A Sad Time

With 30+ million people unemployed, 100,000 US citizens passed away due to Covid-19 and now, the country is mourning and struggling with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of police officers, it is a sad time. I wanted to post a note of acknowledgement of the pain and suffering many are going through right now. The violent videos from protests and George’s incident is heartbreaking. I hope the country can pull through together, safely and learn from these experiences to avoid repeat occurrences.

“Come up with a better way! … This ain’t workin’.” A video of a 31-year-old black man tries to calm down an older black men, then pleads an angry 16-year-old to find a solution. After years of attempts, be the generation that’s effective.

Change starts with you.

I always walk the walk so here is how I will do my part to improve those I encounter.

Help the Unemployed

Celebrating my nine-year anniversary with Stella & Dot, my many side gigs are challenging to be successful at given our current economy. Thankfully, I am in a better position than most people. I do not have a family of my own to support. I do not have to pay rent. I do not have student loans, car payments or other debt. I will continue to do my part of supporting local businesses to keep their employees paid. See a list of local restaurants I have supported during quarantine HERE. I will also continue to write reviews to share my experiences and menu suggestions with my Yelp network. I hope this encourages readers to try ordering takeout from these establishments. Be sure to call the establishment directly! Delivery services take a large percentage.

Pizzeria Delfina, Palo Alto, California

In regards to the travel industry, companies are slowly moving forward with promotions starting in July. This will result in more staff coming back to work to tend to guests when travel increases. I hope to serve both companies and my individual clients with an increase in travel sales. Thankfully, I have booked a repeat client for a hotel stay in July. I am open to booking guests for local travel starting this summer, preferably starting in July. This will be post shelter in place order. I will continue to adjust my willingness to book travel based on health recommendations and will never choose a commission over the well-being of my clients. If you do not have the means to travel AND travel safely, please wait for the responsible time to do so. Currently, unnecessary travel is still not recommended.

Stop the Spread

One of my customers made the news of having several of their long-term residents diagnosed with the coronavirus. A director also had the virus. She survived. The week I was planning on visiting these customers, I headed home from the Midwest immediately once they restricted visitors. The shelter in place order took effect exactly one week later. Since then, I have gladly stayed indoors with the exception of going to the farmers market, the grocery store and pickup takeout at least once a week.

Requirements to social distance and wear a mask have been obeyed. Masks were worn and required at my cousin’s funeral as well. I just came across a dear friend’s view on not wanting to wear a face mask. I disagree with her choice but I wish her and her family to remain safe.

Hand sanitizer is attached to my wallet, I have hand sanitizer in my car, I use it at every opportunity when it is offered wherever I go and I always wash my hands as soon as I walk in the house.

Say His Name

George Floyd. This man was subject to police brutality and died at the hospital after complying. Cuffed and on the ground, the police officer’s knee pressed on George’s neck for several minutes. George screamed for help, indicating he couldn’t breathe and requested water. Police video evidence is available.

I can honestly say that I have not done enough to peacefully support protests against police brutality, especially against the American African community. Black Lives Matter. My influential and dear friend in Atlanta has voiced her anger, concern and sadness with every report of injustice against black men and women in the United States. She has made me do more than just read about these issues. Here I am, saying his name.

George Floyd.

He’s important. He mattered. He was loved. He was not resisting arrest. He’s human. He didn’t deserve this treatment.

As my best friend is a police officer, and a white female, I can vouch that not all law enforcement are ill-willed or malicious.

As my former roommate, an African American male, have been subject to racial profiling, I can vouch that not all black men are ill-willed or malicious.

Respecting each other, not abusing your power and being a good, kind human will help make this world a bit more peaceful. Elect representatives that promise to fight for change. Vote, read and listen. I will do more of this myself, from home. Let’s acknowledge and mourn this hard time. Then let’s make a positive difference!

Rest in peace, George Floyd.


“Gratitude helps you fall in love with the life you already have.”

I get to wake up with a smile on my face with the birds are singing, I am able to walk to the park and work out for free. I have food in the fridge. I have steady and reliable income. I have savings, investments, property and excellent credit. I have a roof over my head. I have unconditional love from friends and family. I am healthy. The people I love don’t have the coronavirus. Life is good and I am thankful.

Thanks to FitOn for the workouts.
Dining at home al fresco with Grgich Hills Estate. Mahi mahi with a lemon mint sauce.
Family time
LOVE my Sunshine!

I used to be on the go all the time. I used to have to schedule down time to make sure I rested. With shelter in place, it has forced me to calm down, relax, read more, cook more and save more. Normally, this One Busy Busy is non-stop – from Sacramento to San Francisco to New York. I am appreciating this low key lifestyle.

Golf lesson with Nelly in Sacramento, CA. He owns Nelson’s Catering!
San Francisco
Central Park, New York City

I am also thankful that the world is on its way to some kind of normal. The media suggests we will start seeing decreases in unemployment in July. Cities are discussing plans to shut down streets to allow restaurants more al fresco and social distancing seating. And airlines are promoting flights in July too. My repeat client is planning her birthday outing as normal. I am grateful that I was asked to book her birthday getaway to Bodega Bay this summer. An inquiry for Vietnam was also made this weekend. I am open to learning more about that region.

Another thing to be thankful for is the social media love. During this time of quarantine, I feel companies have stepped up their game and are responding more to their customers. They are showing love back to my posts.

Music can boost your mood. Check out Jay Shale.
AAA Via Magazine mentions going meatless
Gotta love SOLA!
Instagram love from Torciano Winery in Italy.

It takes little effort to like, comment and share posts. We all appreciate the love! Spread some kindness, ignore the negativity. By the way, thanks for visiting!

Quarantine Eating – Dining In – 2

Since my first post on dining in during this quarantine, I stated I was at 15,000 photos on my phone. Majority of those photos are of food, cocktails, beers and wine bottles. I have not made enough progress. My phone currently has 14, 924 photos. Here is a photo dump or Round 2 of what we have been dining on while in quarantine. Thanks to Pinterest for many of these ideas!

For Meatless Monday , this is cabbage and rice with a lemon mint sauce. I have been making variations of this dish for years. I believe I pulled the recipe out of Shape Magazine and it just stuck. It’s tasty!

More broccolini from the farmers market.

Garlic bread with the French bread that was for free from Safeway‘s Monopoly game. REMINDER – use your free coupons by May 28, 2020!

Homemade chimichurri sauce. Ohhhh, this is my favorite.

It’s so good, we added it to our breakfast sandwiches on an English muffin.

Honey glazed salmon. OMG, Pinterst, I love you. This was soooo good! Serve it with some coconut rice. The mango and coconut marinated salmon from Whole Foods is not good. Just sayin’. Make marinades yourself.

Homemade salsa

And butter cookies from left over frosting for a Christmas pudding that was still in the fridge. Some genius put Talenti Caribbean Coconut gelato in between two cookies to make them a nice treat. Yum!

Happy cooking! Tonight, we will have sausages and broccolini over the grill and a salad with a smoothie for dessert.

Quarantine Eating – Take Out – 1

Meatless Monday is followed by Takeout Tuesday, then by Wine Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday. Takeout Tuesday is to encourage people to order takeout once a week to support local restaurants. Many of my friends in the restaurant industry are struggling and are part of the 26 million who have filed for unemployment. If a restaurant is offering items to go, it is with a skeleton crew. Many folks are cooking and baking up a storm while in quarantine. To change it up, order some takeout every now and then. Your favorite establishments will appreciate it.

Shelter in Place has us going to the farmer’s market and grocery store once a week. We usually order take out once or twice a week. The recent social media post of a GrubHub invoice for a restaurant shows that the delivery service company takes 60% of the order sales. That is crazy! My order from GrubHub yesterday was for a favorite spot of ours in the East Bay called Sons of Liberty Alehouse. My order of the fried chicken sandwich, garlic fries and the brussel sprouts were delicious. Inside the paper bag that was stapled closed was a message from SOLA to their customers asking to call directly. Yes, moving forward, I will be ordering directly. For the most part, we have.

Below are restaurants we have supported in the San Francisco Bay Area.

*The last time we will be using a delivery service. Sorry, Drivers.

Thanks for sharing, SOLA!

Ordered directly maybe every other week. Get the prosciutto pizza with anchovies. Sooooo good! (Pictured above.)

Located in the Castro Village Shopping Center in Castro Valley, these sandwiches are consistently good. Get the King with sweet peppers. Yum!

Oh, Taverna. You were a treat. They are offering an a la carte menu and two family style dinners with all the delicious sides for $80 or so all in. We had the chicken combo and we were in heaven. The staff is incredibly friendly and they have turned their dining room into a market to pick up Greek goods, and possibly toilet paper!

We have had their tacos for Taco Tuesdays. The deal is four tacos for $5. I also spontaneously picked up their super nachos with al pastor. The only thing weird was that they nuked the to go container to melt the cheese. It was definitely hot and still tasty. I just thought that was odd.

Though located in San Francisco, it is a nice outing during the week to go pick up their delicious country loaf, morning buns and croques. One week, we picked up a ham quiche. The sun dried tomatoes were a nice surprise in every other bite. They run about $55. That’s a whole lot of eggs! The country loaf is delicious with just butter or to make the best BLTs ever!

If you love pastries, this is the spot! When this SIP first began, this was our first take out order. Pastries, a croque and avocado toast. It was definitely a treat. Try their breakfast menu as well. There are three locations on the peninsula.

We dined at Fey just before SIP began and we finally treated ourselves to two orders of pot stickers, greens beans and fried rice. We normally go for a bigger spread than that but let’s not get crazy. These are weird times. The hostess is always friendly as usual. She didn’t even take my phone number or credit card when I called directly to place an order. Be sure to call them directly and not thru any apps. She said ‘thank you’ several times on the phone and in person. (Sorry no pictures.)

Oh, so good. I usually get their tandori chicken, butter chicken, rice, a whole lot of raita and a mango lassi. I believe they deliver using their own staff. Once they open up, the buffet offers a great variety of items as well.

Other mentions:

Support your local restaurants!

Quarantine Eating – Dining In – 1

I have a 2020 goal of getting my photos on my phone down to 8,000. It is currently at 15,000! I need to post more photos on what I am consuming and share them with you because some are TASTY! I slow down my WereHungryToo Instagram page because I want to make sure a blog post is up as well to support it! So, let’s dig in, shall we?


I usually have a protein smoothie after I hit the gym. Given that there is no gym to go to now and my protein powder is at the main home (been quarantining with my favorite person), I have no protein smoothies. However, on a visit to pick up more gear from my home, I picked up my Magic Bullet blender. It’s fantastic! And it costs about $30 – $40. I believe I picked mine up from Macy’s. It came with a recipe book to make other things besides smoothies but I haven’t adventured there yet. My favorite is a vanilla protein powder, frozen mango and milk. That’s it. It’s my reward after a workout. Nowadays, I have a multi-berry frozen bag from Safeway, add spinach if we have some, extra fruit for some freshness and milk. Ta-dah! Delicious. He likes it too. Then again, he’ll eat almost anything.


Especially on Meatless Mondays, we consume a lot of veggies. Just this week we had roasted chard from his mother’s garden topped with lemon juice and feta cheese from Achadinha Cheese Company that we picked up at the farmer’s market. I have also done chard two different ways in one meal. The leaves would be sauteed, and the stems would be roasted. I also love having a big bowl of cucumber salad. If you want more roasted veggies, I have done honeyed or balsamic brussel sprouts or broccolini with red pepper flakes, parmesan cheese and topped with chopped walnuts. I love veggies, don’t you?

I had to throw in this pic of garlic sausage we accompanied the chard. It was great! Pick it up at Whole Foods.


For breakfast, an egg bagel from Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels with regular cream cheese, lox, capers, red onion and a slice of tomato is one of my favorite sandwiches in the world.

The other sandwich I love are BLTs. My mouth just watered as I typed that. Crispy bacon, greens, tomato slices, lite mayo and old style mustard between slices of country loaf bread from Tartine is absolutely to die for! YUM!


This has been made twice since Shelter In Place began. Gary at the seafood counter at Whole Foods knows me now. I have used monkfish and shrimp and then a sole and shrimp. The first came out better and though the sole made the ceviche a bit more fishy, I believe it was the lack of the jalepenos and juice that were missing. I fixed that. Also, the limes I had the second time around were all dried up. Quite unfortunate. But, nonetheless, it was eaten up.


Pasta is an easy thing to whip up for Meatless Monday. I have picked up some frozen raviolis at the farmers market and they were tasty. I had the butternut squash one and lobster ravioli. Both good. Nothing beats having a fresh bowl of pasta from a restaurant though. I did attempt at making carbonara on a Meatless Monday but it was definitely missing some flavor. I had egg yolks left over from making Brutti Ma Buoni cookies per someone’s request. I couldn’t let food go to waste!


I have posted Nutella cookies already, but I have since made chocolate chip cookies and the ‘ugly italian cookies’ as well. Someone says I should stop making cookies because he’ll keep eating them. Better you than me! LOL! The italian cookies were a labor of love, that’s for sure. We didn’t have an electric mixer or even a whisk. I took two forks and whisked those egg whites fluffy! It was definitely a work out!


I cook majority of the time but when he cooks, it’s a manly steak. As a matter of fact, a tenderloin sits in the fridge right now. He has made steaks on the stove for us and partners them with delicious roasted carrots with salt and pepper, olive oil and a little bit of balsamic. He has also roasted green garlic but I’m not a big fan. Garlic in general, yes. Green garlic, not really. The steaks, I am definitely a fan!

I am sure more posts like this will appear. I will post one specifically on food we have picked up to go! We have support local small businesses. I hope you’re doing the same and being safe at the same time.

Follow my food adventures on social media

OBB Weekly – 4-21-20

“Oh, the weather outside is…..” gorgeous. But sadly we cannot go out to really enjoy it. “We should go somewhere on this gorgeous day!” Apparently, our outing was to get tacos on Taco Tuesday from the supermercado around the corner. It will have to do. Spring is here and South Carolina and Georgia are opening up beaches. Plus gyms, department stores and massage therapy spots? They are instructed to practice social distancing. How do you get a massage without touching your client? Odd. This One Busy Bee is not protesting this shelter-in-place order. To and from the grocery store or to pick up food is A-OK with me. I do miss the gym but I am managing. Let’s see what else is happening around the world.


My roommate is a Disney freak! I say that in the most loving way and it’s OK if you gladly fit in this category too. I went to over 70 Los Lonely Boys concerts, so we all have our thing. An 18-year-old apparently broke into California Adventure (Travel & Leisure 4/20/20) and had the whole park to himself for a little bit. I know this would a fantasy for some of you fanatics, but don’t be this guy.

With all the Disney parks closed until further notice, I am happy to have had ran two half marathons last year and have been to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris to do them! And I received a special medal. As a Disney Certified Travel Agent, I was looking forward to experiencing their cruise line as well. Perhaps in 2021.

Walt Disney World with The Beast
Disneyland Paris

Comment below if you’re a Disney fan and tell me what is your favorite character.


“If you’re postponing your wedding, your planner can be a major source of assistance—helping you rebook vendors, handle communication, and more. You can still work with—and pay—your planner as he or she helps you with your new plans. And if you haven’t hired a wedding planner already, you may want to enlist one to help you if the stress of postponing your wedding is becoming too much.” – Wedding Wire 3/18/20.

As an Event Planner, I am unable to plan weddings, scope out venues or meet with potential Brides and Grooms. Like Wedding Wire, there are many news outlets and bloggers posting lists of what you can do with your time if you are bored at home. Thank you to those doing what you can to support small businesses like me. We appreciate every referral, retweet, Facebook like and share to your network on social media.


In some stores, toiled paper and paper towels are available but baking items are running pretty low. My roommate was pretty excited they had eggs at our local Safeway. (Thanks for the Monopoly tickets as well!) If you look at your social media feed, I am sure I am not the only one that comes across freshly baked goods on the daily. Pinterest has gotten many visits by me personally and my pin count have gone up to more than just quotes. I have made cookies three times and my cupcake pan is waiting to be used. Banana bread seems to be a popular item to make as well.

Brutti Ma Buoni cookies


The weather is nice. Even if we could go outside, I would be inside on applying to jobs. Millions are on unemployment and it is nice that companies are offering remote positions. In my recent experience, I have applied to several jobs while my current employer is going thru questionable times. Normally, I would be able to get a restaurant job, push Stella & Dot jewelry, plan travel for clients and/or have a wedding to work on. Not at this point. I am finishing up certifications for the travel industry but perhaps I should do more in the healthcare field. I am not too worried at this point. I am hoping work continues and I do not have to file for unemployment. Once certifications are done, I will be putting more energy into my many other things. For the time-being, I am staying in, working on me, trying not to stress and hoping for a bright future for all of us. Keep the positive vibes going!

Have a great week!

OBB Weekly – 4-14-20

Stay at home – always on the bed.

No, no, no. The country is not re-opening. California Governor Gavin Newsom outlined steps that need to happen in order to do so this morning. Fauci says a May 1st re-opening of the country is ‘a bit overly optimistic.’ Sixteen million people have filed for unemployment and being broke is a health risk, according to Business Insider. With four weeks into the Shelter-in-Place order, I feel we are getting used to it. Yes, being able to travel and going out to dinner and seeing family and friends would be nice, but there are some positives.


Hawaii is asking people to stay home. If you do make it to the islands, a mandatory 14-day quarantine is needed. I cannot believe people are not following the stay at home order. I can travel to Hawaii anytime. I have posted the sunrise on Haleakala on Maui HERE. I have tons of photos of amazing sunsets and the ocean on my phone and on this blog. As much as I love my father who is there on Maui, I am perfectly happy where I am now. Please don’t travel.

Top of Halekala, Maui – October 2019

What you can do is save and plan for your trip to the islands! If you track every dollar you spend like I do, you are saving to spend it on that next vacation when it is safe to do so. Yes, it would help to spend that money and put it back into our economy but we can only do so much. If you need assistance planning your honeymoon, girls’ trip or family vacation to Hawaii, please reach out. I have the most experience with Maui and Kauai, but have also been to Oahu and the Island of Hawaii. See blog posts for inspiration.

Maui – October 2019


Time gives you the opportunity to be creative. I recently re-shared my interview blog post on Vanja Melnik. I absolutely love her work and it is a dream of mine to one day work a wedding in Santorini, Greece. She reached out to me and asked if I would be available to do a unique kind of photo shoot via Facetime. Check it out below and visit her Facebook page HERE. Isn’t that cool? I believe we’ll be doing a shoot very soon! Keep your eyes peeled for that! If you like what you see, contact Vanja to book yours! Please be sure to mention Bernadette & One Busy Bee sent you!

Isn’t this amazing???

I’ve been there!

Time can also allow you to be silly. I encourage you to plan to be dramatic…while taking out the trash.


I don’t know about you, but I spend most of my money on making my taste buds sing. I love the experience of trying a new restaurant, eating at an establishment with an award-winning chef and trying all the wine and all the beer. This quarantine can challenge you by trying a new recipe, read Anthony Bourdain’s books or ordering wine tasting kits or picking up beer from your local brewery. I think quarantine will also help you plan what you buy and how much you spend at the grocery store or farmers market if you only go out once a week.

Palo Alto Farmers Market

Thinking of feeding two people, we each get certain things we each like and then we try different recipes. Occasionally, we order food for pick up to support local restaurants. We can eat for $10 a day per person per day. On normal outings, I could spend $18 plus tip on just a salad! We are definitely saving money. I hope you are too.

BLT with bread from Tartine in San Francisco


There are memes joking that you should also wear a mask at home … to prevent you from eating every five minutes. Someone says I should stop making cookies or he’ll keep eating them! I cannot say I am in the best shape given being home every day (with cookies) and not being able to go to the gym every morning like my usual routine. I am trying to be active as much as I can during the week. Thanks to friends sending me their work out pics to keep me motivated, for apps like FitOn to be free and available at my fingertips and friends like my friend, Lisa, offering her classes online. If you look at the recommend Instagram posts when you search, I like seeing the videos of ladies working out to show me what to do. I did crawl back into bed to snuggle after getting dressed to work out but with my phone in hand as well, I saw these videos. It was time to get out of bed and hit the park with my jump rope.

Secondly, I want to continue to be challenged. I am managing to stay busy with studying, reading, cooking and work. But I recently started doing crosswords this week. I have never been one to do them. Like ScrabbleGo, there’s an app for it. It is timed and they come in all levels. These games help relieve stress and decrease brain disease. For your benefit, play!

And Happy Belated National Scrabble Day!

Two-Year Meatless Monday Anniversary!

Meatless Monday Ambassador

You forgot the meat!” jokes my dear friend, Stan. He commented on a picture of cabbage and carrots roasting in the oven.

Some people won’t understand. Some people just love meat. Some people don’t have that much control. I understand that small changes can make a big difference – in your health, in an animal’s life and for the planet. I DO love meat but choose to not eat it at least one day a week. I do have control over that and so far I have been pretty successful.

It has been two years since I started Meatless Mondays! So far today, I have had a blueberry pastry from yesterday’s farmers market, toast from Tartine, blueberries, a spinach Bolani with pesto and garlic mint yogurt. Tonight will be broccolini and pasta with more pesto topped with cheese.

I would love to recruit a few people to do it with me. My current roommate is OK with eating more vegetables since it’s been tough with this shelter in place order to stay active, and I do most of the cooking. However, I am sure he won’t continue it after life gets back to ‘normal.’ Do I have any takers?


Learn more:
Meatless Mondays Facebook Page
Snoop Dogg is Helping Donate 1 Million Vegan Burgers to Hospitals – Live Kindly – 4/13/20
What Would Happen If Everyone Stopped Eating Meat One Day a Week? – Reader’s Digest

Roasted cabbage and carrots with a Dijon mustard sauce and broccolini.
I buy all these at the farmers market in Palo Alto, California.
Mussel & Burger Bar – Lousiville, Kentucky
Great impossible burger & truffle fries.
Veggie benny at Tavern on the Green – New York City

Easter 2020 in Quarantine

Another holiday has passed while in quarantine. Last year’s St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated wine tasting in New Zealand and aboard the Golden Princess cruise ship. This year’s St. Patrick’s Day was the day when the Shelter-in-Place order began. Yesterday was Easter. My roommate and I always like to have a little fun when we’re together. Easter Sunday was no different. Bunny ears were in place.

We began with doing an Ole Henriksen Hygge HydraClay Detox Mask via an Instagram live. I am no beauty expert but lately my face feels like it needed some attention. What better way than do it with my fun roommate and share it with whoever is bored at home as well? We were also enjoying a Fieldwork Brewing Company beer. The Orange Parfait was delicious.

A couple of friends viewed it but my friend, Christina, in San Jose, California joined in. It was my second Instagram live group chat during this SIP. She is also an Arbonne representative. They offer skincare, bath and body, makeup and nutrition products. I have not personally tried it myself but I look forward to her sending me some samples to try. Contact her for more info! I haven’t seen her since the NKOTB concert last year. Life happens.

With a decision to go pick up sushi, we played Uno to finish our beer and sober up. We have a running tally of who is winning. When someone reaches 10 wining games, the loser owes the other a poke bowl. This competitive One Busy Bee owes her roommate at least one bowl so far. I am trailing.

We placed an order at Shirasoni in Alameda, California. It was about a 20 minute drive but it has been over a month since I have had sushi. It was well worth the drive. If you have been following my blog, you might remember that the Shirasoni location in Brentwood, California helped me gain my first Stella & Dot customers. I would set up in the lobby on Ladies’ Night once a week and ave my little display of a few samples. They now have three locations. I am happy I can get my Happy Roll even during a pandemic.

On a beer kick and looking to bring back some tasty beers to my favorite person in the world, I was thinking we could pick up some beers at Faction Brewing. Unfortunately, they were closed. Alamanc Brewing was alive and well. A listing of what was available wasn’t easy to review or order online so you had to call. Like a great roommate, Kim did just that. The nice gal on the phone described what was available. We picked up an apricot sour to go with our super early and filling dinner. Then I went with the kolsch and a lager she described as a close second to a porter or stout with some interesting flavors. We drove over and they delivered it to my car. All Kim had to do was describe what kind of car and they brought it to us. What service!

I decided that we can’t wait to get home to eat our food. My crispy Happy Roll would be soggy and I would not be happy about that. I drove us to the edge of the island in between Rock Wall Wine Company and Faction Brewing and we set up a little picnic using towels that were in my car along the chain link fence. The perfect view of the San Francisco skyline made it complete. We were not the only cars around. There was a good 30-40 feet in between pairs of folks who were also looking to get out of the house. We maintained our distance. It was nice to be outside, enjoying the view and the sun. People are also out and about in parks with dogs and children. We are also maintaining our distance there too.

Then, it was time to head back. Laundry was done, I didn’t win a million dollars yet thru the Monopoly game, my Sims got some attention, I completed a crossword puzzle and then the evening ended with completing Season 2 of Billions with Paul Giamatti, Damien Lewis and Sons of Anarchy, Maggie Siff.

I hope you all had a wonderful, safe and holiday weekend. Support your local favorite retailers!

SIP – More Cookies!

You know what time it is? It’s time for a cookie!

When you have been sitting on your bum most of the day, you need a little break. It is nice to know that you don’t have to leave the office and go to a cafeteria or walk to a bakery to get a cookie. With Shelter in Place, the kitchen and snacks are right there! Since the order began, I have made two batches of cookies. One was the Nutella Cookies HERE and here are the Chocolate Chip. As a matter of fact, I am going to get one now!

Thanks again to Pinterest for the recipe and for El Rancho Supermarket for being open and having the ingredients I need. The cookies are also OK for Meatless Monday if you are a participant. And they travel well, not like you’re going anywhere anytime soon! We’re on lock down.

How do you take your cookies? With a side of milk?

See more foodie posts below or follow my foodie account on Instagram and Twitter for WereHungryToo. My IG account just surpassed 800 followers. That’s a big deal for me! Happy cookie consuming!