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Louisville Restaurant Week dessert at Neighborhood Services
Baked Alaska at Neighborhood Services – Louisville, Kentucky

It’s difficult to keep up with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and now the latest thing is TikTok. This One Busy Bee has accounts for my personal life, my travel agent life and my other love: food and drink. I remember when a coworker and I named this account. It was going to be a team effort but it slowly became just me. When we got our first 100 followers, we were so happy. Now, I’m at 800. It took quite a bit of time but I would consider it still an accomplishment.


Thank you to those that follow WereHungryToo on Instagram. Please continue to follow, like and comment. I love the comments and hearing if you have had the same dish or it has inspired you to try to make the dish yourself or go to the dining establishment!

Tonight, I added to my foodie experiences by going to the Troll Pub Under the Bridge during my stay in Louisville, Kentucky. The below photo was taken as the sign out front was sent to the restaurant for possible use on their Facebook page. Fingers crossed!

The troll under the bridge and I
Makers Mark beanie.
History of The Troll Pub

The Hot Brown open faced sandwich started at the Brown Hotel downtown. This the pub’s version.

The pub's version of the Hot Brown

With a coupon from my Springhill Suites front desk, I got a free dessert when I spent $15 or more. I shared it with new friends and locals, Bonnie and Andy. Nice couple. The brownie was soft and fluffy, not dense. This was my kind of brownie.

Thank you again for your support!


#502RestaurantWeek – Proof on Main

Having recently supported restaurants in Oakland, California during Oakland Restaurant Week, I unfortunately did not have their ORC specific menus. But good job, Z Cafe & Bar and MUA. I have dined with you a few times. While in Louisville and on business, I am taking advantage of these multi-course meal offerings for Louisville Restaurant Week benefiting Coalition for the Homeless and Goodwill. The first stop was Proof on Main.

When I first looked at the map of its distance from my hotel, I thought it wasn’t too bad. When I reached the corner where I thought Proof was going to be, I was mistaken. I kept on walking. If it wasn’t so cold, I wouldn’t have mind clocking more steps on my Fitbit. I passed the Galt House Hotel, the PNC Tower and even the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. And then I found the golden statue of Michelangelo’s David (saw the real thing in Florence) at the corner that I remember seeing on my way out of downtown when I was here in November. Art at every corner. At this same corner, stood Proof on Main.

I checked in, got my Opentable points and was seated in a nice corner booth for one. I was presented with a thick drink menu, the regular menu and the Louisville Restaurant Week menu on top. I already knew what I was getting, though the regular menu looks like something I might try again while I am in town.

I looked over the cocktails and I knew I wanted something bourbon based. I went with the Kevin for $12 and made by GG. It’s nice that they give the bartender credit for their creation. Kevin had 21c selects Woodford Reserve, cold brew pecan orgeat and cardmaro whipped cream.

While waiting for Kevin, my first course arrived. An unexpectedly stout Kevin shortly followed. He perked me right up! If you are following my blog, you would know I love salad. I went with the Kentucky Gem Lettuce salad with shaved radish, roasted grapes, grana padana and banyuls vinaigrette, French fortified or dessert wine. It was fantastic, light and perfectly coated with the dressing that the plate appeared to not have any excess.

John was my server and he was very nice and informative. He approached my table as I was attempting to look up the design background of the restaurant. It was very unique with two big red penguins, Native American sienna framed photos, flowered wallpaper and bison heads hanging from the wall. John described the very differently designed rooms and I had to see them for myself. I asked if it was OK to walk around and take photos.

The other dining was more political.

The bar was to honor the LGBTQ community. Photos of staff also hang in this bar.

And the private dining room was about the owners. One side was for the wife and the other for the husband. Items were taken directly from their own for this this room. As an event planner, I thought this spot was extremely unique. I would recommend it.

I returned to my table and my main course was coming around the corner as I sat down. Perfect timing! I typically don’t order the pork chop but the trout sounded too light and the herb cavatelli seemed to heavy. This Californian Goldilocks went for something in the middle and a protein – the cast-iron pork chop with smoked grits, shallot confit, red-eye jus and walnut relish. It was quite the plate. I did ask John to please drain the oil in the wide, shallow bowl. He did and returned with a fresh plate and perfect. The pork was moist and flavorful. Unlike many other Filipinos in my family, I trim off the excess fat. I love grits so I was happy to dig in. The walnut relish was plentiful and to my liking. I didn’t waste a bite.

Oh, goodness, and then the butterscotch pot de creme! I have had many pot de cremes in my time and this is probably one of my favorites. It was delicious, the soft whip and sea salt was a nice contrast in texture to the dense creme. I unfortunately couldn’t eat more than half of it as the pork chop now occupied majority of my stomach. My taste buds argued but I pushed the plate back. I’m sorry to the perfectly round pecan cookies as well. I nibbled a bite but I just couldn’t.

John topped it off with some cotton candy. I welcome the bill that came with it.

For my first Louisville Restaurant Week experience, this was an excellent way to kick it off! And thank you to their social media for re-sharing my posts and the follow. You will hear more from me!

Next: Walker’s Exchange.

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Bakersfield in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio

For this One Busy Bee California girl, Bakersfield means something different. Bakersfield is something you pass on your way down to Los Angeles from the Northern California. In Cincinnati, Ohio, Bakersfield in the Over-the-Rhine district means tacos and strong margaritas. Coming here was a recommendation I was given by the Executive Director at one of my customer sites. I completed all my site visit and I needed a cocktail. I will have to tell him that he pointed me in the right direction.

Between the skyscrapers of Cincinnati, the streets will turn into one-ways like most downtown areas have. The parking lot on the same block is $9 for any period of time. Be sure to enjoy the beautiful mural as well.

I grabbed a seat at the bar as I usually prefer. The gentleman to my left wasn’t very much of a gentlemen at all by allowing me room to scoot into the open seat. He also continued to elbow me without apologizing. Sorry, Friend. I asked if anyone was sitting there before I moved in and no one contested. The other guy next to me was having a good night and was very colorful. His name was Joseph.

“Are you a basic bitch?” asks Joseph.
“No, Honey, I’m not.”
“Well, I am.”
“Well, rock it, Man!”

Saving the evening was the nice gal behind the bar. She explained the menu, provided her recommendations and made the experience. I went with four small tacos and a house margarita with salt.

The margarita was made with El Jimador tequila, triple sec, agave nectar and fresh lemon/lime for $9. I would like to think that I can handle my alcohol, but this cocktail was pretty strong and well made. I know it was because I didn’t finish it as I have been exhausted and I had more work to do that evening.

The food was fantastic. I am trying to do a better job of not over ordering. My eyes are usually bigger than my stomach and as my bartendress stated they were small, I ordered three tacos originally. I eventually ordered four tacos in total.

I had the bistec, al pastor, baja shrimp and vegetarian huitlacochie with corn truffle, roasted poblano, corn, onion, cotija cheese and cilantro. The vegetarian one was definitely my favorite one. They were all delicious and the tortillas are housemade daily.

Another place I dined in Cincinnati back in November is called Boomtown Biscuits and Whiskey. That will be for another post. Come back and visit soon! I will be in the Midwest for a few weeks.

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OBB Weekly – 2/18/20

Not Indiana but Placerville, California

Greetings from Anderson, Indiana on this Travel Tuesday! I am finding rain this time around in this area where it was incredibly windy taking out power and our beloved internet connection the last time. How was the weekend with your beloved on this past Valentine’s Day weekend? Let’s talk about things we love.


What do you think about staying for the next 30 days?” asks the CEO on Valentine’s Day while in Louisville, Kentucky. With no defined plans in my near future and unprepared to wear the same five outfits over the course of the upcoming weeks, I said “OK.” I’m no quitter! I will be completely immersed in the Midwest culture. A year ago, I was contemplating leaving and going to explore a new town for six months to a year. I figured I would be able to find work somewhere, meet new people, go where I don’t have a huge support system and explore. I saw myself sitting at coffee shops, using their wifi and blogging about what I was experiencing and what I haven’t had time to blog about. This trip will be a taste of doing that. I haven’t voiced a strong love for it yet as I feel something is missing but I am grateful for the opportunity and it benefiting my love for travel and adventure. This is definitely an adventure. See this blank canvas of an office space? Think of all the possibilities!

What would you give up to do travel more?
Who would you be leaving behind?
Would they understand?


With traveling so much and uncertainty of what the future holds, it is hard to commit to event planning and add to my busy workload. Unless it’s the Kentucky Derby! I met some very energetic and well-connected women at an event that work together on events for this crazy part of the year in Louisville Kentucky. Although I love the beauty and strength of horses, unfortunately, I am allergic. However, I would be very interested in such a high profile event. The Fairfield Inn & Suites that I will be calling my home will cost $700 a night, at least! If anyone has any further connections, please do send them my way! I will bartend, plan and coordinate or whatever…as long as I get to wear an amazing hat!


Which event do you look forward to each year?
How far in advance do you plan?
And save?


It is National Drink Wine Day! Who has a glass of wine their hands? As much as I love wine, I unfortunately do not. This One Busy Bee has both of her hands full of tasks that are piling up. However, the event I spoke about above was a private wine tasting event for Italian wines from Tenuta Torciano Winery. The spread was incredible, the Rosso di Montepulciano was my favorite and the company was top notch. Lilo, the rep, was your typical Italian charmer calling every woman “Bella” and answered all of my questions well. Cheers to you on this wine-filled day!

I own 3 bottles now.

Do you prefer new or old world wines?
Which region is your favorite?


As I was drafting this, I was pulled on an-hour long call regarding company finances. With my workload, coworkers are trying to help me by taking tasks off my plate. One of the things I am holding onto dear life is is our finances. If you knew me twenty years ago, you would know I was not doing well with my finances. I love seeing my father laugh when I tell him I am very involved with a company’s money, budget, projections, approving expenses, access to bank accounts, accounts payable and then some. He doesn’t believe it. Frankly, neither do I but here I am. Having control of your finances, no matter what kind of money you make, is power. If you want the business to succeed, you put your resources to work. If you want to go on that trip to Ireland for your 40th (ahem!), you make it happen by planning and saving. You have control whether you want to buy that $5 cup of coffee from Starbucks or spend that $5 on two pints at a real Irish pub.

Guilty of buying that cup of coffee. I never said I was perfect. Sometimes you just need caffeine.

Sadly, personal finance is not taught in school. Nor is home economics, right? How can the future generation know how many hours they have to work to pay for their rent? Do they know they can save money by cooking for themselves?

Homemade latkas, eggs and salad for brunch at home on a Sunday.

I encourage you to keep track of every dollar you spend so you know where your money is going to. Read a finance and budgeting article every now and then. And save for that trip you’re going to book with me! Like how threw that in?

How about a trip to the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France?

So where am I booking you next?
How do you like to save money? Under the mattress? Old savings account?
Do you know how much you’re spending on going out?

30-Day Done is Perfect Challenge

30 days of 30 videos.

I have been nominated to participate in the Done is Perfect challenge to post 30 videos on anything you want in 30 days. I was nominated by my friend and former coworker, Dr. Christine Zapata. She owns Emerald City Spinal Care in Seattle, Washington and we have been friends for 14 years. I am so proud of all of her successes, travels and making a difference in people’s lives. And look how much fun we were!

I will be posting my videos via my Facebook page for One Busy Bee Enterprises LLC. The timing and duration is a bit perfect as I will not be in the Midwest for a spontaneous stay of 30 days. It is a way to document this experience and I hope to do it in some fun areas. Do tune in!

Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky

This coming week, I will be leaving Nashville, Tennessee to go back to Lousville, Kentucky, then up near Muncie, Indiana. I will stay there for a couple of nights, Then one night in West Chester Township, Ohio, Cincinnati and then back to Louisville. I will be spending majority of my time in the Louisville area and have been invited out to Lexington as well. It will definitely be an adventure.

Each day, I will be nominating folks to do the same. I think it would be fun to get some things off your chest, get in front of the camera and just have the freedom to express yourself.

See you on Facebook!