Gramercy Tavern – New York City

“You should read this.” A business partner recommended Setting The Table by Danny Meyer. We were in the middle of opening up a restaurant in San Francisco. The restaurant has come and gone but not the opportunity to dine at one of Danny Meyer’s restaurants whiles in New York City. It was a Sunday afternoon and fears of the coronavirus hasn’t completely taken over Manhattan yet. I stopped in for a drink.

Up the front steps and through the single door, you find yourself in a small square of a waiting area. The hostess asks if she can be of some assistance with a smile. Like always and solo traveling, I ask if the bar is open seating. I get my answer and weave through the low, circular tables to the bar top. I grab a seat at the end next to an enormous stick arrangement propped on the bar top. With an attempt to avoid over eating and just walked a block from Cosme to celebrate International Women’s Day, I reviewed the drink menu and inquired after bar snacks.

bappletree – love this.

The menu listed cocktails at $19 a pop and a few snack options at the bottom. What called out to me, coming from quite some time in Louisville, Kentucky, was the Four Roses bourbon cocktail called Cruising Altitude. With the decrease in travel due to COVID-19, I thought it was appropriate. It was made of Four Roses Bourbon, Forthave Apertif, Michelberger, Absinthe and lemon, served up. Tasty.

I also ordered two servings of the perfectly pickeled veggies that they conveniently had behind the bar. One day, I will have a full meal here.

Like many restaurants in the world, they have closed down due to the virus. Danny Meyer has laid off 80% of his staff, he is donating his salary to a fund to help his workers and it will take a month to hire and train staff (CNBC article 3/20/20). Being from the hospitality world, my heart goes to the hard workers going through a tough time, being laid off and concerned about how they will pay for rent. I look forward to dining out again on a regular. Hang in there!

This is not a post to encourage going out and disregard lockdowns. However if you can financially support your local restaurant through DoorDash, UberEats or pickup, please do so. And when it is safe to travel and dine out again, please let me know if Gramercy Tavern is on your list to dine at.

Travel note: Kill two birds with one stone. Gramercy Tavern is on the same block as Theodore Roosevelt’s birthplace is.

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OBB Weekly – 3-5-19

Two months down for 2019. How would you say your year is going for you so far? February was full of travel for me. March, I’m headed back down. Down under, that is. Have you been? What are you down for? What downs have you come up from?  Like a basketball, you’re bound to come up.

Almost a year after I completed the Princess Academy with Princess Cruises, I have selected my graduation gift: a free 13-day cruise from Melbourne, Australia and around New Zealand. My roommate is pretty excited. We both haven’t been down under. We will be flying direct on Qantas, thank goodness. We will spend at least one full day in Melbourne on both ends of the trip. She wants to hold a koala (still working on that). I want to go to their rooftop bars and eat at their nice restaurants. I am glad we both agreed to a spa day before we head back in time for our return flight to San Francisco. Then again, my roommate is down for anything.
We have ran across the below articles on what to do in Melbourne. If you have any recommendations, please do share! Follow via the links at the bottom of this post to see what I’m seeing as it’s happening! Our hashtag: #KimNBernGoDown (Under).
If you know me, I’m always down for a Los Lonely Boys concert. I have been a fan of theirs for 13 years. I just went to my 73rd concert. Of course, I was down front. My friends and I that travel with to see these shows have a saying, “There’s no place like front row.”  If you haven’t seen them live, please check them out when they come to your town or see my videos on YouTube. There are plenty.

Met this beautiful gal thru an LLB concert and it’s nice to keep in touch with her thru the years.

Front row, Baby.

As a Concierge, I was happy to get my hotel guests tickets to basketball and baseball games and concerts as down close to the front as possible. We have partnerships with companies that can get you down front or pretty close. Just be aware that there may be a service fee and you will most likely be paying a premium. I recommend planning ahead and getting tickets as soon as they are released. 
The early reservation of your private event venue is just like securing tickets. Expect to pay immediately with a down payment to lock in your date, time and location. The cost varies based on the venue. The same is true for vendors like caterers, DJs and photographers. If you need assistance, I can recommend vendors as your Event Planner. Some venues you will love to put down a deposit for are at the below locations.
The Cape, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Inn at Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz, California

Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, California

Pacific Star Winery, Fort Bragg, California

Let’s be real here. I gained almost four pounds after a week of traveling in New York and only able to get one so-so workout in. I put down a lot of delicious food. “You can eat!” is a common comment lately. But hey, it makes my tastebuds happy. I would really regret not having that New York Strip at Danny Meyer’s Union Square Cafe and get hit by a taxi as I left the restaurant. I am not promoting you to be obese. I am promoting enjoying the moment and balance. Understand there’s a cost associated. I have been back a week and knocked down two of those four pounds. It’s work but damn that steak was tasty. 

Other dishes put down in front of me were from
Russ & Daughters, New York City – Pickeled veggies. The best pickeled tomatoes I have ever had. Mouth is watering now.

Russ & Daughters, New York City – Pickeled fish

One Dine, New York City – 100 floors up and this is their branzino.

My second set of tots and caviar in NYC. Union Square Cafe. First time having this was at Please Don’t Tell.

Bacon from Tavern on the Green, New York City
Failure is a part of life. But so are successes, no matter how small. I still have two pounds to go to be pre-New York weight. A bigger failure is not being back down to 18% body fat by this cruise on Sunday. I am no where close to that. I get it. I failed in reaching that goal, but I’m chasing it. This Event Planner may always be on time but there are some things I will be late to party for. The point is, don’t give up. Refocus. Continue the work.
One thing I feel I can be proud of is my roommate reaching her goal weight before this cruise. I invite her to early morning workout sessions, I aim for her really ‘sexy’ gym face and we did two yoga videos this weekend instead of one. As mentioned, she’s down for anything. This weekend, she also discovered that she and I are the same size jeans now! She was ecstatic. Hard work pays off. She rewarded herself with new bikinis! Thanks, Seafolly. We’ll be rockin’ your products on our vacation and with a little more confidence.
Keep at it!

“Are you sisters? You  have the same smile.” – Captain America. Swooon.