My 2nd Walk to End Alzheimer’s

On November 6, 2021, I will be participating on my second Walk to End Alzheimer’s event in San Francisco with Team ONDO. Last year’s event took place in Golden Gate Park. It was great to get the team together to do something active during the pandemic. This year, we hope things improve and we can make a bigger impact.

I started tracking my miles walked via RunKeeper since August 1st. As of today, I am at 42.73. miles walked. I will continue to track my miles until the day of the walk. Perhaps you can donate $1 per mile?


Hayward to Castro Valley loop. And a rewarding 1Up Nutrition smoothie afterwards.

TOTAL RAISED Since 8/1/21

If you like dogs, I am logging my miles with my furry clients and thru Wag (Get $5 credit with my code BERNADETTE9307). It’s always fun to do it with these adorable guys.

Skye in Calistoga, California
Zito in Hayward, California
Sir Kingsley (?) in San Leandro, CA

Please sponsor me with a tax-deductible donation in any amount! Stay tuned for other ways I will be attempting to fundraise.

My roommate and I covering 4.33 miles.

I am also participating in my 3rd Teal Run (eh, walk) in September. If fundraising for ovarian cancer is closer to your heart, please donate HERE and see my other blog posts.

Teal Run 2021 – Mini Golf Fundraiser

Yes, another fundraiser. I am currently fundraising for two non-profits at the same time. I am fundraising for my second Walk to End Alzheimer‘s in San Francisco in November, and I will be participating virtually in my third Teal Run (eh, more like a walk) on September 26th in Southern California. Last year, we hiked in Aptos, California.

Kim and I haven’t had a Roommate Day in awhile. I have been terribly busy with multiple jobs and am incredibly thankful travel has picked up! I proposed we have one this past Friday with mini golf and sushi. She was game. She missed the mini Women’s Wednesday event last month.

Of course, being competitive, I thought we’d make it more interesting with a wager. Via video and social media, we asked friends to vote as to who would win. If you didn’t vote correctly, you owed $5 to the winners page.

Goorin hat, earrings by Stella & Dot

How did it go? Some friends guested correctly, most voted as a tie. How generous.

It was fun! The course isn’t perfect but its imperfections made us laugh. Kim’s ball got stuck in one of the structures and my ball sat at the end of a pipe.

She had to dig her pipe out from a river twice and I got an unexpected hole in one after a bounce. I’ll take it!

Determined to continue.

I won by four strokes.

Please sponsor me at You can find Kim’s page but clicking on the link under My Team. For a fun vid on TikTok, check this out!

Smoke was in the air.

Stay tuned for more Roommate Day fundraising ideas!

Poker, Pizza & Pajamas Fundraiser


Ladies & Gentlemen! For a good cause, break out your funniest or sexiest pajamas/bedtime wear for a night of poker and pizza. Don’t be a boob and miss out! Hang out, play Bra Pong, get perky and ante up! Help my roommate, Kim, fundraise for her third Susan G. Koman walk.

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 18th!
5:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Hayward, California

The jist:

MENU – Italian menu w/meatballs donated by Nelson’s Catering and selected beer by Del Cielo Brewing Company. Plus, a grappa punch and Aperol spritzes.

Game is 5 Card Stud. Your donation of $30 will give you $40 worth of chips. Ante is $5. Dealer rotates around table. Top 2 players of the night gets brewery outing with Kim or a pack of her favorite beers.

Raffle prizes of over $500 include a 6-pack of wine from Venge Vineyards in Calistoga, a bottle of French Rose from Doc’s Wine Shop in Hayward, and sexy items from Pure Romance rep, Caroline. More to come! Tickets are 1 for $5, or 3 for $10 Must be present to win.

Event is private and for friends and family, but offerings are public. So let’s be friends! Find me on social!

ISO of additional food/donations and raffle prizes. If you’d like to donate, please contact me.
Photos taken by me. I loved how they turned out!

April Challenges

Happy April!!! We have survived the first quarter of 2021.

So this is happening.

My 8-week 1Up Nutrition fitness challenge was a bust but I’m signing up for the next one. It starts on May 5th. I think I’ll do much better now that I am vaccinated and back to the gym. Oh, how I have missed it!

Just in April, I am committing to do the below:

1) 150 squats per day
I haven’t met Miss @Jashaby_fit. We connected via the fitness challenge group and on Instagram. She’s made some awesome progress. She tagged me in the below graphic to do 150 squats per day. No real rules, just to keep moving. If I do mine throughout the day, it’s not so bad. I have a couple of friends joining me too, then there’s others that think I’m crazy.

2) Walk 40 miles. This is put on by the American Cancer Society but I am asking people to support my efforts in a few ways. They can definitely donate to the ACS, orrrrr, to my roommate’s fundraising link. She has to walk 120 miles for Susan G Koman in November over six days. One event in San Diego, the other in Dallas. Let’s beat breast cancer! I will share my log of miles covered below.

ORRRR you can shop her Stella & Dot referral link til the 21st at I am donating a % of sales to her $4600 fundraising goal. Some items are supporting Autism Awareness month where 20% goes to the Hollyrod Foundation. Plus, Stella & Dot is rounding up your purchase total and donating it to their non-profit partners. It’s win-win-win!

Please join me in this if you can! My friend, Christy, is aiming to do 200 squats per day. Lana will most likely do hip thrusts instead. “A better booty builder,” she says! Just get out and there, move and do something good for yourself!

How are you challenging yourself this month?



4/1 – Going to the gym. I’m counting elliptical miles.

#1UpTransformationChallenge – Week 1

It’s officially on! This 8-week transformation challenge with 1Up Nutrition started February 1st and I am in it! As mentioned, I’ve participated in quite a few fitness challenges and have mostly seen some changes. I am pretty proud of myself for that one time in 2015… I was actually 15 pounds lighter and felt good. I hope to get back to that this year. The 2021 goal is to be at 18% body fat again. I have a long way to go. My first goal will be down 2% body fat. I will then reward myself with a delicious pastrami sandwich from Refuge here in Menlo Park, California. It’s amazing. I’ll be throwing in a beer as well. I look forward to cheering anyone during that meal.


No weigh-in today as I normally do. I didn’t make it back to my house. I usually leave my PP’s (Pandemic Partner) house once a week to visit with my roommate who I left during this pandemic…and to give PP and I a break and alone time. But my roommate went to a wedding in SoCal of all places. Double whammy in my opinion. But when she comes back, she’ll be quarantining. So maybe I won’t be doing weigh-in for a bit. Regardless, last week was pretty good. No liquor consumption, I worked out every day and I was eating pretty well.

On this first day of the challenge, I stuffed my face with an egg bagel by Izzy’s. Work was busy and only had a few dried mango pieces by Solely. Meatless Monday‘s dinner was vegetarian tacos with roasted cauliflower, Greek yogurt with Frank’s Red Hot, cayenne pepper and paprika, chopped greens and cabbage and pico. Yummm!

But before dinner, I had to work out. PP joined me this time. We did a 44-minute Full Body Strength and Cardio session via FitOn. That was a good one! Then, we did Core Crusher, one of our favorites.

I’m enjoying befriending others also on a fitness journey via social media. It’s pretty cool supporting those that are like-minded. We’re all after that $5,000 prize money but a change for the better would be amazing. My coworker, Diana, joined a boxing class, while my poor friend, Lana, had a foot energy today. I hope she’ll be able to catch up!

Gear is a top from my yoga friend, Lisa and bottle by Blender Bottle.


Someone woke up sore and I had to tell Cassey Ho. How funny that she saw and Liked it on Twitter.

Tuesday’s meals started with overnight oats. I threw in some vanilla protein powder by 1UP Nutrition as well. Lunch was a lox sandwich on an egg bagel from Izzy’s, creme fraiche, capers, tomatoes and red onion. This is one of my favorite sandwiches ever and Izzy’s is delicious. Dinner was Santa Cruz Pasta Factory‘s cheese ravioli and tomato basil sauce with parmesan cheese. A total of $1,268 calories.

Workouts consisted of a circuit with Bod by Breann, Quick Abs with Bree and additional work with 360 mountain climbers, side planks, deadlifts, hammer and cross curls, back flies and had an opportunity to stretch.

Gear is a top from Dick’s Sporting Goods, bra by Victoria’s Secret and bottle by Blender Bottle.


Breakfast consisted of overnight oats again. Lunch were a few cheese and crackers and a couple of pieces of salami. But dinner was a delicious flank steak and homemade chimichurri. Oh, that sauce is a labor of love but it is sooo damn good.

For my workout, I went a bit lighter. I tried the 1UP Nutrition BCAA in guava nectarine. Not bad. Light flavor. Then it was Yoga Booty Sculpt with Kenta and 150 heel touches. My pre-workout was recording myself doing 20 pushups for my 6-year-old nephew in Arizona. His mom posted a video of him asking for donations that goes towards the American Heart Association. I said I sponsored him for $40 so I wanted 20 pushups. I did it for him and posted the video. I almost wanted to do them on my knees but I thought I would challenge myself. I didn’t go as low but hopefully soon!


Something to look forward to during a long day of work was our first dining experience since outdoor dining was closed down in early December. We were going back to Ramen Nagi off of University Avenue in Palo Alto. It has been beautiful in the Bay Area so we decided to walk. It is just over 3.5 miles round trip. The ramen was delicious but it didn’t sit too well with my stomach. I made a quinoa scramble with mushrooms and leftover flank steak for lunch. That didn’t upset my stomach. I took the rest of the night off and started the show Outlander. I had to listen to my body.


Breakfast was another quinoa scramble before a long day of work visiting sites in Campbell, Hayward and a minute at the office. At the office, I tried Hint water for the first time. It was not carbonated, which I liked. The flavor was subtle. I guess it’s another way to stay hydrated but I wouldn’t pay for bottled flavored water. I usually just water straight, no lemon, mint or cucumber. Lunch was half a steak salad from Texas Roadhouse. Delicious! I also gave in and had a few of their irresistible bread rolls. I don’t even need their cinnamon butter. I gave the rest of the bag of rolls to my roommate when I got home. She’s not doing the challenge and she likes presents.

But being back at the house, we worked out. We did the 40/20 HIIT and Lazy Girl Booty Burn FitOn videos. As a finale together, we did a video of 1 minute of burpees with a Bosu and 1 minute of jabs with dumbbells. Kim, my roommate, did a great job. It was fun to laugh and smile during this workout. After she was done, I continued with more moves like mountain climbers, arm raises, bent over rows and deadlifts.

Post-workout was frozen mango and 1UP Nutrition vanilla protein powder mixed with water. I finished the rest of the salad from lunch and a bag of popcorn by Cousin Willie’s.


This was my first weigh-in since I took Before photos 12 days before. I was disappointed that little to know progress was made and I was the heaviest I have ever been. Yes, I know muscle weighs more than fat and my bodyfat went down by a hair but it was still frustrating. It was not how I wanted to start my weekend.

I made another quinoa scramble, did some abs and a stretching video on FitOn and headed back to Menlo Park. There, I worked and we had a friend come over. He was bringing chicken from Vons in Redwood City. I have never had it before and I opted in for the oven baked chicken. I’d make us a salad and air fry some fries. The chicken was absolutely delicious! I’ll be honest, I had one fried chicken thigh. Oh, it was heaven. I have a thing for fried chicken.

After dinner, I gave the boys a present. I got us matching tank tops that said “I flexed and the sleeves fell off.” Our friend joined Noom so we’re all on some kind of fitness journey. Unfortunately, all three of us really love food and wine so it’s a struggle. But at least we have each other.


After giving in to my day of disappointed, I woke up on Super Bowl Sunday with a re-energized mindset. I posted on Instagram:

“Thanks to @sharkie_girl82 for helping me deal with making not enough of a significant change as I would like. People in this #1uptransformationchallenge are already making huge changes! So happy for them and cheering them on their posts, etc. But I’ve been non-stop for two weeks straight with multiple @fitonapp vids a day (mostly #cardio & #hiit) plus additional #weighlifting, tracking all my meals in @myfitnesspal, eating #healthy and still gained almost a pound, minuscule decrease in BF and .5 an inch change in that problem lat area. Kim said not to compare myself to their journey and it was like a much-needed slap in the face. What a good roommate! Now what’s the plan to make some major changes? Any suggestions? I have my supplements, #bcaas during workout and protein afterwards and no alcohol. Now incorporating a burner and need to incorporate even more #cardio. I’m reluctant to get back to running as my knees are so bad. You can hear them grind when they bend 😬 Guess I need to get back to improving at #rollerblading with my @roces_official I miss the gym so much. I can lift heavy and read the news or study on a cardio machine. Any recos you have on workouts, recipes, motivating playlists, tips, words of encouragement, etc would be awesome. Hoping for a kick ass official Week 2 of this @1upnutrition challenge. #fitness #becomebetter #quoteoftheday #girlswholift #fitonfam #onebusybee”

I got out of bed and did 300 core moves from leg lifts, heel touches, cross crunches and roll ups. We went grocery shopping and picked up healthy items for the week and decided to go have brunch as the weather was nice. We went to Left Bank and enjoyed the sun. I have been craving an omelet. It was vegetarian, came with country potatoes and fruit. It was great.

Back at the house, I boiled 8 eggs for the week for us to eat as snacks and to top our salads with. We watched the Super Bowl while I did some back extensions, leg lifts and band work. I also convinced PP to do the Workday Arm Sculpt on FitOn.

I was rooting for Mahomes although he beat this Faithful‘s team last year. He was defeated, I was defeated. I am hoping for a better Week 2.

Hayward on Two Wheels

With my gym membership cancelled due to the pandemic, I, like many people, need to find ways to stay active. I dusted off my Specialized bike. I bought an air pump, a new lock and a way to mount my phone to the handle bar. I bought these all at Cyclepath in downtown Hayward. As a matter of fact, I believe my boyfriend at the time bought our bikes there too.

Now equipped and motivated to log some miles for the 35 miles I committed to for the Making Strides challenge in October, I hit the road twice in Hayward. The first time was for 11 miles. The second ride was for 9.3 miles.

I took some photos along the way.

Underneath the BART tracks. From my condo, I can hear the trains going by.

The iconic water tower in a townhome development with great parks can be seen in every direction. I used to walk a big white dog in this neighborhood.

Crossing Interstate 880 called for a shot of the freeway thru the fence. Where was everyone going? I remember at the beginning of sheltering in place how the roads were deserted. It was nice. It gave Mother Earth a break.

And on my way back to the house, I stopped by to check out the farmers market. I go to the one in Palo Alto but I will make it a point to support these local vendors when it’s time to come back home to Hayward.

Though not pictured, the development near my condo on Foothill and City Center is happening. A lot of progress has been made and I wonder what kind of retail shops will be conveniently located for us. A great ramen spot and local, small businesses would be great.

My First Walk to End Alzheimer’s: Completed

The weather the day before was very windy. I expected it to be the same in San Francisco. I was wrong.

The morning started out with being alerted of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ win while getting ready My First Walk to End Alzheimer’s. The day just got better!

Next, a stop at Tartine was needed. We were out of bread. We had a ham and cheese croissant as well. People were celebrating the victory by honking their cars, cyclists were woohoo-ing and residents were ringing bells and banging pots and pants together. Then we drove off to Golden Gate Park to meet our other team members. Parking was decent. If you go a bit away from the de Young Museum and the Botanical Garden entrances, you will find parking. There, we started our walk which ended up being a 6.4 mile trek.

Picking up other team members across from the SkyStar Wheel, we headed down the closed to cars street. We crossed the bridge where swing dancing would take place and got lost in conversation. Many people were running, jogging, cycling and rollerblading. I did not notice anyone decked out in purple for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s but I’m sure there were some. As the event was virtual, via Facebook, I saw that Bay Area residents did it in their own backyards, around lakes in their communities or even the Hayward Shoreline. Well done, Everyone!

We made it to the North (Dutch) Windmill. The garden was full of tulips. In the middle of the arrangement had the word ‘HOPE’ spelled out. We then stopped at the Beach Chalet for lunch. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

With dealing with an ulcer since Monday, I had the lobster roll, the cole slaw and spinach salad with light sherry vinaigrette dressing. It was tasty but the roll was a bit heavy. Perhaps if it only had more butter. Funny how you try to cure one ailment but potentially bring on another. I should also watch my cholesterol. I am not on a cross trainer on a daily basis for an hour anymore.

Then we headed back East and to our cars. It was great to get the team together. The team would like to have an office to go to to. Perhaps in Q3 of 2021 when things settle down.

But, here’s another memory and another blog post that I hope I will never forget due to Alzheimer’s. It is not too late to sponsor me. Please do so HERE. I look forward to participating again next year.

Fundraising Efforts:
I won 5 games in ScrabbleGo since I challenged folks four days before the walk.
During my 22 days of posting memories on my Instagram pages (OneBusyBeeEnt and WereHungryToo), these were the most popular posts.

Thanks for your support!

Which non-profits do you support?

I envision this song playing as you read this blog post.

#EndAlz Fundraising Via ScrabbleGo

The “risk of developing Alzheimer can be reduced by 47 percent by thought-provoking and mind-stimulating activities.” – Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center (article).

I will be playing Scrabble GO to fundraise for my first Walk to End Alzheimer’s THIS Saturday! I have won 182 games since started playing during this pandemic. Would you sponsor me ONE dollar for each game I win until I hit the pavement in Golden Gate Park this Saturday at 10:30 am? It’s tax-deductible!

I invite you to challenge me too! Keep that brain active! Username: bappletreeOr sponsor me now in any amount!

This Travel Agent also changed her tile to little purple suitcases. 😉

My roommate was kicking my butt when I announced this, but lookie lookie! I won!!!

Thanks for your support!

Which games do you play on your phone?

I envision this song being played in the background as you read this post.

My First Walk to End Alzheimer’s

As a collector of memories and blogger, I am walking and fundraising (yes, as well as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer), for my first Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Imagine living such a full life, meeting so many people and eventually not remembering any of it or recognize those that love you. Other “symptoms include problems with language, disorientation, mood swings, loss of motivation, not managing self-care and behavioral issues.” With Alzheimer’s causing 60-70% cases of dementia, I will be sharing memories of my travels on my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to keep those memories alive and to tell my story thru the day of the walk on November 7th. Here’s some with some purple, the Alzheimer’s Association color.

Happy roommate, Two Rivers cider she’s sharing & my purple Blender bottle.
My Instafriend being a fabulous dish presenter at SPQR in San Francisco during San Francisco Restaurant Week 2020.
The tempting options at Virgin Hotel Chicago – October 31, 2019
Hollywood Casino & Hotel – Lawrenceburg, Indiana – June 2019

Please Sponsor Me!

For fun, here’s some purple love by Prince.

Back in Santa Cruz – Day 3

It was scheduled to be a cooler day than the past few days. Thanks to the encouragement of my favorite person and the opportunity of being in Santa Cruz today, I took advantage of the weather and committed to going for a run first thing in the morning.

I haven’t ran on the beach since October 2018 on Maui, Hawaii. I haven’t ran in three months to give my knees a break. My last big run was a half marathon at Disneyland Paris on my last birthday nine months ago. Before I left the house, I did a pre-run stretch video on FitOn, some squats and modified push-ups to warm the body up. Apparently, not warm enough! I am glad I brought my light Hawaii hoodie. The walk to the beach at 9 AM was a bit brisk. When the fog burns off in Santa Cruz, it could be really nice and sunny.


I was wondering how this run was going to go. I ended up doing a 5K along the surf. I didn’t care about my time. I just wanted to see if I can still wake up and just go for 3.1 miles. When I was training for the halves, the first two miles were the hardest part. I either didn’t want to do the run in the first place or my body wasn’t warm enough yet to kick into autopilot. After two miles, I gained confidence that I can go a bit further. Listening to the waves crash, feeling the soft sand under my feet and being able to cool off by making strides in the water helped me keep going. I want to give some kudos to the two young girls and the gent wearing a weighted vest running the same route and to the swim team doing land and sea drills. It was motivating. Seeing the occasional dog also put a smile on my face.

Yes, I can run on water.

I walked back to the house, did some abs and devoured the organic blackberries I bought from Staff of Life. Delicious! I also started to watch Dear White People. They do a really good job of talking about the struggles of racism, social media, self-esteem and more. Add being a college student on top of that and life can be so hard. I love the main character, Sam. What a strong and courageous woman!

This One Busy Bee of a woman had a call with a non-profit rep from Pennsylvania. I responded to an ad about volunteering to do virtual event planning consulting for a couple of hours via the phone. The rep had a general idea that involved gaming, e-tournaments, raffles and earning entries. I haven’t picked up a game console controller in forever. I recommended the rep to find someone with a gaming background for efficiency, perhaps someone on Twitch. He agreed. And frankly, I couldn’t work with someone that constantly interrupted me. I volunteered to un-volunteer. I hope he finds what he’s looking for.

On the other hand, I have had three companies respond to my job applications in the last 24 hours. My first day with the new contract work will begin Wednesday. I will also have a new customer for a new service I am offering. We will be meeting on Wednesday evening and I hope to have a signed agreement. It will be a very busy hump day. I will announce the new service once I have that signed document. It is restaurant related though! Stay tuned!

Octopus dish at Scala’s Bistro – San Francisco.

With a much busier week ahead than I have had in months, I have been lounging at the house watching Netflix and playing my games. As I write this, I am getting a little tired and am about to head down to bed to read. The Cider House Rules is pretty heavy with characters dealing with being an orphan, foster parents, abortion, incest and differences of how the wealthy and poor deal with their problems.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. More of Santa Cruz to come! I am looking forward to spending time with my loved ones here, go for a hike or two, cook for them and celebrate my roommate’s birthday. Wineries should be open. Cheers!

Caesar salad made w/items from Staff of Life.

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