Paragliding San Francisco

This is a sponsored post on the behalf of Paragliding San Francisco. All opinions are my own.

There are paragliding tours? I always thought it was only for trained professionals. Thanks to Mike Fifield of Paragliding San Francisco, I was able to fly as a guest. He also allowed me to bring a friend. My dear friend’s initial reaction was hesitation, which was quite different from my excitement. He didn’t say no and he didn’t cancel. Looks like we’re going paragliding!

Having been a Concierge in San Francisco booking local tours, I was happy to receive Mike’s invitation. This is a unique experience that I would love to offer my travel clients and be able to speak about from personal experience. Mike and I booked a date and time. I received an email of details for the event and what to expect. My friend and I decided to make a full weekend in San Francisco out of it. I booked a room at the Le Meridian hotel, planned to visit the Legion of Honor Museum, dinner at his favorite restaurant, Bix, and meet up with friends in from Chicago to visit Muir Woods and lunch in Tiburon.

After a full weekend, we got to Pacifica early and decided to grab a coffee a few miles from our meeting spot. Looking up, it was funny to see paragliders fly right above us at the cafe. In the distance, you can see almost a dozen paragliders with a variety of different colors decorating the sky. I started to get nervous. As usual, my friend didn’t express his excitement, nor nervousness if he anxious.

It was time to head over. The road to the meeting place was a bit rough on his Porsche so we drove slower than usual. Parking could be a challenge but we found a spot. It was breezy at the coastline and I was glad I brought my The NorthFace jacket. Will it be colder up there?

We took the trail to where most of the paragliders were hanging out and stopped just shy of where there was an incline. I texted Mike that we were here. We were still early for our appointment.

We observed a paraglider attempting to launch near us. The many lines attached to him looked like it could be quite time-consuming to unravel. I know I have the same problem with some of my necklaces sometimes. Multiply one chain by twenty!

There seemed to be two launch areas. One close to where we were and another higher up. Observing the ones in the sky, one paraglider had a shark kite trailing him. As a tandem guest, I was trying to see if I could spot how exactly two people are participating. “Are you sitting in his lap?” my cousin asked when I posted this on my Facebook page. Keep reading to find out.

My phone rings. It’s Mike. He says he sees me and to look up. He’s calling me from the air! He says he’ll be right down. He must be a professional if he can make a call and manage a guest at the same time! We watch him land with his guest. It was nice and smooth. By the smile on the young lady’s face, she really enjoyed her experience. She wished me a good time as I was next.

We met Mike and he was so easy going, just like he was on our initial phone call. He introduced my friend to Chris. I thought Mike was going to take me up, then my friend. No, we’re going to be in the air at the same. How cool! I asked my friend if he could take pictures of me if he felt comfortable taking his phone out while he was up in the air. Not being one to take photos or be in them, I had to accept that I will be taking a bunch of selfies. This is when Mike offered up his GoPro and selfie stick. Awesome.

Without having said more than a greeting to Chris or know how much experience he has, I reluctantly released one of my best friends into his care with a ‘No, I’m not worried at all’ kind of “Have a good time!” farewell. Because of the heavier weight, they walked up the hill to launch from a higher point. I just had to trust Mike.

Mike fitted me with a helmet. He outlined emergency protocols, which he has never had to use in his many years of experience, and explained how to use the GoPro, the two-person harness and how we are going to launch. Yes, we are going to basically run off the cliff. Together.

I stepped into the harness and was buckled in, attached to Mike. No, it wasn’t uncomfortable or too close for comfort. It was like a front baby harness with a lot of room.

Mike got the paraglider up and we walked together back and forth a few times and he was ready. And just like that, we were running towards the cliff and we took off. No beige dirt was underneath my feet and it was the smoothest take-off I have ever experienced. We were quickly gaining elevation or was it that the new grade was the ocean below me?

I couldn’t help but smile. Only a few seconds into the experience and I couldn’t help thinking how amazing this was. It wasn’t cold at all. I thought my face would be cold and my nose would be running but the temperature was pleasant. Look towards the horizon and it would be an incredible way to watch the sunset. Look to the North or South and see the never-ending coastline that grace the front of millions of postcards. Look towards the wall of earth we ran off and see just how far the drop would be had we leapt from the very top. It is a long way down.

Mike warned me of an upcoming bump I would feel and to not be alarmed. He also was OK with not doing any spiral tricks I saw other paragliders did earlier. I felt safe the entire time. He did get me close to my friend and I was able to get him in the shot via the GoPro. I flashed him a shaka and it made me happy that he even gave me a smile. He looked very relaxed and was enjoying the ride. He works so hard. I am happy I was able to bring him along to experience this. We both have never paraglided before.

As much as I looooved being up there, I was starting to feel a little sick. I am prone to motion sickness. I have had to sit in the front of a tour bus on the Amalfi Coast, prayed for land while trying to swim with dolphins in the open water in New Zealand and I don’t even like swings. It is common to get motion sickness while paragliding. I felt uneasy for a few minutes but felt it was time to let Mike know how I was feeling. It was best if w landed. I would have stayed up there forever if I could!

Mike understood and took us down with a smooth and easy landing. He helped me get unbuckled and invited me to sit down to relax in one of the chairs to the side. He had other appointments and I felt bad that he could have filled this time with a paying customer. But thankfully, business has been good.

Relaxing, I looked up and watched my friend fly. That’s what good friends do, right? We support them and watch them soar. Chris also provided a safe landing and we both were on solid ground. I hope me coming in early didn’t cut their flight short. Regardless, we loved the experience. We expressed our gratitude, said our goodbyes and Mike said he would get me the GoPro video soon. See it HERE.

My friend stated he would definitely recommend the experience. He enjoyed himself. That makes two of us.

Please contact me if you would like to cross this off your bucket list. You won’t regret it! Mike is also an instructor! Learn to paraglide on your own!

Labor Day Bike Ride

Labor Day is a three-day weekend in the United States and many folks were traveling. This Travel Agent stayed local and caught up on some work.

Show me what you’re doing right now!” – my Sunshine in Atlanta. Of course, I was working this Labor Day weekend in bed and with football playing.

To switch up my morning workout routine a bit and take advantage of the cool weather, I decided to take my Specialized bike out. According to Runkeeper, it has almost been a year since! I attempted to hit the shoreline but didn’t make it. Not this time! I made it a goal to reach that shoreline. I pumped air in my tires, tracked my time and miles via the Runkeeper app and loaded my backpack with water. Then I was off!

I live in a part of Hayward, California where there are a lot of busy streets. I did my best to stay off of them and appreciated the ‘Bike Route’ signs. It is still a bit nerve-wracking when a car drives close to you because there are several cars parked along the road and no bike lane. But, I was safe and definitely had my helmet on. Be sure to obey all street signs and get out of cars’ way as quickly as possible. With the many terrible drivers I encounter as a driver myself, it is dangerous out there.

Dear Hayward and neighboring towns, please add more designated bike lanes. Thank you!

I crossed through Hayward and into San Lorenzo. I rode over overpasses and stopped at a couple of parks. One was the Via Toledo Park. On this same route a year ago, it was still being built. It looks really nice.

Crossing Hesperian Boulevard, I eventually found my way to Del Rey Park. It was near a school and had two playground areas. Visiting these parks reminded me that I, and my travel clients, should take the time out to play and book that trip! Let me know how I can help.

I eventually made it to the shoreline. Thank goodness. My bottom was starting to hurt. I explored a bit, crossed a bridge, rode thru a residential neighborhood and started my way back home. Be prepared to see other cyclists, runners, walkers, dogs and even folks fishing. The San Francisco skyline was hidden by cloud cover but on a clear day, you could see that beautiful view. You could see the San Mateo Bridge no problem.

This was a 12.75-mile bike ride to and from the Hayward Regional Shoreline from downtown. I was happy to be able to explore via a bike, decrease my carbon footprint, help the planet and do something active.

Get out and see your town via a bike!

See my TikTok video as well – username: bappletree or scan the code to the right!

My 2nd Walk to End Alzheimer’s

On November 6, 2021, I will be participating on my second Walk to End Alzheimer’s event in San Francisco with Team ONDO. Last year’s event took place in Golden Gate Park. It was great to get the team together to do something active during the pandemic. This year, we hope things improve and we can make a bigger impact.

I started tracking my miles walked via RunKeeper since August 1st. As of today, I am at 42.73. miles walked. I will continue to track my miles until the day of the walk. Perhaps you can donate $1 per mile?


Hayward to Castro Valley loop. And a rewarding 1Up Nutrition smoothie afterwards.

TOTAL RAISED Since 8/1/21

If you like dogs, I am logging my miles with my furry clients and thru Wag (Get $5 credit with my code BERNADETTE9307). It’s always fun to do it with these adorable guys.

Skye in Calistoga, California
Zito in Hayward, California
Sir Kingsley (?) in San Leandro, CA

Please sponsor me with a tax-deductible donation in any amount! Stay tuned for other ways I will be attempting to fundraise.

My roommate and I covering 4.33 miles.

I am also participating in my 3rd Teal Run (eh, walk) in September. If fundraising for ovarian cancer is closer to your heart, please donate HERE and see my other blog posts.

#1UpTransformationChallenge – Pre-Week 1

I am now up for another fitness challenge. My birthday challenge between my roommate and I didn’t go so well but I am hoping this 8-week challenge with 1Up Nutrition will be better. I have my friend, Lana, and new co-worker, Diana, doing it with me. My roommate and I work out when I’m home and my Pandemic Partner (PP) and I get our sweat on when I’m with him thanks to FitOn. It’s more fun with friends. This is how the week before the challenge went.


Oooh, those Before photos are hard to keep and post. Thankfully I only posted it on my private account on 1Up. You had to have the personalized check-in card in each photo – one from the front, back and side. Thanks to my handy light ring, I didn’t need to prop phone on top of boxes on top of a stool or anything. That part was easy. Looking at the pics were hard to look at but hopefully in eight weeks, there will be a significant change.

With a full day of work and my roommate’s rest day, I worked out alone. I had to wait to work out until after my interview with a potential Bride and Groom for a June 2022 wedding. I am also an Event Planner/Wedding Coordinator. I did FitOn‘s Low Impact Cardio Crush, Savage Sweat and Quick Core plus additional moves with heavy weights. At my PP’s house, I have bands, 5 and 15-lb weights. I need heavier weights. I’ll just have to do more reps.

Food on this Meatless Monday was a 5-cheese ravioli and tomato basil sauce with parmesan cheese. The serving from Santa Cruz Pasta Company was enough for lunch and an early dinner. I skipped breakfast. After I showered, I had a handful of assorted nuts. I just had water to drink and had about 4-5 mugs full.

Surprisingly, I was able to fall asleep at my normal time after such a late workout. I thought it was going to keep me energized but maybe I exhausted myself.


I woke up to meal prep for the day. I made an egg scramble with Ancient Harvest quinoa, corn and parmesan cheese. It was great! I added some dried onion to add some crunch as well. One cup of quinoa was enough for three meals. As a snack, I had a few pieces of Solely’s Dried Mango. Some packages are delicious with fruit soft and others are hard and hurt to eat. This particular bag is a hard one so perhaps it’s a good thing. Less calories to consume…and burn. I also split a bag of white cheddar Cousin Willie’s popcorn my father sent me for Christmas. It’s a nice treat.

The day was busy with work so it was a lot of sitting. Workouts consisted of FitOn‘s Total Body Toner with Christine Bullock and Ultimate Core with Breann Mitchell. Christine had me breaking out my sliders. They make moves quite challenging. I NEVER use the sliders but I do own a set. And Bree exposed me to a new move I haven’t done before. So very good workouts and of course, had some laughs with my roommate.

I am also back on MyFitnessPal tracking my food. I have also just completed logging 20 meals to be entered to win a $250 Sprouts gift card and one $250 Visa gift card. Seeing that I spend $400/month on groceries, I would gladly take this gift card. As a Visa stockholder, I’ll take that as well! With 48,000 participants and 10 winners and it was free to do, it would a good prize.

Typical grocery purchases include what is needed for my overnight oats recipe that I found on Pinterest. It’s old fashioned oats, honey, milk, sliced bananas and blackberries or strawberries. Mix them all together and let it sit overnight in the fridge. I top it with granola to add some texture. Breakfast will be already be ready to eat in the morning. This helps my biggest craving – bread and butter. And this bread is from Tartine in San Francisco. Sooo good.


Hump day was busy but I had to get a workout in. Workouts with Bree on FitOn were good. I did the Cardio Core and the Cardio Chisel Camp videos. On top of that, I added deadlifts to curls to shoulder presses, single leg deadlifts, dumbbell swings, close grip chest presses and lower ab moves.

Dinner was delicious and healthy. Teriyaki marinated salmon baked in the Pampered Chef air fryer. Bok choy was sauteed with a Volcano Spice from Aloha Spice Company that I bought while in Kauai. Very good! Check out the video on TikTok making this meal. (bappletree)


We had a break in the rain so my new coworker and I got a few steps in after a site visit. We were out for 30 minutes and covered 1.3 miles. She also joined in on this challenge looking to make some changes.

I can’t remember why I didn’t work out during my normal time but dinner was made early. I roasted some cauliflower and air fried some parmesan crusted zucchini spears. Not bad. Cauliflower is a normal thing to buy nowadays from the farmers market. It’s tasty!

Then more FitOn videos to get me sweatin’. I did Kenta’s Ab Assassin, Quick HIIT Booty with some bands and EMOM Express with Danielle. Very good videos.

Fabletics top. Let me send you a referral code!


Friday was a busy day out and about for work. Breakfast was a slice of Tartine toast with butter (I know!) and a scramble made with leftover salmon and topped with Wise Goat Organics sauerkraut. Sooo good!

I only had a latte for lunch and worked out a bit earlier than usual because I was getting hungry. But first, I did the Total Body Yoga Flow and the Serious Six Pack videos on FitOn. I love that I get to switch it up with these videos. I’m just missing heavy weights at my Pandemic Partner’s house. At home, I have 20 and 30-lb dumbbells, my sliders and Bosu ball.

I had marinated chicken breasts in soy sauce and vinegar. I threw those in the air fryer to bake and made a salad. Logging in my meals and workouts on MyFitnessPal has me under my calorie goal and I like the range of weight I’d be at once I submit for the day. That’d be ideal.


To take advantage of the dry sidewalks, I convinced my Pandemic Partner to go for a walk and pick up some lunch downtown. We had a 3-mile walk and enjoyed a bahn mi sandwich from Pho Bahn Mi on University Avenue in Palo Alto. I almost ordered spring rolls as well but I decided not to. Though healthy, I also have to watch portion control. The sandwich was probably the heaviest thing I’ve eaten all week.

Then it was time to work out. I did a 40-minute circuit with Bree and FitOn called the Full Body Burn. It was a good one!


No rest day yet for this One Busy Bee. Sunday was the normal routine and then some. We had to go to the farmers market, Whole Foods plus two other errands. The sun was out and it felt so good to soak in the rays on the park bench. Someone arrived from their own shopping from the market with a bag of fresh out of the oven, egg Izzy’s Bagels. I haven’t had breakfast yet that day and I was hungry. Without too much hesitation, I took a bite out of a heavenly, warm bagel. I offered PP half of it. He took it. When my half was gone, I went for another bagel as long as he took the other half. I tried but did not succeed in passing on consuming these. Bread is my weakness. Bread and butter? I don’t stand a chance!

Annnd, PP also got me a blueberry pastry from Frog Hollow. They didn’t have pastries the last two times so I didn’t think to remind him NOT to get me one. But I ate it. It’s one of many things we do together is eat our Sunday pastry together. And it’s soooo tasty!

The plan was to make dinner after my monthly family Zoom call took place and I worked out. We are a family that loves food. We’re not the healthiest group but we do know good food. All the talk of cake and fried chicken made me so hungry. I took my family into the kitchen and continued our chat as I prepared dinner.

Chicken breasts were being marinated in an IPA by Bare Bottle Brew Co in San Francisco. My buddy is the Head Brewer there so please support my friend, John! The chicken was thrown into the air fryer and shredded. Taco tortillas were thrown on the pan to warm up, lettuce and cabbage were chopped up, Greek yogurt was mixed with Frank’s Red Hot, paprika and cayenne pepper, lime wedges were prepared and Whole Foods’ pico was on the table. These tacos were delicious!

Letting the food settle, I had to do something. As we watched Your Honor, we did Cassey Ho’s Workday Arm Sculpt. If you need a weightless arm routine that you can do anywhere, do this. It’s a killer! Her Core Crusher video is one of our favorites too. PP loves it, as in he knows what’s coming and is always reluctant to do it at first with me.

Soooo, that’s pre-challenge prep. Not bad! I think I can keep it up. However, this weekend I planned two weekends in February to celebrate birthdays. One is a weekend in wine country with massages, wine tasting and Italian food. I will definitely be working out while we’re out. Then the following weekend is my best friend’s birthday. We’re going ziplining and will be enjoying the coast in a cute town called Jenner. They all know I am doing this challenge and need to work out and eat healthy. It’s always nice to have that support.

And now onto Week 1 of the challenge! #becomebetter

Dumpling Time – San Francisco, California

It’s our spot for dumplings. A trip to Tartine was our way to take a drive during quarantine. We would pick up a country loaf, a morning bun for him and sometimes a croque to share at Delores Park when the weather was nice. Since I was first introduced to Dumpling Time by coworkers this summer, it is now a must when we go to San Francisco.

They had two sections with outdoor seating. Now with the current stay at home order, all outside seating in San Francisco are prohibited. We now place an order while waiting in line at Tartine, go pick it up and have our dumplings in the car. It’s location makes it easy to jump back on 280 to head back to the house.

What should you order?

The pork and shrimp siu mai. This is my favorite. It comes with four pieces and are perfectly prepared.

Two orders of the tofu. One wasn’t enough between my Pandemic Partner (PP) and I so I now get our own order. It is flavored well, a bit crispy and super soft tofu inside. It is my favorite way to enjoy tofu.

Seared pork baos are great. Fluffy and tasty. You can also get them just steamed.

The Beijing noodles are also great. The beef is super flavorful and extra sauce or oil is not needed. I would only like more meat!

My PP loves the chili pork dumplings. It’s a bit too spicy for me so this is all his! He likes to add the tofu squares to the remaining oil and eat with the extra jalapenos.

We have also tried the ginger snap peas, shrimp toast, shrimp balls and milk dessert baos but the above items are our favorites. And we always leave with the plates clean. I just don’t like ginger. *gasp*

The staff is always super friendly and your food is delivered quickly. Park on the street. There is metered parking or you can find free parking around the corner. They have a three locations in San Francisco. Funny, the Dumpling Time Express is one block away. Happy eating!

Dumpling Time
55 Division Street
San Francisco, California

Thanksgiving 2020

First off, thank you for visiting my blog and allowing me to share my life of experiences with you. I hope you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with those you love.

Thanksgiving is usually a day I make at least three stops. The tables are full of food and many hugs and replies to ‘How are you?’ are stated. This year was just as filling but light on the company.

The morning started with two FitOn workouts: Cardio Botty Burn Barre and Contour Core. Sweating was required for the full three meals I was going to have that day. I am thankful for the jobs I have to purchase the food, the nourishment it provides and being able to share it with loved ones. Thankfully, the app of workouts is free.

Breakfast with my Pandemic Partner consisted of over easy eggs, Tartine bread and a link of boudin blanc sausage from F R E N C H E R Y. They can be found at the Cal Ave Farmers Market. Perhaps it was a bit much for the first meal of the day with just hours away from having lunch.

Back at the house, my roommate was making my requested green bean casserole. She made sure there were extra crispy onions. I was expecting my good friend, Dylan, with a bottle of wine and potato gratin. I had picked up a rib eye from The Butcher Shop by Niku Steakhouse in San Francisco and three tarts from Tartine. It was the perfect spread for great company. I am thankful for the friendship, support and love I have received thru the years from these two. They didn’t have any plans for Thanksgiving and I couldn’t have them be alone.

For my wine lover readers, we enjoyed the 2016 Isosceles red wine by Justin Vineyards. Its berry flavor was robust. Next, we had a Roederer Estate bottle of sparkling to go with our desserts.

The red wine paired well with the steak. The bubbles were perfect for the Banana Cream tart, Coconut Cream tart and the Frangipane tart. The Frangipane tart was my favorite made with almond cream and brandy and season fruit. It was delicious. I am thankful my ulcer symptoms have subsided and I was able to enjoy my first couple of glasses of wine in over three weeks.

My next stop was to my Lola’s house in Martinez, California. I had purchased the Thanksgiving To Go from Zola in Palo Alto. It consisted of turkey and gravy, stuffing, Brussel sprouts, a sweet potato gratin and a cookie. I arrived at my Lola’s house and had to pre-heat the oven. As the food was re-heated, I attempted to FaceTime family. When I couldn’t get a hold of someone, I showed Lola our my cousins’ Facebook timelines so she could see her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Eventually my sister called and she was able to FaceTime with her and Brent, my nephew. I was excited to see him as well. I am thankful he still smiles when his auntie is a little ecstatic to see his face.

I don’t like turkey.

I prepared a plate for Lola and had to remove the turkey from her plate. She pushed the other items around but definitely ate the rice she made. I would say the thing she most enjoyed were the Brussel sprouts, then the sweet potato gratin. I knew I should have gotten Chinese food. Nonetheless, we had a good visit. She has been especially lonely during the pandemic. Not many people can come visit and she misses going to church. This was the first year my Papa Bear will not be here for the holidays. I will have to do what I can as the only immediate family in the area now. My poor Lola. I am thankful she is still physically strong and that she prays for everyone she loves.

Very full, I returned to the peninsula with majority of the $100 Thanksgiving dinner available for someone else to enjoy. Nothing went to waste.

Though the year has been a struggle, if you look around, there are things to be thankful for. The holidays can be the hardest part of the year for some. Should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your community.

What are you thankful for?
What would improve the holiday season for you?

My First Walk to End Alzheimer’s: Completed

The weather the day before was very windy. I expected it to be the same in San Francisco. I was wrong.

The morning started out with being alerted of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ win while getting ready My First Walk to End Alzheimer’s. The day just got better!

Next, a stop at Tartine was needed. We were out of bread. We had a ham and cheese croissant as well. People were celebrating the victory by honking their cars, cyclists were woohoo-ing and residents were ringing bells and banging pots and pants together. Then we drove off to Golden Gate Park to meet our other team members. Parking was decent. If you go a bit away from the de Young Museum and the Botanical Garden entrances, you will find parking. There, we started our walk which ended up being a 6.4 mile trek.

Picking up other team members across from the SkyStar Wheel, we headed down the closed to cars street. We crossed the bridge where swing dancing would take place and got lost in conversation. Many people were running, jogging, cycling and rollerblading. I did not notice anyone decked out in purple for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s but I’m sure there were some. As the event was virtual, via Facebook, I saw that Bay Area residents did it in their own backyards, around lakes in their communities or even the Hayward Shoreline. Well done, Everyone!

We made it to the North (Dutch) Windmill. The garden was full of tulips. In the middle of the arrangement had the word ‘HOPE’ spelled out. We then stopped at the Beach Chalet for lunch. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

With dealing with an ulcer since Monday, I had the lobster roll, the cole slaw and spinach salad with light sherry vinaigrette dressing. It was tasty but the roll was a bit heavy. Perhaps if it only had more butter. Funny how you try to cure one ailment but potentially bring on another. I should also watch my cholesterol. I am not on a cross trainer on a daily basis for an hour anymore.

Then we headed back East and to our cars. It was great to get the team together. The team would like to have an office to go to to. Perhaps in Q3 of 2021 when things settle down.

But, here’s another memory and another blog post that I hope I will never forget due to Alzheimer’s. It is not too late to sponsor me. Please do so HERE. I look forward to participating again next year.

Fundraising Efforts:
I won 5 games in ScrabbleGo since I challenged folks four days before the walk.
During my 22 days of posting memories on my Instagram pages (OneBusyBeeEnt and WereHungryToo), these were the most popular posts.

Thanks for your support!

Which non-profits do you support?

I envision this song playing as you read this blog post.

Kibatsu – San Francisco, CA

It’s only a 17-minute walk from Van Ness. Let’s do it! It was a nice but warm day in San Francisco, and supposedly my ‘rest day.’ Nope, we got about 10,000 steps in to Kibatsu in the Upper Haight neighborhood of San Francisco. We had a 5:30 reservation to sit outside. After climbing up three blocks, we were so ready to eat after a few glasses of ice water and a sip of Sapporo for my Instafriend.

It has been about three months since I last had sushi. I got take out in Santa Cruz and it did the job. I do miss the Happy Roll from Shirasoni. I had that last on Easter this year. Kibatsu was a nice treat. When Instafriend asked what I wanted to eat for our first meet up since January, I immediately responded with ‘Sushi!’ My PP (Pandemic Partner) is particular about his sushi so we haven’t gotten any recently. On this rare outing and Instafriend being in town from Linden, California, I was able to get some girl time in and have one of my favorite cuisines.

Instafriend didn’t disappoint with her selection. Neither did Kibatsu! We ordered quite a bit! We had the the tuna poke with tempura seaweed to be used as chips. We had the butter fish appetizer, a deep fried goodness. The Cherry Bomb roll which were rice balls wrapped with tuna and a red sauce. I usually ask for a huge supply of ponzu sauce but none of these dishes needed additional flavors. The butter fish was hands down our favorite dish. It was so good we ordered two. For $9 a pop, I could have more! The poke was thinly sliced and red with flavor. Instafriend isn’t a big fan of seaweed but ate these up no problem. The Cherry Bomb was good but it was our least favorite.

We then followed up with the Super Crunch Roll. It was filled with unagi, topped with spicy salmon, tempura flakes and masago. I finally got to use the generous bowl of ponzu sauce. We were stuffed and enjoyed our outing. The service was attentive and friendly.

Covid related, the staff had masks on. Tables were mostly spread out. One table was moved by the guests that were seated there but the distance issue was resolved. You do have people walking the sidewalk next to you so be weary of that. I thought it was a fine experience given the pandemic. Instafriend said she had a new favorite sushi spot. Perhaps we’ll try the Chef’s tasting menu sometime.

400 Haight Street, San Francisco
Open 5-9 PM, Wed-Sat

Continue to support local, small businesses! Please wear your mask.

Urban Hiking in San Francisco

The city by the bay is not lacking in hills. If you can’t go to a gym during this pandemic, putting on your sneakers and heading out to San Francisco will cause you to work up a sweat. For a 7×7 city, you can go the distance, experience different climates and reach some decent elevation on foot. Here are two urban hikes we did this month.

The real reason we go to the city from the peninsula is for bread at Tartine in the Mission. My Pandemic Partner is a fan. When shelter-in-place started, it was our way to get out of the house to go for a drive and get some food. The weekly tradition continues. With an attempt to make some fitness progress by my birthday, I have convinced my PP to do something active with me while we’re out in The City.

The first hike this month was supposed to be just a walk around the neighborhood. I wanted some elevation and I definitely got what I wanted! Heading west from Dolores Park, we ran up stairs, pushed up hills, went down hills just to go back up more hills. It was a beautiful day and we started to get closer to the fog coming in. I didn’t hear any complaints of continuing so we climbed more stairs between apartment buildings leading up to Twin Peaks. He hates the wind but he ran up the stairs like a champ when we officially got to the park. I eventually made the run up myself as it was the last thing I had to do before reaching the peak.

The view was no view. It was just fog. And wind. I took a few quick photos and we made our way back. On the steep hills down, my legs were feeling a bit like jelly. I had to make sure I didn’t overdo it and took my time with each step. We avoided steep hills thankfully. I was ready to get back to the car. But it was worth it. You can’t go wrong with spontaneous adventure.

The next hike was less strenuous, planned and on a very, very warm day. We purposely left the city of Menlo Park to avoid being in a house without air conditioning. It was scheduled to be almost 100 degrees. No, thank you. If I’m going to be that hot, I’d rather be in Hawaii.

We made our usual stop at Tartine, picked up bread, iced coffees, pastries for the boys and did some work on a blanket in Dolores Park. After some progress was made, we made our way towards the Legion of Honor Museum and hiked along the coast towards the Sutro Baths ruins. The views were stunning and the paths wide enough to do a decent job of social distancing. On our way back, I jogged up a few hills. It was very warm and it was a good way to switch up the pace and get thru that incline.

San Francisco definitely has some beautiful spots. Please contact me should you need assistance with travel arrangements or an itinerary. Travel Agent here!

Birthday Fitness Challenge: Week 2

Though this fitness challenge just finished up its second week, it has been a journey. A journey filled with going to the farmers market, the grocery store, from computer to kitchen and fork from plate to mouth. Not a whole lot of traveling distance has been covered. But it has been tasty!

Sundays start with a trip to the farmers market in Palo Alto and a stop at Whole Foods Market. I bought another whole chicken from Roli Roti, vegetables and three buckets of strawberries. Oh, they smell so good.

This was the second time I bought a whole chicken. I opted out of not getting the potatoes this time. They were tasty, especially when they add their seasoning too it. Seeing all the chickens rotating will make your mouth water. However, I have to say it’s not very flavorful. I like to get the chicken to add protein to dishes and honestly, not have to make it myself. I will turn to protein alternatives this coming week. What’s your favorite way to add protein to your meals?

Grocery store visits will include lettuce, gala apples, old fashioned oats, bananas, milk, eggs, and usually some fish or red meat to throw on the grill. I started making overnight oats and it’s quite filling. Thanks to Pinterest for the idea! Mix milk, yogurt (I use Fage Greek yogurt), honey together well. Then add bananas and strawberries. Let it sit overnight. I honestly add some granola on top to add some texture and crunch. It’s filling and one bowl is good for breakfast and lunch for me. Yum!

Meatless Monday have been quite busy for me lately. I was thankful my Pandemic Partner made a tomato salad with tomatoes and basil from the farmers market and burrata and a baguette from Whole Foods! Delicious!

Tuesday’s lunch was a late one around 3 PM. I had a salad topped with leftover Roli Roti chicken and carrots. For dinner, I had the remaining overnight oats and baby carrots with hummus.

Breakfast and lunch on Wednesday was again overnight oats! It’s so easy! Dinner was not my best work but I did try and new recipe. We had sole fillets from Whole Foods. The egg, milk, lemon juice, olive oil, red onion and capers sauce was a bit off. I think I messed something up there. I don’t think it needed the dairy. Ooops! I ate it. Couldn’t waste food.

Thursday, I had the leftover fillet for lunch and yes, we had pizza for dinner. It has been several weeks since we have had Pizzeria Delfina. I honestly could put one of those prosciutto pizzas away. I took half of the pizza and put it on my plate. The rest remained in the box. And though it was delicious and my PP put his entire pizza away, I was satisfied. The pizza is also topped with arugula. It’s basically a salad, right???

Friday was a very hot day in the Bay Area. We escaped the peninsula heat to still be warm in San Francisco but a bit more doable. We bought a country loaf and pastrami sandwich to split for lunch in Dolores Park. I only had one slice of that delicious country loaf this past week. Oh, my weakness is bread and butter. So delicious! But, I had some control.

We also skipped their desserts. Oh, boy.

After a quick hike near the Legion of Honor museum, golf course and Sutro Baths, we went to Dumpling Time after we picked out beautiful pieces of meat at The Butcher Shop nearby. The beer and bacon sauce is absolutely to die for. It was the fourth time I have been there since early July. It’s delicious and the staff is so friendly. Get the tofu and pork and shrimp siu mai. We had BBQ pork buns, pork gyoza and the chili dumplings he likes. They are pretty spicy so most of it was his!

I have been tracking my macros via MyFitnessPal and only had one day where I slightly went over the recommended caloric intake. My PP has been working out with me every day. We do krav maga in the park on Tuesdays and he is liking doing BodyRock and FitOn videos with me at 5:30 PM. At first he’s hesitant and think they’ll be silly, but they really challenge him and I love seeing that sweaty, post-workout face. It might be better than my roommate’s! He may or may not have done a ballet workout with me. Shhhhh.

As for me, I feel good and feel like I am getting stronger. I am not lifting as heavy as I could in the gym but I am doing what I can. I normally would be on supplements and having a protein shake after workouts but I’m not doing that. Progress is slower than I would like and not having the extra help might be part of it. But I feel good. I feel stronger. Saturdays are weigh-in days. I added 1.2 pounds but lost more of a body fat percentage. I lost half an inch around my waist as well. I’ll take it!

Booty sweat. lOL.

Five more weeks to go until my birthday! Maybe I will aim to do another boudoir photoshoot with Angie!