Orlando Bound for Lolo – Week 1

So, I’m committed. I signed up for my first half marathon (Team in Training – Orlando Bound for Lolo). I will create monthly posts to outline my progress, my workouts and struggles.  So here it goes!

SUNDAY – I signed up. Did my research. Ask my friend and TNT alumni how it worked and recruited my friend do consider doing it with me. Success! I had already packed my gym bag and brought it work thinking I would repeat and actually succeed in running eight miles back and forth from the Argonaut Hotel to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. I did not. I forgot I had dinner plans with my Bride and she was running late, so I got at least 4 miles in.

It was a windy day and I was not looking forward to running against the wind again. Plus I was still sore from the workouts from the weekend. But I now had to do it! I have been telling coworkers that I signed up so I am making sure I don’t disappoint. Though sore and not a great time, I surpassed my revised goal of doing a 5K with pains in my shins and did four miles. So there you go! I was happy for the wind now as it helped cool me down, but not after a dinner at the bar at Scoma’s.

Just realized the last time I ran, I also wear this Los Lonely Boys shirt. Zipper up by Puma. Earrings by Stella & Dot.
Grilled salmon and fennel.

Steps: 15,676
Miles: 7.8
Calories Burned: 2,098
Minutes of Activity: 81

MONDAY – Meatless Monday, that is. I didn’t have a chance to work out but I did my usual walk to and from work from the Embarcadero Bart station. I had a surprise guest show up at work and I decided to accept their invitation to dinner in Chinatown (Great Eastern Restaurant). I usually meet up with my Instafriend and avoid the commuters going home. I invited her to my friend’s bar, Bar 587, but she didn’t get back to me in time. It was a successful Meatless Monday. I really wanted that chicken on the Hong Kong style noodles and order the Shrimp Sandwich from The Blue Mermaid. But I kept myself under control.

Kale and romaine caesar salad
What a lovely surprise from Cincinnati, Ohio.  They came to the Argonaut Hotel to say hello!
Iced latte from Caffe Trieste as I was too early for dinner.
Duck, duck, chicken.

Steps: 12,723
Miles: 5.23
Calories Burned: 1,853
Minutes of Activity: 59

TUESDAY – Worked out at home, had one of the best salads I’ve had in a long while at The Bear & Monarch at the new Loews Hotel, had a meeting and walked to work from downtown San Francisco. For dinner, I carbed up at Cioppino’s for dinner and bought some socks from the sock store at Fisherman’s Wharf to go with my TNT cause. I bought ones that were purple with pineapples because I love Hawaii and work in hospitality and Minnie Mouse ones. Then I walked to Bart. That night I also received some cool leggings and a sweet note from my cousin in Minnesota. Check out the bees!

Steps: 14,437
Miles: 6.28
Calories Burned: 1,933
Minutes of Activity: 78

WEDNESDAY – Rocked my new socks, wore another Los Lonely Boys top and my Celebrity Cruises zipper up for my run. I ran 5 miles before work. One more mile than I did on Sunday. I had a salmon and warm brussels sprout salad at the new Toy Soldier restaurant with a friend. Then made my walk to work.

Steps: 23,077
Miles: 11.17
Calories Burned: 2,364
Minutes of Activity: 138

THURSDAY – Worked out at home and took it kind of easy but had my steps in with my walk to work.

Steps: 11,005
Miles: 4.98
Calories Burned: 1,871
Minutes of Activity: 41

FRIDAY – My day off. Worked out at home and had planned a spa day at Silverado Resort and Spa with my first Lomi Lomi massage. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it. This was definitely a cheat day with five or six bottles of wine.

Steps: 6,013
Miles: 2.39
Calories Burned: 1,738
Minutes of Activity: 8

SATURDAY – A long day going to San Francisco, Yosemite, back to San Francisco and home and having to work at 8 AM the next day. It was beautiful out there and we got in maybe almost a 2-mile hike. The amount of free time definitely wasn’t enough.

Steps: 13,432
Miles: 5.36
Calories Burned: 1,953
Minutes of Activity: 63

SUNDAY – Exhausted, had a hard time getting to work because of Bay to Breakers, had to work a full 8-hour shift but I managed to get 6 miles in with a 10.5-minute mile being my best.

Steps: 19,562
Miles: 10.14
Calories Burned: 2,280
Minutes of Activity: 88

More to come! Thanks for reading!

Golden Gate Bridge 10K

One Busy Bee strikes again! As seen in my previous posts, I recruited friends to do this 12-week Bodybuilding.com fitness challenge and it ends soon. I have not been able to work out in two weeks.  I do not have a set schedule for my part-time but nearly 30-hour work week and I have been busy with wedding planning work and travel itineraries. My commute is 3-4 hours per day. And I have been dealing with Bevo, my Boston Terrier, having separation anxiety and some added stress with a real estate and roommate issue. Needless to say, I have had to prioritize some things and unfortunately working out took a back seat.

But!!! The night before this I worked out at home with my Bevo and decided to pack my bag to run to the Golden Gate Bridge.
Sports bra by Victoria’s Secret
As a Concierge, primarily at the beautiful Argonaut Hotel at Fisherman’s Wharf, I tell my guests almost daily that the walk from the hotel to the Golden Gate Bridge is 4 miles and another 1.7 miles across the bridge. They often ask what’s the trail like. ‘Mostly flat.’ I always want to be true to my word and when I recommend something or be the provider of information as Concierges should be, I want to always tell the truth. Now, I can say I have personally experienced the route. It only took living 37 years in the Bay Area but it’s better late than never.
There are two hills to worry about. Just around the bend of the aquatic park near the Maritime Museum, there’s a hill. Not having ran in quite some time, I stopped up this hill but pushed myself to keep going. I didn’t stop again until the next hill just before Fort Point. I damn near threw up a lung. It hurt to cough. But I had to keep going. I stopped take a few photos but weaved thru the tourists to get to the beginning of the bridge where the cables started going up to the towers. Four miles: done!

Four miles! Top ring by Stella & Dot. SnapChat filter: @bappletree

I had originally planned to go to the Palace of Fine Arts, my favorite place in the city, but decided to take a detour to Fort Point as I’ve never been there. I took my time going down the hill as well as when I was heading towards the end of this trail. My left hip started to feel tight but I wanted to finish and reach the end and be as much under the bridge as possible. I did it! A selfie was needed. A gent and his dog was also there and he asked that I take a photo. During that photo, I started to feel a bit cold. I didn’t have a sweater, just my Los Lonely Boys shirt. It was nice that said I was fast. He saw me at a distance and now I was here taking his photo.

Then I kept going. I wanted to complete the 8-mile walk. I sent my before photo to my Nene and he responded, ‘Slayin’ on a Sunday.’ My response: ‘Every motherF’in day.’ He liked that. I wanted to honor that but I kept going to stay warm and until the pain in my hip got too much to bear. At that point, I completed my first 10k in a really long time. Apparently according to my Runkeeper app, it wasn’t my first 10k. But it’s been awhile. Still with a cough and my body being pain, I threw in the towel and paid for a $9 Uber direct. I didn’t want to do a pool and force someone to sit next to my sweaty self. I was proud of what I accomplished. And what a beautiful this city is.
Today, my lower body is so sore but I still need to get a work out in. Upper body and core is on the schedule.

Have you done this trail?
Have you visited the above locations?
***Daily April Challenge***

#250KChallenge2018- Week 4

Doing a fitness challenge while on vacation? Normally this One Busy Bee is all about it! I hit the gym almost everyday aboard Holland America Line’s Oosterdam a couple of months ago. This time, not so good! But it’s about the bounce back! I don’t stay down for long and I tried to get back to it once I landed back in California. But here’s Week 4. It wasn’t pretty but it wasn’t a complete disaster. How’s every body else doing?
Recovery from the night before took place and I wanted to get as much from our last day in Barcelona. We walked a few miles to the soccer stadium. Unfortunately, I missed the last game of the season that took place on Saturday. We then took a cab to La Ramblas. Court Court has never been. Our first stop was coffee. This restaurant had carbonara on the menu. Since our trip to Italy, I have never found a carbonara dish remotely close to it. We walked around a bit more and Court Court was not feeling well so we just went back to the AirBNB. We had dinner plans at a Michelin Star restaurant that evening. Dinner was fantastic and cheap for so much food! Besides the walking, this One Busy Bee did not work out.

Not being able to sleep the night before, I stayed up and watched a lot of videos on YouTube. We had a layover in London and the confusion and long walk to our connecting flight and more definitely got us to 10,000 steps on my FitBit. We had lunch at the airport and that was tasty. Unfortunately, Norwegian doesn’t feed you so I would recommend ordering food to take on the plane. That’s what I did! By this time, we were both feeling like and just wanted to get home.  Not on a great work schedule, I was down to do a Wag Walk for my favorite clients in my own town. Sir Bruno got big!! Glad to get even more steps in. That helped.

It was my Wedding Wednesday. But first I hit the gym to at least do cardio to get back into it. No pic unfortunately. I met up with my Bride, Nikki, and we toured her new office space where she will be teaching Spanish. Look her up if you’re looking for one-on-one assistance. She’s amazing and I love supporting other female entrepreneurs.
As my Bride, we also checked out her wedding venue in Healdsburg, California. If you’re looking for an affordable, outdoor space near a lake, let’s talk!

Then, we followed it with more chatting over a discounted fish bowl at Guy Fieri’s restaurant, Tex Wasabi. It’s pretty delicious. I like some BBQ in my sushi. Nothing’s wrong with that.

I did hit the gym but couldn’t find a pic or record of what I did. Blogger fail, right? 
I definitely hit the gym before working a Concierge shift at the beautiful Sir Francis Drake Hotel near Union Square in San Francisco. It was nice to lift some weights. I had plans of going on a hike with Kim in the morning so I didn’t do legs

At work, I got a tour of the property and posted this pic of their grand ballroom on Instagram. Kimpton liked it so much they asked if they can share it. Of course!!! Now if only I could get paid to do exactly that!

Feeling pretty tired, I almost cancelled on Kim for the hike. BUT she’s gotten up early to go to a class with me at 8 am one weekend morning. So I couldn’t cancel on her. And I’m glad I did! Look at that view!


I had to work and met up with my Best Friend and my niece and nephew. My nephew was about to start baseball at 6 years old and I entertained my niece with doing yoga with her. Not our best but hey, we’re moving. And that’s the problem nowadays with kids. They have iPads and iPhones in their hands that they don’t want to go outside and be active. I encourage that with my Little Loves. I hope you do this with children in your life too.
Onto Week 5!

SoCal & Disneyland Bound

In the morning, I am headed to Southern California to meet up with my best friend, her boyfriend, her friend and my niece and nephew to go Disneyland for her birthday. I haven’t been to Disneyland in 10 years and haven’t really had a desire to go. I do enjoy Disney movies and loved seeing The Lion King on Broadway and meeting the cast when it was here in San Francisco at The Orpheum Theater. However, I chosen to spend my money on traveling to other destinations.

Like my Los Lonely Boys, who I have seen about 70 times (see LLB Concert Log), I don’t realize how excited I am about what’s happening until it’s here. I am excited to finally spend some time with my best friend since she started a new job and seeing the expressions on my niece and nephew’s faces for their first experience at ‘The Happiest Place in the Earth.’

Follow the adventure on SnapChat at ‘bappletree’ and some food items on Instagram via @WereHungryToo. Contact Me if you have a restaurant or children friendly spot to be in one of my next travel posts.

Here’s some shots of meeting Pluto, Goofy and Mickey in 2007.

#BernsFashionChallenge – Week 3

Week 3 of #BernsFashionChallenge is complete! This challenge is to benefit The Princess Project in San Francisco, California that promotes self-confidence and individual beauty. They also provide teens with prom dresses and accessories that cannot otherwise purchase them. 
Let’s think back to high school and how important that dress was. It was the closest thing we had to being invited to a ball. What if you didn’t have any money to buy a beautiful dress? What would you  wear if that boy you had a crush on finally asked you to prom or homecoming? Every girl deserves to feel beautiful at least every once in awhile. Like Marilyn Monroe said, give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world. I think The Princess Project allows this to happen for some Bay Area girls. Kudos to this local non-profit. Donate your gently used dresses today! Follow me on Instagram and I will donate a dollar for every new follower I have at the end of the month. That just a few days left!
This week in fashion for me included wearing nothing new. No shopping for me. But check it out! If you’d like your item featured, let’s collaborate. Email me!

New Instagram Followers:  43
Go follow me! It’s for a good cause! ‘bappletree’
Total Likes from the below posts: 246
Gym time in my bodybuilding.com tank, Under Armour leggings, Brooks shoes that you can’t see and my FitBit.

Gym time again in my CaliMuscle tank, unknown leggings and my Brooks. Dress is from a store at the Southland Mall in Hayward, California. Sweater is from Express and shoes by Cole Haan, wallet by Stella & Dot. That day I did drink. We had Mount Gay on-site at Dirty Water and I made my own Old Fashioned with their rum. It was tasty. Then my kitchen made me try a fried brains meatball. Yes. And I had to get the taste out of my mouth so I asked for some our Bourbon and Bacon homemade ice cream. Worth the unusual taste? Oh, yes! See that smile? Get that ice cream on top of our Stonefruit Cobbler dessert.

I didn’t know I was going to wear stripes two days in a row, or that Cristen was also going to wear stripes. So a picture was needed. The shirt is also by Jeaja from Oakland, California, jewelry from Stella & Dot, jeans by White House Black Market and flip flops on National Flip Flop Day by Reef that I purchased on my first day in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico last year.

Then it was a spontaneous day with two of my favorite boys, Dylan and Marshall aka ‘Best Friend,’ in Capitola, California after a day at the gym. Gym gear was CaliMuscle, leggings by Victoria’s Secret and Brooks. Hat is from Vegas, bikini by Bebe that I have had for years and dress from Forever 21 when I was in Glendale, California for a Los Lonely Boys concert.

Sunday was Father’s Day and recovering day from a night of too much Bulliet Bourbon. Sadly, the Warriors lost the NBA Finals. Great season though, Boys. Maxidress was purchased in Kauai.

Monday was a day for my favorite color and kitties apparently. I didn’t have any meetings or events so it was a very casual day for me. Shirt by Express, jeans by White House Black Market, shoes by Puma and jewerly by Stella & Dot.

Absolutely love this too by Jeaja of Oakland, California paired with a flirty skit I don’t know
where I got from and Cole Haan heels. It sways when I walk and it’s so much fun. I also love the jewelry by Stella & Dot. These items are actually available and rather new on my site. I haven’t purchased much lately. I am waiting for their new collection that will be released in the next few months at Hoopla.

Fitness-wise, the hard work is paying off. I can see some shadows in these pictures I want to define more but have a lot to work on in the mid-section before my photoshoot on the 18th of July. Countdown is on! Goals are in place.
I haven’t had a drink since Saturday. Well, I did have a sip of Michter’s yesterday but that doesn’t count, right? I have been craving dessert and Taco Bell! What are your cravings?
Until next week. I will have a few more pics that go thru the end of month. Have a great week!

Week 1
Week 2

LLB 2016 – Napa & Saratoga. +RIP Christina Grimmie

Work has been crazy busy and I was prepping myself for my Event Manager’s departure. We had non-stop events and I didn’t take a day off for 19 days. The Los Lonely Boys concert in Napa, California at the Uptown Theatre was the perfect reason to take a day off. It also fell on a Friday.

I met up with my friend, Maria, and her boyfriend, Gabriel, at one of many wine bars we visited that day. It was great to be social, get out of town and be in Napa. As soon as I saw the vines on the highway, I felt like I could breathe. I’m way too far to turnaround if there’s an emergency at work so I was going to make the best of my much needed day off.

I indulged in wine, cheese and crackers, mac and cheese, a salad, cornbread and chocolate in our little Downtown Napa tour. When you need a snack, consider checking out Napkins and check in on Yelp. You get complimentary guacamole or cornbread. You know which one I went with.

Besides wine, my Los Lonely Boys make me happy. After drinking wine all afternoon, being full and 19 days straight of work, my energy level was low. Normally we have friends that join us and we take over a few seats in the front. I was in the third row near Henry, while Maria and Gabriel were on Jojo’s side. I didn’t know anyone around me and honestly, I wasn’t my bubbly self and chit chatting with everyone and handing out swag. But when the Boys came on stage and started playing, I just stared up and had a simple smile on my face. It made me miss my Onda by the Bay friends and how things used to be. We all used to go grab dinner before a show, we would find out who wants to go to shows and buy tickets so we can sit together, and we’d coordinate traveling together. I miss that.

The Boys definitely know most of us but I miss the good ol’ days. I don’t hang out by the bus after the concert at a chance to get a hug. I feel lucky as it is with the time I have been able to spend with them. I guess I’m offering up other fans to go and say hello.

However, maybe I shouldn’t. The news this morning about 22-year-old Christina Grimmie made me sad (CNN news article.) She was a YouTube sensation and finished third on The Voice. It wasn’t even a season that I watched because Christina Aguilera wasn’t on it, but my roommate popped his head in my room one night saying I needed to see this girl do Elvis’ ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love.’ He knows I love The King. And it is AMAZING. Last night, she was shot and killed by a fan after a concert in Orlando, Florida. Her next concert was going to be right here in San Francisco on the 15th at a venue called Chapel. My good friend and OndaRoadMate, Tasina, have become great friends because of the Boys. We are big fans and friends of the Boys that we cared deeply when Henry had his fall, when JoJo had to take time to heal his throat and when their mother recently passed away. The Boys have had years of entertaining fans all over the world and we are lucky that a senseless act like what Christina Grimmie has fallen a victim to has not happened to them. Christina was just sharing her talent and making a difference in this world, making people smile and fundraising for the organizations she supported. The Boys do the same thing. I wouldn’t have seen them 69 times if what they did didn’t make me happy and bring so much joy to my life. I pray that the Boys are kept safe. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Christina Grimmie. Here is THE BEST remake of the Elvis song.

RIP Christina Grimmie

The poster
The Boys seemed like they were having a good time up there. No new songs and I haven’t heard of any rumors of a new album. Regardless, it never gets old.
I was lucky enough to get parking right outside the theater. After the concert, I saw people standing by my car taking photos. I have LNLYBYS as my license plate. I jokingly told them that it would cost them $5 per picture. As I was leaving, a guy came to my window saying that he loved it. Me too!

Met this couple from Lodi while at Napkins. He got a drumtick!
The next time I saw the Boys was on Memorial Day Weekend in Saratoga, California at the Mountain Winery. Once again, I had the day off, but I was still tired from a long week where 6-days a normal work week. I have seen them plenty of times at this venue and it is a pretty penny. Not as expensive at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California but when you add $20 parking and wine to it, it adds up. I can’t say I enjoy their food very much so I normally eat beforehand.
Again, the Boys were having a great time up there and sounded great. The seats were super filled and they didn’t play nearly as long as they were the opening act for War. I saw that their father was at the venue. It was funny to see a security guard ask him to head back to his seat or something, then the explanation of who he was made the security guard laugh and back off. After the Boys’ set, I said hello to their father, Enrique. I asked him if he remembered me and he said ‘of course.’ He was very funny and it was nice to be able to say hello to him.

Until the next time, Boys. Be safe.

See my full LLB concert log HERE.

Los Lonely Boys Back in San Francisco

The Los Lonely Boys put on two amazing shows. I wish I had the time to elaborate but I am so thankful Henry is feeling better after his accident last year. His brothers are right, there is no Lonely Boys without him…any of them. The thought of it just breaks my heart. Being with them, hearing their music live and being with the friends and remembering the many unforgettable memories they have brought me, says there’s no doubt in my mind that I will continue this 8-9 year-long experience as long as they’re the Los Lonely Boys.

Below is the set list for the evening. I loved hearing the new songs live, first at the Playspace KFOG

and then at The Independent. What an amazing day.

Blame It On Love
Give a Little More
It’s Just My Heart Talkin’
Don’t Walk Away
So Sensual (first time live)
Can’t Slow Down
Nobody else
Crazy Dream
Man to Beat
Oye Mamacita. 
I’m a Man

Thank you for my first ‘shredded’ pic, Henry!!! I have been wanting one for a very long time.

Love spending time with my La Onda By the Bay family. Always a good time!

And we gotta love the family that takes care of our Boys. Thank you, Shawn & Farmer!
Shawn’s all grown up

Until April. Get your tickets for Carmel and Napa!

Pre-Order Los Lonely Boys’ Revelation

Get ready to pre-order your copy of the Los Lonely Boys‘ new album, Revelation, in mid-October! The expected release date is January 21, 2014. Stay tuned here, their website or on Twitter.
Onda By the Bay, the San Francisco Bay and Northern California chapter of their street team, La Onda are looking for more dedicated fans to join our group. We create and pass out swag at concerts, promote the Boys and their music, build long-lasting friendships and do many activities together. If you would like to get ‘lonely’ with us, read more about my adventures here on my blog or feel free to email me.

UPDATE – Their show at The Independent on February 4, 2014 goes on sale tomorrow, 10/3 at 10 am. Go to their site and enter the keyword “revelation” to get pre-sale tickets.

Los Lonely Boys Take on 2014 – Pollstar 11/12/13

My New, Beautiful Niece, Arya Alexis

Let me introduce to you my new, beautiful niece, Arya Alexis. Born this morning, Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 2:55 am, 7lbs. 4 oz. in San Francisco, CA. Auntie B cannot wait to meet you!

I arrived at the hospital before 6:30 pm to find Arya in the arms of her Aunt Leilani, a close friend of Christy, and her grandparents nearby.  Leilani has two children so she’s much more experienced with newborns. I didn’t ask to hold Arya immediately. I thought I should wait for my turn, not knowing how long she has held her already. I made my hellos, congratulated Christy on giving life to another beautiful baby and just watched Arya. I listened to Christy’s labor story which was much different from her experience with her first born. I am so proud of her. I couldn’t imagine what she was going thru but women do it every day, even more than once so it can be done. My grandmother had twelve! But Christy did an amazing job. Arya is perfect.

Eventually Leilani gave Arya to Christy to check something out and Christy asked if I wanted to hold her. I was sitting on the side of the bed and of course I wanted to hold her! I was at the hospital the same day after Nate was born and I couldn’t miss meeting Arya within hours of her entering this world. I didn’t even get to do this with my nephew, Brent.  So this is incredibly special to me. Christy is one of my best friends. She’s my rock. I love her and her babies as if we were blood relatives. I was about to hold my new niece for the first time.

Christy gently handed Arya to me and she was so incredibly tiny. I positioned her in my arms and I was incredibly overwhelmed with emotion and started to cry. She was just so beautiful, innocent, little and already loved so much, and I had the honor to call her my niece. It was just so amazing to have this moment because I will never have it with her again and I had to embrace it and let my emotions take over me. And I didn’t care how I looked, who I was crying in front of or that it was even captured. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

I keep saying that I want a boy if I were to have only one child of my own, but girls are climbing the charts. I really think it’s because of my niece, Eliana. I just fell in love with her immediately. I met her in Pennsylvania at just one or two months old and then not again until she was almost three as she was one of two flower girls for my wedding. But in between I definitely wanted to be an active roll in her life as much as I could with being on the other side of the country. I’m the one that knows her birthday, her middle name and the first one she asked for when she woke up from her nap in the car while on the way to my house. “Where’s Bernadette?” We completely bonded and I loved how smart, funny and talkative she was. She sang my favorite song from my childhood movie, Annie, and again as I got my hair done for my wedding. At the reception, she and I stole the dance floor as I picked her up, danced with her and sang along to her one of my favorite, Los Lonely Boys‘ “Smile.” I’ll never forget that. “And now you’re here, You’re right on time….I see every shade of love in your eyes.” I haven’t seen her since but try to keep in touch. She is always in my thoughts and I have pictures of her all around my house.

Then there’s Emma. Her mother and I have known each other since middle school. We don’t see each other as much as we’d like or even talk on the phone as often but it’s always great to never have that awkward moment when you see each other again. We just pick right back up as if we just hung out the day before. Emma is quite the character. She reminds me so much of Tara, her mother. Beautiful with gorgeous blue eyes and contagious smile. And she just loves me! Even though I’m not around that much. The picture below is one of my favorites. It is from earlier this year and it was pretty warm but she came back from the park and hugged me and didn’t let go. She almost fell asleep like that. Her parents say she doesn’t warm up that fast to anybody. It’s because Auntie B is awesome. I’m just sayin’.

Eventually, it was just Christy, Arya and I in the hospital room and I tried to help her out with whatever she needed. I obviously wasn’t stingy with the baby but Christy did want to take a shower so I had some alone time with Arya. Christy turned on the television but I didn’t want to do anything but look at how precious she was. I sang La Contestacion by the Los Lonely Boys to her. It’s my all-time favorite song and I still haven’t heard it live in front of an audience. I’ve had a special performance of it so I guess I can’t complain. I just loved holding her, looking at her, loving her. I did have to go home to my other baby: my four-legged one but told Christy I would try to come by the following day. 

I did end up making it to the hospital the following day, Wednesday, 9/11. I’m really surprised she didn’t have that many visitors. I was the second one for the day and it was 6:30 pm again. So I got some quality time with the two of them. I got to babysit again while it was shower time and I sang to her again, rocked her, talked to her. I didn’t want to put her down. I’m glad I came by the hospital again and was there for the both of them. I know she would do it for me. Until this weekend…

Happiness is being an auntie.