#MeatlessMondays While Traveling

It has almost been a year and a half since I started participating in #MeatlessMondays. From previous posts, it is definitely doable. It is definitely doable while traveling. I was in London in August, Nevada, Utah and flying into the Bay Area from Washington D.C. earlier this month and a day of travel meatless returning from Paris.

Yes, they’re vegetarian in London.

You even do it while traveling?” Yes, with so many options available everywhere, it is easy to do. You just have to curb your cravings when you smell certain proteins roasted or served to the table next to yours, or even your dining partner. Just look away!

Nikki‘s burger at Le Montignon in Paris. Not meatless.

During the #OBBRoadTrip, I found myself in Elko, Nevada at a Burger King to try their Impossible Burger that is advertised during my SimsFreePlay game on my iPad. I enjoy a Whopper. I am definitely not anti-fast food as it is convenient and reasonably priced. It isn’t the healthiest but even salads aren’t the best choice if you drench it in dressing and topped with fried chicken. (Mmmm, fried chicken.)

The friendly gal at the counter handed me the familiar brown bag from the drive-thru window and I parked my friend’s Ford in an open parking space. The Impossible Whopper was huge! I can’t remember the Whopper being as big as it was. I like my Whoppers with mustard and opened the burger to reveal its contents. I would say it looks the same however the patty had very defined edges, not curved like a normal burger patty would be. I replaced the bun and took a bite. Honestly, it tastes just like their regular Whopper but maybe just a bit drier and tougher. I would definitely have it again if I was in the mood for a burger on a Monday.

In Lindon, Utah, my dear friend was so nice to have changed her dinner plans to accommodate me. She originally was going to make tacos but I said I couldn’t have meat and I would figure something out. She made homemade pasta alfredo with broccoli instead. Isn’t she a dream? Just look at that face! The whole family ate it and we had tacos the following day. I didn’t take any photos but I assure you it was tasty. Who doesn’t like butter?!?

Jewelry by Stella & Dot

One week later, I was traveling from Washington D.C. to the Bay Area. I needed something to eat on the plane and accidentally slept thru the food service portion of the flight. I rang for the United attendant and ordered a sandwich after an unexpected rude “What do you want?” response. I apologize for my inconvenience, Flight Crew, but it’s a long flight across the country. My sandwich came with meat. It was removed and then became meatless and OK to eat that Monday. I apparently also made it OK for the tone but there was no reason to start a scene. Maybe she hasn’t eaten herself, who knows?

Back in the Bay Area, my awesome coworker picked me up from the airport. We had an afternoon out to lunch and working together at my house. We went to Three in San Mateo. See post HERE from my previous visit. I assure you, it’s still a good spot to go for brunch. My coworker had the delicious fried chicken and waffle sandwich. I had a meatless salad and I ate every single morsel. It was devoured.

I plan on continuing with Meatless Mondays. WeWork just posted an article on how your food choices can reverse climate change. Have you noticed how hot it has been with record setting temps? Read article HERE. Wont you join me? It’s easier than you think, I assure you. Leave me a comment below if you’re already participating, considering it or committed! I would love to cheer you on!

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Paris Prep

My birthday weekend nails are drying as I write this before my Norwegian flight from Oakland to Paris takes off. My dear friend and fellow entrepreneur, Nikki, will he meeting me there and moreso on the later side. She is coming from wine country – from new world to old world in wine talk. It is her first trip to Europe. She is a Spanish Language Coach and majority of her travels have been to Spanish-speaking countries. I am looking forward to her joining me on my second trip to Paris.

Lunch in Walnut Creek, California – Stella & Dot Necklace

If you are following this blog, we are also going to be running a half marathon at Disneyland Paris. Do wish us luck! Nikki had surgery last week to remove a toenail after an accident while on a road trip with family. I also had a minor toe injury and frankly I have had some difficulty training. We both had to have basically emergency doctor visits the last two days just to complete a medical certificate form for RunDisney France. It was ‘if needed’ when we registered months ago and a checklist a few days ago said it was ‘required.’ We both got it done in time. It’s been quite challenging but I’m now a little hopeful to do a decent job on this run.

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The nails turn out alright, right? Thanks, Rose!

OBB Weekly – 7-16-19

Flight at Sons of Liberty Alehouse (SOLA)- San Leandro, CA

This weekly post was to get blog posts up and summarize changes over the week. They can be planned changes or they can spring up at any moment. This past week has been full of these modifications and all for the better. Another week has passed and I appreciate all the unknowns it has brought.


Stopped mid-step as I was walking out of the room, “I’m what?” I was planning travel for a coworker and was told I should attend as well. They went back and forth whether or not I would go over the last two weeks. Now it’s confirmed. Majority of those going will be gone for 10 days to Lawrenceburg, Indiana and Englewood, Ohio with us staying across the river from Lawrenceburg in Kentucky. There are three states I haven’t been in! This is definitely an opportunity I am okay with. I look forward to exploring what I can and we might even go to Lexington, Kentucky. Can you say whiskey?!?! Stay tuned on social media for updates.

Whiskey cocktail at ME Cab0 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – June 2019


This past week, Stella & Dot held its annual sales conference called Hoopla. I have been to two of these conferences, one in San Francisco and the other in Las Vegas. Announced via social media, a new incentive for a 6-day trip to Lake Como, Italy for two is available! I have yet to earn one of these trips. I would love to! With that said, I am looking for trunk show hostesses to earn free jewelry. This trunk show can be in person or via online. All you need to start earning rewards is to have at least $300 in sales and four unique orders. Adding Stylists to my team doing this as well will also help me get to Lake Como. The best time to sign up is now!

Please sign up HERE.

Please shop at Kim’s 3-Day Trunk Show Fundraiser where a percentage of net sales goes her fundraising goal.


It’s been an interesting journey in trying to save money and stop spending as much as I normally do on food. I love to eat! Lately, it has been eating salads for lunch, meal prepping chicken and having cereal and other cheap processed or frozen foods just to save money. The cost of going out to lunch or dinner could be at least $20. With going grocery shopping, I can eat a meal for a quarter of the cost. This week, that changed.

I was able to enjoy pork adobo sliders and popcorn and cocktails from The Treasury SF, French cuisine at the new One65 restaurant at Union Square San Francisco and a sweetheart of a cutie brought me sweets. Did I mention cocktails too from Bar 587? It’s been a nice change.

Duck breast from One65


With traveling, I have to keep with my gym efforts. I am no where near my 2019 body fat percentage goal and I need to make some progress. In addition to being a 24 Hour Fitness member, I am now a Planet Fitness member as well. For $22/month, I have access to all their gyms nationwide, extra amenities like massage chairs and tanning (not needed for this Filipina) and bringing a guest for free. While in Ohio and Indiana these next couple of weeks, there wasn’t a 24 Hour Fitness located within a reasonable distance. If there was, I would have extended my current membership instead of just one location. Work out clothes are packed and I have recruited a coworker to go with me while we’re out and about. It does cost me more but I couldn’t just run all week long. It would be really bad on my knees, although I still need to train for my RunDisney half marathon in Paris in a couple of months. I hope this motivates you to keep moving while on your travels.

Let’s connect!

OBB Weekly – 7-9-19

Another epic week, another epic trip to Las Vegas. I always tell myself that I have been to Vegas several times, I don’t really need to go back. I want to see the rest of the world. However, every time I go, it is always a great time. July 4th weekend was no different. With so many options of places to stay, eat and play, some things are consistently good. Let me show you some of Sin City and let me help you book your next trip.


I enjoy Southwest Airlines. They are consistently good and it is a very easy flight from the San Francisco Bay Area to McCarren International Airport. LAS is located so close to the strip that a quick shuttle or Uber (Get $2 off your first 3 rides with my link) from the terminal to your desired hotel is cheap and easy.

The girls and I stayed at the Treasure Island Hotel. When I was last in Vegas in 2017, we stayed here as well. The rooms are consistent and the location is convenient. As an Expedia VIP, I was granted late check out. However, as I didn’t need it, I was able to exchange it for a complimentary bottle of champagne. Let me book you on the same deals you see on Expedia and I can possibly get you extra perks. Do keep in mind that you have options of a non-refundable price or with cancellation deadlines to take advantage of these rates. Plans change so do keep that in mind.

The Venetian and Tao Beach is literally right across the street. If you are interested in a pool party, this is the best place to go for its convenience and one of the lowest minimums for a day bed that comes with an umbrella. The new KAOS at the Palms had a minimum of $1,000. Regardless, trust me, the money adds and up but it’s a good time. Let me connect you with my contact there for a day bed and he hooked me up with complimentary drinks for one hour for my party of three.

One thing all girls must do on a Girls’ Trip to Vegas is see Magic Mike Live. I tell ya, it’ll change your life! I have seen Thunder From Down Under twice and it’s also fun but I enjoy the dancing much better at Magic Mike. And who doesn’t love all these men channeling the newly single Mr. Channing Tatum? I was lucky to have been pulled on on stage and received maybe three lap dances from some well-built men. My hands were full during this show. The host, Jordan, said she picked me as a thank you for chatting with her when we sat down and I noticed she was alone. How very cool. We ladies shouldn’t be in competition with each other for men’s attention. They might be willing to share the love.


Speaking of love, I loved all of the events we attended. The two pool parties were great even though we missed seeing Sisqo at the Flamingo Go Pool before we had to leave and catch a flight. The shows and even the performance and new friends we made at the Caberet Bar at the Paris Hotel on our first night was great. Every hotel will have a chapel. The Flamingo has a gazebo outside. The chapel at the Mandalay Bay is a bit more modern. Do contact me should you need assistance with a destination wedding. A party is never hard to find in Vegas.


For this foodie and #OneBusyBee, I had to revisit Sushi Samba at The Palazzo Hotel. My friend, Courtney, and I went there by ourselves one day in 2016 as the other girls slept. We had a blast eating all the delicious Japanese, Puruvian and Brazilian food and enjoying Japanese whisky, my favorite. With so much change in the restaurant world, I am pleased to know they were still around. Kim and Nikki enjoyed our meal.

One thing I definitely wanted to do was have a nice meal by a Celebrity Chef. Gordon Ramsey had Hell’s Kitchen at Caesar’s and we walked by Carlo’s Bake Shop in The Palazzo. I opted in for Giada’s at The Cromwell Hotel. The restaurant was very nice and with views of a main intersection with the Bellagio Hotel kitty corner and Caesar’s across the street. We were sat at a large booth and were served by the very friendly and professional, Billy. The girls and I didn’t have too big of an appetite so we skipped on the multi-course brunch option but we all go the the salmon cake benedict. I added an arugula salad for $6 on the side and it was delicious. The salmon cake was thick and flavorful and the poached egg was cooked perfectly. The sauce looked like melted cheese with a dark orange color but oh, man, was it good. The coffee was strong and gave us the caffeine we needed. With a check in on Yelp, I was given a splash of prosecco. Billy said I couldn’t drink alone and brought out two more glasses. What a very nice gesture. If I could have taken a full-size of that salad home with me, I would have. Well done, Giada. Highly recommended! I can’t wait to go back and try more items on the menu, including the dim sum-like dessert trays they have available at dinner.


As I sat in the single sofa chair near the window on the 15th floor of our hotel room at the Treasure Island Hotel, I looked out onto the strip wondering if I could make the move and if it would make sense financially. I have played around with the idea of moving somewhere for a year while fulfilling my need to travel and really immerse myself in the area. I was at first thinking that it would be San Diego as I would need to be near the water. I looked at Austin, Texas, Charleston, South Carolina and even Seattle, Washington. However, Las Vegas has it all for me – event planning, hospitality, the warm but sometimes cold weather and an endless amount to blog about. It is truly a destination for so many different kind travelers – party-goers, bachelorette/bachelor parties, golfing, relaxation, foodies and even plenty to do for children. My goal is currently to do as much as I can to reach that Goal by 40 of owning property in Maui. I did want to have that property come September 2020, but technically I can still achieve that goal by September 21, 2021. For the past month, I have added on a second job as a Bartender to my world as #OneBusyBee. Unless I get a raise at my day job, I will probably stick with it until I make some headway. In the mean time, I very much appreciate your visits here to my blog and other social media, referrals of your travel clients and your Stella & Dot sales. Yes, I’m still a Stylist. 🙂

Puerto Paraiso – Cabo San Lucas

Going to a mall isn’t even on my list when I travel. To be honest, I would stop into the Mall of America if I ever found myself on that side of the country. During my second visit to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in November 2018, I found myself at the Puerto Paraiso next to marina. It was the meeting place for a Cookin’ Cabo cooking class, which I highly recommend.

Tour the shopping area for clothing, jewelry and restaurants; some with views of the marina. I sadly left my entire Stella & Dot make up bag at home and I needed make up. I went from MAC eyeliner and more to Shiseido and Lancôme products.

It paired well with the beautiful JW Marriott Los Cabos.

I just happened to be in Los Cabos during the International Film Festival. I have been to the Sonoma International Film Festival a couple of years ago so why not do it internationally? Showings were taken place at the movie theater on the top floor and there were interviews being done. I purchased a ticket to see Feral, a movie about a fire that took the lives of a priest trying to prepare three wild children suitable for society. What happened was shown thru video tapes the priest made and thru interviews. It was really interesting. I should see more foreign films. Do you enjoy them?

After shopping and a movie, I dined on the patio at La Central Cocina and Bar. I had a nice view of the marina and very attentive service. I had to get the grilled corn on the cob and the Lobster Salad. It came with watermelon, avocado, edamame beans, spring onion and a tequila lime vinaigrette. The food was delicious and the size of the salad was perfect.

Complimentary chips and a variety of salsas

You will have to pay for parking or if you’re staying at a local hotel, this is a great place to stop in for shopping, entertainment, a rooftop bar and dining.

I will be returning to Cabo San Lucas for the third time for more research, this time with ACT Language Schools. Check them out if you’re looking to learn or improve your Spanish. Please follow us on social media for posts while we are there!

One Busy Bee Enterprises LLC
ACT Language Schools

Seattle, Washington – May 2019

Glam Getaway Goals

I said it before and here I am saying it again. I AM going to go on this incentive trip!

I have been a Stella & Dot Stylist for almost 8 years. It has always been a side gig and for fun to wear jewelry. Now they have handbags, accessories and clothing. Every year, they offer a chance to earn rewards. Yes, I like free product and what not. But this One Busy Bee Travel Agent loves to travel. Last year they were sending folks to Hawaii. Yes, been there. This year, they are sending folks to Mexico. Yes, been there too BUT, this ties into my new year’s goals. I love killing two birds with one stone. Make sales, earn commission, save more money to put down for a down payment for that Maui real estate goal. This allows me to also earn a free trip. It’s a win-win.

I obviously can’t do this alone. The dates of the trip would be February 20-23, 2020. It just happens to fall on my best friend’s birthday. If I reach the top level of the rewards with 60,000 points, I will earn a trip for two. I told my best friend that I would take her if she would help me. The deadline to reach this is June 30, 2019.

There are opportunities to earn more points towards these rewards. Sales now thru February 5, 2019 will earn double points. If I add Stylists to my team and they reach a certain amount of sales in their first 60 days, I can also earn additional points. So, do you want to earn some extra income and possibly an incentive trip? Let me know!

I actually considered not continuing the business but not now! It’s another stream of income, which they say millionaires have at least seven streams. I have noticed in my collection of 1000 photos on my phone, I barely have any of the new products. Some pieces are listed on Poshmark (Code ‘ONEBUSYBEEBLOG’ to get a $5 spending credit as a new user) but I think I need to have a party at my house and sell my old pieces. Want to join?

So here I go.

AM going to go on this incentive trip! 
Pave Arabesque Earrings ($49) – My favorite. I wear them all the time. 

Book an in-home or online trunk show with me! Willing to travel with jewels! Let’s do it! Vamanos!
Some of the new January collection now available as of today, January 8th.

January Trunk Show Hostesses can offer their guests these discounts when spend $50 or more via their link.



Who doesn’t like surprises? I don’t mean “Oopsies, we’re pregnant!” kind of surprises. Have you ever had one of those first days of travel with the long red eye flight that was delayed, you forgot your neck pillow, a child continues to kick your seat and the taxi driver was driving like a maniac making you nauseous? How about finally getting into your hotel room and all you want to do is plop down on the bed and pass out?

But you can’t.

Because your thoughtful best friend or appreciative Travel Agent (ahem!) has ordered a special gift basket full of wine, cheese and local goodies and it’s laying gently on your perfectly fitted queen bed! Also included is a simple note wishing you a safe arrival and hopefully some relaxation or a killer business meeting. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I have been working part time as a Concierge at one of the best hotels at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco for a bit over six months. I really do enjoy it. I get to meet people from all over the world and do special things like this coordinating gift baskets, hand write special notes and even arrange flower petals on the bed for a romantic getaway.

For my client’s birthday on a cruise in the Bahamas, I have ordered a special birthday cake to arrive during her first dinner aboard. And special thank you gifts for travel agent clients and referrals are on their way. This cute pouch by Stella & Dot was gifted for a client that just went on a Princess Cruise to Alaska. Perhaps it will inspire her to go somewhere warm next!

I love aiding folks in being thoughtful and gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. Pass it on.

Please let me know if I may assist with your travels and surprising those you love. I love surprises!

Team in Training: Orlando Bound for Lolo

We have all lost someone dear to us. My Lolo, Victor Manzano, lived with leukemia for many years. A lovable, sweet, funny, short man but boy, did he have a temper! Sound familiar? I honor my grandfather by wearing his wedding band every day since he left us, when I witnessed him take his last breath. I still remember the expression on his face when he saw me walk into his hospital room that night. He was always happy to see me. And I am happy to honor him even more and head to Orlando for the first time, put in the work and fundraise for my first half marathon.
I just adored my Lolo. He’d put his hands up defending his belly when I tried to tickle him.
With all six Manzano grandchildren.

Maui – 2004

Though not part of my team, my friend, Nelson, will also be participating and highlighting our friend, Sandra Hernandez-Eudy, who has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Thinking of you, Sandra! 

Erika, Nelson, Sandra & I hiking Briones Regional Park

I invite you to join my team and train for your Lolo or another loved one that has been affected by cancer! If you can’t join me in Florida, it takes more than one person to make up a team and that’s why I’m asking you to donate to my TNT fundraising page for TNT!

Your tax-deductible donation will help fund treatments that save lives every day; like immnuotherapies that use a person’s own immune system to kill cancer. You may not know it, but every single donation helps save a life with breakthrough therapies such as these. My first goal is $2,400, the most I have ever raised for any cause. I do have my eye on fundraising a total of $4,900. Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help get us all closer to a world without blood cancers.

As of May 13th, I have ran 4 miles to train for the January 12th event. If you wish to sponsor an X amount per mile I have ran thru Christmas Eve, December 24th, that’d be great. Keep up to date on my progress via this post and social media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat: bappletree)

Fundraising events will also be scheduled. Stay tuned!

Shopping – I am donating 25% of net sales of any Stella & Dot purchase made via this trunk show link until I reach my fundraising goal of $4,900.

– WIN – 
For every $25 you donate from now by Christmas 2018, you will receive one entry to win the below prizes.

$100 Stella & Dot Gift Certificate
Private Lesson with ACT Language Schools
Sponsored by ACT Language Schools. A $75 value. 
Brazilian at Glow San Francisco
Sponsored by Lisa Chang of Glow. A $60 value.
Giants Tickets – Two tickets to a game in September 2018 (Sec 310, Row 1 & 2). Exact game is TBD.
Sponsored by John’s Season Tickets (415.342.5986 – text pref’d). Winner to be drawn on month before ticket date.

(More prizes to come!)

Thank you!

* Drawing for prizes will be done on December 31st, 2018 unless otherwise noted above. The last day to donate is Christmas, December 25th.

20% Off Engravable Gifts

Now thru May 14th, get engravables from Stella & Dot for 20% off. A perfect gift for the graduate, wedding season, Mother’s Day if ordered by May 5th and more. I have one that says #ONEBUSYBEE, which is self-explanatory. What would yours say?

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Can you believe this clothing is by Stella & Dot?

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**** April Daily Challenge (Catch-up) ****
Day 21


I thought I had a lot of stuff. My new roommate made the move over (hilariously from across the walkway) and holy moly, she has so many belongings. The kitchen counter was completely covered and I had to toast my english muffin with the toaster propped up on a bar stool. A girls gotta eat! She did sell a round kitchen table and I sold my former roommate’s dresser that he left behind via LetGo.

Television commercials have advertised the app that allows you to list your belongings for sale. Interested parties in the area will message you if it’s still available, ask if the price is negotiable and ask if there is any wear or tear. The exchanging of money is usually in person after negotiations have been made and a price has been agreed upon. 

I had quite of a few people interested in the dresser but it was a matter of responsiveness and how quickly the person can get there to close the sale. I had a family of four come by on a Monday night. They inspected it. It was an IKEA piece of furniture so the actual final piece could be in OK condition depending on how the owner put it together. A long inspection was done and the husband wanted to negotiate a lower price, even though the offer was half of what I initially listed it for. He asked to drop the price another $20 and I said I had an offer for $125 and met him half way again at $90. SOLD. Thank goodness! One less thing to worry about. 
I hope to list a few more things to get rid of some stuff and slowly make my money back in what I lost with a recent mishap in the house. It’s been heavy on my mind and it’s my priority to get back to the life I was living. Stay tuned for more things for sale on LetGo.
See the items I have on Poshmark (Use code ONEBUSYBEEBLOG to get $5 to spend!) and get your new Stella& Dot jewelry and accessories through me!

**** April Daily Challenge ****
Day 18