The Saddle Rack – Fremont, California

Back in the Bay Area from Paris for my birthday, I wanted to celebrate with my friends. Last year, I didn’t travel for my birthday as I had a wedding the weekend before in Fort Bragg. We did a spa day and dinner in San Francisco and then Napa and a Michelin star dinner afterwards (38). This year, I had a few friends join me at The Saddle Rack in Fremont, California. I love country and this was a fun place to do it.

The Saddle Rack was the spot when I used to work at a place called City Beach on the other side of I-880. Coworkers and I would go every now and then and it was always a good time. We would watch the line dancing on one dance floor, dance on main floor, on stage and in the cage. The blonde, raunchy lead singer was replaced by a male lead singer and he hit some impressive long notes.

There are three bars, a barber chair where shots are poured into your mouth, a bull to ride, a patio and plenty of rest rooms. It’s a large venue with a parking lot to match. There’s a lot of space in the East Bay. You may have to drive or take an Uber (use code ‘cmo4h’ to get $2 off your first 3 rides) to get here but it’s a bit more affordable than the city. As long as you’re with good company, you could make any place in the world a good time.

Good times is exactly what we had that night. I am incredibly thankful for friends and coworkers who came to celebrate with me. It means a lot when friends cross bridges for you. You hear that people that live in the city (aka San Francisco) do not leave the city. My dear friend did and even rented a Zipcar to make it. Other friends crossed over from the Peninsula. My former Roomie has moved farther away to Pleasant Hill and left her toddler son at home. And my current roommate leaves the house at 5:45 every morning and was planning on waking up at 4 AM the next morning to walk 15 miles. None of these ladies had to do any of this but I am so grateful they chose to. I was definitely feeling the love. I even got into my car the next morning for work and saw someone has left a message on my window.

Time Flies

When you are traveling at least once a month, have a full time job and a weekend job, plus your Travel Agent and Event Planning business, you sacrifice some thing such as family time. As long as those family members do not take it personally and support your ambitions, all is good. I am lucky enough to have that.

I unfortunately missed my nephew’s birthday but was able to watch him play a little Fortnite on a recent visit. We took some selfies with this new 8-year-old. I told him I would learn to play the game and we can play remotely. Maybe we can be Twitch friends! Unfortunately, my AT&T internet connection isn’t fast enough.

Thanks to the flexibility of my day job, I was able to leave work early and make it to Arya’s 6th birthday get together at the house. I picked up a backpack that is a bit big for her but she could use it for over-nighters at my house. It was by Betsey Johnson and had a pup that looked like my late Bevo. She loved him so much that she had dreams about him after he passed. Nate, her brother, also included a picture of him in a recent project for school. I love how Bevo’s memory stays alive after nine months. I miss him everyday. I am sure they do too.

While on my #OBBRoadTrip, I was able to see my dear friend, Brittany, and a friend I haven’t seen in maybe 20 years in Lindon, Utah. Then I got to meet my new niece, Makenna, in Littleton, Colorado. It was good to see my cousins. They both have had new adventures that started recently. I wish them luck! If you need a realtor in the area, let me know! I’ll put you in touch!

Bowles Cafe, Littleton, Colorado

I’m thankful for my time with my family. Be sure to make some time for yours!
Check out my video from the entire trip HERE!

Let me plan your cross-country trip!


A very special happy birthday to my Papa Bear! You have worked hard all your life and sacrificed so much to give me a good life. You have continued to be supportive, my financial advisor and my hero. I am forever grateful and strive everyday to make you proud. Enjoy your day. I love you!

I just love that smile!
Birthday Cake
Cookies & Cream, my personal favorite
Cupcake of the Day – Raspberry Cheesecake.

Cupcakes and candles from Smallcakes – Danville, California location.
2008 Pinot Noir by Flowers Winery.

OBB Weekly – 8-13-19

London, August 2019

I fear that I won’t have time to do everything I want to do in life.

Standing in front of 125 Europeans at the 3.5-day Landmark Forum in London, this One Busy Bee voiced one of my fears. I do as much as I can as often as I can so I can experience as much of what life has to offer. You can always make more money but you can never get that moment in time back. What are you thoughts on time? How do you manage yours? How do you keep from wasting time? Here, I take the four areas I write on, in this week’s OBB Weekly.


Big Ben is currently unrecognizable with all the scaffolding surrounding the Elizabeth Tower. There was nothing to do but wait to die if you were a prisoner like Anne Boleyn in the Tower of London. Then there’s a moment in time when you dodged tragedy by not being at a certain place in time. I was just in Dayton, Ohio the week before the mass shooting. Holidays and vacations are not typically this morbid. I was hoping my blog would have inspired you to travel, use that earned vacation time off and go out and explore. If not, check out Adele’s recent vacation photos HERE.

Near where they say executions occurred at the Tower of London
A less-morbid kind of outing – Electric Tour Company, San Francisco

If you could travel to any time period, when and where would that be?


The news of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus separating after less than a year of marriage takes over the internet. A ten-year timeline of their relationship was released by Billboard HERE. I had the pleasure of talking about timelines and all the details of a Seaside, California wedding taking place on Labor Day weekend. I have my fingers crossed and am sure my Bride and Groom will make it through and stand the test of time. With two little ones growing like crazy, it seems like marriage will be a piece of cake.

Buttercup Cakes & Farmhouse Frosting

Would you use a Wedding Planner to help plan your event’s timeline? If so, I know one.


Cooking, baking, marinating – all takes time. Waiting for dough to rise or waiting for a dish hot out of the oven takes time. Now working from home majority of the time, I am hoping I will have more time to try new recipes. I know my roommate will enjoy being my test bunny. I enjoy cooking and Plated was a good way to use ingredients I have never used before. However, if you are also trying to save money like me, buying your own groceries and buying only what you need will help. I have saved time with snacking on fresh fruit, making salads at home and picking up some frozen meals like meat and cheese piroshkis or the Indulgence mushroom risotto for Meatless Mondays. They are ready in 90 seconds and it takes me back to my childhood! Happy time and money savings! I am using #onabudget on my social media posts. Check it out on Twitter and Instagram.

What are you favorite quick and easy dishes to make at home?


Three weeks straight of traveling is normal for some people. Not this One Busy Bee / Travel Agent! I was three to eight hours ahead and coming back home, I didn’t know what timezone I was in. Traveling also didn’t allow me get in a regular work out. Coming home, I didn’t even bother weighing myself or taking measurements. I knew I was going to have the time to make up for the time I lost to work towards my fitness goals. I had no excuse and I was going to get back what I have lost. With working on the weekends as well and 16 hours on my feet, I managed to get in four Bodyrock videos in on Saturday and chest day and cardio on Sunday. Monday, I logged a four-mile jog with my second mile under ten minutes. It definitely did not feel like a below average time achievement at the time. Today, I did leg day and cardio and I am pretty sour. I am investing the time to get back on track. Putting on my Seafolly bikini last night for some hot tub time with the roommate was also a motivator. I could feel a bit more confident in that two-piece. In the mean time, check out this article: Eight tricks for boosting bathing suit confidence without losing weight Also check out Bebe Rexha’s response to an executive saying she’s ‘too old to be sexy.‘ Excuse me! She’s 29, I will be turning 39 next month. You’re never too old to be sexy, Ladies. Rock it!

Post 4-mile jog.
Angie Capri Photography

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all Papas out there.

This is my Papa Bear and my late Lolo – two of the three men that I have always been able to rely on and have loved since I was born (3rd is myCugino!)

At the Best of Silicon Valley event.

I am thankful for the unconditional love, support, good times and laughter. Thinking of you on this day and wish I could be with you. Love you!

Puesto! Cousin Time.

Easter weekend was a very social and busy time. Church held two masses at the same time, one on the lawn and one in the church. Thankfully it was a beautiful day in the East Bay and ready for sun dresses. After spending time with my Lola and Uncle and paying my respects to my late Lolo and other Lola. Then it was cousin time.

My cousin Jenny is the same age as my sister and three years older. She has two children and needed to get some things off her chest. And what better way than over margaritas?!?

Puesto is located in the corner at the newish Veranda shopping center in Pleasant Hill, California. There’s a Sephora, Banana Republic factory store, fountains and outdoor grass area and a big movie theater where apparently you can order a steak. Puesto’s rectangular bar is impressive and in your face as you walk in. The reserve liquor bottles are on shelves hanging above and can be lowered at the bartender’s will. There’s an outdoor patio, a partially open kitchen and plenty of seating. The decor has hints of bright colors and murals under its tall ceiling.

We had the guacamole with chunks of Parmesan cheese, the El corn dish that was my favorite, the lime rice and salmon ceviche. And don’t forget the margaritas! I had two of the avocado margaritas on the rocks with salt. You can’t really taste the avocado so I would say it’s better used on my avocado toast. A simple one at the spa cafe at the Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa is a good example.

We had some good girl talk time. Even though we don’t live too far from each other, we were able to make this happen. They say your cousins are your first best friends. We definitely had a lot of time together growing up. It’s amazing what we have both been thru. Bottom line, we survived. And now, with goals to enjoy life to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

I need to hang out with you more. I’m scared. But we should.

I think I can have a good time anywhere I am. Take our visit to Cost Plus World Market, also located in the Veranda shopping center. Jen has never been in one. It was about to get awkward. Bunny ears were added to the outfit and fun and silliness in ‘testing’ the furniture. A lot of laughs. It’s good for the soul and I love making people smile. Hang in there, Cousin. You got this, but you also have me. And there are many margaritas to be had!

What Cousin can you call when you need help?
How do you like your margaritas?


When you’re not traveling the world, you have to tend to things at home. Some people have a house cleaner that comes in periodically. Some negotiate with their roommates that they’ll clean the whole house for X amount off rent per month because they like it done a certain way. I don’t have a house cleaner nor a handyman in my back pocket. As a homeowner, I have fixed majority of the small things needed in my condo. I painted my guest room entirely, replaced breakers, fixed my garbage disposal, repaired my broken pull switch on my ceiling fan, I’ve attempted to fix my dryer and now I have changed my first set of pipes. It just has to get done. Homeowners will know the home is a constant work in progress.

That did not feel like the hot salt water pools in Tauranga, New Zealand. I stepped into a puddle in my kitchen. It reminded me of my former tenant costing me $12,000 when he left the water running in a plugged up sink. I was traveling in Mendocino, California with a Bride and Groom and Bevo when I received a call from my home owner’s association rep. “Water seems to be coming from the ceiling on the bottom floor unit.” I live on the top, third floor. Lack of insurance by my tenant made it my responsibility. Now I know better. I also know to save costs and do work on the house projects myself.

This time, I found one hole in a pipe. It was the size of the tip of my middle finger. With the flexibility of work, I was able to work from home and stay in the East Bay and work on this problem.

I didn’t have a wrench. I had to wait til my local tool shop opened at 9 am and grab what I needed to take the pipe off and bring to a hardware store. I charged $25 for the wrench and headed back home. Pipe was removed.

A replacement pipe in stock was longer than what I needed. “Do you have a saw?” I laughed. The gentleman in a red Ace Hardware vest and jeans picked out an $8 saw for me and escorted me to the cashier and wished me luck. The girl behind the counter asked me if I wanted it cut the pipe to the size I needed! Yes! The saw went back to the rack. The pipe was lined up with my broken silver piece and my replacement was ready. Another $25.

It was an easy fix. I placed the new pipe in place and tightened the nuts. The soaked towel remained under the system and I turned on the water. All was good. Just to test it, I moved the facet head to the sink on the right. Water was still leaking! I inspected the other pipes and the section just above the U-shaped pipe and what was attached to the garbage disposal had two holes! How did we not see this? Well, we had a lot of household cleaners in the way of actually seeing the cabinet floor. I removed this piece, saw that the washers were basically gone, put my shoes back on and headed back to Ace.

Back again?

Yes, Sir. I found another one,” raising pipe #2 in my hand. I quickly found what I needed with the help of the same gal that helped me before. I also stocked up on 1.5″ washers because I might as well replace them all! Spent another $45. Drive back home. This was taking longer than expected and I was starting to get impatient.

I made it home, replaced the piece and did my best to align the pieces. Tighten the top, then the bottom, then the side a little bit each time to make sure it was even. It took several tries to get them snug. Just when I think I did, I do the water test and it’s still leaking! Gah! The newest piece was actually two pieces, unlike the original. As I turned right, it was loosing the attachment. I had to undo all the joints and tighten this piece. Then re-align. Tighten. Run water. Still leaks. Undo. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I eventually got it done and no leak. Finally! The towels were soaked. Wet carton boxes containing products were recycled and organized back underneath the sink. I was so over it. This One Busy Bee had other work to do.

The whole project costed around $100, 2.5 hours of time and a bit of frustration and multiple scratches on my hands. It was worth it. Plus, I gained a new skill. If you can do it yourself, great. If you don’t know if you can, at least try. You might surprise yourself. And at least on your next travels, your kitchen sink pipes won’t need attention and you can enjoy yourself.

Time With My Little Loves

With trips to Disneyland, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, the Bay Aquarium and more since Nate and Arya have been born, we have created a lot of memories. They know Tia Bernie is One Busy Bee but I do drive out an hour just to spend a couple of hours with them when I can. It has been a couple of months since I have seen them with traveling to Fiji and New Zealand, etc. But today, I was able to see Nate play baseball for the first time.

Nate and Arya are my best friend’s kids, so we’re going to be close. It’s been great being able to see them grow up. I made the drive to the coastal town of Pacifica from Hayward across the San Mateo Bridge. Through Highway 1 and twists and turns thru the hills, I finally made it to the school. There were two baseball games going on at the moment. I had to carefully walk thru a little mud to get to the stands, aka the rough dirt patch next to the diamond. Being there reminded me of my days as a supportive wife-to-be of a traveling umpire. It was time to make new baseball memories.

I passed an adorable little girl with a unicorn hat and a long ponytail with wavy light brown hair sitting on a red folded up blanket. I had to do a double take and make sure I didn’t scare the wrong child with some love from Tia Bernie. The sweet sound of my name from my Princess Arya and a hug around my legs is a love I will never get sick of. I said hello to her daddy, her abuelo and the scorekeeper, her mother. I finally spotted Nate in the outfield and it was great to see the guy in uniform and playing with a team.

The blanket was eventually rolled out and Arya’s shoes were kicked off after we went to the snack tent for Sour Punch straws and Gatorade. We made a picnic along that fence adjacent to the baseline to first. Arya and I talked about how school was, that there’s a mean girl but that she has many friends so she’s not phased by this one individual. She also told me that she had a dream about Bevo. She and Nate really loved Bevo. They had Boston gear as well and gave me the wristlet I use all the time and the Bevo blanket I sleep with every night. They miss him too.

I loved spending time with them and they are growing up so fast. They aren’t babies anymore and you don’t have to use a certain tone with them. They understand everything you’re saying just fine. They’re silly, social and still want to ditch watching their brother play baseball and go to the play structure. When you decline as its your first time seeing him play, they understand and go ask daddy.

Nate played well. His mom loves baseball so I’m sure he gets pointers post practice and games. All the kids rotate and play all positions, he’s not afraid of the ball, can read the pitch and take instruction. I am pretty impressed. I look forward to watching him more thru the years.

I walked them to their van and Arya was attached to me. She clung to me and didn’t want get in the van. Christy mouthed ‘She really misses you‘ as she was not letting go. I handed all my stuff to Christy and picked up my 5.5-year-old princess. She held on and I teared up a bit. She checked on me every day in the early days of me mourning Bevo. She lost a friend too. This little girl is so full of love and I am lucky to be her Tia Bernie. We have plans to see each other again in the next couple of weeks so I promised her it won’t be too long.

OBB Weekly – 2-26-19

Speeches from The Academy Awards last night were filled with inspiration. Lady Gaga called out to fight for a dream, Spike Lee’s urge “to make the moral choice between love versus hate,” and Rami Malek says “part of my story is being written right now.” These Oscar winners faced challenge, rejection and overcame. They deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. What do you deserve?


I have seen several articles online of Californians not taking advantage of their earned PTO (paid time off). They are looking to get ahead, they do not want to be seen as someone that doesn’t make their work a priority and they fear being replaced. If you can work for yourself or find an employer with an unlimited vacation policy, take it! If you are a hard worker and get the job done, you deserve it. If you’re like me, you’ll be checking your emails anyways en route or maybe a few times while you are at a beautiful resort in Fiji. This particular resort has very limited wi-fi to help you focus on what’s important during your stay – relaxation and to reconnect with your family and loved ones without technology. The benefits you will gain while on vacation will make you a better employee. Employers should encourage it and you deserve it.

Californians among the worst the worst in the nation as using paid vacation time.” (Sacramento Bee, January 22, 2019)
Five Reasons Why Travel is Good for Your Mental Health.” (Forbes, January 22, 2018)


Speaking of vacation, I have dealt with many clients and guests on holiday. At the Concierge desk in San Francisco at the wonderful Argonaut Hotel, I have memories of wonderful and friendly guests. I have connected with people via social media because we enjoyed our brief time together. One of my favorite guests is a little girl named Lucy that came to see me with her father at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. I helped them with some advice getting around the city and I spoke to her, asked her questions and shared some laugh.  Her father later told me that she said, “I found a new friend, Dad!” We exchanged numbers and she has FaceTimed with me and exchanged a few messages. It warmed my heart. I should actually reach out.

Then there are times when the high and mighty check in and they literally throw a couple dollars in front of you to ‘just take care of it.’ I am terribly sorry that these people did not properly prepare to get things accomplished and expect others to do it at the drop of a hat or two dollar bills. Please do not be this kind of person. You deserve the respect as a service work and especially just as a person.

7 Ways to Get the Respect You Deserve. (Power of Positivity)


I have had Brides that do not like attention. Unfortunately, my dear, you will be the center of attention. For one day, I think my Brides have handled it very well. After all, it is their day. The Bride is the focus. Though the Groom can be a handsome prince, there isn’t a publication out called Groom. Guests want to see the gown, the jewelry, the make up, hair style and flowers. When will you ever get to wear that beautiful gown again? I do recommend having some fun with the dress and get in the water on Kauai to trash your wedding dress. This photo shoot would be about you so enjoy it! You deserve to have a day when it’s just about you and your groom and to celebrate being done with all that wedding planning. Trust me, I know.  Let me help you plan yours.

Millennial Brides Want Their Bridesmaids to Where White as a Concept of “being upstaged” is Dying Out. (The Telegraph, October 18, 2018)


Three and a half pounds later and only hitting the gym once last week, I have returned from Chicago and New York. I ate things I typically do not eat – gourmet popcorn from Garrett’s, fried chicken sandwiches from SmashBurger and sour straws for breakfast from the newsstand, etc. I was traveling for a week and there were very long days at the customer site. I felt I deserved to indulge. When you work hard and have been trying to stay on your fitness game, you deserve a break sometimes.

I would suggest a break consisting of a Tavern Coffee at Tavern on the Green in New York City, the S’Mores Dessert at Union Square Cafe and wine by the talented Sommelier, Thom Talone, at Il Buco Alimentari. Calories can be burned, fat turned into muscle. Restaurant offerings provided by industry talent should not be overlooked.You deserve amazing and flavorful food. Indulging once in a while can actually help you get back on track if you feel guilty. The below article from the Independent says to “switch your focus to the positive steps you’ve taken and what you have achieved.” Go ahead, get those Baked by Melissa treats at the JFK Airport on the way home. And be sure to bring your awesome roommat
e some too! Other people work hard and deserve a treat as well. Spread the love!

My Roommate’s portion

My portion

How Not to Feel Guilty After Indulging in Food or Skipping a Gym Session (Independent, October 25, 2017)
Cheat Days May Actually Help Dieters Lose Weight, Study Finds. (ABC News, September 21, 2017)


Friends and family laugh at me for loving Twitter. I enjoy it. It’s a great quick way to confirm whether or not that was an earthquake or see what’s trending in the area. But check out the article below on how Actor, Patton Oswalt, responded to some hateful tweets from a troll. As mentioned before, I have received “Anonymous” comments from a reader/Twitter follower about their opinion of me on my blog. I responded with as much respect as I could and decided not to be hateful, but playful. I remember my ex-father-in-law saying in his Portuguese accent, “Opinions are likes assholes, everyone has one.” Don’t feed their anger. Respect their opinions as the bigger person and don’t let them ruin your day. You deserve to be happy. Do what makes you happy. Go be awesome! Give someone a compliment. Hold the door open for someone that wouldn’t say thank you. Tip a service worker having a bad day. And by the way, you have a nice butt. Maybe your actions will humble people like Mr. Michael Beatty.

Anger Can Be Contagious – Here’s How To Stop the Spread. (NPR, February 25, 2019)
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The Realest Thing

Yes. No. I want. I’m hungry.

An ex of mine used to say those were the phrases I say most. Today, that still holds true. Show me a new opportunity and I’ll say yes. Tell me to do something that doesn’t benefit me or hurts people, I’ll say no. My whole blog is everything I’ve wanted and gotten. And I even have an Instagram account called @WereHungryToo. I would like to say I am indeed real.

My roommate, Kim, and I just happened to have re-watched The Sweetest Thing starring Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate. Kim and I do road trips, go have fun and definitely talk about the boys coming in and out of our lives. We say the same things at exactly the same time and sing the same lines of songs. I asked her, which character was her and which one was I. She claimed she was Cameron Diaz. As the movie went on, I agreed that I was definitely Christina Applegate. I will be the one that says to quit being a p*ssy. I think I have more balls than most men I come across and I’ll tell you how it is.

I respect people that can be completely honest with me even though the truth may hurt me. What people don’t realize is that you may think you’re saving someone’s feelings or an argument but what you’re really doing is not giving them all the facts to deal with the pain ONCE. The offender may also fear that the other person will make a decision based on the truth that doesn’t benefit them. Well guess what? If you made the decision to lie to them, they have the same right to make whatever decision at any given moment. Including ask questions to fully understand your deception.

This post stems from statements that have come out of my mouth at one moment and then quickly realizing that that isn’t me. I said “I’m going to milk it.” I briefly thought about using the situation to my benefit until there wasn’t anything left. I could do that, but the thought of it makes me feel dirty, not a good human, it’s not me and I’d hate for someone ‘milk’ me for all I got. Moooooo.

I decided to not go milking and have an honest discussion instead with some info I discovered. I’ll let you know how that pans out. But other instances of when this occurred was with the last guy I dated. Oh yes, him. We dated on and off over two years about four or five years ago. Back then, he made good money as he does now, had the nice cars, said he’d buy me this and that. I never cashed in. I don’t need your money, TMM aka The Mystery Man. I got my own. You can’t buy loyalty, love and respect. So TMM came around again with the ‘oh, I’ll spoil and love you like no other’ proposals filled my head on the daily. Questioning whether this actually pans out this time, I thought, ‘Eh, I’ll milk it.‘ We would go shopping and went to the mall in Marin. He was going to buy me my first pair of Louboutins. The Neiman Marcus location didn’t have any but he gave me the go ahead to buy two pairs of shoes of my choosing. I browsed as my gorgeous Dream Man was on a conference call. I didn’t even try anything on. There were tons of beautiful shoes I would have loved to take home with me but I didn’t even bother. I didn’t want shoes. I wanted something he couldn’t offer. No milking was done. I couldn’t do it! But man, I could have really enjoyed them as a parting gift.

But! In case you want to buy me a pair, I’m a size 6.

Will also take these in red. Please and thank you.

Thank you for reading. I hope this encourages you to be real. Real with yourself. Real with those you say you love. And real with every human you come across. Just put that positive energy in the universe and you will be rewarded. I am lucky to have wonderful friends like these. This is real.
Las Vegas 2017 with Christy

L.E. Winery with my #Instafriend in their private tasting room

L.E. Winery again with Nikki B.

Oakland Zoo in the gondolas with my nieces

Nelly & I at The Game 95.7 live airing at Schroeder’s in SF.

Let’s be real here. If we’re going to be friends, we’ll be drinking a lot of wine, having tons of adventures and I will even accept you, even if you’re a Raider fan.

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