A Sad Time

With 30+ million people unemployed, 100,000 US citizens passed away due to Covid-19 and now, the country is mourning and struggling with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of police officers, it is a sad time. I wanted to post a note of acknowledgement of the pain and suffering many are going through right now. The violent videos from protests and George’s incident is heartbreaking. I hope the country can pull through together, safely and learn from these experiences to avoid repeat occurrences.

“Come up with a better way! … This ain’t workin’.” A video of a 31-year-old black man tries to calm down an older black men, then pleads an angry 16-year-old to find a solution. After years of attempts, be the generation that’s effective.

Change starts with you.

I always walk the walk so here is how I will do my part to improve those I encounter.

Help the Unemployed

Celebrating my nine-year anniversary with Stella & Dot, my many side gigs are challenging to be successful at given our current economy. Thankfully, I am in a better position than most people. I do not have a family of my own to support. I do not have to pay rent. I do not have student loans, car payments or other debt. I will continue to do my part of supporting local businesses to keep their employees paid. See a list of local restaurants I have supported during quarantine HERE. I will also continue to write reviews to share my experiences and menu suggestions with my Yelp network. I hope this encourages readers to try ordering takeout from these establishments. Be sure to call the establishment directly! Delivery services take a large percentage.

Pizzeria Delfina, Palo Alto, California

In regards to the travel industry, companies are slowly moving forward with promotions starting in July. This will result in more staff coming back to work to tend to guests when travel increases. I hope to serve both companies and my individual clients with an increase in travel sales. Thankfully, I have booked a repeat client for a hotel stay in July. I am open to booking guests for local travel starting this summer, preferably starting in July. This will be post shelter in place order. I will continue to adjust my willingness to book travel based on health recommendations and will never choose a commission over the well-being of my clients. If you do not have the means to travel AND travel safely, please wait for the responsible time to do so. Currently, unnecessary travel is still not recommended.

Stop the Spread

One of my customers made the news of having several of their long-term residents diagnosed with the coronavirus. A director also had the virus. She survived. The week I was planning on visiting these customers, I headed home from the Midwest immediately once they restricted visitors. The shelter in place order took effect exactly one week later. Since then, I have gladly stayed indoors with the exception of going to the farmers market, the grocery store and pickup takeout at least once a week.

Requirements to social distance and wear a mask have been obeyed. Masks were worn and required at my cousin’s funeral as well. I just came across a dear friend’s view on not wanting to wear a face mask. I disagree with her choice but I wish her and her family to remain safe.

Hand sanitizer is attached to my wallet, I have hand sanitizer in my car, I use it at every opportunity when it is offered wherever I go and I always wash my hands as soon as I walk in the house.

Say His Name

George Floyd. This man was subject to police brutality and died at the hospital after complying. Cuffed and on the ground, the police officer’s knee pressed on George’s neck for several minutes. George screamed for help, indicating he couldn’t breathe and requested water. Police video evidence is available.

I can honestly say that I have not done enough to peacefully support protests against police brutality, especially against the American African community. Black Lives Matter. My influential and dear friend in Atlanta has voiced her anger, concern and sadness with every report of injustice against black men and women in the United States. She has made me do more than just read about these issues. Here I am, saying his name.

George Floyd.

He’s important. He mattered. He was loved. He was not resisting arrest. He’s human. He didn’t deserve this treatment.

As my best friend is a police officer, and a white female, I can vouch that not all law enforcement are ill-willed or malicious.

As my former roommate, an African American male, have been subject to racial profiling, I can vouch that not all black men are ill-willed or malicious.

Respecting each other, not abusing your power and being a good, kind human will help make this world a bit more peaceful. Elect representatives that promise to fight for change. Vote, read and listen. I will do more of this myself, from home. Let’s acknowledge and mourn this hard time. Then let’s make a positive difference!

Rest in peace, George Floyd.

Flowers for Katy

Some family is gathered in Seaside, California at the viewing for my late Cousin Katy today. The beautiful arrangements at her viewing via social media came from near and far. Her favorite color was purple. She liked her steak medium rare. She worked for the United States Postal Service for 35 years. And her son, Ricky, was her pride and joy.

I last saw Cousin Katy for her niece’s wedding in Seaside on September 1st 2019. I was looking forward to seeing her again for our family reunion this coming August in South Lake Tahoe. Her passing was unexpected and she was a healthy woman of 62 getting ready to retire. The family has been sharing photos via social media and I noticed that I was often sitting or standing next to or near her. I must have been drawn to her without knowing entirely why. I would assume it was because of her being such a sweet and gentle lady.

On a recent Zoom call with family, we each had our moment to speak saying
1) what we were drinking
2) a memory of Cousin Katy
3) how we are going to do better to keep in touch with family.

When it was my turn, I made a confession. Though I took the initiative to start, plan and coordinate our family reunions, before they began, I didn’t have the best memory of all the cousins. It must have been at least a decade since we all got together as a big group. Some time before the reunions started, my sister threw a party at her house. People would arrive, comment how long it has been since they have seen you and give you a hug. I played along, not confessing I didn’t remember who they were. I think I pulled my sister aside asking “Who is that?!” It was Cousin Katy. I could vividly remember a photo taken that day of her, Ricky and Ricky’s dad standing in my sister’s dining room. For the life of me, sadly, I cannot find it.

I may not have remembered you then, Cousin Katy, but I will now.

On my walks this week, I have been seeing beautiful flowers. I have had an urge to stop and take a photo of them. Maybe I think Katy would like them. Maybe it reminded me of her beauty. I Snap’d them and sent them as a good morning photo to friends to maybe start their day off right. With the world in its current state, something positive always helps. Here are a few I have sent off. Oh, the Power of Giving Flowers.

To comply with the stay at home order, I have decided to only attend the service tomorrow. Masks and practicing social distancing will be required. Let’s see what flowers I find on the California coast tomorrow.

If you can help and fund the incredible cost of a funeral, please do so thru this GoFundMe.

Great Grandparents

My Lolo used to hold his hands in front of his belly to defend himself against me wanting to tickle him. My Lola will not hesitate to tell me when I have gained weight or when she doesn’t like what I’m wearing. “Yes, Lola,” is all you can say and remain respectful. Sadly, not everyone has had the benefit of knowing their grandparents like my sister and I have. We lived with them for a few years as young adults. I am sure it wasn’t easy but we were lucky to have them take us in.

As I have cleaned up a bit of my family tree with headshots, I am now attempting to gather information from family. I have reached out via Facebook messenger and am awaiting responses of actual birth dates or places relatives have lived. I am also open to hearing about stories and memories. I called my father last night to pick his brain on my great grandparents.

I went once. They lived on a hill, on a plantation. They had a stream, a smokehouse and fields of tobacco, watermelon and rice. There was no electricity, just candles and kerosene. They slept on a bamboo floor. No beds. They made their money selling their goods from the farm.” My Papa remembered his visit to the home of his maternal grandparents. When asked why he only remembers this visit, he stated it was difficult to travel then on unpaved roads and not all buses go into the town so they didn’t go often.

He said he doesn’t remember his paternal grandparents besides the fact that they lived in the ‘city.’ Though I am not positive I have the correct Jose R. Manzano, but it is possible my great grandfather left the Philippines with his brother, Mariano Deltin Manzano, to live in Chicago, illinois. It is not uncommon for the head of the household to move to the Americas, then send for the family once they have settled in. It doesn’t seem this was the case for Jose R. Manzano. Could he really have left my Lolo and his siblings behind? I have yet to find out.

I am thankful my Lolo Victor made his way to the Americas. I am grateful for the opportunities given to me as an American citizen. Thank you, Lolo.

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Family Roots

Family Roots

Thanks to my uncle in Southern California, he did most of the work of putting together the Lagade family tree. This is my mother’s side. She was the youngest of twelve. The tree doesn’t go any deeper than my grandparents. My father’s side has fewer aunts and uncles but I have information on my great grandparents. Both sides are from Philippines with many from the Ilocos Sur area.


I remember going to my Lola’s house in San Francisco on Army Street as a kid. We would have get together often and four generations would fill the three-story home from top to bottom with chatter, laughs and sometimes dancing.

San Francisco, California

We currently have family reunions every other year in various parts of California. We are proud that our current generation of cousins get along very well and we see each other quite often.

Though a lot of work needs to be done, it seems my great grandparents passed before some of my aunts were born. Google searches for Lagade end up with middle eastern results.

San Jose, California

I am looking to connect to people that may know about or are related to below individuals. They would be of Filipino descent and were born early 1900s or earlier.

Matias Lagade
Primitiva Fernandez
Juan Madarang
Fabiana Cabus


Growing up with divorced parents, I am happy to have had a good amount of time with both sides of my family. My sister and I stayed at my grandparents’ home, aka Lola and Lolo, often as children. They taught us how to do the rosary and were faithfully committed to the church. Up until we had families of our own and beyond, the six cousins stayed in the area. Now I am the only one left in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We don’t have reunions on this side but the cousins still remain rather close. I am thankful for that.

Nashville, Tennessee

Our family tree goes to my 2nd great-grandfather who seemed to have left my Lolo and family behind in the Philippines and ended up in Chicago, Illinois. My Lolo did the same but eventually the entire family followed. My cousins and I are the first American born Manzanos of our family.

I am looking to connect to people that may know about or are related to below individuals. They would be of Filipino descent and were born early 1900s or earlier.

Jose Rosario Manzano
Prima Belandres
Paulo Ciubal
Anastasia Abarientos

Romauldo A. Ciubal
Petra Sante Santua

Any tips or referrals would be greatly appreciated!

Start your own tree and research on Ancestry.com. I have been able to find ship passenger logs, passport applications, census forms, signatures and naturalization paperwork. Pretty cool.

So Near Yet So Far

Quarantine is keeping extended families apart. My family has a reunion every other year and special events in between. It is unfortunate that it took a sad event to bring our family virtually together, but the two hours spent were beneficial. Family members from 20 to 60 years of age were able to join from California, Arizona, Minnesota and North Carolina. The family was updated on details, questions were asked and feelings were shared. Thanks to Zoom, we were all able to see each other’s faces, smile, laugh and cry together. And of course, cheers each other. I had a Happy Hop IPA by Russian River Brewing Company. Others had energy drinks, wine and water.

As I would be coordinating a wedding or leading a conference call, I proposed we had some structure and allow each person in attendance to have the floor. Each person mentioned what they were drinking, a memory they had with our dearly departed and what they would do to improve communication with the family and keeping us together. It worked out well. Family memories and facts made jaws drop out of shock and heads tilted back in laughter. Showing love in return with making a heart shape with our hands when a cousin said they loved us was almost like being at a Taylor Swift concert.

I encourage you to do this with your family. As large and as spread out as our family is, it is wonderful we have the bond that we do. After all, your cousins are your first best friends. I completely agree.

Reach out to a cousin or other family member today!

AND, I had to share some memories of us though the years. Oh, the many hairstyles!

How much Aquanet did you use back in the day? And LA Gear! Who remembers that?
Old family gatherings at our Lola’s house in San Francisco.
We like to drink.
Fallbrook, California
And we like to have a good time.
Salinas, California

May you be able to see your family again soon. Our fingers are crossed our family reunion in August in South Lake Tahoe will be able to happen.

Earth Day 2020

Headed to Alamere Falls

Staying home, this One Busy Bee will be doing my part in not driving my car, continuing to recycle, continue participating in Meatless Mondays and promote saving the bees! It it Earth Day’s 50th anniversary and I remember participating in events back in the day in grade school. I am also happy to see Google’s interactive bee homepage. Very cute.

I have a bee tattooed on my back, I have all sorts of jewelry, socks, hand bags and more. I want these bee and honey bear printed bees wax wraps too to decrease using plastic wrap. I am currently reading The Honey Factory. I am learning so much! Get educated on the importance of bees.

Engraved necklace by Stella & Dot
Socks from my cousin.

Sadly, we have been noticing a few bees not flying but walking along on the ground. I need to do a better job at doing more. I have the blackest thumb but could try to have a plant or two. HERE are 21 flowers bees love. I love mint! I can make sure I buy more organic products.

I really love The Honeybee Conservancy’s idea of having a bee bath. Provide a pool of fresh water with pebbles for them to rest on and drink.

And you can always donate. I have just donated to The Honeybee Conservancy. Join me!

I also love seeing bee artwork from my travels.

Melbourne, Australia
Agave & Rye – Louisville, Kentucky
Muhammad Ali Center – Louisville, Kentucky

And for you beer lovers, get your Earth Day Untappd badge and don’t forget to recycle those cans and bottles!

What are you doing on this Earth Day?

The Honeybee Conservancy
NorCal Bees Rescue – GoFundMe
UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab

Two-Year Roommate Anniversary

In quarantine, my roommate and I couldn’t really celebrate our roommate anniversary. Last year, we celebrated it by going to Napa. We visit often and we quite a bit together. This year, we celebrated with the help of Destination Wedding Photographer, Vanja Melnik, from Serbia. You might remember her from the interview I posted about HERE. Vanja had some unique photos I haven’t seen before. This is my favorite shot from the day, and all in the comfort of our own home.

She had posted photos of Factime stills with her taking pictures of her camera in the upper right hand corner during the session. For our session, the connection was quite terrible so screen shots were taken. I had an idea of the set up and I really enjoy our balcony on a nice day. As sports fans, I wanted my roommate and I to dress up in our jerseys and have a casual day enjoying wine. Props would be all of our swag, glassware or cups and even flags. I think it turned out really well. She likes hockey, and the San Jose Sharks. I like football and the San Francisco 49ers.

We took shots in different areas of the house. Vanja directed us on how to look, where to stand, how to angle ourselves or the camera, etc. Encouraging words of what looked good also helped to relax. We were originally scheduled for 30 minutes but in my experience, when photographers are on a roll, they don’t mind the clock too much. Unless their Wedding Coordinator (ahem!) is looking for them to give them a quick reminder.

Eventually the shoot turned silly. It is expected when Kim and I get together. Good times, Kim.

And thank you, Vanja! I hope to one day work with you on a destination wedding, hopefully in Santorini, Greece! That would be a dream come true!

Vanja Melnik, Destination Wedding Photographer – Serbia
Bernadette Manzano, Event Planner & Coordinator – United State

Keeping Busy During Quarantine

Via social media, I happily see my nieces and nephews still getting an education while at home and friends getting a work out in. This One Busy Bee is definitely keeping busy. I thankfully have work to keep me occupied during the day for the time being. When work duties are set aside, I am enjoying getting a run or some sort of workout in, cooking, learning, reading, watching new shows and playing ScrabbleGo. How are you keeping yourself busy?


Whether you like to run on your own or do group classes, there are so many ways to get moving being quarantined at home. My friend, Jen, in Kentucky has a Facebook group where she leads yoga classes. My friend and former Bride, Lisa, in San Francisco is also doing live fitness classes via Instagram. All are donation based, so please, if you participate, please throw them a few bucks. We’re all trying to survive. I will try to join one myself very soon, Girls! HERE are some benefits of taking up a yoga routine while social distancing according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

As mentioned, I have jogged a couple of times. My roommate and I did three FitOn videos yesterday. When your friends are also on the app, you can invite them to your workout and you can work out together but separate.

We did a few Pilate vidoes. They are tough! I sure do miss Kim’s gym face. She puts in the world tho and pushes herself. Way to go, Kim! With the windows and front door open to the condo, I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what was going on with all the grunts, heavy breathing and sighs of relief were all about.


With so many recipes to try via Pinterest and Instagram, you can make fresh salad dressings or be more ambitious and try a multi-layered dessert. I have already made two batches of cookies (See TikTok video), used a fish I have never cooked before (monkfish) with and threw in homemade pomegranate or kumquat jelly for a fruity or citrus-y vinaigrette. I am posting photos when I cook or bake on my Instagram Story at WereHungryToo. Take a look!


I love having so much time on my hands. I can do things I have been wanting to do or haven’t had much time to devote to. Investing in yourself is always the best bet. I do so with reading the news every morning (thanks, Amy Hollyfield of ABC7!) I have participated in a couple of webinars (SommCon and Sprinkles for Breakfast.) I finished ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama and am now on The Honey Factory: Inside the Ingenious World of Bees by Diedrich Steen and Jurgen Tautz. Next, I will be reading The Alchemist. I will also be completing my CLIA 2020 training. After that, I am looking to take a blogging and content course and do what I can to revive the restaurant industry.

Up to date with them!

After this pandemic is done and society resumes as normal, I am trying to set myself up to bounce back and being the One Busy Bee I once was.


Tiger King seems to be all the craze right now. Who else is captivated? I honestly haven’t seen it but it is flooding my social media feed. For us, cohabitation during this pandemic has allowed us to get caught up with great shows like The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel and Westworld. Who else loves James Marsden? We are also watching France’s The Bureau. It makes me want to revisit my French lessons in Duolingo! If you don’t mind subtitles, check it out!


At level 25 and with at least seven games going on with random players and IRL friends, ScrabbleGo has kept me in touch with friends, keeps the brain working and I really like the dictionary feature. In ScrabbleGo, you can hold down on a word that was played and it will tell you the word’s meaning. My vocabulary is not extensive and this could help. Beware of random strangers making inappropriate comments or looking to chat. If you are not there to befriend random people, forfeit the game and deny rematches. If you are competitive like I am, there are weekly standings among friends and your most played opponents. I am currently in the fourth spot. My dear friend, Sandra, has played the most points. “Can you tell I’m bored?” Keep playing, Sandra. I see that wine bottle too. Wine and board games will never go out of style.

Unless this SIP order extends again after May 3rd, I am sure there will be other things to add to this list.

How are you doing?
What have you been doing with your time?
What board games do you like to play? Are they online?

OBB Weekly – 3-24-20

One week in, two to go. That is, if an extension of the quarantine is not in place, But it seems Trump wants to reopen America. Too soon? I think so. Per a live video I watched of my dear friend, Dr. C. Zapata, in Seattle, she is encouraging people to lead and share informative posts and videos during this time. You have gained so many skills in your years of living. Believe it or not, not everyone in the world knows what you know. You might as well share this useful information for people to decide to follow your lead or modify it somehow to customize it to their life. Share what you know!

Jerry, did you know that the human head weighs eight pounds?

Let me see how I can enlighten you in Travel (again, not encouraging travel right now), Event Planning not encouraging gathering in groups), Food (no, outside dining) and Motivation.


My Places I’ve Been board on Pinterest currently has 303 pins. I can say that not all places Pinned are linked to this blog but that’s the goal. Again, I am not encouraging travel right now but if you are thinking of a destination that you have been wanting to go to that I have visited, I would be happy to chat with you about my experiences. Being your Travel Agent would be a bonus.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – January 2018

Being from the San Francisco Bay Area, one of my favorite things to do is recommend what to do in San Francisco. I enjoyed my time as a Concierge at The Argonaut Hotel at Fisherman’s Wharf and speaking to future guests about planning their itinerary for a romantic getaway or a family trip. I loved the notes (the tips were appreciated as well) from these happy guests. It really does mean a lot to us in the service industry when we are praised by our customers. Management doesn’t always see it and often times, the pay isn’t great. I think what we do is a valuable service.

Again, please abide by the shelter-in-place orders and stay home. Another way to escape is to get lost in a book. I am not a fast reader and feel there are so many articles released that I need to keep up with so I often am reading online instead of holding a hard copy book in my hands. Last night, I finished “Becoming” by former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. It is the closest thing we have to a Queen and royalty in the US, in my opinion. It was wonderful to read how a girl from Chicago living in a small home with multiple family members achieved in school, as a lawyer and survived as a mother for two terms in the White House. No one would know exactly what it was like for her unless she shared what she knew. Thanks, Michelle.


I have been working events for many years. It started with my days in Advertising where every advertisement that was launched was an event. My biggest success there was helping to relaunch the Texaco brand in the Southeast. I was still in college, commuting from Pacheco, California to San Francisco every weekday and had a restaurant job on the weekends. I know how to balance my time and get things done.

I may not have had the time to do events lately with my commitments to a day job, but I am open to 2020 events once we are allowed to gather in groups. I am happy to say that my Brides and Grooms have valued my assistance. Please see my Raves. If you have ever hosted a party at your home and were pulled away from conversations with your guests because you needed to refill the ice, reheat or re-fill the apps or take out the trash, having party helpers will allow you to enjoy the event. Communicating, reconnecting and enjoying yourself was the whole point, right? If you can afford the assistance, please do reach out.

Seaside, California – September 2019


I will never claim to be a Chef but I do know what I like. And I like all food and beverage. I love dining at hole in the wall spots and I love beautifully plated tasting menus. If I know one thing, it’s that my taste buds rule me. I had another successful Meatless Monday yesterday with a salad and a homemade kumquat vinaigrette dressing and quesadillas with green salsa plus chips and hummus for snacks. Then this morning, we had no dessert in the house and I went to get donuts. Sugar donuts are my favorite. Who’s with me?

Donut Delight – Menlo Park, CA

If you love to eat as much as I do and do not have loads of disposable income, when the dust settles, consider working in the restaurant industry. If you aren’t into serving or bartending, consider being a host or hostess or back office needs. It is a great way to get exposed to what happens behind the scenes of a great restaurant and try new food. If you make friends with the kitchen, they will often ask your opinion on some dishes, you will have to try every single dish in order to sell it to guests and you are often offered family meal, a free communal meal for the staff, or a free or discounted meal during your shift. Hourly pay and a singing taste buds – it’s a win-win.

Oosterdam by Holland America


I am lucky to be quarantined with one of my favorite people in the world but some people are by themselves or are really struggling being with their own family. “If I wanted to be a 4th grade teacher, I would have been a 4th grade teacher,” one of my friends post on Facebook. I am not a mother so I cannot imagine what they’re going thru. I wish you mothers continued strength! What you can go thru is a connecting with new and old friends through social media. Dr. Zapata also spoke about being useful in your community. I normally am not out and about and know many folks that live in Hayward, my community is mostly via social media. I have my roommate and my coworkers but the people I can connect with that are far away, I can do so via social media. I spoke with my cousin in Kauai via FaceTime and friends are connecting via new platforms like Snapchat (‘bappletree’). New friends can be made via Facebook groups.

Pliny the Elder on Untappd

The same doctor friend invited me to a Facebook group called This Girl is on Fire. You had me from “FIRE.” I was able to introduce myself and what I do and am now chatting with some local ladies. I also took some time to visit the other Facebook groups I am a part of and commented and got involved. When all you have is time, there are endless possibilities to connect with folks. I would just recommend being genuine about it. It goes a long way and you may find yourself with a long-time but distant friend. Ain’t that right, PD?

PD and I have never met in person but we know quite a bit about each other’s lives. Sometimes, you just need someone unbiased to vent to.

Follow on social media

Right Now

It has almost been a week since the Bay Area has been locked down and right now the Republicans are looking to save big corporations versus the small businesses and its workers. Hospitals are running out of supplies, UPS workers continue to work to keep products moving, more and more restaurants are closing and I still have not found toilet paper.

Two weeks are left of this mandatory quarantine and it has been the longest week. Thankfully, I am able to work from home but many of my friends and loved ones cannot. I am concerned about their well-being and how they will be able to survive. There is no definite end in sight that we can look forward to.

I am fine. I have food, shelter, water and company. I wanted to highlight some real stories of real people that will not specifically make the news or thought of specifically by our politicians. But I see you.

Cugino & Cugina
My Cugino is a great bartender here in the Bay Area. Like many other establishments, his employer is closed thru April 7th. He also works in sports. With all large events cancelled, including this year’s Olympics, that stream of income is also unavailable.

Cugina & Cugino – Monterey, California – 9/1/19

My Cugina, Cugino’s wife, is an emergency room nurse. Like many of those in the healthcare field, they can’t work from home. They are on the front lines and are easily exposed to the virus. Unfortunately, my Cugina did get sick, but thankfully she did not test positive.

My Niece in College
I have attended graduation ceremonies for my niece throughout the years. We even recreate the same pose since she graduated kintergarten in Pleasant Hill. She was supposed to be moving on from her junior college with a ceremony this June. Given colleges have shut down but some still offer online classes, commencement ceremonies have been cancelled. It won’t be the same with a virtual ceremony. I am sure this 4.0 smart girl will do just fine, but I am disappointed that she won’t get celebrate. I am sure she is too.

Ex-Coworker Marries in Park
During my time at the Argonaut Hotel in San Francisco, now currently a ghost town, I befriended a coworker who now lives in New York City. Two days ago, he married his Bride in Washington Square Park. HERE is a video clip of the those around them and they even had a news article in the Daily News. Love wins, wouldn’t you say?

Waiting for a Divorce
I have definitely been there. You wait for that court date to finalize that divorce. My cousin is waiting as well. But now her court date has been pushed back due to courts closing. Resolutions are postponed – alimony, child support and funds that could help move things along during this time for people will need to wait a tad bit longer. People in jail are being released and the public requests halting arrests in non-violent cases. Businesses are being boarded up. I am hoping a time of rioting and theft will not occur. Where would we put them?

My best friend is a cop and she cannot stay home with her two kids, my niece and nephew. She is risking her life every single day on the normal. Now, continuing to be out and about when the shelter-in-place order has been issued. I would hate for her to get into a confrontation for issuing a citation (which there have been none) to someone not following the order. And there are plenty! Friends have posted people are picnicking in the parks in groups. Please stay home. Don’t be THAT person.

FaceTime on different coasts – Feb 2020

Island Living
I just spoke with my dear cousin on Kauai. She says the island has under 30 ICU beds and little to none ventilators. My father and stepmother are on Maui with three hospitals. Tourists are still coming to the Islands and they really should be staying home. This is not OK. Now, these all tourists and returning residents will be subject to a 14-day quarantine. I am OK with that. Friends are posting that they love the tourism but just not right now. Stay home, People.

When your cousin from Kauai visits the mainland, you play like you were kids again.

Friends in Hospitality and Restaurant Industry
Oh, my heart goes out to all of them. I know very few people in the hospitality and restaurant industry that live more than an above-average lifestyle. They don’t work double shifts to get into their Ferrari or $3,200 a month studio at the Jasper in San Francisco. They go home to a small apartment that is shared with multiple people and often live month to month. Two more weeks of no income means they will not be able to pay rent. Counties are gathering to vote on assistance and stop evictions due to loss of jobs during this time but nothing has been finalized.

Met up with a former restaurant co-worker in NYC. Oh, the smells off of a hot plate.

As much as I love food and beverage and most of my blog posts are on food, I am doing what I can to support my favorite spots. If they offer take out, I will take advantage. If they tweet, I do not mind retweeting to my followers. When it’s safe to do so, I look forward to doing what I can to help revive the business and of course support my friends that own and work in the industry.

Pesto Gnocchi – Osteria Toscana – Palo Alto, California

I wanted to share these stories of different folks to communicate something real and how the corona virus is affecting their lives. You may not know them and they may not matter to you, but they matter to somebody and that’s why you should stay home, quarantine and even after all this has passed, wash your hands!