Cabo vs. Phuket

The beauty of being an Entrepreneur and Travel Agent is that I can work from anywhere that has WiFi. I have been in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a few days with a dear friend and business partner. We are here doing research on a language experience program we hope to launch in 2020. As it is my third time here, I fall more and more in love with it. While I am doing research, I am also able to communicate with my honeymoon couple in Phuket, Thailand. I am glad to hear they are having a good time. Thank you to WhatsApp for that capability. It is part of my job to make sure my clients feel supported during their vacation.

Pool at ME Cabo

My Bay Area couple have stayed at two properties in Phuket, will be doing an elephant sanctuary tour and then heading to the Maldives. Let me plan your honeymoon!

Aside from confirming and changing transfer times for my honeymoon couple, I have managed to gain blog-worthy experiences, work on my day job, encourage friends to come out to the Hawai’i Food and Wine Festival this October, talk cruises and even participate in the weekly #InspireToWander chat on Twitter. It’s nice to sit on the balcony of your hotel room with a great view of the pool, ocean and the famous rock formation that Cabo is known for.

I cannot personally say I have been to Phuket but from what I booked for my honeymooners, it is quite more affordable than Cabo. I could live like a queen out there and so can you! Affordable food can definitely be found in Cabo and there are properties for every price range.

Contact me to book your next getaway. Search for a location I may have blogged about on the right hand side and/or Like my Facebook page. Much appreciated!

Saltwater Spa at Casa Dorada – Cabo San Lucas, MX

If you need a getaway from the popular Medano Beach and the individuals selling jewelry, hats, blankets and even dinnerware everywhere you turn, consider a spa treatment and day pass to relax. At the Casa Dorada Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, you can find the Saltwater Spa. Get massages, facials, beauty treatments and even fish therapy. Enjoy the spa’s amenities of a sauna, steam room, cool plunge pool and hot tub. Stay as long as you like. We did.

Two sports massages were scheduled for 9 AM and my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Nikki, could not wait. After a challenging day before getting into our accommodations, we were ready relax and boy, did we need it.

We were greeted and escorted by Arianna to behind the side doors of their reception desk. Thru those doors was a shallow pool with candles on islands and steps in between the walkway. It was automatically a soothing and calming environment.

Through another set of doors was the fruit-infused water station, the changing area with lockers, showers, bathrooms and large mirrors, sinks and stations to get ready prepped with deodorant, hairspray, combs, cotton swabs and more.

In the relaxation area, there were three beds with dividing curtains, four chairs with ottomans, a tea station, cool plunge pool, hot tub, steam room and sauna as already mentioned.

I was retrieved by my therapist, Alberto. He led me back to the shallow pool area and down another hallways where the other treatment rooms were. In my room, it was dimly lit and calming music was playing. Ready for the treatment, you can expect medium pressure and a lot of stretching. Prior to your treatment at check in, you may also select cream or oil products for your treatment. I went with the oil and it was perfect. If only the table was heated, then again I didn’t ask if it had that capability.

The hot tub was wonderful. Don’t mind the thermostat changing from 64 to 101 degrees. It was warm enough. Nikki enjoyed the cool plunge pool. I passed, along with the sauna and steam room as they aren’t my thing. The lounge chairs were comfortable and the roll pillow fit perfectly underneath our knees just as it did while we received our treatments. We slept well there until other guests didn’t practice proper spa etiquette in using their inside voices. The spa is a quiet and serene place. Be considerate to other guests paying $150+ for some time to relax.

Not having breakfast, I had ordered food to the spa. I ordered the steak fajitas and they were delicious with a lot of flavor. Be prepared to provide a credit card as it cannot be added onto your spa bill.

On a separate visit, Nikki and I tried the fish therapy. For $45, we had these little fish eat away at the dead skin on our feet that left them feeling very soft. Plus we received a massage during the treatment and a pina colada afterwards. I had Carmen and she really worked those knots in my shoulders, traps, neck and even my head. It was the perfect thing to get before going to the airport. Thank you, Carmen!

I have been to several spas and this would be my first one in Mexico. I would love to try them all! Wouldn’t you? Make time for to improve your mental health and yourself. You deserve it, I assure you.

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Baja Brewing Company – Cabo San Lucas, MX

It seems I am drinking quite a bit more beer lately. Is that your alcoholic beverage of choice? I am currently in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and my beer-loving lady-friend, Nikki, enjoys a good beer. After a challenging arrival, we definitely we needed a beer. We headed to Baja Brewing Company at the Puerto Paraiso Plaza.

We sat outside at a table for two as the band was setting up. I was given the menu en espanol, y mi maestra was given the menu en ingles. Like my broken espanol? Nikki had the IPA and I went with the stout and it was perfect. The brewery is in San Jose, not at this location.

In terms of food, we ordered the ceviche platter with three different kinds with plantain chips and tortilla chips. Their appetizer platter came with chicken wings, guacamole, cheese quesadillas and onion rings. I loved the ceviche in coconut milk. It was just like the kokoda dish I had in Fiji. It was delicious!

Nikki, Owner of ACT Language Schools, recorded her Spanish Saturday video right next to me. See her Facebook page and get some Spanish practice in. Our first day together in Cabo San Lucas improved due to this trip. The band warming up also started playing Heaven by Los Lonely Boys, mi favorito! I was officially happy.

More to come on Los Cabos! Stay tuned!

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#FlashbackFriday – First Trip to Europe

My cruise to Europe was supposed to be my honeymoon. Instead, it turned into a cousin trip. My interesting story of a 6-week marriage earned me this adventure in a new country. I remember convincing my cousin to go with me by saying “I already told my Papa Bear that you were coming with me.” He recently went thru a break-up and there was no one else I would rather go with than with someone I grew up with.

Provence, France

Our Celebrity Reflection itinerary included:

Venice, Italy
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Athens, Greece
Kusadasi, Turkey
Naples, Italy
Rome, Italy
Livorno, Italy
Provence, France
Barcelona, Spain

Ephesus, Turkey
The Amalfi Coast, Italy
The Amalfi Coast, Italy
Cruising and games – this is where we got hooked on bocce ball.
Pisa, Italy

To follow up on my previous post, here is what Celebrity is doing to decrease its carbon footprint.

Contact me to book your next cruise.

Cruising & the Environment

With the recent disappointing news of Carnival being slapped with a $20 million fine for continuing to pollute our oceans, you think about how your desires to travel are impacting the environment. Small changes can help. Cruise lines have stopped putting plastic straws in their beverages, encourages guests to reuse water bottles, recycles, donates linens to be reused, creates educational programs for children aboard about water conservation, etc. and have created or partnered with non-profit organizations to give back. (Green Cruising – Cruise Critic 11/14/18)

Royal Caribbean is starting to build the world’s next largest cruise ship stating it will have the latest technology. What does that even mean? I am hoping that means it aims to NOT get slapped with a fine of its own. Richard Branson and Virgin Voyages is ‘developing clean energy technology.’ He is also partnering with a Swedish startup to convert the heat from the engines into electricity. Follow Virgin Voyages and support the leader in cruise lines making a statement in reducing its carbon footprint, even if the price tag starts at $1,400 per person.

I am a Princess Certified Travel Agent and hope the cruise line market will continue to make improvements. I have been on three cruises with my first one being aboard the Reflection by Celebrity Cruises. I have enjoyed cruising since 2012 and feel it’s my job to be aware of what travel partners are doing to save the planet.

Cisco, my new Puerto Rican friend from Brooklyn, New York in Dunedin, New Zealand via the Golden Princess.

Making a difference starts with you. I will make an effort to propose itineraries with travel partners that help preserve the same world we are all trying to see. Small changes in your lifestyle will also help. I recycle, compost, use reusable bottles and support wildlife and forests and parks. See Lonely Planet’s article on How To Go Green When You Travel for some great tips.

Baby turtles were protected from predators in order for them to have a better chance at survival. Then were released into the waters of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Came via the Oosterdam by Holland America – Jan. 2017
The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony gives the smallest penguins a place to call home and be safe. Dunedin, New Zealand.
Tauranga port, New Zealand
Tauranga port, New Zealand

How will you do plan on saving the planet at home?
At work?
And when you travel?

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#73 – LLB at Cache Creek Casino

With 14 years of seeing my favorite band, Los Lonely Boys, of course I would work from home – aka a pub in Davis, California – and head up to Brooks and Cache Creek Casino Resort. This was my Valentine’s Day present to myself, though a day late. I have had so many memories here, including staying in the hotel and the Boys singing a song to me on my birthday weekend. Good times.

Concert #73 was no different, besides the lack of the Onda By the Bay concert goers. My friend, Laura, who I met thru these concerts was in attendance but we didn’t get to spend too much time together. Nonetheless, it was great to see her. She’s a mommy, wife and friend of Karen Garcia, a young mother that was found dead in her car in a parking lot. Her boyfriend is on the loose. Please visit Just for Karen.

The Boys were on fire and having a great time. There was fancy foot work, they interacted with the crowd as they usually do and they made me happy. Their set list was as follows.

Bayou – a cover I’m sorry I don’t know by who.
I Never Met a Woman
Don’t Walk Away
Blame It On Love
Give A Little More
So Sensual
Crazy Dream
Nobody Else
Oye Mamcita

I believe this was also my first Facebook Live streaming. The friends I have made thru the music of Los Lonely Boys loved it! Be sure to check out my videos of their performances. They are amazing live and I highly recommend getting an affordable ticket every chance you get. It’s so worth it!

See my LLB Concert Log. Maybe we were at the same concert! They have quite a bit of California dates but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make them. Get your tickets HERE.

In regards to Cache Creek Casino Resort, you can gamble, golf, go to concerts obviously, drink, eat and dance. They were in the process of a renovation and were expanding with another pool, multipurpose conference and concert space, meeting space and more. I would love to try the spa! Cache Creek, let’s talk!

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OBB Weekly – 6/4/19

Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

Hello, June! May just flew by, didn’t it? It was an eventful month, hopefully for you too. Change is inevitable. Seasons change, people change, menus change and aspirations change. How do you deal with change? Do you welcome it? Struggle with it? I imagine it’s a process. Everyone has their own way and go about dealing with change at their own pace. Regardless, we survived whatever it was to be at this very moment. I thank you for choosing to spend it on my blog.


Comment below if you agree, but there’s nothing like the sound of the ocean on the beach to help me escape and deal with my problems. I have escaped to Santa Cruz to sit on the sand of Seabright Beach after a fight with my then boyfriend. While in Maui, I make sure I touch the water one more time before returning home to remind me that I will be back someday and all that I’m working for is to do this as often as possible. I also have video of me sitting on a dock in Venice, Italy hearing the water beat against the wood below me. It was going to be a honeymoon destination but after two visits, it still has yet to be, but that’s OK. Not everyone can say they’ve been to the City of Bridges. A change of scenery, can help you escape the situation temporarily, give you a moment to think and hopefully realize that there is beauty and good in this world. This Travel Agent would be happy to help you with your escape.

Katie & Jeremy – Kauai, Hawai’i
Maui, Hawai’i


One significant change in a person’s life is getting married. I love working with couples wanting to get married near the water like at Pacific Star Winery in Fort Bragg, California or The Beach House in Koloa, Hawaii. Honeymoons to Venice, Italy would be incredible romantic. My recent honeymoon clients will be heading off to Phuket, Thailand and the Maldives. Feel free to ask me to plan your trip.

Happy Travel Agent client!

Or, I would be happy to set you up with a fantastic photographer in Kauai and do a Trash The Dress photo shoot when you finalize your divorce like I did.

Kauai, Hawai’i


Unfortunately, my favorite pizza and salad from Buffalo Bill’s Brewery in Hayward, California is now off the menu. Bijou, also located in Hayward, is now called Playt. The menu is different and now has a seafood ravioli made with large won ton wrappers. In Menlo Park, the Menlo Grill & Bar is now called the Menlo Tavern. The menu has changed and it’s not bad! Get cocktails from my Cugino, Ron, and get salads, sliders on Hawaiian rolls and dessert. Tell Ron Bernadette sent you and comment below on what you think of the new menu.

New appetizer
Crisp a la mode
My Cugino, Ron, the Bartender


It has been a couple of months since I switched this blog from Blogger to WordPress. I have been averaging 16 posts per month and my hits have increased by 40%. My goal is to continue this growth, this positive change. The point of blogging often was to get my photos on my phone down from 11,000. As I continue to travel and eat out, my phone says very little progress has been made. Videos have been uploaded to my YouTube channel, photos have been uploaded on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and I have randomly deleted photos that are not needed. Make the best of your June, set some goals and let me know how I can help. I’m a great ReTweeter for supporters. You never know who is going to share what I post! Do you know Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block? Have you been to the Silverado Resort and Spa? Or Penny Ice Creamery in Santa Cruz?

Danny has 191,000 followers
@napavalleyluxury has 8,745 followers
@thepennyicecreamery has 3,817 followers

Puerto Paraiso – Cabo San Lucas

Going to a mall isn’t even on my list when I travel. To be honest, I would stop into the Mall of America if I ever found myself on that side of the country. During my second visit to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in November 2018, I found myself at the Puerto Paraiso next to marina. It was the meeting place for a Cookin’ Cabo cooking class, which I highly recommend.

Tour the shopping area for clothing, jewelry and restaurants; some with views of the marina. I sadly left my entire Stella & Dot make up bag at home and I needed make up. I went from MAC eyeliner and more to Shiseido and Lancôme products.

It paired well with the beautiful JW Marriott Los Cabos.

I just happened to be in Los Cabos during the International Film Festival. I have been to the Sonoma International Film Festival a couple of years ago so why not do it internationally? Showings were taken place at the movie theater on the top floor and there were interviews being done. I purchased a ticket to see Feral, a movie about a fire that took the lives of a priest trying to prepare three wild children suitable for society. What happened was shown thru video tapes the priest made and thru interviews. It was really interesting. I should see more foreign films. Do you enjoy them?

After shopping and a movie, I dined on the patio at La Central Cocina and Bar. I had a nice view of the marina and very attentive service. I had to get the grilled corn on the cob and the Lobster Salad. It came with watermelon, avocado, edamame beans, spring onion and a tequila lime vinaigrette. The food was delicious and the size of the salad was perfect.

Complimentary chips and a variety of salsas

You will have to pay for parking or if you’re staying at a local hotel, this is a great place to stop in for shopping, entertainment, a rooftop bar and dining.

I will be returning to Cabo San Lucas for the third time for more research, this time with ACT Language Schools. Check them out if you’re looking to learn or improve your Spanish. Please follow us on social media for posts while we are there!

One Busy Bee Enterprises LLC
ACT Language Schools

Seattle, Washington – May 2019

OBB Weekly – 5-28-19

This Memorial Day Weekend was filled beach weather, itinerary planning, food and inspiration. Filled with new memories on this Memorial Day, I do have mention my gratitude to the armed forces who have fought and given up their lives for our country. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. It should also be day to live life to the fullest and enjoy our freedoms.


Though I have spent most of this Memorial Day Weekend on the couch of the house I am housesitting at in the beach town of Santa Cruz, I have definitely added new travel experiences I can recommend to my clients. The weather has improved since the last time I was here a month ago. The sun was shining and the chance of rain on Sunday decreased as the day approached. I returned to the Dream Inn and the West Cliff Trail and UC Santa Cruz. And yes, of course food. See next section.


Itinerary planning is planning for an event. Some people do not take advantage of their available paid-time off and others don’t know where to start. It’s time for a new adventure, don’t you think?

Though I was staying at a house a mile away from the beach, I spent most of my long weekend on the couch watching Netflix and building itineraries. My honeymooners to Phuket, Thailand and the Maldives are set. A phone call with a prospective client for Hawai’i was made and a proposal was sent. For myself, I look forward to deepening my understanding of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Las Vegas. In London, I will be visiting Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Bath, Lacock and Stonehenge. Please do not hesitate to ask me for assistance with other destinations I have blogged about. Perhaps, Versailles?

A wedding reception at The Cape in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Gondola rides are available at The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada


Memorial Day falls on a Monday. A meatless Monday. I have been able to successfully continue Meatless Monday while I travel. Friends have asked if I could move it to another day when it was time to be social. I have managed to decline and there is always something to vegetarian to eat at any restaurant. In Santa Cruz, I found a vegetarian and vegan restaurant on Laurel Street called Saturn Café. The menu is plentiful, including happy hour. You may even get their versions of sausage, burgers and bacon. I went with their Coconut Cream Pie French Toast. Ask for Jimmy as your Server. Super nice!

If you must cook at home, throw some pasta in a pot and cover it in pesto sauce. Cucumber salad is easy to make as well with items commonly found in your cupboards. Try Meatless Monday. After awhile, it’s not that hard and you won’t miss meat that much.

Pesto fettucine and watching Versailles.


I love places that make you realize just how tiny your problems are.”

I miss my dog. A new car has tightened my purse strings. I am further from my Goal By 40. I am restless between travels. However, I am thankful for the memories, how I was able to obtain that car, goals to strive for and travel booked at least once per month thru October. Travel is not a cover up but everyone needs a little escape from troublesome matters. It’s therapy. Let me help you book your next therapy session. Often times, it’s paired with wine.

This made me miss Bevo – Wellington, New Zealand

Let’s Hike – Paths in Santa Cruz

I wouldn’t consider the last two hikes what I normally do. Nonetheless, by definition, it was a long walk for pleasure or exercise. April and May’s hike took place in the wonderful beach town of Santa Cruz.

West Cliff Drive
April’s Hike

In all my days of living so close to Santa Cruz, I have never done this trail. Round trip, it’s 4 miles from near the lighthouse. Parking is free if you can find one. It’s an easy, flat and curvy trail. It can also get a little busy with bicyclists, dog walkers and joggers. You walk by a beach that says to keep dogs on their leashes yet so many dogs are enjoying the sand and water down below. I wish I had known about this part of the beach when Bevo was still alive. He would have loved it. He loved the water.

Prepare yourself for beautiful scenery of jagged cliffs, flower patches with benches, art pieces and million dollar homes. There are parallel bars, beautiful spots to do yoga and greet numerous people also enjoying the fresh air. I was able to cover 4.32 miles and burned 285 miles.

Coffee first.
Don’t forget to stretch!

UC Santa Cruz
May’s Hike

With some howling heard at night in the open space behind my friend’s home I was housesitting at, I changed my initial hiking route to somewhere a bit more populated. I thought it would be best especially if I was going to be hiking alone. I remember the grounds of University of California, Santa Cruz in the hills to be full of trails, bridges, tall trees and winding paths. I haven’t been to the campus in over ten years to serve the same purpose. The grounds and views didn’t disappoint.

In the time my $2.50 parking permit allowed, I went up 257 feet in elevation, covered 2.18 miles and burned 208 calories. In comparison, you can see that adding some height burns more calories. Get to hiking!

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