HFWF18 – Chef Stephen Pyles

That Southern Hospitality is real! And you’ll feel it the instant your eyes meet Chef Stephen Pyles from Dallas, a fifth generation Texan. I have a love for Texas. My dog is named Bevo after the Texas Longhorns and my favorite band is from San Angelo, Texas, the Los Lonely Boys. I just returned from visiting five cities in the South. I fell in love with Charleston. And you’ll feel warm and welcomed when you sit across the table from Chef Pyles if you have the chance. I can still vividly remember his smile.

Comfortable with sitting across from this talented chef on Media Day at the Hawai’i Food and Wine Festival on Maui, we get to it. This is a man that has a weakness for travel. Inside I scream, “Me too!” Fellow Chef Wolfgang Puck also encouraged him, he says. Chef Pyles has opened 22 restaurants in five cities and has a new partnership with Delta Hotels by Marriott. His partnership with Benchmark Hospitality also has him running a culinary program. Benchmark works with a Woodside Hotel Group location, Dream Inn, in Santa Cruz, California, where I will be touring next month as well as the Menlo Grill in Menlo Park, California. I visit my Cugino aka cousin that works there every so often. I will be asking if his program has rolled out to the West Coast.

When asked if Chef would consider opening a restaurant in San Francisco, he was confident in his answer. He stated that San Francisco is a mecca, has a bit of everything but it’s so expensive. As a former San Francisco restaurant co-owner, we discussed just how expensive it is – rent, labor, insurance and more! Goodness. Unfortunately, the Founding Father of Southern Texas Cuisine will not be coming to the City by the Bay. I guess I need to plan a trip to Dallas. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Texas.

Just as Texas is big, as some chefs carry salt (and chili flakes), famous chefs tend to give back. The entire HFWF is a program of the non-profit Hawaii Ag and Culinary Alliance. Chef Pyles is in the board of Goodwill Industries and The Art Institute. Funny, as The Art Institute in San Francisco seems to own the most property here. I wonder if he could get a deal on space here with that relationship. I can wish. The lease itself and dining at his restaurant, Flora, also benefits the Arts District. It’s a win-win for sure. It was recently named one of the top 20 restaurants in Dallas by Conde Nast Traveler.

With so much success and sitting pretty on top, I asked my usual question as to if there were any women in the industry we should be on the look out for to possibly follow in his footsteps of growth and accolades. As a man that Julia Child ‘scared the hell out of’ when Chef met her in France, this Chef of the Year (2006, Esquire Magazine) says the name Misti Norris. Chef Norris was named the 2016 Chef of the Year by Eater. She left Texas to stage in New York. She returned and opened Petra and the Beast in Dallas. Lauren S. of Columbus, Ohio on Yelp says “The chef, Misti Norris, is truly creative and a master of her craft.” It’s great that women from across the nation are supporting lady chefs. We need that. And thank you, Chef Pyles for spreading the word all the way in Maui and to me here in San Francisco. This 49ers fan hopes to visit both, Flora and Petra and the Beast, on my first trip to Dallas.

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HFWF18 – Chef Rick Tramonto

One of the “Old Dogs” of the Hawai’i Food and WineFestival, Chef Rick Tramonto, sat at a table at Roy’s overlooking the golf course and hotels on the water. It was media day and I was fortunate to participate for the second consecutive year. A welcoming smile greeted me to the table and he was ready as any professional would be.

Apparently, I was not ready for the stories he was about to tell me. Chef Tramonto grew up with his father being incarcerated and he didn’t learn how to read until he was 28-years-old with the help of his wife at the time and business partner, Chef Gale Gand. He is now an author of eight books, including his memoir, Scars of a Chef. He told me how he knocked on the back door of an establishment that would be making square hamburger patties and was just looking for a J-O-B. He just needed someone to give him a shot. It’s amazing how one opportunity opens the door to a future of opening restaurants in Chicago and New Orleans. With his success, Chef was able to give back. Chef has supported Angel Tree, “a ministry of Prison Fellowship, delivering love in the form of Christmas gifts and messages of hope to children of prisoners.” They would deliver presents to kids saying, “Hey, I saw your dad. He loves you and wanted you to have this.” I had to excuse myself from the table as my eyes started to water. How wonderful it is to be able to give back but to completely understand what it was like to be in that child’s shoes. Chef knew. Get your tissues ready when you read his book. I will be better prepared.

Further giving back is guaranteed with participating in the Hawai’i Food and Wine Festival, which is a program of the non-profit Hawaii Ag and Culinary Alliance. The Spiked event had students from a Hawaiian culinary academy in attendance. They were invited to work with amazing chefs at the festival like Robert Irvine, Michelle Bernstein, Bill Peet and more. ChefTramonto called the kids ‘grateful’ and worked well with the other students. At the end of the Spiked event, all the students were invited on stage for some recognition.

It was nice to see young ladies among the group of students. As I love to support women (see Women Wednesday blog posts), I asked ChefTramonto if there were any notable ladies on his staff. His Chef De Cuisine at Restaurant R’evolution in New Orleans, Jana Billiot, won a NOLA’s Wine and FoodExperience Fleur de Lis Culinary Award – Best of Show: Savory. I was invited to report back on that festival but couldn’t make it. What a shame but congratulations to Chef Jana. As a Wedding Planner, Chef also mentioned that another attendee and the only female Chef at the Spiked event, Michelle Bernstein, got engaged in his restaurant.  You know the location is good when that special moment happens.

Thanks for your time, Chef. And I’ll spread the word that “if you control the crazy shit – drugs, women, etc. – you’ll be OK.”

Best Books by Chicago Chefs – CBS Chicago – August 31, 2011

Free Cuddles

You’ve seen the videos of people holding up signs for FREE HUGS and people receiving them very well. After a hike up Steiner from Lombard Street to see the Mrs. Doubtfire house, we ended up on Fillmore Street to explore that neighborhood. What did we find?

After some catching our breath, we had our breath taken away as we gasped at a sign saying there were free cuddle sessions at the SPCA SanFrancisco. As animal lovers, my roommate, Kim, and I went in!
Above the veterinary hospital is the area that has animals available for adoption. There were quite a few cats available in their mini office-like areas with glass doors. I didn’t see too many dogs but the pups were offering the free cuddles on Saturdays. Free cuddles by cats are on Sundays.
We stepped up to the desk and signed up to redeem our cuddle session. We were asked to wash our hands at the sinks behind us, a good step to keep the animals healthy for potential adoptions. Through another glass door and in the two gated areas were adorable puppies! In one pen were fluff balls of different colors. We gained access to a pen with 3-month terriers after blue paper booties were added to our shoes. 
Freddie cuddles!
Kauai Island Brewing Co. shirt

Yelp check-in

The tan and bigger one was named Freddie and the little black and brown brindle pup was named Bonny. Freddie was a little barker and loved played with Bonny. Bonny was a bit more chill.  Toys were used as a distraction to save Bonny some irritation from the puppy nips on her ear. Eventually Freddie cuddled up to me. It was soo sweet and so tempting. I just love dogs but I have a pup at home that is enough for me! Hopefully you or someone else can give these cuties a good home. Though I bought my Boston Terrier with my ex because he wanted a pure bred puppy, I would encourage adopting! There are so many dogs out there that need love and breeders shouldn’t make a profit on lives.

Besides Freddie and Bonny, we currently have Bean, a Miniature Pincher with one eye. She needs a home as well. Unfortunately, I cannot take care of two dogs right now and Kim is headed off to Europe. We both work and though my work time is sort of flexible, I have a business to grow. But I do hope these pups find a good home that can devote the time and love they deserve. 

I am still a Dog Walker with Wag (use my code: Bernadette9307). It has helped me get exercise and supplement some income. But Wag also partners with Rescue Bank with donations in feeding rescue dogs with every completed Wag walk. I have 65 ratings and averaging 5 stars but know I’ve done more than 65 walks in the East Bay and San Francisco. When I was in San Diego, my phone was receiving notices of walk requests nearby too. I look forward to walking more pups on my travels. Wag offers walks, dog sitting and boarding. It’s the least I can do to help these pups. This One Busy Bee is all about killing two birds with one stone.

Sir Bruno

I would never take back my choice of having Bevo part of my life but the next dog I get, if that happens, will be adopted.  Adopt! Don’t buy.

@bevotheboston on IG
Contact these non-profits

100 Miles!

Today, through the pain of arthritis in my foot, clavicle pain on my right side and perhaps still full of delicious fried chicken from North Carolina, I managed to run 4.3 miles to reach a record of 100 miles of training for my first half marathon. I haven’t ran since I did so on the beach in Myrtle Beach and that was only two miles, but at least I got some kind of work out during that vacation.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – SnapChat: bappletree

Back home in Hayward, CA in my San Jose Fit Expo shirt with Bodybuilding.com – SnapChat: bappletree

Nelly, my Team in Training running buddy, and our cheerleaders, Kim and Sandra, met over a delicious dinner at InternationalSmoke (link to blog post) in San Francisco and we are basically all set for our January 2019 adventure. Southwest flights are booked, a hotel thru Wyndham and Sandra’s timeshare has been reserved and we are almost all set with actual Walt Disney World tickets.

International Smoke, we’re a fun group! Earrings by Stella & Dot

Thank you for reading my posts on this journey to reaching 13.1 miles. The most I have ran is 11 miles. I still have not done that in one run but have been hearing that this race at Disney is all about fun. Along the path, there will be characters, breaks and pauses. That may be the case, but at this point and what my body is telling me, I believe this will be my one and only half marathon I will be participating in. I do like running and I am amazed at what my body can do so far. It has definitely helped the heart issues I had earlier this year. But I might stick to 5 and 10K races until my body gives me a bright red light to stop. With the help of some Rock Tape. 

I am doing this run for my Lolo (My New Angel), who I miss dearly. I hope he is proud of me. 

Please sponsor me HERE.

Bowling Fundraiser in San Francisco – Sept. 29th

Feeling lucky? Connect with me to attend my bowling fundraiser in San Francisco on Saturday, September 29th (3-6 PM) and knock some pins down for a good cause! I am training (along with my friend, Nelly Cheng) for my first half marathon at Walt Disney World in January and it is in memory of my Lolo, Victor Manzano. Our friend and Superwoman, Sandra, was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is doing well with her chemo treatments. Let’s help find a cure and fund support services for the Leukemia &Lymphoma Society. Join us for some fun and support a good cause!

$$$$ 50% off! $$$$
$40/lane per hour – Max of 5 bowlers per lane with shoe rentals (reg $45/hour plus $35 for shoes), PLUS I’ll buy one pitcher of beer per hour reserved. Reserve now to guarantee your time slot. Max of 10 lanes for 1, 2 or 3 hours each.
Ex: 1 hour slot from 3-4 PM for 5 people = $40. Savings of $40 or 50% off!


$5/person/game & $3 for shoe rentals (reg $7 per person/game & $5 shoe rental) made on the day of and based on availability.
ALL bowling costs goes towards my Team inTraining fundraising goal of $2,400. Food and other beverages are available for purchase.
How to Reserve:
Make a donation in the amount due at http://bit.ly/OrlandoBoundforLolo
Email me at bappletree@gmail.com or DM me with your first and second choice of timeslot and how many people.
Silent Auction!
Whether or not you like to bowl, come down to participate in a silent auction. Items are TBD and donations are welcomed!

Dresscode for fun – Peacock or
Team inTraining colors – bright green and purple!
Can’t donate? Come eat, drink and meet some other caring people like you. I would love to see you. Thank you for all those that have already donated, supported me thru the training, enduring my social media posts and more. It means so much to me.
Thank you to my awesome roommate, Kim, and her friend, Kitty, for the hookup. Please continue to support bowling spots in San Francisco if you cannot attend. They are being incredibly generous and I am so grateful.


It’s the number equivalent to running 5+ half marathons. I have slacked a bit of blogging about my Team in Training efforts. It’s been a bit busy for this One Busy Bee, but I have not NOT ran. I am scheduled to run a half marathon benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in January 2019 at Walt Disney World (book your trip with me! Now a Certified Disney Travel Agent.) I have recruited my friend, Nelly, to join me and he’s doing great. I am doing alright as well.

The farthest I have ran so far in one attempt is 10 miles. Those runs consist of running from the Argonaut Hotel where I work to Fort Point, a couple of laps around the Marina Green and/or Fort Mason, the Aquatic Park Pier and back to the hotel. I have learned that I hate running in the sun, need a breeze to keep me from overheating and I also want to be a better driver and make sure I look to my right for pedestrians and runners.  I have had many encounters with drivers not being aware of their surroundings in all directions if I run in a city. I have no body armor, Folks. Please don’t injure me as I am trying to do good and raise funds for a people with leukemia and lymphoma like my dear, sweet Lolo.
SnapChat: bappletree – Always wanting to be in Hawaii.

Other successes I have had was running with my dear friend and Bride of mine, Nikki. We ran just a little over 2.5 miles this past weekend along the Alameda shoreline. Though a much shorter run than usual, she challenged me at trying to keep a conversation going, at lease for the first 1.5 miles. When I ran my first 8 miles ever with Nelly, I could not keep up a convo. I need music and scenery to distract me.


It was too bright to take this pic post run.
San Francisco skyline and Alameda port

Alameda Marina

Another success was being able to shave off a whole minute off my average mile when I ran 4 miles AND not get hit by a car near an on ramp. Nor did I reward myself with a donut from Tommy’s Donuts where this particular run ended.

Thanks, RunKeeper

Though I have five months to train and go that extra 5K, I am next going to buy a handheld water bottle as I have been quite dehydrated one run and I seem to cap out on energy by mile 8. I hear there are gummies or ‘goo’ that you take to keep you going. I was hoping to pick up some samples at this past weekend’s San Jose Fit Expo but that will be another post.
Besides actually reaching 13.1 miles, I have only reach 26% of my fundraising goal. If you could please support me in my efforts, I would appreciate it! Please sponsor me in any amount with your tax-deductible donation at http://bit.ly/OrlandoBoundforLolo

Orlando Bound for Lolo – Week 1

So, I’m committed. I signed up for my first half marathon (Team in Training – Orlando Bound for Lolo). I will create monthly posts to outline my progress, my workouts and struggles.  So here it goes!

SUNDAY – I signed up. Did my research. Ask my friend and TNT alumni how it worked and recruited my friend do consider doing it with me. Success! I had already packed my gym bag and brought it work thinking I would repeat and actually succeed in running eight miles back and forth from the Argonaut Hotel to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. I did not. I forgot I had dinner plans with my Bride and she was running late, so I got at least 4 miles in.

It was a windy day and I was not looking forward to running against the wind again. Plus I was still sore from the workouts from the weekend. But I now had to do it! I have been telling coworkers that I signed up so I am making sure I don’t disappoint. Though sore and not a great time, I surpassed my revised goal of doing a 5K with pains in my shins and did four miles. So there you go! I was happy for the wind now as it helped cool me down, but not after a dinner at the bar at Scoma’s.

Just realized the last time I ran, I also wear this Los Lonely Boys shirt. Zipper up by Puma. Earrings by Stella & Dot.
Grilled salmon and fennel.

Steps: 15,676
Miles: 7.8
Calories Burned: 2,098
Minutes of Activity: 81

MONDAY – Meatless Monday, that is. I didn’t have a chance to work out but I did my usual walk to and from work from the Embarcadero Bart station. I had a surprise guest show up at work and I decided to accept their invitation to dinner in Chinatown (Great Eastern Restaurant). I usually meet up with my Instafriend and avoid the commuters going home. I invited her to my friend’s bar, Bar 587, but she didn’t get back to me in time. It was a successful Meatless Monday. I really wanted that chicken on the Hong Kong style noodles and order the Shrimp Sandwich from The Blue Mermaid. But I kept myself under control.

Kale and romaine caesar salad
What a lovely surprise from Cincinnati, Ohio.  They came to the Argonaut Hotel to say hello!
Iced latte from Caffe Trieste as I was too early for dinner.
Duck, duck, chicken.

Steps: 12,723
Miles: 5.23
Calories Burned: 1,853
Minutes of Activity: 59

TUESDAY – Worked out at home, had one of the best salads I’ve had in a long while at The Bear & Monarch at the new Loews Hotel, had a meeting and walked to work from downtown San Francisco. For dinner, I carbed up at Cioppino’s for dinner and bought some socks from the sock store at Fisherman’s Wharf to go with my TNT cause. I bought ones that were purple with pineapples because I love Hawaii and work in hospitality and Minnie Mouse ones. Then I walked to Bart. That night I also received some cool leggings and a sweet note from my cousin in Minnesota. Check out the bees!

Steps: 14,437
Miles: 6.28
Calories Burned: 1,933
Minutes of Activity: 78

WEDNESDAY – Rocked my new socks, wore another Los Lonely Boys top and my Celebrity Cruises zipper up for my run. I ran 5 miles before work. One more mile than I did on Sunday. I had a salmon and warm brussels sprout salad at the new Toy Soldier restaurant with a friend. Then made my walk to work.

Steps: 23,077
Miles: 11.17
Calories Burned: 2,364
Minutes of Activity: 138

THURSDAY – Worked out at home and took it kind of easy but had my steps in with my walk to work.

Steps: 11,005
Miles: 4.98
Calories Burned: 1,871
Minutes of Activity: 41

FRIDAY – My day off. Worked out at home and had planned a spa day at Silverado Resort and Spa with my first Lomi Lomi massage. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it. This was definitely a cheat day with five or six bottles of wine.

Steps: 6,013
Miles: 2.39
Calories Burned: 1,738
Minutes of Activity: 8

SATURDAY – A long day going to San Francisco, Yosemite, back to San Francisco and home and having to work at 8 AM the next day. It was beautiful out there and we got in maybe almost a 2-mile hike. The amount of free time definitely wasn’t enough.

Steps: 13,432
Miles: 5.36
Calories Burned: 1,953
Minutes of Activity: 63

SUNDAY – Exhausted, had a hard time getting to work because of Bay to Breakers, had to work a full 8-hour shift but I managed to get 6 miles in with a 10.5-minute mile being my best.

Steps: 19,562
Miles: 10.14
Calories Burned: 2,280
Minutes of Activity: 88

More to come! Thanks for reading!

Team in Training: Orlando Bound for Lolo

We have all lost someone dear to us. My Lolo, Victor Manzano, lived with leukemia for many years. A lovable, sweet, funny, short man but boy, did he have a temper! Sound familiar? I honor my grandfather by wearing his wedding band every day since he left us, when I witnessed him take his last breath. I still remember the expression on his face when he saw me walk into his hospital room that night. He was always happy to see me. And I am happy to honor him even more and head to Orlando for the first time, put in the work and fundraise for my first half marathon.
I just adored my Lolo. He’d put his hands up defending his belly when I tried to tickle him.
With all six Manzano grandchildren.

Maui – 2004

Though not part of my team, my friend, Nelson, will also be participating and highlighting our friend, Sandra Hernandez-Eudy, who has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Thinking of you, Sandra! 

Erika, Nelson, Sandra & I hiking Briones Regional Park

I invite you to join my team and train for your Lolo or another loved one that has been affected by cancer! If you can’t join me in Florida, it takes more than one person to make up a team and that’s why I’m asking you to donate to my TNT fundraising page for TNT!

Your tax-deductible donation will help fund treatments that save lives every day; like immnuotherapies that use a person’s own immune system to kill cancer. You may not know it, but every single donation helps save a life with breakthrough therapies such as these. My first goal is $2,400, the most I have ever raised for any cause. I do have my eye on fundraising a total of $4,900. Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help get us all closer to a world without blood cancers.

As of May 13th, I have ran 4 miles to train for the January 12th event. If you wish to sponsor an X amount per mile I have ran thru Christmas Eve, December 24th, that’d be great. Keep up to date on my progress via this post and social media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat: bappletree)

Fundraising events will also be scheduled. Stay tuned!

Shopping – I am donating 25% of net sales of any Stella & Dot purchase made via this trunk show link until I reach my fundraising goal of $4,900.

– WIN – 
For every $25 you donate from now by Christmas 2018, you will receive one entry to win the below prizes.

$100 Stella & Dot Gift Certificate
Private Lesson with ACT Language Schools
Sponsored by ACT Language Schools. A $75 value. 
Brazilian at Glow San Francisco
Sponsored by Lisa Chang of Glow. A $60 value.
Giants Tickets – Two tickets to a game in September 2018 (Sec 310, Row 1 & 2). Exact game is TBD.
Sponsored by John’s Season Tickets (415.342.5986 – text pref’d). Winner to be drawn on month before ticket date.

(More prizes to come!)

Thank you!

* Drawing for prizes will be done on December 31st, 2018 unless otherwise noted above. The last day to donate is Christmas, December 25th.

Sparkle & Glow – Fundraiser for Puerto Rico Solar Relief Effort – Sat., Dec. 9

The holidays are a time of giving. Your new Rodan & Fields Representative, Tara Nason, and your Stella & Dot Stylist, Bernadette Manzano, are partnering up to bring out that Sparkle, Glow and Energy to Puerto Rico. This shopping event will be a fundraiser for our friend’s local non-profit, Puerto Rico Solar Relief Effort. Not only will you shop for gifts for those close to you, you can help those far away on an island that are still without power just by attending our event. Bernadette will be donating $5 for every guest in attendance (maximum of $500). Though small in consideration as to what is truly needed, this can help one family out. See their Facebook page to make a donation directly if you cannot attend. Latest news: Whitefish Energy has halted work due to a payment dispute. = Further delays.

Come by! Sign in at the door and you’ve helped make a difference in Puerto Rico. Grab a glass of wine, snack on light appetizers, meet other folks that care about the same things you do and shop!

Saturday, December 9th
1:00 PM – 5:00 pm
22012 Sevilla Road
Hayward, California

Stella & Dot
S&D is a line of jewelry, accessories, handbags and tops adored by celebrities and with half the line under $50. Try on and shop items like our engravable collections including lockets and cuff links, our newest addition of the Rebecca Minkoff pieces ready to be worn on New Year’s Eve or shop our sale items.

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2) When you spend $50, you have access to the Trunk Show Exclusive Offers. December items will be posted soon.

Can’t attend? Shop this link: http://www.stelladot.com/ts/93p1u
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Rodan & Fields
R&F is an incredible line of skincare products created by the doctors who started Proactiv. Learn about the line, schedule on-site mini facials, take advantage of sign up incentives and enter a drawing to wine free R&F product. Give yourself and easily gift holiday bundles. These are the gifts that get results.

Can’t attend? Shop Tara’s site at http://tnason1.myrandf.com/

This comes from Puerto Rico Solar Relief Effort with your help.

Looking forward to meeting you! Please share and invite this event with friends.

Guest parking is available and labeled around the complex. Parking on Castille Lane will prevent you from climbing three flights of stairs.


HFWF17 – Chef Floyd Cardoz of Paowalla

I have read a couple of Danny Meyer’s books. Chef Floyd Cardoz worked with him at Tabla, which has closed. Now Chef has multiple restaurants, including The Bombay Canteen in Mumbai, India and “Paowalla, the Portugues word for breadmaker” (First We Feast) in New York City. The Top Chef Masters winner in 2011 sat across from me at the Media Day for the Hawai’i Food and Wine Festival and describes his food as ‘modern Indian, lighter, not heavy.’ Chef continues to say that India has several states (29, Wikipedia), dialects and religions. Why would Indian cuisine be any different?

Chef says popular dishes include a chili chicken and bacon cheese biryani. He likes to showcase local seafood such as crab and calamari. If you can, sit at the designated bread bar with a view of the wood burning oven and enjoy a lot of carbs.

This biochemist Chef is also an author. With his winnings from the Top Chef Masters competition, he donated the $110,000 to the Young Scientist Cancer Research Fund and ‘helped fund the Young Scientist Foundation, which enables high school and college students to work alongside accomplished researchers to develop new treatments for diseases.’ (FloydCardoz.com) A multi-talented Chef with a giving heart.

At the Lucky VII dinner on Maui for the Hawai’i Food and Wine Festival, we were presented as our second course a ‘Hawaiian kanpachi ceviche with Big Island coconut-kokum broth, Big Island heart of palm and black rice.’ The fish was delicate, the broth had a hint of curry and the crisp greens added some texture. The 2015 Weingut Gunderlock Gewurtztraminer of Rheinhessen, Germany was a delicious pairing, dry and lite and not ‘desserty’ as described by the Sommelier. I look forward to dining at Paowalla during my next visit to New York City.

Paowalla will have special seatings on Thanksgiving Day. Make your reservation now. Please let me know if you attend! I would love to know how it was.

195 Spring Street
New York, New York 10012

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