Kim, was up to going out and we went to SOLA. Balls were ordered as well as the cocktail benefiting breast cancer research and a cider was ordered. Deliciously pink!


This place was my second restaurant job ever and it is going on 20 years of being in business. Martino and his wife, Laura, still own it and have locations in Benicia and Martinez. They make their bread and sun-dried tomato spread in-house and their menu doesn’t need to change. They have a one-sheet of specials but I stick with their spinach salad and typically the penne alla vodka and add broccoli. This time, I went off and got the linguini gambere. Kim ordered the ravioli with half and half sauce – limon e brown butter. She enjoyed her meal. Try their strawberry lemonade as well.

You can park on the street, to the right of the building or in the larger parking lot behind the building. Enter thru the back door is possible as well.

Castro Valley

Craving pad see ew, I stopped off in Castro Valley. Thankfully it was in between lunch and dinner time and I didn’t have to wait long. I ordered my favorite Thai dish and a green papaya salad to go, plus a Thai iced tea while I waited. It honestly wasn’t the best pad see ew I have ever had. The dish seemed a bit charred and the chicken was a bit tough. The Thai iced tea was perfect and the salad was great as leftovers for Meatlesss Monday. Parking is available in the shopping center.


Denica’s is a chain restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sweets. I typically go to Denica’s for brunch. The purple pancakes on their website look amazing! My roommate had Susan G Koman miles to do with her friend and ended up in Dublin. She returned with another treat for me for the second day in a row. She brought me a box of Starbread from a Filipino bakery. Then the carbs were followed up with an ube cookie. Yes, it’s purple. The edges were pretty tough but two cookies on top of each other left the middle a bit moist. Other locations include Castro Valley, Walnut Creek and Livermore.

Jamba Juice

Doing a quick errand with my Lola took me near a Jamba Juice and I can’t resist their Acai Antioxidant smoothie. As much as I am a fan, it was $6+ for a small. It is becoming unaffordable, Jamba. Let’s fix that. This location shares the parking lot with Chipotle, Starbucks and the dollar store.

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East Bay Bites

Bites, as in a good way, as in bites of food. As I scroll through my cell phone of 10,000+ photos on my phone, I am seeing majority of the photos are of food. I have enough to share some bites in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. I hope this post helps put the East Bay on the map, entices San Francisco residents to make the trip across the Bay Bridge worthwhile and maybe to California in general. Enjoy!

Located in Downtown Hayward, my first experience with this shop located next to The Turf Club and Domino’s Pizza, was for mini cupcakes to be brought to a party. I was in awe by what they had and sadly I didn’t get to enjoy any of the mini cupcakes. Recently, my roommate has brought me cupcakes from there on two occasions. I tagged her in an Instagram post and she surprised me with limited edition Chicken and Waffles cupcakes. I have been craving fried chicken since my trip to the South in August 2018.

Another time, my roommate bought two cupcakes in addition to a set she was going to bring to her staff. One was made with champagne and the other one was a margarita cupcake. I preferred the pink champagne. What girl wouldn’t?

This is the spot for my roommate and I when we want poke. I have also signed up for their rewards program so I get free drinks and discounts when I come in. Today, I got a lilikoi drink for free. I don’t mind the text message offerings as they’re not sent very often. Located in San Leandro next to a 24 Hour Fitness, you order at the counter, customize your bowl and be on your way. I have had their bowls several times but recently ordered their sushiritto and it was something you can customize in terms of their sauces, not its contents. It was also strange that they added avocado to the sushiritto but told Kim and other guests that they had no avocado for their bowls. That’s a strange. But, the bowl is still very good and is quite filling.

SOLA has made an appearance on my blog quite a few times. It is one of my favorite places to go for a beer and to sit outside. My roommate and I have been several times, have brought Bevo, met other locals and enjoyed their beer. On our most recent trip, I enjoyed a flight of beer, we shared the pretzel balls, Kim had the fish tacos and I had the chicken fried sandwich. Keyword: fried chicken. Sadly, I didn’t keep the photo of the sandwich but the beer options are great and the pretzel balls and sauce were hard, but good. They are only available on the weekends so we were finally able to try them. Come to watch the Warriors game or visit for fundraising event, such as one they had for Nobody’s Perfekt Dogs.

In Walnut Creek, this is a great spot to go on a nice day. Sit inside or on the deck and see all that happens downtown. Order delicious cocktails, Spanish wine or tapas. On our way back from Napa, we avoided the rush hour traffic and stopped here to take a break. Brussel sprouts, a kale salad and cocktails were a must. If you’re like my buddy, Stan, you can request your cocktail without all the fluff. Be sure to check out their happy hour menu as well.

In Martinez and after a 10K run on Mare Island, beer and BBQ is needed. With my running buddy and BBQ caterer, Nelly, we were ready to eat. I had a platter of ribs and the many sides including pimento cheese and crostinis, cole slaw and mac n cheese of course! If you ran before lunch, you will definitely be replenishing all the calories you’ve burned and more. Sit inside, watch TV or dine out to their patio. Apparently there is another location you can get your hands sticky at in Pleasant Hill, the next city over.

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OBB Weekly – 6-25-19

Summer is here! In the east bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s already warm before you leave for your commute to work. Posts of families going on vacation, summer weddings, bar-b-ques and cocktails by the pool and efforts to get that summer body are aplenty. What does summer mean to you? Do you have traditions you do around this time of year? What do you look forward to?


This summer, my clients have visited Phuket, Thailand, the Maldives, Walt Disney World, and even Indiana for work. I was just in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, will be heading to Las Vegas, Nevada, London and possibly a cross country road trip to Maryland. It’s warm and my credit cards with travel benefits are ready.

Happy client is headed to Walt Disney World
Get these bands when you stay on property at Walt Disney World.
Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World
Casa Dorada, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

What vacation plans do you have?
Which credit cards do you have to help you travel?


It has been one year since Susie and Frankie got married at Stable Cafe in San Francisco, California. I am wishing my friend, Bride and Groom and their adorable daughter, Sophia, another amazing year together.

Have the gown but still need assistance with your wedding? LIKE my page here.

Flares Bridal, Walnut Creek, California


My condo complex doesn’t allow barbecue sets to be on our balconies so I don’t have a lot of experience grilling and will be without again this summer. The most memorable dining experience in regards to BBQ is International Smoke in San Francisco. It has been some time since I have been and will need to go back. I also have to try my friend’s BBQ. He does catering now. Follow my friend, Nelly! For now, I enjoy the grilled chicken on top of my salad at The Dormy House at TPC Stonebrae in Hayward.

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How many scales have you gone thru? I am in complete denial of what my scale showed me on Sunday’s weigh-in. There was absolutely no way I gained more than I did in two weeks on my Princess Cruise to New Zealand and weigh more than I think I ever have. There is just no way. I just don’t look it or feel it. I’m giving my scale a pass and will revisit the issue next Sunday before a 10K race on Mare Island.

Ok, if that weight gain is legit, it should be a motivator and clearly I’m still at it. I’ll prove you wrong, Scale! As a matter of fact, I’m on the bike right now at the gym as I write this and will log another six miles walking around the restaurant for my second job. Because I’m One Busy Bee.

Follow on Instagram and view my stories of some gym sessions or doing what I can to work out at home on busy days. It counts.

I did 6.2 miles that day.

Until next week! Thanks for reading!

OBB Weekly – 6/4/19

Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

Hello, June! May just flew by, didn’t it? It was an eventful month, hopefully for you too. Change is inevitable. Seasons change, people change, menus change and aspirations change. How do you deal with change? Do you welcome it? Struggle with it? I imagine it’s a process. Everyone has their own way and go about dealing with change at their own pace. Regardless, we survived whatever it was to be at this very moment. I thank you for choosing to spend it on my blog.


Comment below if you agree, but there’s nothing like the sound of the ocean on the beach to help me escape and deal with my problems. I have escaped to Santa Cruz to sit on the sand of Seabright Beach after a fight with my then boyfriend. While in Maui, I make sure I touch the water one more time before returning home to remind me that I will be back someday and all that I’m working for is to do this as often as possible. I also have video of me sitting on a dock in Venice, Italy hearing the water beat against the wood below me. It was going to be a honeymoon destination but after two visits, it still has yet to be, but that’s OK. Not everyone can say they’ve been to the City of Bridges. A change of scenery, can help you escape the situation temporarily, give you a moment to think and hopefully realize that there is beauty and good in this world. This Travel Agent would be happy to help you with your escape.

Katie & Jeremy – Kauai, Hawai’i
Maui, Hawai’i


One significant change in a person’s life is getting married. I love working with couples wanting to get married near the water like at Pacific Star Winery in Fort Bragg, California or The Beach House in Koloa, Hawaii. Honeymoons to Venice, Italy would be incredible romantic. My recent honeymoon clients will be heading off to Phuket, Thailand and the Maldives. Feel free to ask me to plan your trip.

Happy Travel Agent client!

Or, I would be happy to set you up with a fantastic photographer in Kauai and do a Trash The Dress photo shoot when you finalize your divorce like I did.

Kauai, Hawai’i


Unfortunately, my favorite pizza and salad from Buffalo Bill’s Brewery in Hayward, California is now off the menu. Bijou, also located in Hayward, is now called Playt. The menu is different and now has a seafood ravioli made with large won ton wrappers. In Menlo Park, the Menlo Grill & Bar is now called the Menlo Tavern. The menu has changed and it’s not bad! Get cocktails from my Cugino, Ron, and get salads, sliders on Hawaiian rolls and dessert. Tell Ron Bernadette sent you and comment below on what you think of the new menu.

New appetizer
Crisp a la mode
My Cugino, Ron, the Bartender


It has been a couple of months since I switched this blog from Blogger to WordPress. I have been averaging 16 posts per month and my hits have increased by 40%. My goal is to continue this growth, this positive change. The point of blogging often was to get my photos on my phone down from 11,000. As I continue to travel and eat out, my phone says very little progress has been made. Videos have been uploaded to my YouTube channel, photos have been uploaded on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and I have randomly deleted photos that are not needed. Make the best of your June, set some goals and let me know how I can help. I’m a great ReTweeter for supporters. You never know who is going to share what I post! Do you know Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block? Have you been to the Silverado Resort and Spa? Or Penny Ice Creamery in Santa Cruz?

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Pizza, Beer & More in the East Bay

It’s always good when you have great options to dine at in your own town. As a Blogger and Travel Agent, I should do a better job of highlighting some local spots in Hayward and neighboring towns. My friend runs the E’vill Eye News blog for another East Bay city called Emeryville. Do check out his blog when you have a sec! But stick with me for a second. Here are some great spots.

Buffalo Bill’s Brewery

Located downtown Hayward across the street from the theatre, it is said to be the oldest brewery in the country. This is walking distance from my house so this is usually a go to spot. Sit outside on their heated patio or inside at a table or at the bar top. Parking is available on the street, in the lot behind the building or the parking structure behind the movie theatre. I always get the sausage, apple and pesto pizza. It is delicious! For beer, get a flight of house beers or their seasonal ones. Try their Orange Blossom Cream Ale or the Pumpkin Ale or Oatmeal Stout. So many options!

Russell City Distillery

If you like Buffalo Bill’s, next door visit the Russell City Distillery tasting room. They off vodka cocktails and sells bottles of their liquors including vodka, rum and tequila. The tasting room isn’t big but they can open their rolling door to allow some outdoor space. It is dog friendly as well.

Norm’s Place

In downtown Danville, you have many options. Auburn Lounge is a relatively new bar and lounge and they are often closed for private events. Revel Kitchen & Bar is a good spot with a nice bar, tasty salads and an outdoor patio. Across the street is Norm’s. A popular bar for sporting events like the Warriors games. Have Kara pour you your usual of Jameson whiskey with one or two rocks and order the tuna appetizer. It’s basically a deep fried sushi roll. And it was tasty.

Sons of Liberty Alehouse

What we call SOLA. Isn’t it hard not to think of Jax Teller and Sons of Anarchy? This is one of my favorite spots to go to even it means I have to jump on the highway to get to San Leandro. You can make reservations via Yelp, be prepared for a busy parking lot but it’s a great spot for beer and snacks.

Come out to the East Bay and check out what we have to offer!

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OBB Weekly – 5-7-19

Summer is basically here. Kids will be out of school. They will be wanting to hang out at the pool all day long. That means bikini season. Who else doesn’t feel like their body is ready? How’s your fitness game? What are you doing about it? Before you know it, you will do some sort of traveling to a warm destination, attending an event outdoors and eating the likes of funnel cakes at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk or enjoying a glass of champagne in hand watching the sunset. What is your motivation?


I have just returned from the warmest days I have ever spent in Seattle, Washington. The sun was shining and tank tops bared brown shoulders. Up ahead will be Memorial Day weekend in Santa Cruz cat and house sitting, ‘research’ in Truckee and Lake Tahoe and again in Cabo San Lucas. Then Las Vegas. Short sleeves, short shorts and bikinis are required.

Photo by ACT Language Schools

Where are you headed this summer?
And what are you packing?


Summer weddings are very popular. Last year, Susie and Frankie, tied the knot at the Stable Cafe with an outdoor ceremony and reception in San Francisco. It turned out to be a gorgeous day. Should you wish to have your destination wedding in the city by the bay, consider September or even October when we have our Indian summer. It’s wonderful. That way, if you’re a bit behind in getting fit for the big day, you can add some time to go hard and diet. Napa is always a good idea. Or, consider Lodi for warmer temps.

Whitehall Lane Winery – St. Helena, CA

Michael David Winery – Lodi, CA

Stable Café, San Francisco, CA

What are your thoughts on a destination wedding?
Are they an inconvenience or an adventure?


Summer brings so many food festivals and fairs. The San Francisco Bay Area county fairs will provide full turkey leg and deep fried just about everything. Breweries and wineries will be incredibly inviting to sit outside on their patio or beer garden in the warm, long offering of daylight. Clif Family Winery‘s Bruschetteria food truck offers amazing brussels sprouts if you can get them. Get their roasted chicken if you need your protein. Cleophus Quealy will have tator tots and participate in supporting a local nonprofit every Saturday. Drink for a good cause.

Snacks from the food truck at Cleophus Quealy in San Leandro, CA.
A blind pup available for adoption from Nobody’s Perfekt Dogs.
With Robert Irvine at the 2018 Hawai’i Food & Wine Festival on Maui
The apple, pesto and sausage pizza from Buffalo Bill’s Brewery – Hayward, CA

Which foodie events are you most looking forward to?
Is there a summer salad that’s your favorite?


Do you have a pair of jeans deep in your closet for when you do get back down to that size? I do. My motivation to keep at trying to be fit is that jiggle I feel when I run. That was never there before and now it won’t go away! Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, as I said, summer is here and I better face the music: I can’t eat like I used to and not gain a pound. Some people are blessed with that metabolism forever. So here I am, writing this weekly post while on the stationary bike. I have managed to not gain any weight on my last two cruises but I am still at a body fat percentage not to my liking. Thank goodness for great friends. My dear friend and I are back to exchanging post work out photos no matter how ugly. And it’s nice to have someone to work out with in our travels. Get yourself a Nikki B.! Motivation won’t be lacking.

Working out at the Hotel Max in Seattle, Washington – Cinco De Mayo Weekend 2019

Stretching during April’s trail walk (not really a hike) in Santa Cruz, CA with my roommate

With Nelly before my first half marathon ever at Walt Disney World in Florida – January 2019

What are your summer body goals?
What friends help you out on this endeavor? How?

100 Miles!

Today, through the pain of arthritis in my foot, clavicle pain on my right side and perhaps still full of delicious fried chicken from North Carolina, I managed to run 4.3 miles to reach a record of 100 miles of training for my first half marathon. I haven’t ran since I did so on the beach in Myrtle Beach and that was only two miles, but at least I got some kind of work out during that vacation.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – SnapChat: bappletree

Back home in Hayward, CA in my San Jose Fit Expo shirt with Bodybuilding.com – SnapChat: bappletree

Nelly, my Team in Training running buddy, and our cheerleaders, Kim and Sandra, met over a delicious dinner at InternationalSmoke (link to blog post) in San Francisco and we are basically all set for our January 2019 adventure. Southwest flights are booked, a hotel thru Wyndham and Sandra’s timeshare has been reserved and we are almost all set with actual Walt Disney World tickets.

International Smoke, we’re a fun group! Earrings by Stella & Dot

Thank you for reading my posts on this journey to reaching 13.1 miles. The most I have ran is 11 miles. I still have not done that in one run but have been hearing that this race at Disney is all about fun. Along the path, there will be characters, breaks and pauses. That may be the case, but at this point and what my body is telling me, I believe this will be my one and only half marathon I will be participating in. I do like running and I am amazed at what my body can do so far. It has definitely helped the heart issues I had earlier this year. But I might stick to 5 and 10K races until my body gives me a bright red light to stop. With the help of some Rock Tape. 

I am doing this run for my Lolo (My New Angel), who I miss dearly. I hope he is proud of me. 

Please sponsor me HERE.

Frostie Rolls – Hayward, California

Look what just rolled up down B Street in Hayward! FrostieRolls. It may have started in 2009 in Thailand but Hayward finally caught up.  For $7 and unlimited toppings, get fresh made ice cream right in front of you and enjoy!

This is the Cookie Monster with coconut, nuts and strawberries. My roommate had the s’mores cup with a toasted marshmallow on a pretzel stick. See her homemade s’mores cookies for National S’mores Day. Think of all the combinations you can make! Talk about options!

There is plenty of seating, games to play like Jenga at the table and complimentary water and iced tea. Park on the street or the parking garage at Mission and B.

Also new to town is Playt at the restaurant spot formerly known as Bijou. Dirty Bird has also moved from down on Mission Street. A new nail salon replaced the consignment shop at B and Foothill. And The Bistro is always a good spot for a pint of Pliny the Elder. Hello, Downtown Hayward!

More Than OK Poke + Lumpia

You can actually cook, which is pretty rare (for women he’s met),” says a 29-year-old self-taught cook. Some helpful criticism on my cordon bleu, spinach salad with strawberries and my Chopped-like dessert. Before this dinner, which was payment of a debt of losing a geography bet, I can’t remember the last time I cooked. He is pretty good looking so I thought I’d do a bit more than my usual go to of a chicken in a lemon mint sauce and sauteed vegetables, I went with a 3-course meal. Go big or go home, right? I don’t do anything half ass.  

My current roommate turned me onto Plated, a meal delivery service that would send you all the ingredients you may need and the recipe with clear step-by-step instructions. Majority of the meals are delicious. Want to try it out? Let me send you a free box. Emailme!
My latest success was making poke myself. This same guapo brought me back a little poke recipe book from his first trip to Hawai’i and I decided to take a stab at it. This time I got in the kitchen as a thank you to my roommate for doing so much for Bevo, my Boston Terrier, and I. For instance, I was considering taking a spontaneous trip to Mexico City with my Instafriend for July 4th weekend and asked if she would watch Bevo and I’d knock off X amount of money from her rent. She said she would do it for FREE! Que?!? Just her generosity and helping me make sure Bevo is loved and taken out to go potty in my absence, she earns it. She deserves it.

I went to the Pacific Island Market in Hayward with intentions of pick up ingredients for lumpia, which I did. But I also picked up ingredients to make poke, adobo setaw, pot stickers and cocktails. And all that for $60.

I started making the poke. I did have to look at a YouTubevideo on how to cut up the ahi. When in to doubt, search YouTube! As i was making it and taste testing, I got more and more excited about how it was turning out that some dances moves were made in the kitchen. Kim, my roommate, was working from home that afternoon so she got to watch all of my excitement and giddiness.

After some fluffing of the ahi, I had to take my photos of the finished product. “Can I eat now?” asks Kim. She enjoyed it and so did I! I was really proud of myself and had a good time making it.

SnapChat: bappletree

Then, I moved onto making lumpia. “How has the Filipino (in the house) never made lumpia but the white girl has?” Kim asks another valid question. To be honest, this lumpia was also as repayment for me consuming the leftovers she brought home from her July 4th festivities. I couldn’t stop eating them! The chopping of the ingredients and mixing and folding took a labor of love. However, 50 shanghai lumpias were rolled and some were frozen for my best friend. They were tasty! I had them with soy sauce and vinegar and garlic, Kim had them with a mild red sweet and sour sauce.

Love lumpia?
I willing to make you 50 pieces for a $35 donation to my Team in Trainingfundraising goal (http://bit.ly/OrlandoBoundforLolo). Contact me! Must pick up in Hayward.
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Orlando Bound for Lolo – Week 2

Following up on Week 1 since I signed up for my first half marathon in Orlando with Team in Training benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I have committed to run 13.1 miles in memory of my late Lolo, Victor Manzano, and in honor of my friend, Sandra.

And here’s to Week 2!
I ran 6 miles the day before so I needed a break. No work out. For a planner, I seem to fail on picking places to meet up with Instafriend on Mondays. We were going to go to the view bar at the top of the new Loew’s Regency aka the Chopsticks building for the two points at the top. But they were not open on Monday. I walked by Wayfare Tavern and suggested that but we ended up for a drink at Tadich Grill. They did not offer dining at the bar, just their snacks which were not vegetarian. We had one drink and left. I will have to come back for dinner there sometime to experience a popular spot.

We then headed over to Pabu. My first time at this Michael Mina location was with Instafriend a bit ago for her friend’s event. (Pabu – San Francisco, CA) It’s a delicious spot and Instafriend told me they had a secret whiskey cocktail menu. YES! Right up my alley. The menu came in a rolled up scroll stuffed in the opening of a bottle covered in paint. I passed on the Japanese whisky flight and went with a Wandering Samurai with Akashi white oak whisky, rose tea and creme de violette. It came in a wine glass with one sphere ice cube. It wasn’t my favorite cocktail but it will do.

For food and Meatless Monday, I enjoyed the mushroom tempura, futumaki and the dessert cookie with mochi and fruit. The dessert was not shareable so we ordered two. It was delicious. Great company.


Not Meatless Monday began with a burrito that my new roommate brought me. It was delicious. And followed later on by a workout at home. No run. I really need to get a hold on my diet. The day followed with a walk from Embarcadero Bart station to the Fisherman’s Wharf for work. I was a bit early and went to get a smoothie on Jones Street. Missing the islands as usual, I went with a mango or pineapple smoothie. It was a bit tart. With more time to kill, I stopped in at Pompei’s Grotto and ordered their happy hour menu items: mussels and tacos. Sadly, not only do they not spell the city correctly in my opinion as it is used with and without the double i, the food was lacking that I didn’t even finish it. It’s sad to say that it won’t be the first place I recommend hotel guests to dine at.

To further add to the disappointment, I received a media pass for the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience but it was for the upcoming weekend. I had planned to attend a friend’s wedding in Madera, California and the flight alone was for $800. I had to pass. But contact me to attend your event for a write up!

Before work was full of appointments so no major work out was done. One of those appointments were to get three pieces of furniture removed using Got Junk? They do not give you a quote or even know exactly what you are trying to g
et rid of. They make an appointment, waste your time as you wait for the movers to arrive and give you an astronomical quote hoping you would just go with their quote just to get rid of your stuff. It’s pretty terrible. I spent my day before work scheduling another appointment with a local company. I think I rewarded myself with two al pastor tacos from Taqueria El Farolito on Beach Street in San Francisco. Get the strawberry aqua fresca too. Tasty! No run again but did walk my usual route from Bart to the Fisherman’s Wharf.

My sister was in town for training and was staying with me. With our schedules conflicting we didn’t have time to catch up. On her last night in town and my Friday, she came out to meet me at Pier 39 and I took advantage of my coupons from Landry’s for sending folks there from the hotel and being a new Landry’s member. Check out the VIP sign on the table. Nice touch. I had their salmon with an avocado, corn and shrimp topping. Delicious. My sister went with the mud pie for dessert. Thankfully I didn’t enjoy that too much or the Chenin Blanc and Viognier wine. I think I was just tired from the week.

I did get a workout at home with Bevo. That was good The Vietnamese sandwich from the counter outside the Slanted Door was probably not a good idea. And at $14! I won’t be doing that again. 


Then I kick the workout into high gear. I meet up with Nelly, who is also fundraising for our half marathon, at Lake Merritt. This was our first meet up and I was scheduled to run seven miles. That would be two plus laps around the lake. I was running in my busted Brooks and in my Section36 tank. Nelly was ahead of me the entire time and I made it to 8 miles! My goal was to make it Sidebar who follow my We’re Hungry Too Instagram account. I made it! It hurt but I did it and kept an OK pace. It was no where fast but the goal was crushed and new personal records were made.

Lunch at Sidebar was fantastic. We sat at the bar and Marco took good care of us. I was eyeing his fruit bowl and asked for some oranges. He cut up a whole orange for me. For free! He’s my favorite. I love fruit. I went with the trout salad as it was the latest post on their Instagram and it was delicious. I will have to try their other items and cocktails.

No time for a nap to recover, Kim came home and we headed off to Downtown Hayward for happy hour at Brews and Brats and to see the Deadpool movie. Thanks to the Monopoly game at Safeway, I saved $5. And had a pint of 21st Amendment’s Hell or Highwater Watermelon. I didn’t need the beer to find Deadpool hilarious. The legs scene! OMG.

Still not ready to go home, we went to get sushi from Tomadochi. It’s all about the Fire & Ice roll. And more oranges!

I had a full day ahead and had to get some sort of workout in. I did what I could. My knees hurt from the run the day before. I picked up my handsome wedding date and started our way to the Central Valley. We made a stop at two tasting rooms and had a great time. Then it was to change in the park as we couldn’t find a place to change and walked in a bit late to the wedding. The wedding reception was full of whiskey, laughs, meeting new folks and dancing. We had a good time and the date was a success. Best wishes to Janey & Ryan!

On two and a half hours of sleep, I was draggin’ ass. I paid extra for a parking spot closest to work so I could sleep during my lunch break. I didn’t bother eating until the end of my shift at 4:30 PM and then I went home to sleep.
In summary, according my Fitbit, I walked over 100,000 steps, burned nearly 2,000 calories and on average have 6 hours of sleep. 
I have been logging my food as well on MyFitnessPal and hoping that keeps me aware of what I am putting in my body as a I train.
It’s hard to lay off the booze! Maybe I need to cut liquor to just special occasions or special company.
Thanks for reading and please support me in training for my first half marathon in memory of my Lolo – http://bit.ly/OrlandoBoundforLolo

Onto Week 3!