OBB Weekly – 2/18/20

Not Indiana but Placerville, California

Greetings from Anderson, Indiana on this Travel Tuesday! I am finding rain this time around in this area where it was incredibly windy taking out power and our beloved internet connection the last time. How was the weekend with your beloved on this past Valentine’s Day weekend? Let’s talk about things we love.


What do you think about staying for the next 30 days?” asks the CEO on Valentine’s Day while in Louisville, Kentucky. With no defined plans in my near future and unprepared to wear the same five outfits over the course of the upcoming weeks, I said “OK.” I’m no quitter! I will be completely immersed in the Midwest culture. A year ago, I was contemplating leaving and going to explore a new town for six months to a year. I figured I would be able to find work somewhere, meet new people, go where I don’t have a huge support system and explore. I saw myself sitting at coffee shops, using their wifi and blogging about what I was experiencing and what I haven’t had time to blog about. This trip will be a taste of doing that. I haven’t voiced a strong love for it yet as I feel something is missing but I am grateful for the opportunity and it benefiting my love for travel and adventure. This is definitely an adventure. See this blank canvas of an office space? Think of all the possibilities!

What would you give up to do travel more?
Who would you be leaving behind?
Would they understand?


With traveling so much and uncertainty of what the future holds, it is hard to commit to event planning and add to my busy workload. Unless it’s the Kentucky Derby! I met some very energetic and well-connected women at an event that work together on events for this crazy part of the year in Louisville Kentucky. Although I love the beauty and strength of horses, unfortunately, I am allergic. However, I would be very interested in such a high profile event. The Fairfield Inn & Suites that I will be calling my home will cost $700 a night, at least! If anyone has any further connections, please do send them my way! I will bartend, plan and coordinate or whatever…as long as I get to wear an amazing hat!


Which event do you look forward to each year?
How far in advance do you plan?
And save?


It is National Drink Wine Day! Who has a glass of wine their hands? As much as I love wine, I unfortunately do not. This One Busy Bee has both of her hands full of tasks that are piling up. However, the event I spoke about above was a private wine tasting event for Italian wines from Tenuta Torciano Winery. The spread was incredible, the Rosso di Montepulciano was my favorite and the company was top notch. Lilo, the rep, was your typical Italian charmer calling every woman “Bella” and answered all of my questions well. Cheers to you on this wine-filled day!

I own 3 bottles now.

Do you prefer new or old world wines?
Which region is your favorite?


As I was drafting this, I was pulled on an-hour long call regarding company finances. With my workload, coworkers are trying to help me by taking tasks off my plate. One of the things I am holding onto dear life is is our finances. If you knew me twenty years ago, you would know I was not doing well with my finances. I love seeing my father laugh when I tell him I am very involved with a company’s money, budget, projections, approving expenses, access to bank accounts, accounts payable and then some. He doesn’t believe it. Frankly, neither do I but here I am. Having control of your finances, no matter what kind of money you make, is power. If you want the business to succeed, you put your resources to work. If you want to go on that trip to Ireland for your 40th (ahem!), you make it happen by planning and saving. You have control whether you want to buy that $5 cup of coffee from Starbucks or spend that $5 on two pints at a real Irish pub.

Guilty of buying that cup of coffee. I never said I was perfect. Sometimes you just need caffeine.

Sadly, personal finance is not taught in school. Nor is home economics, right? How can the future generation know how many hours they have to work to pay for their rent? Do they know they can save money by cooking for themselves?

Homemade latkas, eggs and salad for brunch at home on a Sunday.

I encourage you to keep track of every dollar you spend so you know where your money is going to. Read a finance and budgeting article every now and then. And save for that trip you’re going to book with me! Like how threw that in?

How about a trip to the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France?

So where am I booking you next?
How do you like to save money? Under the mattress? Old savings account?
Do you know how much you’re spending on going out?

Self-Inflicted Tiresome

Before I left for this three-week long trip to help launch my day job’s product in the Mid-West, I already knew I over extended myself. With trying to be a good friend and employee, and knowing no one else will be able to do what is required, I volunteered. I like traveling. I don’t have a boyfriend or dog that needs my attention and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to travel. Besides the main tasks I needed to assist in, I added more to it.

Eight days in and five more until a day off, I am feeling it. Before I left, I was home for one week from two weeks straight of traveling. Yes, that two weeks included time on Maui, but it was still work. I had my laptop and I was paying bills and responding to emails and reporting on the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. I flew home via Hawaiian Airlines on a Tuesday and was on a United plane out to Cincinnati the following day. Last night, I started to feel drained. Why am I working so hard? Was this giving me joy?

Am I doing it for the praise? The love? The appreciation? The money? The experience? All are accurate results to achieve with hard work. Then I get a notice on Zillow for a property I have not yet seen in my Maui real estate search. If I had the money right now, I would have inquired about this property. I have worked remotely from Maui and it is not work. I would be so happy to have this view as I worked from my balcony. Praise are words. Love fades. Real estate can last forever.

Remembering my why re-energized me. A surprise funny print-out in a FedEx package sent from a coworker made me laugh. And a 7-hour nap always helps.

Venting to my roommate always helps. We have plans to go wine tasting on Black Friday like we did the previous year. I am looking forward to that. And I am also looking forward to sleeping majority of Thanksgiving weekend. I may be gone for another three weeks in December. This time, I am going to try to not overbook myself. Let’s see if I actually learn this time.

Black Friday 2018 – Trinchero Family Estates

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Up in the Hayward Hills

Interested in moving to the San Francisco Bay Area? Prepare to pay quite a bit! I have friends and family moving out of California because it is very expensive. I am fortunate to call it home.

This is in the Hayward Hills at the gated Stonebrae community. If you’re a golfer, the TPC Stonebrae Golf Course is nearby. Come see me at three Members’ Only Lounge. Homes start at nearly $1 million. Ask for Lety at the property. Happy shopping!

As a kid, I used to tour model homes with my father and sister. I would run around the beautiful homes like it was Christmas morning and pretend as to which bedroom would be mine. Funny, I was considering getting my real estate license when I was looking at a career change. I obviously went with Becoming a Certified Travel Agent instead. Perhaps one day…

Glam Getaway Goals

I said it before and here I am saying it again. I AM going to go on this incentive trip!

I have been a Stella & Dot Stylist for almost 8 years. It has always been a side gig and for fun to wear jewelry. Now they have handbags, accessories and clothing. Every year, they offer a chance to earn rewards. Yes, I like free product and what not. But this One Busy Bee Travel Agent loves to travel. Last year they were sending folks to Hawaii. Yes, been there. This year, they are sending folks to Mexico. Yes, been there too BUT, this ties into my new year’s goals. I love killing two birds with one stone. Make sales, earn commission, save more money to put down for a down payment for that Maui real estate goal. This allows me to also earn a free trip. It’s a win-win.

I obviously can’t do this alone. The dates of the trip would be February 20-23, 2020. It just happens to fall on my best friend’s birthday. If I reach the top level of the rewards with 60,000 points, I will earn a trip for two. I told my best friend that I would take her if she would help me. The deadline to reach this is June 30, 2019.

There are opportunities to earn more points towards these rewards. Sales now thru February 5, 2019 will earn double points. If I add Stylists to my team and they reach a certain amount of sales in their first 60 days, I can also earn additional points. So, do you want to earn some extra income and possibly an incentive trip? Let me know!

I actually considered not continuing the business but not now! It’s another stream of income, which they say millionaires have at least seven streams. I have noticed in my collection of 1000 photos on my phone, I barely have any of the new products. Some pieces are listed on Poshmark (Code ‘ONEBUSYBEEBLOG’ to get a $5 spending credit as a new user) but I think I need to have a party at my house and sell my old pieces. Want to join?

So here I go.

AM going to go on this incentive trip! 
Pave Arabesque Earrings ($49) – My favorite. I wear them all the time. 

Book an in-home or online trunk show with me! Willing to travel with jewels! Let’s do it! Vamanos!
Some of the new January collection now available as of today, January 8th.

January Trunk Show Hostesses can offer their guests these discounts when spend $50 or more via their link.

Paint Night

Usually, when I go into Home Depot, I always get looks like ‘Where’s your husband?‘ Haven’t you heard? I got rid of that cheating, dead weight a long time ago! This One Busy Bee doesn’t need a man to fix her life. I’ve troubeshooted my dryer, my ceiling fan and know when it’s beyond my basic knowledge of home repair and called the needed professional. With a newly vacated guest room, I had to paint it.

After reading a “How To” pamphlet in the paint section of the store, I went to the lady behind the counter and said I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing. She assured me that painting white on white should be fine and provided me recommendations. Paint was thrown in the cart along with the other necessary items totaling $166, fyi. Plus some caulk to reseal some creases in my shower stall.

Areas to be painted were wiped down of dust and spiderwebs, lingering fingerprints, etc. Then tape was applied to the edge to the door trim, plastic was thrown down to avoid getting paint on the carpet and my handy hand bucket and small brush was put to work.



I stayed up until 1 AM finishing the front of the doors and the trim for the bedroom and closet door, plus the window sill. Painting is quite a task! Now I definitely want to do my whole condo. It needs it and it’s well overdue.

To the ladies that make a tool belt look hot and can swing that sledgehammer for home demos, you’re a bad ass. One day I’ll be just like you.

What was your recent home improvement project?
What’s next?

**** April Daily Challenge ****
Day 5

Mervyn’s Demo – Hayward, CA

I have lived in Hayward for almost 15 years and this long-time vacant orange  building is being demolished. Condos and retail space will take its place.

What kind of retail shops would you like to see here? Being a foodie, I would like unique restaurants.
Below are photos taken the week of June 12, 2017. I hope to post more updates. Follow the blog by following my Facebook page or entering your email address below to the right.


I won $5 from the Monopoly game thru Safeway! It came in one game piece too. Are they all like that? There are 800,000 $5.00 prizes. I’ll take it. Along with Monopoly, I have redeemed other Instant Winner game pieces for extra game pieces but have also gotten Pop-Tarts, Open Nature Greek yogurt, Signature branded whole kernel corn, an avocado and french bread from their bakery. Free food? Yes, please!

I also attended a seminar at the Yelp office in San Francisco where they were raffling off a food photo shoot for restaurants. I didn’t win the shoot but I did win a swag bag with pint glasses. A lady’s name was drawn before me. She was able to choose from the swag bags with coffee mugs or pint glasses. I joked with Rachel that she was crazy and that I still had a chance! And I won!

I continue to enter contests. While listening to the radio, they mention keywords you text to a certain number to win $1,000. I could definitely put that money to good use. Today I searched Maui condos on Zillow for fun. One day.

What is the biggest prize you have won?

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This is #20 of 30 daily blog posts to hit 10,000 hits in one month. I did the same challenge in April 2016. Thank you for visiting and please check back tomorrow and share anything you like!

Chances Are… 2017

It’s that time again. I want that vacation home! Safeway‘s Monopoly game is on and I know of more friends playing along as well. Nelson is playing too! You know, that guy that threw a bunch of them away last year! GAH! (Chances are...) After learning that I play, he used to give me all of his game tickets. Not anymore. Will, my roommate, is my main contributor. I look over to where my game board is and more and more tickets appear. I asked him what he would do with his share of the $1 million.

Pay bills.

And he’s not alone.  I would like to say that I am not coming into work. I do love my job but I probably wouldn’t work as hard as I do. I would buy myself my Hawaii home and start my new life.

I am missing just a few pieces from each prize but aren’t we all!

So far quite a few winners have been announced via their app which is a major improvement. When I first started playing a few weeks ago, the biggest prize that was won was a 1 in 50 $20,000 college tuition prize and that person was from San Jose, CA. Someone from Concord, CA won $5,000 cash, Congrats! The biggest prize won so far is a $40,000 home makeover. I want to win!

Besides the app providing a list of winners, you can now scan the bar codes on the pieces to see if you have won smaller prizes such as additional tickets. This year, they also have a progressive jackpot. When bar codes are scanned, losing scans increases a jackpot that began at $1,000. One person has won $7,000 with the jackpot. The jackpot caps at $250,000.

Wish me luck! And if you aren’t playing, please collect the game pieces and I will take them from you. And of course, reward you with sharing the winnings. *Sharing terms are mine. 🙂

In other news, Monopoly is getting rid of game pieces like the thimble, wheelbarrow and boot are getting, well, the boot.(Monolopy Booted the Thimble, Purists are Sew Mad – Wall Street Journal). Apparently, four million people voted online for the change. New pieces will be a T-Rex, a rubber ducky and a penguin. I cannot wit until Nate grows up to play Monopoly with me. He loves dinosaurs and I love penguins. I am not mad at this change.I think I’ll schedule a game night.

I’m also game at entering contests online. As mentioned in last year’s post, I have won a lot. Lately I have been entering many contests that are travel focused. I would love to see the world, drink and taste absolutely everything and create more content for this blog.

Davis, Ca – Good Friends, a Monsieur & Ice Cream

Davis is a cute college town just before you hit California’s capital of Sacramento. One of my best friends, Matron of Honor and friend from middle school has moved back this 100-year-old town. I haven’t seen Tara, her husband or my niece in over a year. Life happens but it’s so wonderful to have remained friends these 24 years. When I put it that way, that’s a very long time.

Tara offered to come down my way or meet half way but I haven’t seen their new house and I know it’s more difficult to move around with a child. I made the drive up there and remembered how I used to spontaneously drive up to her house from Pacheco, CA when I was having a bad day, that one Halloween clubbing downtown and even coming out there for my first country bar when I was dating my Marine. Good times. I was happy to make the drive to make more memories with her.

I found their new house and it was a different side of town than where they usually are. Streets were quiet, parks were aplenty and it was warm, as Davis often gets. Tara came to meet me at my car and it was so good to see her. I stepped in their home and found that my baby niece Emma is nothing but a baby! She was tall, formed perfect sentences and had style! I was shown around the house and found that a crib has been replaced by an actual big girl bed, her Belle princess gown was hanging nearby for a transformation at any moment and that Emma is now the owner of her mother’s Stella & Dot jewelry frame for her own possessions. Style.

We sat at the dining table to catch up for a bit. Gizmo, their shih tzu, has gotten much older but still a fan of Bernie! He let me pick him up and he got some love and attention from me. We chatted about the crazy costs of homes in the area, their schedule and them trying for Baby #2. Emma declares she wants a baby sister so there are more girls in the house than boys. Majority rules, doesn’t it? While we caught up, Emma was drawing me a picture. When she was finished, she came around the table to show me. We had curls in her hair. I was in a grey dress, she was in pink. Quite accurate. We were having a picnic, a butterfly made an appearance and a shooting star was above us. I will treasure it forever.

We then decided on food. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to see how much Davis has changed. I suggested we sit outside and I remember a spot where we would sit next to a fire pit and talk, pre-mommy time. Bistro 33 was still in business. Despite their service, the food was still good, according to Tara. Emma got ready after some contemplation on what to wear and we were in the car headed for brunch.

By choice, Emma held my hand all the way to the restaurant. Oh, the little things that just make me love this little girl more and more. We sat outside under an umbrella but were sat without a whole set of menus. We had to ask someone’s waiter for some assistance. Ah, Tara, I see what you’re saying. Shocker, I was the only one drinking. I had the Lime in De Coconut with Hendrick’s Gin, orgeat syrup, fresh lime juice, coconut water and Coco Lopez. Kenny, Tara’s husband, said that there isn’t much alcohol in their drinks. He was right. They know this town inside and out. The drink wasn’t bad. It was refreshing on a warm day.

I had the Croque Monsieur with smoked ham, Swiss cheese, sourdough bread, requested over medium eggs on top and a side salad. My darling niece that was sitting next to me was coloring her sheet and ordered the pancakes with bacon on the side. What a wonderful idea. I did too!

Oh, there was so much to fill each other in on! Travel, work, next steps and a new boyfriend for me. Job, moving, Emma and the plans to expand their family for her. My goodness. We are living completely different lives and different paths but that doesn’t make it hard at all to remain as good of friends over these many years.

I ate my entire salad, one half of the croque entirely but just the insides on the other half. My bacon was gone and when Emma was finished her with her pancakes, Auntie Bernie finished them. I can’t remember the last time I had pancakes. And so worth not eating the bread to make room for pancakes!

Emma was the one to make the decision on where to head to next. Were we going to get ice cream at Baskin Robbins or Sweet and Shavery that serves Italian ice, frozen custard and crepes. Emma chose ice cream. The girls headed that way as Kenny checked out a record store where they gave additional discounts on sales made on Sundays. Tara gifted him a record player and he has been collecting records since! How very cool.

Baskin Robbins has their 31 flavors, cakes, cake pies, frozen beverages and more. Emma went for a sprinkled sugar cone with a purple and pink flavor, which went perfectly with her outfit, Cotton Candy. But like the bacon, I followed in her footsteps and got the same cone with their Icing on the Cake flavor. I was hoping it was like Cold Stone Creamery‘s Cake Batter ice cream. It was definitely different. We sat outside, chatted about making plans to go to the SF and Oakland Zoo with Christy, my Maid of Honor, and the kids, how they were going to stay low key this year and basically prepare for being pregnant. I enjoyed how Emma continued to be sweet and loving with me as we at our similar ice cream cones side-by-side.

Emma was ready to go home but I wasn’t ready to head back too early. We ended up watching Moana with freshly popped pop corn. I love Hawaii and they pointed out that this was one of the first Disney films where the Princess didn’t have a love interest. Well done, Disney.

When the movie was over, Emma asked if we could watch a Barbie movie next. The adults laughed a little and I had to tell Emma I had to head home but that I would love to see her again soon. She understood. I said my goodbyes to Gizmo and they walked me out to my car where several hugs were exchanged. I do hope another year doesn’t pass before we see each other again.

Home, I went.

Milan, Italy – Day 9

So sad to have to leave Venice after such a short amount of time. We were approaching the end of our trip and we had one city left: Milan. I have never been before and it’s the fashion capital of the world. I was planning on doing some damage, for sure.

We packed and headed down to get breakfast at the Ca’ D’Oro Hotel. This place had chocolate croissants, bread, cheese and prosciutto. I was still feeling ill so I had to have some orange juice with my meal. Notice the Nutella packets? Yum!

A porter was going to cost us quite a bit so we took our chances getting onto a water taxi. The device to pay didn’t accept cards and I didn’t have enough Euros. Sorry, Venice, I had no way to pay for our rides. And there was no one there to help us. I swear we weren’t trying to be ‘those tourists.’ We were cautious getting onto the boat with our heavy luggage and found a spot close to the entrance. The sun was shining and I wished we could have stayed just one more day.

We boarded our train and I wanted to sleep. Court continued to read her naughty book on her phone. Her radar was off on that train ride because there were three young Ciao Bellos in our car and one sat next to Court. Oblivious. While I’m being a creeper.

I actually didn’t sleep the entire ride and I took in the countryside view from my window seat. It seems like such a simple life out there. A train stop was in Verona, where the love affair of Romeo and Juliet took place. My father honored my request of sending me a post card from Verona when I was in high school. I’m pretty sure I still have it in a box.

We were pulling into Milan and I couldn’t believe my eyes. In the distance there were skyscrapers. The tall buildings were duomos you can see from afar. I was unsure whether or not I was going to like this city. But I was there. The train station was pretty cool. The loading areas were covered by high, arched structures. This is the kind of train station I envisioned in Europe.

We made our way to the taxi line and was taken to our hotel. On the way there, the skyscrapers reached the clouds, logo were on its sides and even an apartment building looked like it was trying to pull off being a tree like those cell phone towers here in the States. Weird.

We reached our hotel and a farmers market was happening on our street. It was pretty busy with many vendors selling fruits, veggies, clothes and dolls. We checked into the Una Hotel Scandinavia and it was definitely a nicer hotel. They had the largest elevators of all of the hotels we stayed in and the front desk was manned by more than one person.

Our room was great with a large closet, fancy bathroom, a large mirror, comfy beds that actually had room to be two beds, and the best wi-fi we’ve had all trip. AND they had a real gym! Oh yes, we were going to take part of that!

We freshened up, took advantage of the awesome wi-fi and headed out to explore. We used Yelp to find some local grub. We first stopped at a sports bar, sat at the bar and the bartendress seemed like we were a pain because I couldn’t understand her Italian very well. I looked at the menu and it seemed like it was stuff I could get at home: deep-fried finger foods. I’m in Milan and it’s our last city on our trip. I want to be wowed.

We stopped in a few other spots and I was just being picky. We ended seeing a sign for a small spot that had some deals like our first meal in Rome. They also had a long list of pizzas and calzones. Sold!

We were sat at a table for four and were served by our first heavy-set Italian man. Smiling and helpful, he brought us our beverages. I had the Calzoni Farcito with tomato, mozzarella, ricotta cheese, baked ham, mushrooms and artichokes. Court had a pizza. It was ginormous! And very filling. I couldn’t eat the crust but made it a point to eat all the insides.

Next, we headed out towards to Galleria Vittorinio Emanuel. We walked for quite some time and it was definitely a busy city. There were plenty of cars parked on the streets, cars passing by and people on bicycles. We eventually came across some modern restaurants and not just Italian cuisines. We found ourselves at the Arco della Pace, the Arch of Peace. It was meant to control an important road in Milan. Passed the Arch was a huge park with playgrounds, skate parks, basketball courts, a little creek and several people. It was common to see lovebirds sitting on the benches with the woman sitting on the lap of her love. We came across an area where there were tents set up. The city was preparing for an event the next day.

Passed this area was a wall of a fortress, Castello Sforzesco. It was built in the 15th century for the Duke of Milan. It now houses several museums. It is amazing how these structures have maintained themselves over the years. Imagine what it was like in its day. The grounds were extensive.

Just passed the other entrance was a circular fountain and a metro station entrance. Continue on this route and you will find yourself shopping, and large beer glasses, street performers and several opportunities to buy a selfie stick. I knew the Galleria was close by. I was ready to shop!

The Galleria Vittorio is just beautiful. Not for the designer items it houses but the structure is stunning. I have never seen a rotunda glass structure above me like that. I was awesome to finally see this in person. It was also exciting to know that I was going to splurge a little bit here.

After a few stops at Prada and Louis Vuitton, I narrowed down my selections to Giorgio Armani and Gucci handbags. I considered getting a pair of shoes but the handbags will last longer. I first spotted the red, alligator print Giorgio Armani bag. The salesman said that there were only seven left in stores in all of Europe. The other one I wanted was the bee embroidered, brown Gucci handbag. I wanted a classic print but with a little personality. The handbag was also a European exclusive, which means it was distributed to other continents.

Decisions, decisions. So I bought both!

I have never purchased anything that expensive for myself that wasn’t a car. My Gia Michael Kors handbag that I purchased at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas was $800 and my Jimmy Choos were also $800. But I deserve it, it was my money and I allowed myself this one time to splurge. The rest of my earnings will go to that goal by 40, real estate on Maui.

We also stopped at Marchesi for a snack. It was located on the second floor of the Galleria and it was bright, baby blue and well decorated with many of their goodies on display. It was interesting on how you order. You order beverages and some items at the counter, they give you a ticket and you go to the cashier to pay for it. I bought myself a little custard topped with fruit, cannolis and chocolates to bring back home since I left the ones I bought at The Florian in Venice at the bar. Doh! These were delicious. I bought a big box of chocolates. I heard that the box I selected was 19 euros. Oh, cheap! And then in the middle of the lady behind the counter boxing and tying a beautiful ribbon on my box, I then understood it was a 90 euro box of chocolates! They better like those damn chocolates!

We were then ready to head back to the hotel. I was carrying three bags worth thousands of US dollars. Just like Florence, we were unsuccessful in getting a taxi. Oh, how we missed Uber. We ended up walking all the way back to the hotel in the dark and through that huge park. My load was not light and I held it close to me just in case. Thank goodness we made it back to our hotel safely, with ‘my pretties’ safe in a closet.

A rest was much needed and then it was time to eat again. Again, Yelp was our savior. We found a spot and headed that way. It was close by. After the walk we had that day, I wasn’t trying to go very far. We were sat at a table for two and there was one server working for a small dining room. He had a good amount of customers and we were in no hurry but then we saw the deals they were offering. I had the seafood pasta and salmon and Court had the risotto and pork chop I believe. We started off with a piece of bruschetta and a glass of wine. I went with the white and I really didn’t like it so it was not drunk. The food wasn’t great but the service was friendly.

Guests at the long table next to us was getting louder and celebrating a woman’s birthday. Grandpa started a conversation with us and his cute grandsons across the table were smiling and making their apologies for his very friendly behavior. We greeted, did the cheek to cheek kiss and he went in for a kiss! Grandpa!!! Oh, Italian men. It never gets old to them.

And then we headed back to our comfy room before our last day in Italy.