Wine Bottle Inventory

I am sure there is an app that could manage my wine inventory but how does that benefit this blog?!? The below list consists of my current collection of wine bottles. As I love to go wine tasting and have plenty of opportunities to try different kinds of wine, when I decide to purchase a bottle for my own collection, it is truly special and unique in my opinion. I am not a Sommelier but I like what I like. Some bottles were also gifted to me so they may not fall into the category of me willing to spend my own money for it but they are nice to have. You might also notice that I have been holding onto some bottles for quite awhile. I really only like to open my favorite bottles with people that I think would appreciate the experience or have treated me to glasses from their own special collection. Are you one of those beautiful people? Well, let’s discuss, get together and drink!

At Kieu Hoang Winery – July 2021
Jewelry by Stella & Dot

Check back on this post every so often. I might have drunk one!
See my Master Wine Log HERE and my California Winery Log HERE.

Gifts from a Client – August 2021

Updated 8/8/21


La Sirena – Moscato Azul – Barrett Vineyards
La Sirena – Rosato – Amador County Rose
Venge – Sauvignon Blanc – Jewell Vineyard (2)


Caymus – Cabernet Sauvignon
Caymus – Suisun – Grand Durif
Oakville Winery – Zinfandel
Torciano – Rosso di Montepulciano (2)
Venge – Napa Valley Syrah – Stagecoach Vineyard Block I-4
Venge – Arsenal Box Red Wine


Caymus – Sea Sun Chardonnay
Clif Family – Gewurtztraminer / Mendocino – Cases 410 (2)
Clif Family – Viognier – Cases 395
Kieu Hoang – Chardonnay
Oakville Winery – Cabernet Sauvignon
Robert Mondavi – Rose – Spotlight Collection


Caymus – Cabernet Sauvignon Special Selection (2)
Caymus – Mer Soleil Silver – Unoaked Chardonnay
Grgic Hills – Plavac Mali
Madonna Estate – Dolcetto


Bedrock Wine Co – Red Wine
Cline Family Vineyards – Mourvèdre
Game of Thrones Cabernet Sauvignon by Bob Cabral (2)
Liana Estates – White Wine Blend
Inglenook RC Reserve / No 05490
Inglenook RC Reserve / No 05635


Ledson – Zinfandel
Monticello Vineyards – Estate Grown Pinot Noir


Michele Chiaro – Barbaresco Reyna


Campo Viejo – Rioja Reserva
Loxton – Rose – Vin Gris of Syrah


Sexual Chocolate


Canoas – Malbec
Cupcake – Red Wine
Newsome-Harlow – Zinfandel


Bogle Vineyards – Old Vine Zinfandel
Domaine Carneros – Vermeil Demi-Sec


Solombra / Merlot Reserva


Arcangelo Rosso di Toscana – Fattoria Maionchi Tafori Lucca


Alejos Cellars – Pinay Muscat Canelli
J Lohr – Cuvee Pau


Savannah Chanelle Vineyards – Syrah Port


Grand Vin du Bernadotte
Heller Estate – Cachagua Cabernet


BV Coastal – Merlot
Noceto Sangiovese Misto


Clos Du Bois Winemaker’s Reserve – Alexander Valley Cab
Sonoma Creek – Reserve / Chardonnay


Noceto Sangiovese Riserva


dC – Etoile NV Rose
Pahrump Valley Winery – creme sherry
SF Blanc de Blanc
Veuve Cliquot Champagne NV

One fridge isn’t enough. Need a bigger house. Care to advertise on my blog?

#1UPTransformationChallenge – Week 3

Kicking off week 3 of my first 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge in Napa Valley soaking in hot springs and getting a massage. Not bad, right? As mentioned in Week 2‘s write-up, the Galentine’s Weekend was a bit rough. Attempts to not over eat and get in a workout was a must. In Week 3, I had another outing scheduled for my best friend. It was going to be low-key.


Having to leave our cute cottage in Calistoga with treatments the next block over, I had to make sure to get in some kind of workout. With the help of Cassey Ho and FitOn, I got in a pilates workout. I was able to relax in the hot springs tub before and after my massage. I think my body needed this after the work I have been putting in on a daily basis.

A spontaneous stop at the Napa Valley sign called for yoga poses again. It was then time for lunch at Gott’s Roadside and I have to say, their meatless burger for Meatless Monday was delicious. And our last stop was at Caymus. A MUST stop for us. Sooo good if you love wine. Then, more yoga in the mustard greens. Total calories: 1,722


Attempting to redeem myself from a high caloric weekend, I went with cardio FitOn videos that were low impact. My knees were still giving me problems. Our usual stop to San Francisco, Tartine, Dumpling Time and The Butcher Shop included our friend, Walter. It was nice to get him to the city and experience what we do almost on a weekly basis. Total calories: 1,183


Needing to make sure I get a workout in, I did one FitOn workout. Breakfast was a hard boiled egg. Lunch was quinoa and eggs.. Then dinner was roasted cauliflower. Total calories: 1,442


Having a busy day before I picked up my best friend for our little getaway, I didn’t have a chance to do a workout. However, we did play cards. For every game lost, the loser did 50 squats with bands. We each did three sets and Christy was feeling it the next day. It wasn’t much, but it was something. Breakfast was overnight oats and dinner was Sol Food in San Rafael. It is amazing! Total calories: 1,189

Our view during workouts.


Naturally waking up at 7:30 AM and letting Christy sleep a bit, she eventually woke up and worked out with me. I tried the sample of the peanut butter vegan protein by 1Up Nutrition and I have to say, it’s much better than the vanilla protein I did purchase. Next order will be peanut butter.

Eating leftovers for breakfast had us ready for an adrenaline rush with ziplining from tree top to tree top with the Sonoma Canopy Tours in Occidental, California. Yes, yoga poses again. Total calories: 1,190


With checkout at 11 AM, two FitOn videos were done followed by another 1Up Nutrition peanut butter drink. It was Christy’s birthday so she opted to NOT workout. She had to work that evening so being even more sore wouldn’t be a good idea. Lunch was a crab sandwich with delicious pickles for $12 at Cafe Aquatica, then, I had to get the birthday girl some sweets. We made a detour to Santa Rosa and went to Sift Cupcakes. Sooo yum. Total calories: 1,378


After 5 days of adventures, I think the pandemic has turned me into a homebody. I was happy to back home and back to my routine. Sunday, we slept in til 8 AM, went to the farmer’s market, Whole Foods and tried a new restaurant in Redwood City called Kemuri. I had the garlic shrimp bowl and it was full of flavor.

FitOn workouts consisted of cardio with Kenta and an ab workout we haven’t done before with Cassey. It’s nice to switch it up. Dinner was almond flower pancakes with nutella and fresh strawberries from the market this morning. Total calories: 1,334

And next, Week 4.

#1UpTransformationChallenge – Week 2

Week 2 of 8 of my first 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge is happening. Here is how it went with daily workouts and logging meals. After the FitOn, I typically do a bit more with free weights and bands. I don’t log those as it just takes extra time. But I am trying to tighten up my lats and by the change in measurements, I think it’s slowly working.


After a deflating Week 1 and trying to pick myself back up with a new outlook to begin Week 2, I decided to weigh and take measurements on Monday morning. From measurements taken on Saturday, there was a 2.1 pound decrease, no change in body fat but decreased measurements in almost all sections. How it was done in two days, I don’t know. With the upcoming Saturday’s measurements, we’ll see if something’s not right.

Monday’s workout consisted of a quick walk around the neighborhood with my Pandemic Partner. He didn’t feel like working out but to get him up from the desk, I proposed we take a walk to stretch our legs. Back at the house, I invited my best friend to do workouts with me at the same on FitOn. We were able to do a “party” during one workout where we could see each other moving during the video. It was pretty cool. We tried to do it again for another workout but it didn’t allow us. Perhaps we need to subscribe.

Food consisted of 1Up protein with water and frozen mango, half of a Caramel Almond & Sea Salt Kind bar, a hard boiled egg, a delicious veggie burrito for Meatless Monday from Los Panchos in Pacheco, California. Total calories: 1,070.


As it was Travel Tuesday, I shared this photo of some September babies doing a yoga pose in Champagne, France. Oh, to travel again.

Three FitOn videos were done and we had homemade chicken tacos again for dinner. Fage greek yogurt instead of sour cream is a delicious idea! The chicken was marinated in a Korean spicy BBQ sauce and baked in the air fryer. Avocado toast for breakfast, and leftover air baked salmon with white rice. Total calories: 1,046


Wednesday was good with two FitOn videos. The Lower Body Torch with Danielle was good. I had wrap my knees up as I have been hearing scraping when I bend for quite some time now. I should get it looked at eventually. Then we did Yoga Core with Vytas. Oh man, I have never done side planks on my forearms before with palms up. It definitely takes the move up a bit. A funny pic of my sweaty bum on the mat had to be posted.

Breakfast was overnight nights, this time made with strawberries from the farmers market. They were delicious! We still had leftover chicken so tow more tacos for lunch then dinner was sautéed bok choy and white rice. Total calories: 1,157.


For some reason, I was tired today. Probably it was because I haven’t had a rest day. I took a nap. My load is also lightening with getting rid of 1 of 3 jobs so there’s some relief there. The fact that I was even able to take a nap was great. I think my body appreicated it.

However, when I woke, I was not feeling like getting a workout in. I turned to the feed from the other 1Up challenge participants and it got me to change into my Fabletics gear and unroll the yoga mat. I did it by myself today and it’s OK. Two FitOn videos were Serious Arms & Abs and Core Blazer. It was the first video I tried with The Chainsmokers. The commentary with these celebrities are pretty distracting. I probably won’t do any of their other videos. Another celebrity on there is Gabrielle Union. I need someone to keep me motivated thru the workout. These celebs are most likely used to attract users by taking advantage of their fanbase but I’m not a fan.

In terms of food, I gave in. I had an Sconehenge English muffin with butter. Bread and butter is my weakness! Keep it away from me! Lunch was the remainder of the veggie burrito from Los Panchos. I feel I am doing better with portion control. My taste buds rule me. Instead of finishing something just to finish it, I try to stop when I’m starting to feel full and drink more water. Dinner was roasted cauliflower and shallots, plus avocado toast. Total calories: 1,272.


Friday was the start of a Galentine’s Day Weekend and celebrating a deer friend. The plan was to stick to eating decently and exercising. I did a quick HIIT workout before a friend came over. With neighbors downstairs, I had to do the low-impact version but still managed to sweat. Breakfast was overnight oats, lunch was 1Up Nutrition and frozen mango and dinner was sauteed cabbage and mushrooms, quinoa, topped with parmesan cheese. Total calories: 1,154.


Saturday was weigh-in for me. I am making progress, just not as quickly as I would like. But progress is progress. Annnd, it’s been awhile since I actually did my hair and applied eyeliner. I thought I’d do a non-post workout selfie.

Top from Vintage Alley in Hayward, and necklace by Priscilla Presley that I got at Graceland.

I was definitely over my calories for the day. Total calories were 1,955. It’s the wine, mimosa, grilled octopus salad, pita and hummus, gyro salad, bread and butter and cheese at the winery. Dinner was a pan seared salmon with a buerre blanc sauce and one churro. And, I didn’t get to work out. I actually had to take a quick nap because I had a headache from the wine. I haven’t drank in a few weeks. It was delicious but not good for this challenge. We did do yoga tho! And I jumped!


On Valentine’s Day, I did do a workout video and got the birthday girl to stretch with me. My roommate, who typically works out with me when we’re together, didn’t want to. I had to. Even with a 45 minute workout, I was still over my calories for the day. Total calories: 2,164.

Brunch was delicious at SolBar, the two wineries we visited in Calistoga was filling and dinner at Olive and Hay was okay. The highlight of the day was the lobster omelet.

I knew these days away were going to mess with my progress so I am acknowledging that I chose to participate. See next week’s post as I tried to burn those extra 1,400 calories.

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Thanksgiving 2020

First off, thank you for visiting my blog and allowing me to share my life of experiences with you. I hope you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with those you love.

Thanksgiving is usually a day I make at least three stops. The tables are full of food and many hugs and replies to ‘How are you?’ are stated. This year was just as filling but light on the company.

The morning started with two FitOn workouts: Cardio Botty Burn Barre and Contour Core. Sweating was required for the full three meals I was going to have that day. I am thankful for the jobs I have to purchase the food, the nourishment it provides and being able to share it with loved ones. Thankfully, the app of workouts is free.

Breakfast with my Pandemic Partner consisted of over easy eggs, Tartine bread and a link of boudin blanc sausage from F R E N C H E R Y. They can be found at the Cal Ave Farmers Market. Perhaps it was a bit much for the first meal of the day with just hours away from having lunch.

Back at the house, my roommate was making my requested green bean casserole. She made sure there were extra crispy onions. I was expecting my good friend, Dylan, with a bottle of wine and potato gratin. I had picked up a rib eye from The Butcher Shop by Niku Steakhouse in San Francisco and three tarts from Tartine. It was the perfect spread for great company. I am thankful for the friendship, support and love I have received thru the years from these two. They didn’t have any plans for Thanksgiving and I couldn’t have them be alone.

For my wine lover readers, we enjoyed the 2016 Isosceles red wine by Justin Vineyards. Its berry flavor was robust. Next, we had a Roederer Estate bottle of sparkling to go with our desserts.

The red wine paired well with the steak. The bubbles were perfect for the Banana Cream tart, Coconut Cream tart and the Frangipane tart. The Frangipane tart was my favorite made with almond cream and brandy and season fruit. It was delicious. I am thankful my ulcer symptoms have subsided and I was able to enjoy my first couple of glasses of wine in over three weeks.

My next stop was to my Lola’s house in Martinez, California. I had purchased the Thanksgiving To Go from Zola in Palo Alto. It consisted of turkey and gravy, stuffing, Brussel sprouts, a sweet potato gratin and a cookie. I arrived at my Lola’s house and had to pre-heat the oven. As the food was re-heated, I attempted to FaceTime family. When I couldn’t get a hold of someone, I showed Lola our my cousins’ Facebook timelines so she could see her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Eventually my sister called and she was able to FaceTime with her and Brent, my nephew. I was excited to see him as well. I am thankful he still smiles when his auntie is a little ecstatic to see his face.

I don’t like turkey.

I prepared a plate for Lola and had to remove the turkey from her plate. She pushed the other items around but definitely ate the rice she made. I would say the thing she most enjoyed were the Brussel sprouts, then the sweet potato gratin. I knew I should have gotten Chinese food. Nonetheless, we had a good visit. She has been especially lonely during the pandemic. Not many people can come visit and she misses going to church. This was the first year my Papa Bear will not be here for the holidays. I will have to do what I can as the only immediate family in the area now. My poor Lola. I am thankful she is still physically strong and that she prays for everyone she loves.

Very full, I returned to the peninsula with majority of the $100 Thanksgiving dinner available for someone else to enjoy. Nothing went to waste.

Though the year has been a struggle, if you look around, there are things to be thankful for. The holidays can be the hardest part of the year for some. Should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your community.

What are you thankful for?
What would improve the holiday season for you?

Zooms with Angela Andrews

Attention, Hayward residents! If you didn’t get to tune the last two weekends to our events via Zoom with Hayward City Council candidate, Angela Andrews, you were missed! Our first Zoom on a Saturday afternoon was live from the Value Builders showroom in downtown Hayward. Behind the papered up windows lies a showroom of sunrooms and patio covers to touch and feel and envision for your backyard. I am their Project Manager. We had a good time.

The most recent Zoom was yesterday, September 6th from the patio at Buon Appetito. I worked as a Server there many years ago and to this day, their food is consistently good. We were able to chat briefly with Owners, Laura and Martino. I am thankful for their hospitality.

While on Buon Appetito‘s patio, we discussed Angela’s vision, experience and endorsements. Though not filmed, we also enjoyed salads and pizza afterwards. View the recording HERE.

I met Angela Andrews thru the Instagram account SoHaHood. It was Angela and another Hayward resident, Sharon, running the account. They promoted what was happening in Hayward, the initiatives and how to get involved. I was impressed these two ladies took the time out of their full time jobs to help promote their city. As a resident for over 15 years, I was clearly far behind. They inspired me.

Over time, Angela and I remained in touch. She would come over for get togethers, we went wine tasting in Sonoma and we also worked out together. Plus her mom! What great ladies. Angela is now a mother. She says she’s no superwoman but I am just taking care of myself and I don’t know how I would do it with a child, a family, a full-time job, on the planning commission and running for city council. I am impressed. Learn more about Angela Andrews at

Progress at Being a WIP

It has been just over a month since I started my private Facebook group called Status: Work in Progress. Sorry, I have to personally know you to be added. I am happy to say that this past week has gained a few members and engagement has increased. We gained 4 members this week and 13 new posts today versus the 56 in the last month. I love that I know many like-minded folks that care about their health and fitness. And we’re not afraid to share! We have folks sharing their healthy meals, their struggles and my favorite, their post-workout selfies. Sweat is sexy! I am the only one that has shared silly videos of doing squats holding my morning smoothie or saying how I feel like a sausage in my leggings as I walk to the park to work out. It’s all fun. If I can motivate and support one person on their fitness journey, I would be happy to post more silliness! Those on that journey are mostly in California but even have members in Hawaii and Minnesota!

We are all a work in progress. I most certainly am and always will be. I am turning 40 in six weeks and I needed some motivation. The Bodybuilding.comc challenges always helped but they stopped doing them. I decided to challenge my roommate, Kim, to a fitness challenge. Our goal is to tighten things up in the mid-section. We shared our measurements and we have a goal of losing 3 inches. The one who loses the most by birthday on September 22nd will get a free spa day in Lake Tahoe when we can travel again. It has definitely brought our competitive side out.

“Hey, can you roller blade???” – Me. We bought blades within an hour.

So far, she has lost two pounds. I have lost one. I have tightened things up a little in terms of measurements EXCEPT the mid-section. Sheesh! We both plan on stepping it up and it’s been fun and motivating.

I think wine is what we’re really working towards.

My friend from grade school, Jennifer, might join me in some competition as well. She is also turning 40, but in November. I am sure we can work out a fun challenge and it will keep me going another month and a half. Who knows what progress I will make then!

For now, I have turned down bites of pastry from Frog Hollow and Bordeaux wine. I am trying to eat better, exercise more and get ample sleep. Today, I convinced my Pandemic Partner to do some BodyRockTV and FitOn videos. They’re really good. He thought so too afterwards. I am hoping he will continue to do them with me after our work day, which I am trying to limit to 5 PM. It’s on my calendar!

Here’s to the journey! And a lot of sweat.

If there are any brands that would like to send some fitness goodies our way, I would love to distribute it to the members! Contact me!

Back in Santa Cruz – Day 5

We woke up to the birds still chirping. It was welcomed this time. It was just like waking up at the house in the peninsula. There, the birds are often crows. These sounds are then usually followed by the many gardeners or machines for local home improvement jobs at 7:45 AM. It’s so early to be so noisy when so many people are at home. Next: coffee before I was temporarily alone in the house again. My roommate was coming down from the East Bay for her birthday.

After the long hike the day before, I took it easy on the morning workout. A yoga video via FitOn will have to do. Then, I finished up Dear White People on Netflix as I washed the sheets for Kim.

Kim arrived at the house and we soon took off to explore. This was my first day out and about. It wasn’t to go grocery shopping, pick up takeout, attend a funeral or go to a job interview. Frankly, I am not entirely comfortable with it. I hate wearing a mask and this social butterfly has learned to love to stay home. Since it was her birthday, we went out. Our first stop was Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Company. The wait to sit outside and social distance was estimated for 35 minutes. I gave them my name and phone number. I should receive a text when our area was ready.

We went around the corner to an open tasting room: MJA Vineyards. A ramp led to the entrance. Guests already occupied the few high tops outside. I slowly peeking in to see if the coast was clear to enter and no one was coming out. I stepped in. We were greeted and taken to the barrel room for our tasting. Two glasses and menus were laid on top of the wine barrel. The tasting tables were spaced out well and it was safe to take off our masks.

We were greeted by the Tasting Room manager. I introduced myself and immediately let her know that we are on the wait list for a table around the corner. We might have to jet. I offered my credit card immediately. Wine in mini glass bottles with sealed twist caps were presented to us. These tastings held more than a ‘taste.’ For $15, this was a good deal.

My phone buzzed. Our table at the brewing company was ready. Unfortunately we only got thru the first two wines but we were able to take the rest of the bottles with us. We moved onto the brewery.

We were sat on bar stools and a counter that boarded the patio walls. A pinned notice indicated that patrons only had an hour to spend there. No camping! Menus included snacks and beers available. No flights were offered. I went with the Devout Stout. Kim went with Seedless, the watermelon kettle sour. We also ordered the pretzel.

Both beverages were in a bottle. The stout was good and light. I bought another stout bottle to take home to share. The sour was light. In comparison, I would rather have a rose. The pretzel was huge for $5 and served with beer cheese and mustard. The pretzel was quite salty.

Undecided on where to go next, the beaches and parks were closed at 5 PM. I drove north on Highway 1 and took Kim on a spontaneous adventure. As a California native, you are sometimes expected to have done everything in your own backyard. As a Travel Agent, I should! As seen in travel guides and on social media, the swing at the Davenport Pier is Instagram worthy. I have never been. I drove about nine miles past Wilder Ranch Park and pulled to the side of the road to park.

Before seeing the pier with my own eyes, we took some photos on the train tracks.

Driving the train doesn’t set its course. The real job is laying the track.” – Ed Catmull. Opportunities and change is in motion right now. Let’s see where it takes us.

A safety railing was not lining the cliff. We cautiously approached the edge and we saw the Davenport Pier in real life. It was a long way down. The drop to the beach to visit the base of Alamere Falls is nothing compared to this. Down below, you could see a line of folks wanting to have their photo taken on the swing. Wearing only flip flops, it wouldn’t be smart to attempt the descent. The breeze picked up and there a slight chill. That was a sign to head back to Santa Cruz.

Since we were still out, we had to pick up dinner before staying in for the evening. There were a lot of options. Sala Thai was the winner. I remember having excellent pad see ew last year. An order of mango with sticky rice would also hit the spot. Kim had the peanut sauce dish with pork and crab rangoons. Sadly, the pad see ew wasn’t as flavorful as what I was remember and the mango rice was pretty dry. Maybe they were just having a bad day.

The rest of the night was sitting on the couch. Extraction with Chris Hemsworth earned a quick ‘YES’ from Kim for movie #1. It has received great reviews and I enjoyed the action scenes. Since it was her birthday weekend, Kim then chose Grown Ups with Adam Sandler. Salma Hayek looked incredible in that. Wow!

I prepared a bit for my meeting on Wednesday and I hit the hay on the couch. There were no confirmed plans for Kim’s birthday besides getting a churro waffle from Harbor Cafe in the morning. Let’s see what birthday options are available to use during a pandemic and on a Monday. A meatless Monday for me.

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Back in Santa Cruz – Day 3

It was scheduled to be a cooler day than the past few days. Thanks to the encouragement of my favorite person and the opportunity of being in Santa Cruz today, I took advantage of the weather and committed to going for a run first thing in the morning.

I haven’t ran on the beach since October 2018 on Maui, Hawaii. I haven’t ran in three months to give my knees a break. My last big run was a half marathon at Disneyland Paris on my last birthday nine months ago. Before I left the house, I did a pre-run stretch video on FitOn, some squats and modified push-ups to warm the body up. Apparently, not warm enough! I am glad I brought my light Hawaii hoodie. The walk to the beach at 9 AM was a bit brisk. When the fog burns off in Santa Cruz, it could be really nice and sunny.


I was wondering how this run was going to go. I ended up doing a 5K along the surf. I didn’t care about my time. I just wanted to see if I can still wake up and just go for 3.1 miles. When I was training for the halves, the first two miles were the hardest part. I either didn’t want to do the run in the first place or my body wasn’t warm enough yet to kick into autopilot. After two miles, I gained confidence that I can go a bit further. Listening to the waves crash, feeling the soft sand under my feet and being able to cool off by making strides in the water helped me keep going. I want to give some kudos to the two young girls and the gent wearing a weighted vest running the same route and to the swim team doing land and sea drills. It was motivating. Seeing the occasional dog also put a smile on my face.

Yes, I can run on water.

I walked back to the house, did some abs and devoured the organic blackberries I bought from Staff of Life. Delicious! I also started to watch Dear White People. They do a really good job of talking about the struggles of racism, social media, self-esteem and more. Add being a college student on top of that and life can be so hard. I love the main character, Sam. What a strong and courageous woman!

This One Busy Bee of a woman had a call with a non-profit rep from Pennsylvania. I responded to an ad about volunteering to do virtual event planning consulting for a couple of hours via the phone. The rep had a general idea that involved gaming, e-tournaments, raffles and earning entries. I haven’t picked up a game console controller in forever. I recommended the rep to find someone with a gaming background for efficiency, perhaps someone on Twitch. He agreed. And frankly, I couldn’t work with someone that constantly interrupted me. I volunteered to un-volunteer. I hope he finds what he’s looking for.

On the other hand, I have had three companies respond to my job applications in the last 24 hours. My first day with the new contract work will begin Wednesday. I will also have a new customer for a new service I am offering. We will be meeting on Wednesday evening and I hope to have a signed agreement. It will be a very busy hump day. I will announce the new service once I have that signed document. It is restaurant related though! Stay tuned!

Octopus dish at Scala’s Bistro – San Francisco.

With a much busier week ahead than I have had in months, I have been lounging at the house watching Netflix and playing my games. As I write this, I am getting a little tired and am about to head down to bed to read. The Cider House Rules is pretty heavy with characters dealing with being an orphan, foster parents, abortion, incest and differences of how the wealthy and poor deal with their problems.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. More of Santa Cruz to come! I am looking forward to spending time with my loved ones here, go for a hike or two, cook for them and celebrate my roommate’s birthday. Wineries should be open. Cheers!

Caesar salad made w/items from Staff of Life.

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Fitness Fun


“Gratitude helps you fall in love with the life you already have.”

I get to wake up with a smile on my face with the birds singing. I am able to walk to the park and work out for free. I have food in the fridge. I have steady and reliable income. I have savings, investments, property and excellent credit. I have a roof over my head. I have unconditional love from friends and family. I am healthy. The people I love don’t have the coronavirus. Life is good and I am thankful.

Thanks to FitOn for the workouts.
Dining at home al fresco with Grgich Hills Estate. Mahi mahi with a lemon mint sauce.
Family time
LOVE my Sunshine!

I used to be on the go all the time. I used to have to schedule down time to make sure I rested. With shelter in place, it has forced me to calm down, relax, read more, cook more and save more. Normally, this One Busy Busy is non-stop – from Sacramento to San Francisco to New York. I am appreciating this low key lifestyle.

Golf lesson with Nelly in Sacramento, CA. He owns Nelson’s Catering!
San Francisco
Central Park, New York City

I am also thankful that the world is on its way to some kind of normal. The media suggests we will start seeing decreases in unemployment in July. Cities are discussing plans to shut down streets to allow restaurants more al fresco and social distancing seating. And airlines are promoting flights in July too. My repeat client is planning her birthday outing as normal. I am grateful that I was asked to book her birthday getaway to Bodega Bay this summer. An inquiry for Vietnam was also made this weekend. I am open to learning more about that region.

Another thing to be thankful for is the social media love. During this time of quarantine, I feel companies have stepped up their game and are responding more to their customers. They are showing love back to my posts.

Music can boost your mood. Check out Jay Shale.
AAA Via Magazine mentions going meatless
Gotta love SOLA!
Instagram love from Torciano Winery in Italy.

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Quarantine Drinking – 1

We can’t go to a bar, brewery or vineyard to enjoy a good drink and be social during this time. As much as I enjoy a dram of whiskey with one or two ice cubes, I really haven’t been drinking that much. The number of times being drunk is one. I crashed at about 10 PM after a virtual happy hour with coworkers. If you also like an alcoholic beverage every now and then, what have you been drinking? The house is plenty stocked with wine and liquor. Beer, not so much but it seems to be the easy go to! This is what we’ve been drinking. Cheers to you staying at home!


French red wine
French red wine



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Drink responsibly!