OBB Weekly – 4/9/19

One quarter of the year has already passed and time is flying by. Spring break and prom is happening around this time, taxes are due and my almost 13-year-old nephew doesn’t want to hunt for eggs this year. It is a reminder that there is no time like the present. Carpe diem. Don’t let opportunities pass you by. Let’s talk about some ways to do just that.


You have plans to go to Las Vegas and need someone that also loves your dog to stay over and house sit. Thankfully my Bevo was a lover and super easy to watch so I had a few folks I was able to call. I am now returning the favor. If you love dogs and can house sit for people, do it if you can. It is always nice to have people you can trust to take good care of your home and your fur baby. You will never know where it will take you.

Bevo went everywhere I could take him like 21st Amendment in San Leandro, CA.

I have house sat and dog/cat sat for friends in Brentwood, Palo Alto, Emeryville, Sonoma and Santa Cruz in California. I am completely open to traveling abroad! Hint. Hint. You can’t go wrong with wine country and a beach town, right?

Don’t own a dog but love dogs? I have been a Wag Walker. It’s an Uber like dog-walking service. You can set up the range of areas you can serve and you can also dog sit overnight. I have done a couple of those. Dog sitting for new puppies while the owners have to work is also easy money. This can at least build your list of experience with dogs. For me, I have a 5-star rating, 84 reviews and have Wag walked over 100 miles. (Use code Bernadette9307 to get $50 in Wag credits.) With this experience, I’m sure friends and colleagues will think of you when they need someone reliable to stay at their beach house when they are off to Hawaii for a long weekend.


In my experience as a Concierge, you need to take advantage of the opportunities tour operators, wineries and attractions offer to experience their products. They put on events, networking functions, tastings and offer free trials so you can speak on it from a personal level to your clients. Popular tours all around the world are walking food tours. I have done one in Charleston, Sourth Carolina with my nephew. Along the lines of that are cooking classes.

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit on the food tour. My second one on this short trip in Charleston, South Carolina.

From my dear friend’s Mexico City solo trip, Julia took a cooking class. I almost spontaneously booked my trip to go with her but couldn’t get the time off. I then booked a cooking class while in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in November 2018 because her experience was so amazing. I booked with Cookin’ Cabo (juanmoretacooking on Instagram). I was a solo attendee as Julia couldn’t make the trip after all with me. I couldn’t not go so I took advantage of the opportunity of making new friends and learning new dishes. Now, with this knowledge, I am hoping to bring you a special and unique experience. Stay tuned!

Cookin’ over open heat on a gas stove in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


The Knot released the 2019 wedding trends we wedding planners should be aware of. One we love is that there’s an increase in couples hiring wedding planners. Thank you! Another trend is that couples are breaking the traditional rules. Ninety percent of couples don’t care about having a bride and groom side. Less and less couples are holding their ceremonies in religious institutions. I like to tell my couple that there are no real rules to their wedding. It’s never happened before! Couples want to bring in their own personality to the event and make it fun. And they should! After all, when would they be able to host this type of event at this level together again? It’s now or never.


There is a lot of exotic food in the world to try. There are also interesting ways to save lives by going meatless. I have been participating in #MeatlessMondays for almost a year. There was one day earlier this week that I accidentally ate a piece of beef jerky from my coworker’s desk after my stomach growling. I failed in that one day but continued the rest of the day meatless and continued it on the day after just to make up for the day. With my participation, it has opened my eyes to alternatives.

At Coconuts in Palo Alto, I have had the grilled tofu platter while the rest of my coworkers had the jerk chicken. At the SFO airport, I enjoyed a big bowl of the Avocado and Citrus Salad from Gott’s Roadside while my roommate had the fish tacos. On the Golden Princess, I opted for the futomaki rolls as a starter. The header photo above is a brunch dish from Tavern on the Green in New York City. There are always vegetarian options available. Simple cooking at home options could include pasta with sauce or butter and parmesan cheese, quesadillas with jalepenos, a cucumber salad or broiled strips of bell peppers with lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper. It’s very simple and less weight sitting in your stomach when you’ve eaten too much. Try Meatless Monday. It can be done!

Yes, we ordered wine with it as well to kick off our vacation.


Ever since the Hellyer 10K just over a week ago, I have been itching to book another run. There’s a cool run available on the peninsula at a private airport where you can do a race on the runway. I have never heard of that being done before. I have gotten dirty twice with Warrior Dash so I’m not interested in bathing with a garden hose. I have done a half marathon at Walt Disney World. I am thinking of doing a run at Disneyland Paris for my birthday and joining my roommate on the 60-mile Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego in November. But raising $1,600 was stressful. What would you do?

About to go for run along the beach outside the JW Marriott, Los Cabos.

My goal is to travel for my runs. I might register for the Napa Women’s Run in March 2020 and I already told Nelly, my running partner, that we’d do the Giants triple event starting during spring training in Arizona. I have been wanting to do a run in Hawaii. Even on early morning runs, it gets so warm! I usually want to jump in the ocean immediately after the run. I am clearly undecided on what I want to commit to this year but at least I want to continue running, ideally for a good cause.

May 17, 2019
Foam Glow 5K – San Jose
September 2019
Teal Run once they announce the event – South Bay
October 12, 2019
Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Silicon Valley
January 11, 2020
RunDisney 10K – Walt Disney World

JoJo Needs a Home

I named her JoJo after my favorite bass player and from the Los Lonely Boys. She was rescued from a San Jose pound that morning. They were about to euthanize her because she reached her max amount of time there. She didn’t even have a name. 😞 She whimpers but also was an amazing cuddler. She’s also so good with kids. At the event outside The Animal House in San Francisco on Saturday, April 6th, she had two families interested in her that day but evaluations needed to be done first. Follow Wonder Dog Rescue to adopt her. Fill out an application to jump start the process.

This was my first day volunteering and it was a good to spend time with these cuties that need homes. Ever since I have lost my Bevo, something is obviously missing from my life. In his memory, I want to help dogs have just as good of a life as he did.

Though we got Bevo from a breeder because the ex wanted a pure bred and really fought to have a dog, please adopt, don’t shop.

There is also Mollie, Sassy and Windi if you’re a Boston Terrier lover like I am. Consider adopting a senior dog. They need love too.

Update: 6/7/19

Jojo’s foster now has a Facebook Page for her! Help find JoJo a forever home!

Hellyer 10K

There’s a race taking place basically almost every weekend. If you haven’t challenged yourself recently, try something like running a full or half marathon. This was my first run farther than a couple of miles since my first half marathon at Walt Disney World in January. I got the ‘running fever’ as my friend and fellow events professional, Nelly, calls it. I was happy to have him on this run and recruit multi-half marathon runner, my Cugina, Angela.

I think I picked this particular race because it was Alice in Wonderful and Disney related. I am a Disney Certified Travel Agent. Nelly quickly joined me. Three days before the event, Angela, signed up. She thought about doing the 10K with us but went big and signed up for a half marathon. She did well for not doing one in three years, barely running to train and with new http://www.brooksrunning.comBrooks. She says she’s impulsive. But here, she was successful, even though it hurt.

I also did not train for this run. I have continued going to the gym as usual but according to my RunKeeper profile, I only ran 2.3 miles one week after the half marathon. I just haven’t had the time with traveling and the weather. It is nice to say that I can just wake up, get out of bed and run 6.2 miles. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a runner. Who would’ve thought?

The race took place on March 31st off of the Hellyer exit in San Jose, California. Nelly was already there from Sacramento when I was on the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge heading to pick up Angela. We made it down to the race parking lot, resisted using the port-a-potties in the early morning cold. We walked around a bit but returned back to the car to stay warm. Nelly joined Angela and I and we caught up a bit and talked about our run and training experiences until it was time to send Angela off.

Fifteen minutes later, it was our turn. I stretched in the mean time, got my ‘Kick 13.1 Miles Ass’ playlist ready and wished Nelly good luck and see him at the finish line. I’m not one to run side-by-side with someone and I certainly don’t want to hold a conversation. I turn on my music, am in my head and try to maintain my energy, breathing and try to avoid injury. Nelly knows I can’t keep up with him so we said our ‘See you laters.’

Thank goodness the course was relatively flat. I also appreciated the shade on the trail as the morning chill burned off. It was definitely not a crazy busy half marathon in Florida. I was able to take over people and be taken over by several without there being a lot of traffic. Some people would stop immediately after putting their hand up to warn the runners behind them that they were stopping. Most of the time, it was not enough notice. I didn’t feel it was needed this time around, even with the narrow paved trail for the two-way traffic. The hills, highway and stream were nice things to run along and see in the distance. Running into Nelly was also nice surprise. He eventually left me behind but our average mile time was too far off. I’m grateful for the photos he took of me crossing the finish line. I captured Angela finishing.

Approaching the finish line, your bib will alert the announcer that you’re coming in. They will say your name and where you’re from. I thought that was pretty cool. Snacks like bananas, bagels, brownies and even It’s It ice crease sandwiches were available. I finished in one hour and 10 minutes with an average mile of 11:23, ranking 12th in my age class. I usually run a 10.5 mile but as the miles increase, my time decreases. Towards the end of the half marathon in January, I was approaching a 12-minute mile. It was exhausting and took a lot out of me. I eventually broke down when I met up with Sandra. I can’t believe I just did that. I am not sure I will do another half marathon but 10Ks will probably be my thing.

It was great to have friends with me on this experience and I am looking forward the next one in May. Nelly and I have already agreed to to the three Giants races in 2020, but it depends on the dates. I am thinking of having my Little Loves do a 5K with me. If you’re a runner, which one should I do next? I want to travel for my runs. I was thinking about going to Disneyland Paris and do one for my birthday in September, but I might be going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico again. Decisions, decisions.


Hay NOw

Seabiscuit, War Admiral, Mr. Ed – famous horses from the race track, silver screen and black and white sit-com era. Unfortunately, I am unable to get close to anything like them in reality. I am allergic to the dander of these beautiful creatures.

I have always excitedly said ‘horsies’ in a little girls’ voice whenever I see them. I just can’t help it. I was never one to want a pony as a little girl but I always thought they were beautiful, strong, amazing animals. My first opportunity to get up close and personal with one was when my then boyfriend scheduled a romantic horseback ride on the beach for our anniversary. During the middle of it, it felt like my throat closed up. It was hard to swallow, my eyes were watering and couldn’t stop sneezing. 

Years later, another boyfriend and I were exploring the wine tasting hills of Saratoga and came across a winery that had a barn. I went in and petted the horses. Bad idea. HA-CHOO!!! This continued thru dinner on Santana Row and thru the night during our stay Hotel Valencia. I felt terrible.
Since then, I have made it a note to mention on my website that I unfortunately cannot work with horses or do events as an event planner in barns that actively or recently had horses. So far, I haven’t had any issues nor did it prevent me from declining any jobs.
However, in the beautiful town of Charleston, South Carolina, I booked a horse carriage tour with my nephew. My sister said he enjoyed the one they took in Wilmingon,North Carolina and I have never been on one. There’s probably a good reason for that but since it’s been years since my last incident and getting older has changed a few things, I forgot how frustrating the reaction was and thought I would be okay. That’s a negative.
I couldn’t resist petting Jake No, not Jake from State Farm. The horse! The beautiful animal was tied to keep him steady with the attached carriage and I wanted to may console him being tied up with some love and attention. Before we even loaded up on the carriage,I was already sneezing. Oh dear. Here we go.

Normally I am friendly and super outgoing and chatting up a storm with everyone, especially when I travel. This time, I did laugh at jokes but I was just feeling good. The tour was fantastic. Our tour guide was great with tons of knowledge, stories and worked well with Jake. Jake played his part in the entertainment and chatted every now and then. At an intersection that he was walking into, a driver on their phone to his left started to go. Jake didn’t stop but definitely yelled at the car as he continued the right of way. You tell them, Jake! Sadly, there are accidents like these.
I also failed to do my research in how the horses are treated in Charleston. You’ve heard stories of horses worked to the death and collapsing in New York (New York Post) and PETA urging folks to not pay for these tours. Our tour guide stated that these carriages weighed much less than the equipment they were attached to if they worked on the farm. I also witnessed another horse by the same company getting bathed while waiting for our tour to begin. Perhaps they are treated fairly. On Charleston Carriage Works’ website, they state: “We LOVE our horses. They are treated like part of the family and each and every day, enjoy extended vacations, get frequent time off and are under the watchful care of resident experts day and night. Our team is constantly and completely in tune with each horse’s personality traits, training, comfort level and health at all times.” I am a big animal lover and I should have done my research. I will most likely not do another one of these tours until I do more research on the company and basically, for my own health. I’m not built like a horse.
Are you allergic to horses?
Can you name one thing you’ve stopped participating in because you thought it was cruel to the animals involved?

#StillInIt 2017 – Week 6

Three weeks left of this eight-week #StillInIt fitness challenge by Bodybuilding.com and Dymatize. Here’s the recap for the week.

Monday – Holiday
Weight Lifted: 7,160
Abs, Legs & Cardio
Week 6 kicked off with Memorial Day and I was happy to have an extra long gym session. I rewarded myself with breakfast at Emil Villa‘s near the gym. My non-lazy ass walked over there and thanked a veteran rocking his hat on the way there. Thank you to those that have served our country.

Clearly in motion

Weight Lifted: 3,150
Abs, chest and plank
I worked out at home as I got up late after a nice day off from work. I made myself a protein shake afterwards. I continued my non-drinking streak after an off-site meeting at Samovar Tea Lounge and Happy Hour at Pabu in San Francisco.

MuscleTech & Organics from Safeway

Weight Lifted: 2,250
Abs, Chest
Another workout at home.

Rest Day

I didn’t happen to log what I did on Bodyspace but I did make it to the gym. I know that much. See the bunny ears and my Bodybuilding.com tank?

Was a fun training day with Angela and her mom that just moved up from Southern California. I didn’t get that great of a work out as I was showing them some moves but I really enjoyed it. Perhaps I’d become a trainer someday? Oh, there are so many things I want to work on!

Abs, Back
I didn’t log this workout either but I know I did a lot of back and abs and got to work out with my sister. Meaning, she was in the same room. She did her own moves. Then it was a fun day full of surprises for her 40th birthday. More on that to come!

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in San Jose, CA

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

See How Art Can Change the World

If I can keep the same sunglasses for over five years, I can see how, as Artist, Robert Rauschenberg says, “art can change the world.” Summer is coming up but people in need is year round. Partnering with Warby Parker, a company that distributes a pair of glasses to those in need for each pair sold, takes it a step farther and has a new line benefiting the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. Over five years, Rauschenberg ‘traveled to ten countries – in many of which freedom of expression was oppressed – with the goal of sparking dialogue and forging mutual understanding through the creative process.”

My personal favorite are the Primrose Crystal sunglasses. I do not and have never owned a pair of sunglasses that weren’t black framed and dark as could be. I would rock these this Summer as a Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk season pass holder wearing cut off jeans, an airy, light-colored top and flip flops with my matching pink pedicured toes, while holding my 3-year-old niece’s hand and be the coolest lookin’ auntie on The Boardwalk.

I would gift the Crystal Marina to my sister. She’s not a fan of pink so more for me! Growing up, she always loved Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. I remember that she asked for a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins for her birthday. I just ate the cake. Not the ice cream. I picture her wearing these at her future beach house in Wilmington, North Carolina eating all the Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream her heart desires!

I would totally rock the Ceruleon Crystal Sunglasses as blue is my favorite color. I am not afraid of attention and these will definitely get me some. I would pair these with Stella & Dot‘s blue Kali Tunic while walking the beaches of Wailea in Hawaii.

Which would you pick for yourself?

Consider picking up one of these beautiful pair of sunglasses at one of three locations in the San Francisco Bay Area for a good cause and look good at the same time.

375 Hayes Valley
San Francisco, CA

555 Ramona Street
University South
Palo Alto, CA

334 Santana Row
Santana Row
San Jose, CA

#StillInIt 2017 – Week 2

Week 2 is DONE! I am down another 1.6 pounds, .5% body fat, lowered BMI and body measurements for my waist and hips and increased muscle. I didn’t have a drop of alcohol and it wasn’t even a struggle with Cinco de Mayo and going out for a girls’ night to see Daniel Tosh in San Jose.

Meal prepping was done on Sunday evening with lemon pepper and garlic parmesan zucchini thanks to Pinterest, plus cabbage and sausage. Tasty. I also attempted to take the Thrive pill and wore a patch. I wanted to test it using it when I wasn’t going to take my normal Shredz supplements. I couldn’t really tell if it altered my mood. However, a friend has lost 20 pounds using it but just remember, it’s not a magic pill. Working out and eating right has to happen.

So to recap:

Weight lifted: 1,800
Morning workouts are at 5:30 AM.

Weight lifted: 3,300
HIIT, don’t forget to stretch.

Snapchat – ‘bappletree’

That evening, I met up with my #Instafriend for a second visit in three weekdays to Hazel Southern Restaurant & Bar before seeing Cinderella at the SF Ballet. By the third act, I was so tired that I slumped in my seat and closed my eyes. I had a long way home via Bart and didn’t end up going to bed until midnight.

Stella & Dot Zuni Layering Necklace – Sample For Sale

I slept in. I naturally got up at 4:45 AM but it was not hard to go back to sleep. It was my first rest day in 10 days. That evening, it was going to be my last Women Wednesday event to be hosted at DW. That night we were highlighting High West Distillery. I didn’t have any of the whiskey and instead of having dinner at DW, we went back to Hazel’s. Three times in four weekdays. Yes, we love it. Again, no drinks for me. My best friend on the other hand showed her support.

Weight lifted: 5,875
Worked on back, abs and cardio. No picture but I got it down.

Weight lifted: 840 pounds
Worked on abs and arms

Got back to it feeling good rocking my Shredz gear and shaker. Usually I have oatmeal from The Market with fruit but having a bite of Cristen’s Banana Almond Butter Toast from Project Juice was so delicious that I had to get one for myself.

Project Juice

I met up with fellow Haywardian and SOHA rep, Angela, at the gym. She wants to lose another 50 pounds. She is a new friend and she saw my Instagram and asked for help. We chatted on the phone, gave her some tips and invited her to work out with me. We did some HIIT for about 40 minutes and cardio for 30.

We then went to The Hayward Ranch for the first time and got some breakfast. She hosted as a thank you for working her out. She reposted our photo from my Instagram and thanked me, saying that she’s never smiled on the elliptical before. We will be working out together every now and then.

That evening, I met up with Christina at Loft Bar & Bistro in San Jose before going to S
an Jose State to see Daniel Tosh. Another late night. What a difference a nap, shower, makeup, hair straightener and new Stella & Dot jewelry can do, right!?!

Embroidered Emme Necklace ($49), Triangle Pave Ear Climber ($39) & Zoe Necklace ($98)
Shop HERE!

Tired but made it to Tilden Park by 9:30 AM for the Hike for Girls benefiting Girl Ventures I did last year. I took Bevo this time. He was excited and tired afterwards.

To Week 3. I am looking to lift more! I feel like I’ve been going light.


This is #29 of 30 daily blog posts to hit 10,000 hits in one month. I did the same challenge in April 2016. Thank you for visiting and please check back tomorrow and share anything you like!


The hashtag comes from Fit & Thick and the beautiful Nicole Mejia that I follow on Instagram. I use it when I’m feeling motivated and determined. Let’s be real, this #250KChallenge thru Bodybuilding.com isn’t going so well with one week left but I’m trying. I have had successes, a poor diet with lots of whiskey but I have managed to still work out at least five days a week. Not bad. I just wish the progress was noticeable. I write this after reading a part of the Spring 2017 issue of On Investing from Charles Schwab late last night. Friday night party animal, right here!

Two headers caught my attention that I shared via Snapchat (bappletree) and my Instagram Story.

Start saving and investing today.

I posted the above Instagram with caption:
On my late night date with Chuck (reading Charles Schwab on #Investing mag, that is) after prepping to do my taxes, I thought I’d share this. I have/had so many students on my staff and those not so great with money. I would liek to say I have encouraged many to start somewhere no matter how small. For instance, I suggested stop buying their daily $5 +Starbucks Coffee and put that money aside in savings and/or invest it. You’re really not going to miss $5. Green tea is better for you anyways. 🙂 For em, I want to continue to the live a certain lifestyle, have my #goalby40 that I’m working on and always hustlin’ doin’  what millionaires do: have at least seven streams of income. I’m downsizing in unnecessary physical stuff (thx +Close5+Poshmark), earning savings by doing next to nothing via #tech (mPlaces, +Shopkick) and taking advantage of #free tickets and opportunities for new, fun experiences as much as I can. Need help? I am no financial advisor but I’ll do what I can! Seems like a great #blog post to write. Stay tuned!”

And so the blog post is up. 
See the disclaimer? I am definitely no financial advisor. I am making an attempt to get familiar with the different ways to invest, the terminolgy and understand the tax implications with certain decisions and what’s best to reach my goals. My father is my financial advisor and he does pretty well for myself. He’s living the life I want. As the independent woman he has encouraged me to be, I eventually want to make smart decisions about my money on my own in terms of my investments. With the ridiculous raising cost of healthcare and the money I would need for my retirement, I feel I am well behind.
However, I can say I am ahead of the game of some people I know. I was young once too and was terrible with money. I had multiple credit cards and didn’t feel like I could get ahead. However, at the time, I also had my first big girl job with benefits and started my first 401K. I started at 19 years old. Seventeen years later, the funds have increased however had I saved more, I would have had a lot more by now. Start saving and investing today.” 
Do you know what your net worth is? I have calculated my value and I want that number up! How do I plan to do that?
1) Seven streams of income – keep these going, improve my businesses, make my numbers and grow, Baby, grow! Advertise on my blog!
2) Save – I have an amount automatically taken out of my checking account and dumped into an investment on a monthly basis. I also have a minimum for my savings account to be at and each time it is reached, the original minimum increases. Eventually I will take that excess and reinvest it.
3) Minimize – as I get older, I am finding that I don’t need stuff. I solely desire shoes more than anything if I do buy something materialistic. I have splurged in Milan, Italy with my first Gucci and Georgio Armani purses and I now have no need for anything that costly. I can’t remember the last time I purchased a pair of shoes. I value experiences more than anything nowadays. I love to travel. I want to try new restaurants, unique cocktails. When wanting to celebrate love or special people in my life, I would rather give them experiences as well. 
I am trying to minimize by selling fashions on +Poshmark (onebusybeebolog – use invite code UPSCY for $5 credit after your first purchase) and have even sold my first item in two days, which were a pair of Grace in LA jeans that I didn’t even buy for myself. I am selling dresses, shoes and retired Stella & Dot jewelry for cheap. After all, these items are just sitting around, not being used. I might as well get something for it! I also have items listed on Close5.

4) Free stuff – I went to two comedy shows this week for free. When the opportunity presents themselves, take it! My girlfriend had an extra ticket to see Bill Burr in San Jose. Yes! Ticketmaster also sent out an email giving away two tickets to see Erin Foley at the Punch Line Comedy Club in San Francisco. I submitted a request and I was chosen. See autographed CD by Erin and the Punch Line also reposted my Instagram image to their 4,660 followers. Free exposure! Yes!

Contests – it takes two seconds to enter contests. I play the Safeway Monopoly game
and have already won free bread, an avocado, yogurt (hello! Who doesn’t love free food!) And a $5 Fandango discount I used for this Sunday to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie with Court Court.

I have won a trip to the Grammy’s in Los Angeles, movie and concert tickets, DVD, CDs and more. I hope to win another trip soon.
Then there’s tech – I just redeemed my first $25 Amazon gift card by getting 62,500 coins via mPlaces. I have earned numerous Target gift cards as well but am a recent lover of Amazon because I don’t have time to go do errands for everyday necessities. I purchased Bevo’s Iams dog food and two Oil of Olay lotions that Target sometimes doesn’t have. With mPlaces, you also earn entries to win other gift cards and random goodies like wireless speakers, drones, make-up and jewelry.
Don’t forget about Shopkick. Unfortunately they got rid of their Hilton reward gift card. That would have helped with additional travel. I did use my last earned Hilton gift card when we went to New Orleans in 2015. I guess I will just continue earn towards another Amazon gift card.
Both of these apps are explained more in my ‘5 Apps I Use Before Getting Out of Bed‘ post. Check it out. 
I can’t forget about my Hawaiian Airlines card to free airfare. Yes, please! I put everything on that card, use the site to get bonus miles when booking other travel and when my friends that love to pay in cash, I will gladly get the points and take your dolla dolla bills. Please and thank you! 
I hope this post encourages you to start saving, investing and preparing financially for your future, as well as the future of your loved ones. Good luck!
Beach at Kiahuna Plantation, Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii – February 2017

San Jose – Sharks & Old Wagon Saloon & Grill

A day off? Whiskey? Sports? Girl time? Sounds kind of awesome.

My spontaneous travel partner, Christina, is a big San Jose Sharks fan and she had extra tickets. We went to the Sharks and Predators game at 1 PM with kicking it off at the Old Wagon Saloon and Grill at the San Pedro Market Square. Parking is conveniently located across the street and the restaurant is walking distance to The Shark Tank or SAP Center. Sit at the bar, at a table or on the patio. I just had a shot of Jameson on the rocks while the girls had a Bloody Mary and a house cocktail that was too sweet and is better as a double.

Christina got great seats at the game with access to restaurants with actual white, cloth napkins and servers at your seats. I had the Prime Rib sandwich, pretzel with warm cheese, a Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas IPA. The sandwich was actually pretty good, the pretzel was too salty and the beers were eventually completely consumed.

Prime Rib Sandwich

I forgot how fun hockey games can be. The game was entertaining and there was one fight. Hockey is non-stop action and there isn’t a bad seat in SAP. The company was great. Christina’s friend, Beth, is from Chicago and moved to the Bay Area late last year. We hit it off with laughs so hard that I cried. Christina’s coworker, Amy, was fun too and we like the same music and love fashion. New friends are always good.

After the game, we made the walk back to the Old Wagon Saloon and Grill. One more Jameson for me and as usual, I was craving a salad. Their Caesar Salad was pretty good with a creamy dressing. The steak was thinly sliced, peppery, half of it left on the plate and cost an additional for $6.99. The croutons were happily enjoyed by Beth.

Not bad of a day.

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Congrats, San Jose Sharks!


Let’s be honest, the 250KChallenge did not get me to where I want to be and summer will be upon us in no time. No doubt that I am stronger but I want to see some major changes in my body.

I have read several articles that you need to change up your routine every six weeks and of course, everyone knows abs are made in the kitchen. I have picked up doing two 12-14 minute HIIT videos from BodyRock and do additional weights at home. It has been kicking my ass. Some moves makes me say ‘That girl (Lisa) is damn crazy!‘ She is! But she’s fit as hell and obviously doing something right. With at least 24 minutes of her workouts, I am drenched. The fan is turning in my bedroom and the window is open. These workouts are no joke. I have also invited my workout partner, Courtney, and my personal trainer friend to join me. Here are some fun post-work out SnapChats. The peace sign is actually indicating two workouts in one day.

Bevo is also a big supporter. He’s so excited.

I have also been drinking a lot more water. I put two orange slices and a lemon in my water. It helps to chug it when it tastes not so plain.

I am also not drinking much, staying away from our delicious desserts and my latest fave, cheese and charcuterie. Instead I have a salad with grilled chicken or my special dinner that Jaime knows how I like it, salmon with veggies with lemon, garlic, salt and pepper. Easy! I’m so spoiled.
Besides Summer, I am headed to the Fit Expo next Month in San Jose, California and don’t want to look silly in my new Cali Muscle shirt. 😉
Have you tried BodyRock?
Anyone else going to the Fit Expo?
What are your favorite recipes? Workouts? Supplements?
I am always looking to meet other fit folks. Please say hello or comment below!